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Simon Starling Simon Starling (born 1967 in Epsom, Surrey) is an English conceptual artist and was the winner of the 2005 Turner Prize, England’s most prestigious award for young artists. He often incorporates Eames designs in his work, often making sculptures from scratch that resemble Eames designs

Starling is fascinated by the processes involved in transforming one object or substance into another. He makes objects, installations, and pilgrimage-like journeys which draw out an array of ideas About nature, technology and economics. Starling describes his work as ‘the physical manifestation of a thought process’, revealing hidden histories and relationships.

“The things I do don’t always come out looking like conventional works of art. But then I’m like any artist these days working in relation to a long history of art.

Starling’s work focuses on transformation: collectable to disposable, tree to woodblock, ore into platinum prints. Like the conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, Starling is “unhappy with the relationship between people and things and ultimately seeks to alter that relationship”. He alters it very literally: in his new work One Ton, II, 2005, the five handmade platinum prints on display are the product of one ton (907kg) of ore extracted from the South African opencast mine de-

Starling dismantled a shed and turned it into a boat; loaded with the remains of the shed, the boat was paddled down the Rhine to a museum in Basel, dismantled and re-made into a shed. Both pilgrimages, provide a kind of buttress against the pressures of modernity, mass production and global capitalism

“It’s about slowing things down, about trying to retard this incredible speed at which we live.�

Simon Starling  

A selection of works by Simon Starling

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