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What Is Blanketweed? Blanket weed is of green color that forms long unbranched filaments.

Sunrays Excess of Nutrients Fish Excretion Improper Filtration Flourishes in Hot season

Factors For Blanketweed

Use NBS VITE to Control Blanketweed in your Pond

NBS VITE – Control Blanketweed

No Hard and Fast Rule. Simply Add to water Pond. Add when the temperature of water is above 10째C Get Positive Result in 2-3 weeks

How To Use

After 2 week Get Algae Free Pond

It doesnot harm aquatic and wild lives. It gives you long lasting effect No effect to nutrient levels of water Secure for pumps, filters and other equipment used in Pond Removes hardest of the hardest Algae.

Advantages of NBS Product

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Blanketweed Treatment  
Blanketweed Treatment  

When fish excretes that increases the toxic ammonia or imbalances of nutrients and is responsible for developing the algae in ponds. NBS VIT...