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Volume 3, Issue 3

Parent Group! Thank you to all that attended March, 2009 B.R.A.I.N. L.A.B our group on Communication. Building Reading Abilities & Individual Needs + Carla Walden was our preLiteracy Assessment & Behavior senter, she helped us to understand some of the communicative challenges our students The B.R.A.I.N. L.A.B. students for the month of March for participation and efforts are as follows: encounter and how we can better help them. Please make plans to attend our next meet- Elementary School Middle School Alex H. Jose F. Zach E. Clyde T. Jeffery M ing when we will be discussing Applied Behavior AnalyHigh School sis Thank you to Abraham P. for all of his hard work while helping out in the B.R.A.I.N. L.A.B.

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. We Appreciate You!! For more Information Please contact Gina Perry at (909) 599-1227 x 2623 or (909) 599-1227 x 2626

Canyon View All– Star

The CVS All-Star for the month of March is Michael Mann. Michael has worked as a middle school teacher at CVS for one and a half years. One of the things he likes best about working at CVS is the opportunity that it provides him to help his students achieve both academic and emotional growth. While not at work Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and new baby. Michael says that if he could go anywhere in the world he would want to go back to the Sandals Resort in the Bahamas where he spent his honeymoon. Canyon View School is lucky to have a dedicated and creative teacher like Michael working with our students.

Quote of the Month! Cardinal Community

“All human beings are born with unique gifts. The healthy functioning of our community depends on its capacity to develop each gift”

Canyon View School Mission Statement To help troubled children gain skills, knowledge and self-esteem essential to personal maturity and successful family functioning.

Parent Info Family Time Topics When driving, sitting down at dinner or relaxing together as a family, try some of these open ended questions to spark conversation. I know something good about you and it is... If I could change something about you it would be… The nice thing about you is... What can I do to help your self-esteem? What I like most about you is... What I see you going through now is... What means the most to me in our relationship is… "Trigger words" you use that irritate me are... What are your emotional needs concerning me? I thought I knew everything about you until... What would you like to see changed in our family? What can I do to help meet your social and personal needs? This is the way I feel about sharing the responsibilities of being a family member...

I perceive our relationship to each other as… The kind of family life I want is… My view of myself physically is... Some inner resources I would like to develop are... What are some areas we can rediscover as points of sharing? How am I doing at recognizing, supporting, and sharing in your feelings and ideas? How am I doing at listening to what you have to say? A recent thing you did that pleased me was...

We are proud to announce

and minds of all who the transition of Arianna Y. she came to know. She was a regular at the back to public school. lunch table of our CEO Arianna was our first female student here at Can- and CFO. Arianna will be missed dearly, but yon View School. She came to us as a Kindergart- she promises to visit. ner and has now left to Lisa, CVS DIS Countransition to a third grade selor class at public school. Arianna touched the hearts

She became the top student in the classroom in terms of reading, math dent for about two and writing abilities. She had great years When I first motivation and desire to learn new started working with things. She will be greatly missed by her she presented me all the people she came in contact with numerous chalwith and who worked closely with lenges. Through a lot of hard work on both of her. We all feel extremely proud of our parts Arianna im- all her accomplishments. proved greatly in both her academics and be- Yesenia, R. - CVS Teacher. havior.

Arianna was my stu-

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Arianna was a child with great abilities. When she came to CVS she gave us all a run for our money but in the end she touched each and every person’s heart, especially mine. I worked with Arianna for the 3 years that she was at CVS, we had our good days and we had not so good days but every one of them was special. I developed a bond with Arianna that I will cherish

for the rest of my life. As many of my colleagues said “There goes Kristyn and her daughter.” I am so proud of Arianna and all the accomplishments she has made. I look forward to hearing all the great things she does in life. Arianna you will definitely be missed. Good luck in your new school and keep reaching for the stars! Miss Kristyn


Upcoming Events for April April 2nd – Minimum Day (12:10) April 6 - 10 - Spring Break April 21 - 23 and 25th - Book Fair April 22nd - Parent Meeting and Open House April 23rd - Chinese Acrobats (10:00) April 29th - Miss Julie’s Tree Dedication (3:00)

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We would like to welcome our new staff that have recently joined us! We welcome you to our team:

Krista Hernandez

Monique Trappaso

Kristina Skinner

Jacqui Reiter

CVS Fishing Trip Room 1: Hakeem K. Room 2: Ernest B. Room 3: Sean K. Room 5: Frank V. Room 6: Jonathan T. Room 7: Latrell H. Room 8: Savannah M. Room 9: Arvin O. Room 10: Christopher N. Room 12: David V.

Upcoming R.A.P. Event The R.A.P. program is hosting an All - Staff Basketball Tournament on Saturday, April 25th @ 10:00 a.m., to help raise money for our kids. We will have trophies and food. So get your “Chucks” out and come down and support our program.

Mar 09  

B.R.A.I.N. L.A.B C a n y o n V i e w S c h o o l High School Thank you to Abraham P. for all of his hard work while helping out in the B.R.A...

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