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Authentic, memorable, African safaris with pioneers in the hunting industry!

2013/2014 Edition or The “real deal� f 44 years!

Loxodonta africana - height 3.5 metres, weight 5 tons+

What CVS offers is a substantial cut above the rest and not comparable!

CVS Professional Hunters. From far left to right: Hans Vermaak (PH & CVS Managing Director), Rayno Egner, Clive Curtis, Patches Madonsela, Paul Inman and Jaco Muller. Thanks for a superb season!

Dear friends, We thank all our loyal friends, old and new, for supporting us in 2013. We appreciate your confidence and the many referrals we have received from you. The majority of our safaris come from “word of mouth” and repeat business. This would not be the case without the unwavering support we receive from our clients who, after a safari with us, we all regard as close friends. 2013 has been a ‘tight” but successful year. 2014 is promising to be a bumper year based on the bookings we already have carved in stone on our calendar. The months of June and July 2014 are almost fully booked already. The demand for Khamab (KKR) and Rooipoort is soaring and this we anticipated because these are not “your average” hunting concessions. They are the best in South Africa from every point of view. These areas do not come cheaply to CVS. We pay a premium for the privilege to have the exclusive hunting rights for our discerning clients. This says it all! A safari is not a 7 or 14 day investment; it’s a lifelong investment because at the end of the day our safaris are all about memories. With CVS your investment will yield a lifetime of fabulous memories, and with us you are assured piece of mind! Our safaris, particularly our hunting concessions, must not be compared to “other” safari Outfitters’ areas because you cannot compare apples with oranges. What we offer is a substantial cut above the rest and not comparable! We are pioneers in the safari industry and we have stood the test of time. Our passion is providing hunters and their families with safaris that will always exceed their expectations. We have been doing this successfully for 44 years now! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was our impeccable reputation. CVS takes every aspect of your safari seriously. We pride ourselves on our attention

to detail, prompt communications and the fact that we have no hidden costs. Long before you embark on a safari with us, the cost of your safari, your itinerary as well as all the relevant details would have been made 100% clear. There will be no surprises. We will tailor make your safari, based on your requirements and preferences. For the first time in a few years we have increased our 1 X 1 plains game safari daily rates at Rooipoort by 4,5% and by 4% at Khamab. Our 2 X 1 and non-hunter rates remain unchanged. We have been forced to increase our camp / area and airport transfers substantially because of the incredible fuel price hikes we experienced this year and, based on predictions for 2014, the fuel price will continue to escalate. Trophy fees have by and large remained unchanged, other than at Rooipoort where we have had to increase these based on the terms of the contract we have with the concession owners, The De Beers Diamond Group. Some of the Timbavati buffalo safari prices have been reduced by up to $3000 and we have also (for the first time) introduced a 2 X 1 option for buffalo and elephant hunts, making them more affordable. Hunting safaris are our livelihood; this is our bread and butter. This is why we take your safari as seriously as you do! We do not have unhappy clients because we always go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. CVS is a well-oiled machine and we manage our business responsibly. And a healthy business means we are able to employ the best people to provide our valued clients with exceptional service delivery in the best areas in South Africa! We look forward to seeing you at the Dallas Safari Club Show from 9-12 Jan (Booths 3214/15), in Houston from the 13-16 Jan and at SCI in Las Vegas from 5-8 Feb (Booths 949/951). Till then we wish you happy hunting and our very best to you and your families for 2014.

Hans & the CVS team


Hunting Areas


Kalahari Reserve

This is the largest hunting concession and privately owned conservation area in South Africa spanning over 239 600 acres in one continuous block with no internal fences. This is the finest safari destination in South Africa, period! Khamab (KKR) is situated in the most remote and least populated region of South Africa. The silence is deafening, the tranquility is refreshing and at night you will think the stars are within arms reach! Khamab (KKR) is home to lion, leopard, cheetah, black & white rhino, cape buffalo, African wild dogs, hyena and a large variety of excellent quality plains game species.

Hunters have 239 600 acres of magical Kalahari wilderness all to themselves!

Acinonyx jubatus Speed 100km/hour Weight - 57kg

The lodge is 5 Star; it is air conditioned, boasts a swimming pool and sleeps 8-10 guests. The catering and attention to detail is unmatched. This is a first class safari bar none! This is the premier destination in South Africa, unparalleled anywhere, including neighboring African countries. For a true, authentic African experience nothing matches Khamab. This area boasts the best Cape buffalo hunting we have encountered. The average on buffalo taken the last two years is 43.6� spread with rock hard bosses. There are phenomenal gemsbok, kudu, eland and springbok trophies ... and the list goes on! There is a chance that we will get a lion permit in 2014. This will be a most thrilling hunt - tracking a wild lion in the Kalahari sand on 239 600+ acres! We already have folks on the waiting list if this hunt is confirmed. This is the real thing. CVS never has or ever will shoot canned lions! There is no malaria in this region and Khamab is an ideal family safari destination. It is also perfectly suited for the serious trophy hunter wishing to collect exceptional quality trophies. As an example it is estimated that Khamab is home to over 6500 gemsbok alone and the quality of all species is exceptional. All safaris are 100% exclusive unless otherwise agreed. Hunters will have 239 600 acres of magical Kalahari wilderness all to themselves!


Rooipoort game eserve R

This hunting concession spans over 100 000 acres which makes this spectacular destination one of the largest hunting areas in the country! It is one continuous block - i.e. no internal fences, no livestock or farming activities. It boasts 20 miles of Vaal River frontage which is unfenced allowing the game free movement. Over 14 000 head of naturally occurring wildlife of over 20 species including cape buffalo, hyena, leopard, sable, roan, rhino, kudu, eland, gemsbok and many more are found. On your safari you are literally start hunting as you get on the truck at camp! You will not be driving to various other hunting destinations unless you request to do so. All hunting is walk and stalk. No shooting from vehicles. The beautiful safari camp is tented with thatched roofs, electricity, under-floor heating & all other amenities and sleeps 14 guests. This is a totally malaria-free region. Rooipoort, in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, is one of the oldest conservation areas in Southern Africa and was declared a reserve in 1893. It became South Africa’s 4th Natural Heritage Sight in 1985. Rooipoort was responsible for re-stocking most of South Africa with red hartebeest, black wildebeest and other species when they were on the verge of extinction. Rooipoort is scenically beautiful with vast open plains, Kalahari grass and woodlands, rugged hills and valleys, thickets and a riverine system. This premier hunting concession is highly soughtafter. Rooipoort does not come cheaply to us; we pay a premium for the exclusive hunting rights to this unique concession. It cannot be compared to what is generally available in the rest of South Africa. Rooipoort is ideal for family safaris and for the discerning hunter wishing to obtain premier quality trophies.


KwaZulu-Natal Home to, amongst others, the sought after Nyala and Bushbuck as well as Common Reedbuck, the Big 4 and the smaller species like Red Duiker and Suni, our areas in the province of KwaZulu Natal (off the east coast of South Africa) are diverse and offer challenging and exciting hunting. Depending on your trophy priorities, some safaris will visit hunting areas in the Xeric sand forests at sea level while others will travel to the higher altitudes of our Drakensburg region where peaks can exceed 6000 feet. Long range shooting is the order of the day especially for the Vaal Rhebok, however the smaller critters will test your reflexes, speed and accuracy at short distances! Accommodation ranges from the typical luxury tented camp to thatched rondavel bush lodges, quaint log cabins and charming country Inns or private cottages – all far from the madding crowd and offering all one’s home away from home comforts.

2 metre Aloe ferox tal Mkuze, KwaZulu Na


& other Timbavati big game areas The Timbavati Game Reserve is situated on the western boundary of South Africa’s most famous Park. The Timbavati is unquestionably the finest dangerous game safari destination in South Africa. Here we focus primarily on Cape buffalo, however we also offer safaris for management elephant bulls, the trophies of which can be exported, hippo, limited wild lion and leopard as well as white rhino. When on safari in this area it is not unusual to see over 1500 buffalo, lions, leopard elephant, rhino, cheetah, wild dogs, hippo and a large variety of plains game. There are three categories of buffalo tags: the Deluxe Buffalo hunt, the Classic Buffalo hunt and my personal favourite the Dagga Boy hunt. These vary in price and duration. If a monster buffalo is what you are after do not delay in booking soon because there are only 6 “deluxe” tags issued each year. The classic buffalo tag has a limit of a 38” spread, but please do not let this fool you into thinking that you will be hunting a sub standard buffalo. The classic buffalo that you will hunt in this concession will be a spectacular buffalo with all the necessary traits and will more than likely be a better buffalo all round than one you may obtain in other areas in South Africa, as well as the rest of Africa - mark my words! The tented safari camp takes you back to a bygone era. It’s not uncommon to be serenaded by lions, hyena, leopard and hippo at night. The camp is solar-powered and meals are enjoyed around the campfire. Discerning hunters, who not only value trophy quality but also the importance of an authentic African safari experience in dangerous game country, appreciate how unique this hunting concession is. As a truly magical piece of Africa, the Timbavati is unsurpassed.

e finest Unquestionably th fari dangerous game sa th Africa! destination in Sou nia digitata Baobab - Adanso The oldest e. nc 25 m circumfere ve lived for over is reputed to ha 6,000 years!


Reminiscent of safaris from a bygone era!

Syncerus caffer Timbavati camp Encounter with large 13 Buffalo bull June 20


Trophy gallery

2013 season Harris Wilson with his outstanding 45� Buffalo hunted at Khamab (KKR) with PH Clive Curtis

Shawn Tavare s & PH Rayno Egner with a Crocodile ta huge ken in Zimba bwe

Huge Eland for Verne McKinney - April 2013


Tim Sikes with an impressive Warthog

Lauren Chilton’s stunning Kudu

Wilson msbok for Jess Outstanding Ge

A stunning addition to the Reckling’s trophy room!

Potential Top 10 Springbok taken by Glen Wind with PH Rayno Egner


White Rhino - Ceratotherium simum. “White” was derived from the Afrikaans word “wyd”, meaning “wide”, referring to their wide square lip.


Stunning 56” Kudu. Rick H igh & PH Clive Cu rtis

William Campbell hunted this fine Waterbuck with PH Hans Vermaak

The Tavares group with PH Rayno Egner. Exciting bird shooting.

That magical moment when everything falls into place! A grand old “dagga boy” in the bag for Johnny Chilton with PH Clive Curtis.


d h

Excellent 39� Eland bull for Staci George

ll with his Suni Andrew Campbe

. hera pardus Leopard. Pant are bs cu turnal. 2-3 Solitary. Noc of d rio pe n gestatio born after a 3-4 months. Andrew Campbe ll & PH Patches Madonsela

PH Hans Vermaak & Verne McKinney bagged this Buffalo at Khamab Kalahari Reserve

The Campbell family with a super Red Hartebeest

A perfect sunset & record book Black Wildebeest for Bill Campbell



Greg George

Levi Chilton

Steve Gay

ith Emily Coenraad w a dp an gr d Prou

Andrew McKean - editor of Outdoor Life

Michael Frazier


Megan Cecil - 5 /2� Steenbok!

Mark Hanish

Caleb, Sarah & Emily with Patches Raegen Siegfried

Raegen Siegfried, Clive Curtis & Robin Siegfried

Marshall & Sergio Tavares

ountain Bushman F ve Game Reser Rooipoort


Lauren & Christiana Reckling

Evan, Glen & Kim Wind

The trophy quality of Gemsbok is exceptional at Rooip oort & Khamab

Johnny Chilton

John & Shirley Chilton with grandchildren Lauren & Levi

Andrew Smith

Christie Kirk

ded� Being “bloo Patches


Harvey Zimmerman

Flashlight e Pocket knif sunglasses 2 pairs of pack Small back Sunscreen (8x40) Binoculars nal plug set Internatio 0 volt Africa - 22 ellent Insect rep mo pouch Belt and am

Ammo erial Reading mat edication Personal m uipment Camera Eq n & grandso Mike Frazier e ni w Sam Do

Charles Bendana

Robin Siegfried

Norton Colvin

Raegen Siegfried Leo Strutt

Rick High


Excellent trophy White Rhino for Chance Parker & Hans. This hunt completes Chance’s Big 5 - all hunted with CVS. 12 safaris in 12 years! Thank you Chance!

Raegen Siegfried’s impressive Waterbuck

William Campbell and family with William’s classic Kudu

Black Wildebeest James Reckling -

. caon pictus Wild dog - Ly h it rsistent - w Nomadic. Pe stamina! a matchless years. Lifespan - 12 Dos Gates with his magnificent Lion hunted with PH Clive Curtis


Lunch at the river. The Siegfried group & PH’s Paul Inman & Clive Curtis


Striking Giraffe for Johnny & Alexandra Chilton.

Generations of hunters

The Vermaak hunting legacy began with Coenraad’s Grandfather, C.M. Vermaak in the early 1900’s. This legacy has been passed down through the generations and as a result Hans’ children Emily & Caleb are proudly the 5th generation of hunters in the Vermaak family. Coenraad Vermaak Safaris will always be family owned and run.

James Reckling & his trophy Sable

C M Vermaak (great grandfather to Hans) with Lion - +/- 1927

Terry Kirk and PH Clive Curtis with a stunning 38” Eland bull

J S “Hansie” Vermaak (centre) - Coenraad’s father

Hans, Caleb & Coenraad Vermaak. The legacy continues! John Chilton Snr & family with his superb Blue Wildebeest


Rick High & Ph Clive Curtis with Rick’s 1 magnificent 40 /2� Gemsbok

tis. ificent Lion with PH Clive Cur Brooks Akin hunted this magn ris) Safa (Thanks to booking agent Trek

Lion Panthera leo weight 217kg, life-span 20 years


Brooks Akin & PH Clive Curtis with a superb Eland

excellent Evan Wind with his en with tak st bee rte Ha d Re PH Rayno Egner

A “must -have” trophy! Tim Sikes with his magnificent Sable

Harvey Zimmerman’s 24” Red Hartebeest

Megan Cecil’s gold me dal 16 1/2” Springbok taken with PH Rayno Egner

Sterling Reckling & PH Hans Vermaak with Sterling’s outstanding Eland

Christiana & Lauren Reckling

Classic Kudu bull for Dos Gates


Lauren Chilton & her excellent 17” Blesbok

Superb Waterbuck for John Enquist with PH Clive Curtis

Christia na Reck ling with her mon ster 7” Grey Du ik


Megan Cecil’s Kudu measure 48” from tip to tip! Pictured here with mom Becky and PH Rayno Egner

Brooks Akin & his huge Nyala

Father & daughter - Harris & Jess Wilson - hunted with PH Clive Curtis


Stunning Kudu for Verne McKinney & PH Hans Vermaak

ter & ent Ben Car DSC Presid nk Miniter rnalist Fra Forbes jou

From above: Impala, Black Springbok & Common Springbok for Bill Campbell

Burchell’s Zebra (Equus burchelli) are differentiated from other zebra species by the light brown ‘shadowstripes’ found between the black stripes.


a! Excellent Nyal g James Recklin

Harris Wilson with his monster 56� Kudu bull taken with PH Clive Curtis

Murdoch Laing and his Warth og trophy

Christiana Reckling. Red Duiker Steve Wagner (part of the DSC group) with his Blue Wildebeest

Elizabeth & Christiana Reckling with PH Patches Madonsela.

thog for Great War ist John Enqu

Stunning 31� Blue Wildebeest for Lauren Chilton Hans & 9 year old Elizabeth Reckling

Mark Hanish, Raegen Siegfried, Robin Siegfried, & Charles Bendana



Please contact our offices for a detailed quotation based on your exact requirements.

Levi Chilton & PH Clive Curtis with a great old Dagga Boy!

James & Sterling Reckling with Sterling’s great Buffalo


If hunting an y of the Big 5, the m inimum legal calibre is a .375 magnum . However a .4 16 is very suitable. Fo r Plainsgame hunting the minimum lega l calibre is .270 .

Lauren Chilton & family with PH Clive Curtis. and Lauren’s great Dagga Boy

..... a final thought “I believe there is no sickness of the heart too great it cannot be cured by a dose of Africa. Families must go there to learn why they belong together on this earth, adolescents to discover humility, lovers to plumb old but untried wells of passion, honeymooners to seal marriages with a shared sense of bafflement, those shopworn with life to find a tonic for futility, the aged to recognize a symmetry to twilight. I know this all sounds a bit much, but if I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys


Thank you to our dedicated office staff Kelly Dicks & Delvin Wichmann, our amazing field staff and phenomenal & ever-enthusiastic Professional Hunters - Rayno Egner, Clive Curtis, Paul Inman, Patches Madonsela, Jaco Muller & all our freelance PH’s - without whom our success would not be possible. P O Box 1084, Hilton, 3245, South Africa Tel: +27 33 3431973 Fax: +27 33 3431973


CVS Company History Coenraad Vermaak Safaris (CVS) celebrates 44 years of excellence in 2014 making it the longest established safari outfitter in South Africa. CVS was formed by Coenraad Vermaak in 1970 as a small “one man enterprise” when professional hunting was virtually unknown in South Africa. The Vermaak hunting legacy began with Coenraad’s Grandfather, C.M. Vermaak in the early 1900’s. During these good old days an average hunting safari lasted 2 months! This legacy was passed through the generations and as a result Coenraad Vermaak Safaris is today family owned and run. Initially operating mainly in Natal and Zululand, the enterprise grew into a small family business which slowly spread its wings throughout South Africa. In 1972 Coenraad cofounded a separate safari company known as Southern African Professional Hunters (Pty) Ltd (SAPH) and, in conjunction with CVS, SAPH grew into the largest safari company in South Africa and by the late 70’s employed 12 professional hunters hunting in South Africa, Botswana and the then Southern Rhodesia. In 1981, CVS disposed of its interests in SAPH and continued to expand within Southern Africa. Having a large client base and an impeccable international reputation, CVS co-operated successfully with other outfitters in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Tanzania as well as with Kgama Safaris in South Africa when it was first formed. This enabled CVS to be among the first outfitters to conduct safaris in National Parks. More recently new areas in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania were also secured, enhancing its offerings in particular for trophy elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, crocodile and plains game. In addition to the big game hunting safaris, CVS is also able to tailor make classic bird shooting safaris for individuals, groups & families. The combination of over 32 species of gamebirds and the variety of hunting methods on offer means clients will enjoy a wide range of really challenging opportunities. CVS is also very active in the international tourism industry. To accommodate this expansion a separate “African Adventures” division was formed in 1996 to cater for the non-hunting international tourist and those hunters who wished to explore more of Southern Africa before or after their hunting safaris. In addition the CVS Professional Hunters established the now independently run Dark Continent Video Productions, which has been filming and producing top quality DVD’s of clients’ safaris for over 10 years. Not only is CVS’s success rate for quality trophies legendary; so is the first class personal service clients receive - both in the field and during the pre-safari planning. The exclusive hunting safaris CVS offers, are carefully tailored to meet your exact requirements. Most importantly – all hunting is 100% fair-chase! CVS, based in Hilton KwaZulu-Natal, is managed by Coenraad’s son Hans Vermaak who also served as the President of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) in 2012 and 2013. Exceptional service, attention to detail, first class areas, record book trophies, legendary hospitality, life-long friendships and the sheer fun of a CVS safari are the order of the day! All these aspects guarantee you an African safari of a lifetime! CVS supports proudly:

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