CVSA Guardian 3rd Quarter 2010

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Third Quarter 2010

New Mexico’s Motor Transport Police Division Recognized for Revolutionizing Highway Safety State Smart Roadside Program Selected as Finalist by National Safety Group

New Mexico’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) Motor Transportation Police Division (MTPD) is being recognized by the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) of America for its Smart Roadside Inspection Program – a program which changes the way commercial motor vehicle safety screening is conducted in New Mexico and will act as a model for other law enforcement agencies to revolutionize the delivery of highway safety using innovative technologies and improve roadside commercial vehicle operations practices. ITS America selected MTPD’s entry as finalist in the Innovative Practices category of the 2010 Best of ITS Awards. “This technology represents a powerful new tool set for our agency, it enables a strategic shift away from the ineffective practices of the past and helps us promote safer highways in our state,” said MTPD’s Maj. Ron Cordova. “In addition, it holds the opportunity to revolutionize the delivery of CMV safety and security operations in the state and around the nation by promoting a future model of CMV safety in North America.” Screening intelligence at the roadside is a radical departure from traditional screening methods that were either limited to the weight, dimensions and obvious physical defects or based on simple random inspections. With a current national equipment out-of-service rate of around 22 percent, traditional methods offer limited success, saddle enforcement agencies with inefficient use of resources and reinforce an unlevel playing field in the transportation industry, where irresponsible carriers can skirt maintenance and safety costs with impunity. The MTPD began deploying a statewide Smart Roadside Program that uses


Maj. Ron Cordova accepting the award on behalf of the New Mexico Motor Transport Police Division.

advanced technology systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its roadside operations. The program includes the installation of next generation camera systems on the ramps that lead up to inspection facilities. Each passing vehicle is identified by its license plate and USDOT number. Other onsite sensor data from traditional roadside electronic devices like weigh-in-motion systems and over dimension devices are integrated and pooled together with the vehicle and carrier identification. Smart Roadside uses the identification data to access multiple remote databases and utilizes the information returned, in conjunction with other sensor data, to determine whether the identified vehicle warrants a follow-up inspection according to MTPD’s risk profiles. Smart

The Smart Roadside Inspection Program will act as a model for other law enforcement agencies….

Roadside’s connectivity to remote safety and security databases includes information sources such as Federal DOT safety programs like SAFER and PRISM, the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, and New Mexico’s Taxation and Revenue Department. “Smart Roadside brings the power of multiple information systems to the roadside to enable the automated pre-screening of vehicles in motion,” said Maj. Cordova. “It ends the anonymity and guesswork at the roadside and offers front line officers access to timely and critical information before pulling a vehicle from the flow of traffic which then allows our officers to focus attention and resources on high-risk vehicles,” said Cordova. Winners were announced at the Annual Meeting and the Best of ITS awards ceremony on May 3-5, 2010 in Houston. ITS America is the leading advocate for technologies that improve the safety, security and efficiency of the nation’s surface transportation system. Our members include private corporations, public agencies, and academic institutions involved in the research, development and design of Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies that enhance safety, increase mobility and sustain the environment. For more information about ITS America visit The New Mexico DPS Motor Transport Police Division mission is to promote safety on New Mexico highways by providing law enforcement traffic services to the motoring public, to ensure the safe and legal operation of commercial motor vehicles and to prevent the introduction of illicit contraband into New Mexico while facilitating trade. For more information visit