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Youth Ministry Annual Report

Top Ten Moments (in no real order)

the scriptures. One of the keys to our growth is giving ownership to the youth. The youth ministry is as much theirs as it is those (few) who run it; if not more. Youth feel comfortable inviting friends and being open and honest about their faith and their lives when they have ownership in it.

YOUNG ADULTS by Matt Knapp (Youth Pastor) •••

The last year has been an amazing one! It was filled with new relationships, new adventures, and new expectations.

JR. HIGH In the past year we have seen our Jr. High ministry not only minister to 6th-8th graders in our church but also outside our walls. Club J provides a place to explore what Christians believe; and to do it with friends. It has seen a growth from 5-6 students to pushing 30 on some nights. Sunday School provides a place of further study in scripture and for further spiritual growth.

HIGH SCHOOL In the past year our High School ministry has seemed to grow and grow, even through the summer. High Schoolers are finding a community of friends who want to seek God and follow Christ. Impact provides fellowship, service, and community. Sunday School provides wisdom from

ATTENDANCE AVERAGES JH Sunday School 12-15 HS Sunday School


Club J





Matt’s Pizza Slap


The Pancake Dance


Senior Prom


HS Girls Bible Study


Movie Nights

Over the summer we started a ministry to Young Adults (18-30ish). Survivor It is still in its early stages, but things seem promising. Every tuesday night Club J Dinners Young Adults have an opportunity that is lacking in many other church American Disciple communities, a place to be them. In our culture we have witnessed a mass HS Leadership Retreat exodus of young adults from our church communities. It isn’t because Mexico Mission Trip they don’t believe in God, its because they can’t find a place THANK YOU! where they can participate and Th ank you to all the pa seek after God on their own rents and ad ult s who helped out with terms. This summer’s goal was to the many events we had provide a place for that. this year. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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Overall, our ministry is not about the programs. It never is. It is about building relationships on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Yes we use programs, but only to help facilitate growth in new and old relationships. If you are interested in this kind of ministry, let’s sit down and talk.

2010 GOALS - 4-6 new adult leaders - Invite 30 new people to both Jr. High and High School programs - Grow by 10 new active youth in both Jr. High and High School programs - Raise $3,000 for global issues

Thank you to all the youth who continue to seek after God. You are the ones that make thi s ministry go. Never think you can’t do anything because you are youn g. In Christ we can do all things! Thank you to all of yo u who have prayed for us and giv en to us. We rest on your shoulde rs.

WE NEED YOUR HELP You might have caught on by now. There is a huge need for adults who want to invest in the lives of teenagers and develop relationships with them on a weekly basis. If you are feeling drawn to this ministry, please talk to Matt.

Youth Annual Report  

Senior Prom WE NEED YOUR HELP You might have caught on by now. There is a huge need for adults who want to invest in the lives of teenagers...