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PHILOSOPHY  OF  YOUTH  MINISTRY       VISION  (What)   We  want  to  dynamically  impact  every  student,  leader,  and  parent  with  the  Gospel  so  that  they  may   be  rooted  and  grounded  in  love  and  be  filled  with  all  the  fullness  of  God  (Ephesians  3:19)  and   develop  for  each  one  a  creed  to  believe,  a  community  to  belong  to,  a  call  to  live  out,  and  a   hope  to  hold  onto       THEOLOGICAL  RATIONAL  (Why)   This  vision  is  deeply  founded  in  the  doctrine  of  the  Incarnation.  This  doctrine  is  the  belief  that  God   became  flesh  in  Jesus  Christ,  and  through  Him  we  are  filled  with  the  love,  grace,  and  fullness  of   God.  This  act  transforms  humanity’s  identity,  purpose,  and  community  into  something  new.   Because  Christ  lived  in  every  capacity  a  human  life  and  sanctified  it  with  His  divinity,  through  His   sacrifice  on  the  cross  we  are  given  the  promise  of  a  new  reality.  In  short  it  is  the  act  of  God   meeting  us  where  we  are.  This,  in  turn,  is  how  we  approach  youth  ministry.  We  meet  every   student  where  he  or  she  is.     MISSION  (HOW  -­  PART  I)   Through  relationships  we  are:   1.     Reaching  youth  for  the  sake  of  Christ  through  weekly  outreach  programs,  special  events,   curriculum,  and  conversations  that  provide  opportunities  for  individuals  to  affirm  their   faith  in  Jesus  Christ  not  only  in  word,  but  also  in  deed.   2.     Nurturing  youth  in  their  walk  with  the  Lord,  encouraging  each  one  in  their  spiritual   journey  through  worship,  the  Word,  spiritual  growth  programs,  and  fellowship  in  the  body.   3.     Equipping  youth  for  continued  growth  in  spiritual  transformation,  in  practice,  in   developing  a  language  of  faith,  in  service  to  others,  in  evangelism,  in  missions,  and  in  the   student  leadership  team.   4.     Sending  youth  out  to  minister  to  their  world,  providing  them  opportunities  to  implement   and  live  out  that  which  they  have  developed  a  passion  for  and  have  been  equipped  to  do  –   to  reach  others  and  start  the  cycle  over  again.     VALUES  (HOW  –  PART  II)   1.     We  love  God  and  seek  to  be  faithful  to  what  God  is  doing  in  the  life  of  the  community,  based   on  the  guidance  of  scripture  (Matt  12:30).     2.     We  love  our  neighbors  (Matt  12:31)  because  we  have  been  saved  by  grace  through  faith  so   that  no  one  may  boast.  Through  this  identity  we  come  to  realize  we  are  all  part  of  a  larger   body.   3.     We  dedicate  ourselves  to  evangelism  (Matt.  28:16-­‐20)  and  addressing/confronting  issues   of  peace  and  justice  in  the  world  (Matt.  25:31-­‐46).     4.     We  desire  not  just  to  create  “nice  and  well-­‐behaved  youth,”  but  to  be  people  who  are   transformed  by  the  power  of  the  Spirit.   5.     We  commit  to  building  relationships  through  unity,  purpose,  and  love;  by  using  spiritual   gifts,  instilling  ownership  in  matters  of  faith  and  passion,  understanding  the  Church  as  the   body  of  Christ,  participating  in  mission,  staying  culturally  relevant;  and  lots  and  lots  of   prayer.     September  2008  

Philosophy of Youth Ministry