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Starbucks tells us its Fall now. Where other areas of our country experience distinct changes in the climate, our unbelievable year round weather in the Bay Area comes at a price: seasons seem to blend together. As a result we rely on other signals to clue us in on the times. The most noticeable is the menu at Starbucks. Soon we will enjoy Pumpkin Lattes to let us know Fall is indeed here and Eggnog Frappuccinos will usher in winter. I used to think that another signal was the overload of work that seems to be in front of us. Fall is a busy time. School starts, sports teams form, programs kick back up. However i am beginning to see that we are always busy. There is always something that is pressing, regardless of the season. So as you adjust your schedules and pencil in tournaments and SAT tests, remember you are God’s and God wants you first. Don’t give him your left-overs, but your very best. When we do I think we will find that our main concerns might be reduced to Grande or Venti?

30 Hour Famine This month the CPC youth will be fighting back against hunger, poverty, and disease in our community and across the globe.

So on October 9-10 we aren’t going to eat so others can. We will experience hunger first hand. And raise money so others don’t starve.

We want to raise $1,500 to send to World Vision to help feed starving children. We can’t eliminate hunger, but we can help a few children. $1 feeds a child for a day.

If you are interested in praying, participating, or giving talk to Matt or stop by the Youth Table in between services.

In October...


High School

JH Sunday School: Genesis/Exodus

HS Sunday School: Judges

Club J: Fingerprints of God Wednesdays 5:30-7:30 PM

Impact: Rescue Me Sundays 7-9 PM

Young Adults C4: Fellowship Tuesdays 6:30-8:30

October Youth Bell