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Who We Are: Valvan Baling Systems is an engineering company that specializes in the design and the construction of hydraulic baling presses and accessories. Our biggest target sector is the textile industry. Our product range of baling presses is most suitable for processing natural and synthetic fibers, such as polyester and polypropylene staple fiber, acetate tow, cotton, wool, flax, hemp, ‌ Furthermore we build presses for paper, cardboard, plastics, foam, shives, ‌ We are open to all new applications with future prospects. To contribute to the profitability of your company, we design all kinds of peripheral equipment: pneumatic fiber transport, fiber and bale weighing systems, automatic wrapping and strapping systems, bale removal systems, automatic warehousing‌ Our goal has always been to offer the best solution, which is the result of careful analysis of the customers needs and requirements. To achieve superior quality we emphasize on performance, reliability and safety. For every application we provide a suitable control-system. This goes from simple relay-technology to PLC- and PC-controlled networks, with optional remote control. Our dynamic team guarantees a high level technical support and a correct service for which Valvan is appreciated by its customers.

Performance Reliability Safety Hydraulic baling presses are an essential part of the fiber line. Downtime must be restricted to an absolute minimum. The purchase of a Valvan press ensures years of maximum productivity and reliability. For each component, the best possible solution is sought out without compromise. A reliable hydraulic press possesses a number of very important elements, starting with a machined solid frame, high quality hydraulic cylinders and power pack and a flexible electrical command unit. Throughout the entire Valvan range, the same continuously improved components and techniques are used. HMI panel

Single Box Presses

Swivel Box Presses

Tow Presses

Pit Presses

Tops Presses

Channel Presses

Bagging Presses



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Single Box Presses For lower capacities, single box presses can be the right option. Capacities up to 6 bales/ hour and pressing forces up to 200 T.

Horizontal Feeding Belt

Automatic Strapping System

Pneumatic Feeding System

Compression Belt


Stretch Foil Wrapper

Vertical Baling Press V75S3250-SKR

Bale Evacuation and Weighing System


Swivel Box Presses

Fiber Diverter

Dosing System

Weighing Hopper

Bale Evacuation and Weighing System Swivel Box Press Pair 2 x PTH350-AT

Swivel box presses with capacities up to 200 tons staple fiber per day per pair. With accurate fiber weighing up to Âą 0,5 kg/ bale and pressing force up to 500 T. Automatic wrapping, strapping, labeling, bale removal and stacking systems are available on the complete product range. Pneumatic fiber transport and dispensers to distribute the fiber to two presses can be offered.

Top- and Bottom Sheet Applicator

Hydraulic Power Pack

Automatic Strapping System Belly Wrap System

Electric Control Panel Bale Evacuation System



To w P r e s s e s Different types of up- and down- stroke highdensity tow presses with feeding at floor level or from the top or bottom are available. Special features for fast air evacuation, bale removal, etc‌ can be added to the system. Tow plaiters, tow cans and tow can conveying systems can be offered. New pressing box design to reduce the stress concentration in the corners.

Bale Transfer System

Bale Evacuation and Weighing System

Upstroke Tow Press PH500-L

Pit Presses Especially used for irregular products. Capacities up to 6 bales/ hour and pressing forces up to 200 T. Concept without cylinder in the pit, all hydraulic components are accessible. Options such as automatic feeding by conveyor, automatic strapping, bale removal and stacking are available.

Hydraulic Pit Press PT120S6650-VK-VP

Tilting Device for Carts

Label Printer

Movable Feeding Belt

Bale Evacuation and Weighing System


Semi-Automatic Bumps Press

Fully Automatic Bumps Press

Presses 10 f o r To p s Valvan Baling Systems acquired the Bump Press business from St-Eloi 1908, France. The complete product range can be produced, and full service is given on the Âą 2000 machines still working all over the world.

Horizontal Baling Press PH75-hb

Feeding Belt Tops

Bale Evacuation and Weighing System

Channel Presses The Valvan channel press is designed and constructed to satisfy the specific needs of each individual customer and is suitable for pressing a wide range of materials, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, flax, hemp, wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, foam, sugarcane fibers,‌ There is a version with an end door and manual strapping and a version with automatic strapping. The bale is strapped with 3, 4, 5 or 6 horizontal metal wires, depending on the height of the bale.



Bagging Presses Custom-made presses for bagging natural and synthetic fibers. Pressing forces up to 75 tons. Capacity up to 3 bags/ minute. Feeding by pneumatic transport or screw conveyor system with integrated weighing system. As options we can offer a robot for palletizing the bags and a stretch wrap unit with top sheet applicator for wrapping the entire pallet.

Dosing Unit

Buffer Hopper

Weighing Unit

Bagging Press

Automatic Bag Applicator

Bag Evacuation System


Dosing and Weighing unit

Hydraulic Power Pack

Electric Control Panel Semi-Automatic Bagging Press with Automatic Feeding and Manual Bag Application

Top- and Bottom Sheet Applicator


Peripherals Transferrobot

Offline Wrapping and Strapping Press

Tow Plaiter

Pneumatic fiber transport filter

15 Pneumatic fiber transport air separator

Fiber dosing system

Automatic Bale Warehousing

Company address Valvan Baling Systems nv Krommebeekstraat 14 • B-8930 Menen • Belgium Tel. +32 (0)56 52 13 80 • Fax +32 (0)56 51 83 34

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Valvan Baling systems used clothing folder  

Machinery for used clothing sorting and baling

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