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���� “Catholic schools are the oldest and largest private school system in the United States and considered the finest primary and secondary schools by higher education. St. Bernard’s is a gift to Humboldt County, don’t take your education for granted, but embrace the gift of SBCS.” – Patrick W. Daly

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Administration David Sharp President, Class of 1998

Annual Report


Craig Brown Dean of Student Services & Campus Ministry

Mary Dorman Dean of Elementary & Jr. High

Jason White Director of Athletics

Staff Raena Mullan Director of International Admissions

Shirley Sobol Director of Domestic Admissions and Human Resources

Lynn Pretzel Executive Assistant to the Deans & College Counselor

Sarah Jager OfďŹ ce Manager

Brett Wilsey Elementary Athletic Director

Scott Duran Dormitory Director

Luke Carey Director of Off-Campus Housing

Corrina Pope Co-Director of Facilities

Gary Bryson Co-Director of Facilities

twenty TEN

Board of Directors Brian Papstein Chairman

Kurt Barthel Vice Chairman

Eileen Sacra-Capaccio Treasurer

Vernon Brown Secretary

Bobbi Meyer Alan Bongio Harold Lawrence Maria Knapek Manny Mello



Annual Report



Dear Alumni, Benefactors and Friends,

St. Bernard’s over the past decade and I am confident that St. Bernard’s will remain a North Coast institution with

As I begin my first year as President of St. Bernard’s

a passion for excellence in college preparatory education

Catholic School, it is with great pride that I find my

and a commitment to its essential Catholic character.

alma mater as the leading college preparatory school

There is no question that our momentum is strong, and

in our area. Of course, an assertion like that cannot be

I am also confident that extraordinary possibilities will

made without the backing of hard facts. Since 2006,

continue to evolve into reality for our school and our

100% of our high school graduates have gone on to


college with an average of 80% attending four year institutions, enrollment has increased at an annual rate

I firmly believe that St. Bernard’s is one of Humboldt

of 21% over the past three years, we have increased AP

County’s most valuable assets for a prosperous future.

and Honors class offerings, and

Motivated by reason and guided by

we were recently awarded a 6 year

faith, we aim to educate our students

full term accreditation (the highest

not only with the intellectual abilities

accreditation possible) from the

but also the ethical, moral and spiritual

Western Association of Schools

values necessary for them to venture

and Colleges (WASC).

into the frontiers we today can only imagine.

to many people; the leadership of

I very much look forward to this, our

our current Board of Directors, the

99th year of providing quality Catholic

generosity of our benefactors and

education on the North Coast. As

alumni, and the dedication of our

we embark on our next 99 years, I

faculty, staff and administration,

can’t help but wonder who among our

all of which understand and

students will be the next doctor, the

support the mission and standards of a Catholic school.

next lawyer, the next business entrepreneur, even the next

Certainly, much of the credit for this strength and vitality

school president, who will add to the rich history of

is due to my predecessor Patrick Daly, who as President

St. Bernard’s and to the legacy of those students who

for 9 years guided this school during a period of stunning

have come before them. I am fortunate to be here and to

growth and development. And we recognize our families

be surrounded by so many good and committed people.

and students who have found the value in a quality Catholic college-preparatory education focused on faith,

May God bless you and your family, and St. Bernard’s

intellect and service.

Catholic School.

But we must be alert to the danger of complacency


that often accompanies success. It sows the seeds for

David Sharp

subsequent failure as success tends to dull a sense of


urgency. A lot of hard work has gone into reshaping

Class of 1998


twenty TEN

These successes can be credited



Annual Report



At a recent in-service sponsored by our founding

God’s grace, love and forgiveness should be embraced,

Sisters of St. Joseph, our guest speaker from Loyola

taught and carried forth to the young and old alike. We are

Marymount of Los Angeles presented to our faculty,

so fortunate to be entrusted with the education of our youth;

staff and the administration the Beatitudes, and how

to take a child or teenager whom someone has forgotten to

the Beatitudes should guide our life and how they can

guide that student to become a loving, educated, faithful and

be implemented throughout all disciplines within our

giving person is the greatest gift we can give as a school.

curriculum. The Beatitudes are a set of principles to live our lives as God has instructed us through the

It is the responsibility of a Catholic school to not only get a

Gospels. They are as relative today as when first

student into college, but most importantly to get a student

written. A number of benefactors and parents have

into heaven. Unfortunately, many Catholic schools on the

commented that the teachings of St. Bernard’s are

West Coast and throughout the United States have become

considered counter cultural in today’s secular world,

Catholic by name only, and are little more than secular

where “Me or I” is the primary motivator on how one

private schools; they have forgotten the mission entrusted to

lives one’s life. Self-satisfaction, self-glorification, and

them from the Holy See. We are blessed with the multitude of

self-pity are purposely taught to students in many of

students enrolled in St. Bernard’s and the many different gifts

the government run schools throughout the United

they bring, regardless of socio-economic background, but we

States. It is our responsibility as a Roman Catholic

must not forgot or take for granted the mission entrusted in

institution to teach our students to live a life guided by

the school. ❑

the laws of God and the Beatitudes through which we poor, the meek and we actively work to ensure social justice is taught. Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 3) Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the

twenty TEN

land. (Verse 4) Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted. (Verse 5) Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill. (Verse 6) Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. (Verse 7) Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God. (Verse 8) Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (Verse 9) Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Verse 10)

Vision Provide modern facilities, competitive salaries and benefits, and extensive course offerings through external funding sources to enhance the learning experience of our students and faculty – all of which is driven through the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mission St. Bernard’s is Northern California’s leading Roman Catholic college preparatory institution. Since opening our doors in 1912, our loyalty to the Magisterium and our focus on the individual student has been our mission. St. Bernard’s caters to young adults and children who respond well in small classes, a structured academic routine and strong faculty support. Our curriculum is driven, in large measure, by the Magisterium, a global economy and the expectations of leading colleges and universities. Our mission is to prepare students for success and achievement upon graduating from our educational institution through Faith, Intellect & Service. ❑


respect the dignity of life; we support and respect the



Annual Report

twenty TEN

For ten years we accomplished what many critics said couldn’t be done – make St. Bernard’s a vibrant, academic, and traditional Roman Catholic school. These concepts were not new but they had not been present on the campus in a few decades. The devotion and contribution of the Sisters of St. Joseph, diocesan priests and some brothers were somewhat forgotten by certain graduates and families. It was our job to educate the current families on the selfless acts of charity of these women and men. All too many times people laid blame on the Diocese of Santa Rosa for the poor management and direction of SBCS and at times it was warranted, but one must not forget the Diocese invested over $20,000,000 into SBCS alone to keep the school afloat during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The hefty subsidy ended in 2000, and in 2001 St. Bernard’s Catholic School was granted independent status from the Diocese with the support of the Bishop. Weak leadership at the executive position as well as at the board level will sink any company, school or organization. St. Bernard’s is in the business of educating students in the Catholic faith within a rigorous academic environment. It is within the leadership of an organization that defines the direction of the institution, the buck stops with one person and as my father taught us “If everyone likes you – you are doing something wrong.” Leaders make mistakes and unless they learn from those mistakes they will be destined to repeat them and the organization will suffer and fail. Ineffective leadership, greed, inaccurate forecasting, lack of R & D investment, inefficient Board Members all contributed to the economic collapse; it can happen quickly. SBCS must always be the leader in education and must retain a well-rounded Board generous in giving to support the president. As the president of a Catholic high school in San Francisco, I have found our alumni to be involved, supportive and generous in giving to our annual appeal. We are the most culturally diverse Catholic school in the Bay Area and we have parents working two and three jobs to send their sons to our school. Our alumni understand the demographics of the City have

changed but not the mission of the school. The people of Humboldt County are fortunate to have the opportunity to receive a Catholic college preparatory education, and it is the alumni that must give and financially support the mission of SBCS. The Sisters provided affordable tuition to those graduates from the 40’s to the 70’s due to their vocation. Its time to afford today’s students the same opportunity, and I strongly encourage the alumni and parents to pledge their support of SBCS. In order for the school to address an aging facility and to provide a learning environment that the students and teachers deserve, the alumni must give and give often. Many said the boarding program would not be successful and it currently provides over 50% of the income with 44 students. This is an accomplishment the alumni and the community of Eureka must be proud of because SBCS is the only school in the county preparing students for a global economy. In order to prepare students for a successful career after college, and to compete for positions in our economy, SBCS must not model themselves after secondary schools in Humboldt County, but after Catholic Private Schools recognized for excellence. I am grateful for the experience I had at SBCS and especially for the students and staff I was blessed to have known. I was fortunate to work with certain individuals on the board and I am grateful to Greg Shanahan, Larry Henderson, Dr. Tom Rydz, John Gierek Jr., Ted Stodder, Bobbi Meyer, Brian Papstein, Kurt Barthel, Tony Viegas and the current school president David Sharp. The Board of Directors made the correct choice when they chose David Sharp to be the second president of SBCS. He brings with him a strong financial and business resume and he will lead SBCS for many years to come. I wish only the very best to SBCS and on behalf of myself, and my family we thank you. It is my hope that SBCS does not become complacent, but strives to maintain and enhance the counties best education. May God always bless you and Go Crusaders! Sincerely, Patrick W. Daly President (2000 - 2010)





Annual Report



2010 Brian Papstein Board Chair

It’s been an interesting year of change and stability at

youngest of those in our educational efforts. In a direct

St. Bernard’s Catholic Schools. As others will share in this

response from the recommendations, Mr. Sharp and

document, the school received the maximum length for

others began the process of expanding our Pre-School.

accreditation this past year. The International program has

Nearly 30 youngsters are now being educated at

continued to blossom in its’ efforts to provide a quality

St. Bernard’s as part of this newly developed program.

educational experience to students from parts of the world outside of Humboldt County. And there has been a the

There has also been some realignment of responsibilities

selection of a new President of the school.

within the school. In taking advantage of strengths and opportunities that have been recognized, we will

What is the old phrase – “there’s

continue to see more and more

nothing as constant as change.”

additions to the ways that St. Bernard’s

This certainly was the case this year.

can better meet the educational needs

And it was never so evident than at

of those students who currently are

graduation in June as Sacred Heart

enrolled at our school and those who

Church literally was filled to beyond

will be in the future.

back walls to catch a glimpse of their

Volunteer and support by friends and

student formally being recognized for

alumni of the school continue to be a

their scholastic achievement. It also

critical component of the success the

marked the last official act of former

school. There are things going on now

President Pat Daly and offered me the

that are incredible for a school our

opportunity to make the first public

size that simply would not be possible

announcement that David Sharp (alumni 1998) would be

without the support of these groups. It may appear to

assuming the reigns of the school. This also marked the

be trite, but it comes down to family. The St. Bernard’s

final graduation ceremony for long-time faculty member

family of elementary school, high school, domestic and

Jim Lennon who had announced his retirement earlier

international students, alumni and others who simply

in the year. For many in the senior class, they felt it was

believe in the mission of what the school is all about.

an honor to be the last taught by Mr. Lennon. It also marked for the 3rd consecutive year that every St. Bernard

There will be more of an outreach to keep the school in

Crusader graduate has been accepted for post-high school

touch with our Catholicity and what our faith means to

education (or the military.)

all of us. This means more involvement of priests in the school. There will be an expansion of the elementary

The accreditation of the school for 6-years by WASC

school-aged student body and some of the opportunities

(Western Association of Schools and Colleges) is the

they will have placed before them. At the high school,

maximum allowable and quite an achievement. One of the areas of suggested growth and development is for the

continued on following page


twenty TEN

capacity with folks standing along the




Board of Directors update continued even more options to provide a meaningful high school experience in preparation for their future. We will continue to experience success as the new leadership team will be able to build upon the successes that the last few years have had.


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There is no doubt. With the individuals in place, with the staff of superb professionals and the passion they bring, joined with the Grace of God, this coming year will be as remarkable as the past couple of years in building upon the foundation of success that is now firmly in place at our school. Personally, Angie and I now move into a new phase with our relationship to St. Bernard’s as Stephen has graduated. Rather than being in daily contact with the goings-on at the school, we evolve into supportive community members and (for Angie and Stephen’s cases), alumni. As mentioned earlier, it’s an interesting year of change and stability. May God bless you with all of His tender mercies. ❑

twenty TEN

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There will be plenty of changes coming up in the near future.

Faculty & Administrative

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT Sam Haraldson, M.D. Class of 1991 Dr. Sam Haraldson, St. Bernard’s Class of 1991, is the Head Team Physician for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs athletics program in Fort Worth, Texas. He is also the Director of Athletic Medicine, Medical Director of the Athletic Training Education Program and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at TCU. The TCU Horned Frogs recently beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl to cap an undefeated 13-0 season. Dr. Haraldson received his M.D. from UC Irvine College of Medicine in 2001 and did his residency in emergency medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan where he was also the Chief Resident. He completed his Sport Medicine Fellowship at Methodist Charlton Hospital in Dallas, before joining the TCU Horned Frogs. Dr. Haraldson is one of only seven physicians in the nation who is associated with a college athletics program on a fulltime basis. “SB provided me with the skill set and imparted to me the confidence to pursue my dream of practicing medicine,” says Dr. Haraldson. “My participation in high school and collegiate sports sparked my interest in sports medicine which ultimately led to my career choice.” “What makes SB unique? I still am in contact with many of my classmates in high school, I was able to pursue athletics and gain self confidence in a close knit environment with excellent academics and numerous avenues for extracurricular and leadership activities.” It is interesting to note that Dr. Haraldson graduated and played football with current Crusader varsity football coach Jeremy Wardrip and later coached current JV coach Justin Anderson.

Wish List

New Boiler $85,000 Theater remodel $25,000 Replace library and dormitory carpet $25,000 24 digital projectors $700 each / $16,800 total Baseball scoreboard $12,000 15 laptops $700 each / $10,500 total 75 student desks $90 each / $6,750 total 30 DVD/TV combo for class $200 each / $6,000 total Football equipment – 4 man blocking sled $5,200 Weight room equipment $5,000 Updated computer software $5,000 60 large current world maps $60 each / $3,600 total Loud speaker for athletic fields $2,500 Art department materials $2,000 Office supplies $2,000 Equipment for elementary playground $2,000 10 overhead projectors $175 each / $1,750 total 4-4 level stage risers $3,000 Sound system $2,000 3 area rugs for preschool $500 / $1,500 total 4 classroom listening centers $175 each / $700 total



Annual Report



Matthew Craig, St. Bernard’s Class of 1998 (pictured with his family to the right), is the Director of Operations for Meijer Retail Stores based out of Grand Rapids, MI. He received his BS/BA in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of San Diego and later his MBA from Michigan State University Eli Broad School of Management. Matthew started working part-time as a stocker for Wal-mart while attending school at USD. He worked his way up to intern, assistant manager, comanager, Developing Store Manager, and Senior Industrial Engineer for Wal-mart stores before moving to China to be a Store Director and later Assistant Vice President of Store Operations for Lotus Supercenters in China. “At St. Bernard’s, I learned how to work hard for results while attending school and playing football. I later applied this work ethic to my studies while attending school at the University of San Diego. I have done the same thing while working in retail,” states Matthew. Speaking of his experience in China, “I had 800 team members in my first store in Shanghai. Only two spoke English. At the time, I did not speak Chinese. I learned Chinese day by day from my team. I did my best to talk with the management team each week at meetings in Chinese to show the team I cared about learning the language. I never became fluent but I can understand the language well.” “Overtime, the store improved from being a very poor performing store to being a profitable one. It was a fantastic experience. It changed the way I manage and I am very grateful for the opportunity I had in China.” Matthew, his wife Jessica, and 18 month old daughter Kaley, who was born in Shanghai, China, now live in Michigan after 2 ½ years in China. “It was the experience of a lifetime,” Matthew adds about his experience in China. “My wife Jessica grew up in Africa and Europe and had experience living in other countries. She has taught me a lot.”

pictured: Matthew Craig, his wife Jessica, and 18 month old daughter Kaley



Annual Report

Board Chair

This past year will be remembered for many accomplishments, chief among them being recognized by WASC with a 6-year accreditation (the maximum length the committee can provide a school). This accomplishment in and of itself would be worthy of note as the completion of a primary goal of last year’s Strategic Plan. Consequently, this year’s Stratgic Plan is more of a continuance of what had been put in place over the past few years.

The expansion of the athletic programs that occurred last year have been maintained for the student-athlete at St. Bernard’s, even though many of our public school peers have had curtail some of theirs. The next level of commitment for academic offerings at the high school will be the offering AP Chemistry with the final physical improvements necessary set to be completed this summer.

As adopted by the Board in the fall of 2006, the Strategic Plan is outlined with the Mission Statement, “The school’s mission is to provide the students with a safe, Christcentered, Catholic environment, with an academically challenging curriculum and leadership, and characterbuilding activities and sports. We envision a school with a diverse student population in pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, where all of the students develop strong independent minds, effective leadership skills, and Christian characters of compassion, faith and integrity.”

Goal #4: “To provide state-of-the-art technology in both the education of the students and the operation of the school.” As noted above, there is a specific effort this academic year not only to identify but to continue the technological improvements for the school. Classrooms have received some of the scheduled improvements with more anticipated in the near future. The internal systems of the school are also receiving needed improvements. Not only will this help to eliminate some of the natural inefficiencies that occur with outdated processes, it will also help to assure timely information being available for use as management tools. It also should significantly improve the abilities for many students to more effectively match their desires for career selection and the institutions of higher learning that will help them reach their dreams.

There are 10 specific goals identified with each having an Action Plan associated with it. These goals were to be actively addressed by 2011. This is designed to be an update on the execution of the Strategic Plan and its’ goals. Goal #1: “To operate and be clearly identified as a Catholic educational institution.” This continues to be a high priority for the entire school at St. Bernard’s. With new President Sharp’s guidance, there is going to be more interaction and involvement with local clergy to develop and reinforce the school’s catholicity – something specifically addressed in the WASC accreditation efforts for the school to address.

twenty TEN

Brian Papstein

Goal #2: “To graduate students who are prepared for college, who think independently and critically, and who are responsible.” The placement rate for post-high school education continues to be extraordinarily high with all graduates applying for and being accepted for 4-year, vocational and 2-year institutions at some of the more prestigious schools in America. For the 3rd consecutive year, every single graduate this past June from St. Bernard’s qualified and took the opportunity to continue their education either at a Community College, vocational institution, military or 4-year college/university. Goal #3: “To provide a solid liberal arts curriculum that is strong in math and science, and complemented with the traditional co-curricular visual and theatrical art courses and extra-curricular athletic programs.” The continued focus of the primary core offerings has been complimented with continued expansion of extra-curricular opportunities.

Goal #5: “To provide student support services that are relevant, accessible and useful for each student.” This continuing need and desire of our student body to enhance their educational experience has become the chief area of interest for our Academic Support Specialist. In fact, this area has been so strong that we have expanded the staffing with a more than likely prospect of needing even more help as the student count increases. We recognize that everyone learns at their own pace (and often in differing styles) and this continues to help in identifying the best ways for each of our students to learn. While there certainly was a feeling of pride and success in what has accomplished in the past two years, there is still more that can be done in the ongoing academic support for our students. This past year, this has also meant that there has been an expansion for pre-school aged students and the reopening of the former elementary school. There are now three full sessions being provided for the youngest of St. Bernard attendees. This has meant more adults to help them accomplish their goals. In the international area of student services, there’s been a realignment of duties and responsibilities to








allow for a focusing on the unique needs that operating a dormitory can provide. Additional emphasis has been placed on academic assistance for those who can benefit from it as well as providing the cultural experiences that only our area is able to provide. Goal #6: “To provide a staff of qualified employees who are committed to the school’s vision, mission and values.” The on-going training and support for the staff and faculty has continued over the past year. In-service days, training off campus, safety reviews and other activities have continued to allow our staff to receive continuing training in their areas of responsibility. There is a strong compliment to the teachings and faith of the Church which permeates the school at all levels. Our staff and faculty continually go beyond the letter of what is necessary and provide the school “the best they have.” This continues to provide a unique combination of experiences and perspectives that help to add to the academic experience at the school for the students in all grade levels. The enthusiasm and vitality of the faculty is something that you “feel” in the school and “hear” in the classroom.

Annual Report


Goal #7: “To provide facilities and an environment that will always be safe, comfortable and functional for the students.” A continuing priority remains the investment in the physical structures of the school. The front office received a needed facelift in order to provide additional office space for staff. Computer upgrades continue to be done to achieve the goals to provide the best support available for the students. The influx of financial support from alumni, benefactors and community members has allowed for continuing investment in the school. There are still needs requiring attention and investment such as the boiler; the library/media center; physical upgrades in the classroom; ball field improvements; etc. But many areas have been improved throughout the year and they have been budgeted to continue throughout this coming year. Goal #8: “To govern the school with clear and consistent policies, with honor and recognition of the roles each and every participant, and with real and open opportunity for input by all the participants.” Communication through the daily electronic school bulletin continue to provide complete information to the families, the students and our community supporters. There is a very high priority placed on staff training and when actions come in conflict with those standards, the policies are upheld and adhered to. With the opportunities for volunteers to participate (and the

requirement of all parents to donate volunteer hours), all have a chance to have a pride in ownership of the school. Continuing attention is paid to Student Handbooks and Employee Handbooks as they are the documents referenced for dealing with any situation. These documents are updated annually and have formed the foundation for similar documents that are developed for International students in the new programs being developed. Goal #9: “To secure the resources necessary to perpetuate the school.” The emphasis on generating outside revenue for the school continues to be in place. Whether it is our President directly being tasked with developing non-tuition based revenue or some of the other efforts that regularly occur, this is a key to the viability of the school’s future. The Director of Alumni has been re-staffed and actively developing opportunities for those who wish for specific donations to be able to do so. This requires an ongoing outreach to school benefactors, Alumni and community supporters. Much of the on-going efforts has resulted with in-kind donations to the school. This is from businesses who don’t have any other connection to the school beyond watching athletic contests that the Crusader’s compete in or simply wanting to support the school for the choices we provide. Goal #10: “To always be a valuable, reliable and respectable presence in the community.” While this is tough to clearly define, this goal is a by-product of confidence that the community has about the school. This is witnessed by donations, volunteerism, enrollment and general statements made in regards to the school. Beyond that, though is the confidence families and parents have in a St. Bernard’s education. The Catholic traditions the school is founded on and continues to operate under His will teamed with the high standards present continue to reflect that the school and our goals continue to be a critical member of our community. Based on the comments we continue to receive on the overall ability for the school to deliver on the promise we stand behind daily, support continues to grow for the mission of St. Bernard’s Catholic School. Let’s go Crusaders and Knights! ❑


twenty TEN

Annual Report



With the start of the 2010-11 school year, we have already seen a steady flow of students in the College Counseling office preparing for early admission deadlines to notable schools such as UC Davis, Boston University, Columbia University and Cornell. I am honored and blessed to have a role within this outstanding college preparatory high school, working with a dedicated faculty, staff and students. Our college preparatory goal starts at an early age at St. Bernard’s with our Pre-School program. Under the direction of Karla Kramer who has been with the pre-school for over 12 years, the children learn many of the academic and social skills they will need when they enter our kindergarten class. This year the preschool was moved into the former elementary campus and currently occupy three classrooms. In addition to Katie Gardner (SBCS ‘90) Vickie Gerace has joined in teaching the 28 students enrolled. Our elementary school has seen a couple changes this year with the addition of Sandy Younger (SBCS ‘92) teaching fifth grade and Teri Landa teaching art. Emily Brough, our varsity basketball coach has taken on the lower grades physical education classes with Keeta Duke teaching kindergarten and junior high physical education. Our 3/4th grade teacher, Mary Dorman was recently promoted to Elementary/ JH Dean, a role she will fill enthusiastically. At the high school level, we welcomed Michelle Laffranchi to our social science department, and resident advisors Stephen Blaxton and Danielle Syrup are teaching theology and English 10. Due to the dedication of our faculty and high graduation requirements, St. Bernard’s Catholic School


lynn Pretzel College Counselor

graduates all are given the opportunity to continue their education at a four-year institute. Our graduation requirements meet the very minimum entrance requirements established by the California State University system and the University of California system. The UC system has set the standards high for their applicants and all of our graduates meet their basic A-G requirements. Once again, for the fifth year in a row, 100% of our graduates have been accepted to either a two-year or four-year college or university. Acceptances included Penn State, George Fox University, University of San Francisco, Purdue, American University, University of Portland, Humboldt State University, Montana State University, Doane College, Fontbonne University, University of Illinois and Baylor University. Our faculty maintains the high standards of our courses offered at the elementary through the high school systems by attending workshops and AP seminars. Our first in-service of the school year featured nationally recognized educator Carolyn Coil, Ed.D., whose workshop on differentiated curriculum was widely received. Currently, our elementary and high school mathematics teachers are in the process of completing a two-day in-service with noted speaker Kim Sutton from Creative Mathematics in Arcata. Back on campus, our own Luke Carey, off-campus housing director, and Paul Joy, of the St. Bernard’s Experience USA program conducted a seminar on English as a Second Language. Additionally, the Sisters of Orange held four in-services for our faculty this past school year, with three scheduled for 2011. With the support of our Board of Directors and





grants offered by the Sister’s of Orange, we are able to encourage and financially assist our faculty to attend enrichment courses that will add tremendously to the courses offered at St. Bernard’s. For the 2010-2011 we have implemented a new college counseling system with a college counselor for freshmen and seniors and one for sophomores and juniors. The freshmen counselor will focus on the fouryear plan with each student and their parent/guardian. Classes will be scheduled based on their grades from junior high and teacher recommendations. A four-year plan will be designed for each student and revisited each year. During the sophomore and junior years, the counselor will advise them on this plan and begin the college and scholarship search process. All sophomore and juniors will take the PSAT test on campus in October. A test that is offered to all high school students, St. Bernard’s requires all sophomores and juniors to take this test as part of the college preparatory curriculum. Many juniors in the spring will then be prepared to take the SAT test.

The counseling office also posts scholarship information that is sent to the school immediately in the daily school bulletin. This year, students will also be participating in mini-seminars that will teach them how to find the thousands of scholarships that are available worldwide as well as how to fill out a FAFSA application.

Additionally, the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA), in conjunction with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) sent a committee for a three-day visit to confirm the excellence our school has attained, and to offer constructive insight to methods for further improving our programs. Our faculty, staff, administration, SBCS community, Board of Directors, and local clergy all contributed to the Focus on Learning Self-Study which was presented to the committee this past spring. The WASC/ WCEA committee provided valuable feedback to St. Bernard’s; showing us areas of improvement as well as those areas that St. Bernard’s excels in. Our faculty and staff continually strive to improve the education they offer to the students of St. Bernard’s and I look forward to yet another productive and blessed year at St. Bernard’s Catholic School. ❑

twenty TEN

Senior year is full of promising activity. Seniors will be busy taking the SAT and ACT tests and begin the college application process in October. The counseling office is open at all times during the school day for students who need assistance filling out applications, getting copies of transcripts and having questions answered regarding all aspects of college applications and testing. University admission departments are a valuable resource for the college counseling department and have the ability to give us answers to specific questions within a few hours.

Identifying areas of improvement is ongoing at St. Bernard’s. With ITBS, PSAT, SAT, ACT and AP test results, we are able to pinpoint courses in need of updating or altering giving our students the higher knowledge to gain access to any university of their choice.

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It has been called the most important relationship in the modern era. The United States and China have come a long way since Richard Nixon made his historic trip in 1972. China now has the fastest growing economy in the world. This rapid growth has been met with strong demand for new educational opportunities. To obtain this, an increasing number of Chinese families have decided to send their children to American schools. St. Bernard’s Catholic School has been on the forefront of meeting this demand for almost ten years. Since then, we have recognized that not only is there a large demand for an American education, but also there is increasing demand for English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

twenty TEN

Imagine being in an eleventh grade history classroom and everyone is talking about George Washington leading his troops across the Potomac. A timeless American story that seems to have been implanted in our brains since the day we were born. Imagine being in that classroom and not only hearing about the story for the first time, but the name George Washington.

luke carey

Director Of Off Campus Housing

Homecoming. We all take it for granted. The football game, the bonfire, the homecoming queen, and the dance are all timeless American traditions. Have you ever tried to explain to anyone why? It’s an interesting and fun task. How is a Chinese student, who loves to play basketball but has never played anything more than an organized pick-up game, supposed to compete for a spot on a high school basketball team? Enter Experience USA . Our international students come to St. Bernard’s with an attitude of excitement and anticipation. But as any one who has studied abroad can tell you, it can be overwhelming. Patrick Daly, former president of St. Bernard’s Catholic School, developed the Experience USA program to meet Chinese demand for a proper American education. Experience USA helps Chinese students ease into life in an American high school while at the same time developing their English ability to a level that is suitable. A truly unique program, Experience USA launched in June of 2010. By addressing ESL issues that encompass the entire high school experience we, truly prepare students to take on the monumental task of not only studying, but thriving in a different country. St. Bernard’s is proud to work with over a dozen high schools across the country ready to accept students who complete our program. I invite you to take the time to learn more about our Experience USA program. I can be a reached by email at or Raena Mullan, Director of International Admissions, at Experience USA is just another example of how St. Bernard’s is answering 21century demands with our tried and true mission. ❑





Annual Report

The Office of the Dean of Student Services works in collaboration with Maintenance and Custodial Services and the Dean of Academics to provide for our students an environment that is conducive to a healthy, happy and successful spiritual, academic and physically and emotionally enriching environment and experience.

impressed by our joining of the functions of student body government and faith and leadership on our school. It is something we can all be very proud of and many thanks goes to Ms Padilla for working out much of the intricacies of this – what seems to be unique in Catholic Schools.

The Dean supervises the daily routine and functioning of the school, insuring all spaces in the school are safe and clean, along with our maintenance and custodial staff; through observation and evaluation, along with our Dean of Academics, of all faculty and staff in the performance of their jobs, insures the safety and security of the building and students.

Annual retreats for classes 7th grade to seniors, gives us a chance to experience a Gospel-centered development of community and individuals outside the everyday experiences of the classroom.

New this year, the Dean of Students will be working alongside veteran teacher and now Dean of Elementary/ Junior High Students, Mary Dorman; to be sure our younger students get the direct and immediate care, supervision and counseling they deserve. In its function as coordinator of Campus Ministry at St. Bernard’s Catholic Schools the office of the Dean of Students Services helps to inform and enrich the entire life of the students, faculty and staff with the Gospel values and the teachings of our Catholic Church.

twenty TEN

Craig Brown

Dean of Student Services & Campus Ministries

Prayer each morning at whole-school assemblies, in each classroom and before each period of study helps us all connect with the author of all things, our true Lead Teacher and Administrator, the Lord our God. This year we are very excited to welcome onto our Campus Ministry staff, Ms. Linda Tran. Ms. Tran co-taught our 5th grade class last year. This year she has move into teaching high school religious education and working on our ministry team along with ASB coordinator Betsy Padilla on helping students plan and execute our school liturgies and retreats. Our recently renewed six-year twin-accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Western Catholic Education Association was most

Monthly celebrations of Mass with the whole school; regular liturgical and Para liturgical celebrations leads our school to a deeper appreciation of God, His role in our salvation, of the school, each other and the gift of ourselves. The Dean of Students Services/ Director of Campus Ministry is available to students and staff for one-on-one confidential spiritual direction and counseling on an informal basis. As acting campus disciplinarian the Dean brings Gospel values to the correction of students behaviors, striving to direct them is a more positive, creative and community-building direction. For this year the Dean’s office is revitalizing the Crusader/Knight Pride card system of validating student good deeds. Staff see students acting above and beyond the call of duty receive a Crusader/Knight Pride Card and can put those slips in a container with their class/grade level. Once a month slips are drawn for a Student of the Month, who received a special prize. For our driving high school students, Senior Parking Privilege Passes have been instituted to insure the seniors get their privilege and they are not trampled on by the juniors. Also a system of registering student drivers and their cars is being put into place to help us in safety and security measures. It is always an exciting year here at Crusaderville. This is an especially exciting year. The Deans office invites everyone to stop in, see me in my office down the hall and let us show you around. God Bless! ❑







karla kramer

Annual Report



Preschool Director Lic # 125402277

St. Bernard’s Preschool opened in 1997 in order

intellectual and creative abilities in future learning

to meet the community’s needs. Now we have


grown and upgraded into the elementary school building. We have been inspected by California State

Efforts are directed toward one goal; to help each

Licensing and are now licensed to accommodate 30

student intellectually, morally, spiritually, physically,

preschoolers a day.

socially and emotionally to the fullest of their potential.

Our overall philosophy for the preschool has been to provide an affirmative catholic educational

We must always respect families as the primary

environment sensitive to the development of the

and most important teachers of care and

whole child, one that is geared toward teaching and

nurturing and we believe that parents and teachers

assisting children to develop habits of observation,

are partners in the children’s care and education.

questioning and listening. Spiritual guidance should be We always use enthusiasm,

integrated into the program

encouragement, patience and

throughout the learning process

praise to tailor our teaching

and we must commit to viewing

techniques in order to teach

each situation in life through the

children according to their

Gospels. This is especially true

individual needs and abilities,

in the early education of our

knowing that some children learn

children. ❑

twenty TEN

faster than others do. Children learn to work and talk with others, to meet problems and solve them which gives the children confidence and self-respect, along with learning to respect one another and to do their best at whatever they do. Children learn that they are free to make choices (with guidance) as long as they stay within the limits of consideration for people and things. This openended philosophy prepares children to utilize their

twenty TEN

Annual Report



St. Bernard’s will enter the 2010-11 sports seasons with high expectations. Last year, the Crusaders combined for seven post season appearances and two section title appearances. The Crusaders will look to continue that high standard of winning and competition this year. Football returns third year head coach Jeremy Wardrip. Wardrip hopes to build on football’s first round win over Tomales in last year’s section playoffs. The football program returns the majority of its players from last year, while a solid group of juniors and sophomores from last year’s 7-2 JV squad should infuse some more talent. Tyler Stodder returns at running back after rushing for over 150 yards in the playoff game against Tomales last year. Stodder, Nick Genevro, and Phillip Damman should have plenty of blocking behind an offensive line that averages over 235 pounds this year, including seniors Tony DeVries and Nate Kurwitz. Volleyball returns second year head coache Becca Meyer. Last year’s squad finished the year strong in league, tying with two other teams for second place without a senior on the team. Gillian Bryson is the lone senior on this year’s team and looks to go out on a high note in her last year as a Crusader. Girl’s soccer made its first playoff appearance in years, while only fielding 11 players. This year’s team should be much stronger with a roster of 14 players behind second year coach Nancy Giacone. Coach Giacone has even higher expectations for the Lady Crusaders this year. Lee Friebel, “The Rock” of the St. Bernard’s coaching staff, once again returns to coach both the girls and boys tennis teams. Coach Friebel’s teams have had huge turnouts over the last couple years and this

jason White

Director of Athletics

year will be no different. Girls’ tennis has 15 girls out this year, with returners Alyssa Johnson and Maricela Resendez leading the way. The boys’ team also anticipates a similar turnout. Haley Rice returns as the Crusader’s loan girls’ golf participant. Rice finished third in the HDN last year and should once again compete at a very high level this fall. She is working toward her 3rd straight NCS appearance this year. Bill Zanze is once again working with Haley as the girls’ golf coach. Dave Demyan will move into his 2nd year coaching boys’ golf for St. Bernard’s. The boys’ golf team lost its first match to another Little 4 school in over 20 years last year, breaking what has been a very impressive streak. They hope to start another winning streak this year. Steve Thrap returns to the helm of the boys’ basketball program and will be looking to fill the shoes of Stephen Papstein and Garth Bonomini. The program has been working hard in the offseason in both the weight room and gym to improve on last year’s performance. Emily Brough takes over as the head coach for the girls’ basketball program after spending the last two years as an assistant under Jenna Ayers. The girls’ have been very competitive the last two years, making it to the semi-finals for the NCS each year. Brough hopes to improve on those finishes with returning starters Rachelle Allen, Haylie Chase, and Hannah Denny along with a host of young talent from last year’s squad. Wrestling is lead by 3rd year coach Mike Maher. Maher hopes to add to his small squad of three freshmen wrestlers from last year. Travis Rice, Matt







Jones, and Michael Gerace all return after making great strides during their first year. Keeta Duke will lead the track program for the 2nd year. The Humboldt State Hall of Famer and All-American had a great turnout for the girls’ team last year and built a solid foundation for the future. Dale Del Grande will move into his 5th year as the head coach of the baseball program. Del Grande led the Crusaders to their 4th straight NCS title game appearance before finally losing to Ferndale. He returns most of last year’s squad, including 2010 HDN MVP Cody Johnsen and pitcher James Pastori. The entire outfield also returns including Sam Lacroix and Christian Mello, who were both starters as freshmen last year. Ryder Stapp also returns after batting well over .400 last year. On a side note, former fourtime HDN MVP Andrew Ayers ended up starting about half the games for Division I Sacramento State as a true freshman in 2010. Softball will be led by 5th year coach Alan Borges. The Crusader’s moved up to Division IV last year after running the table in 2009 with a 25-0 record and a Division V title. They finished second in D IV after losing to College Prep 1-0 in the championship game. Pitcher Haley Chase returns for her senior year to lead the Crusaders. Junior Taylor Reed gives the Crusaders a 1-2 punch at pitcher. Sara Ringler anchors the infield at shortstop. The Lady Crusaders should once again make a strong run for another NCS title in 2010-11. Crusader athletics looks to be strong as ever in the 201011 school year. We are making improvements to facilities, including a new baseball hitting cage and improvements to the dugouts. The girl’s locker room has been redone thanks to the efforts of Robbie Robertson. Most of the teams have replaced their uniforms in the last three years. Our future goals include a improvements to our weight room and boy’s locker room. We would like to thank CAB, our alumni, and parents for all their support and look forward to seeing everyone at the games. ❑


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St. Bernard’s Catholic School Congratulates the Class of 2010

for their successful high school careers and for the fine colleges and universities to which they have been accepted American University Arizona State University Baylor Boston University Californian Lutheran University Columbia University CSU Long Beach CSU Northridge Florida State University Gonzaga University Humboldt State University Indiana University Lutheran University Montana State University Northeastern University Northwest University Notre Dame de Namur Pacific University Penn State University Pepperdine University Purdue Rhode Island University Sacramento State University San Diego State University Santa Monica University School of Art Institute Chicago St. John’s University Syracuse University Texas Christian University University California Davis University California Merced University California Riverside University California San Francisco University California Santa Barbara University California Santa Cruz University of Arizona University of Missouri University of Montana University of Nevada University of Oregon University of San Diego University of San Francisco University of Texas University of Washington Witchita State University We also congratulate the seniors on contributing over 3000 hours of community service and for their exceptional success in interscholastic athletics as they persevered as three time (2007, 2008, and 2009) North Coast Section Baseball Champions, 2009 NCS Men’s Basketball Champions and the 2009 NCS Women’s Softball Champions. SBCS wishes our graduates success in their future.



Annual Report



Elizabeth albertson Art Instructor

It is my pleasure to enter into my ninth year here

versed in these terms. When you name it, you know

as art teacher at St. Bernard’s. The Visual Arts

it, you own it. Students must participate in critiques

Department has taken on two new classes this year:

using this language to describe their own work as

7 and 8 Grade Art. This class began with learning

well as commenting on the work of their peers.



how to see and draw accurately by practicing upside down drawings. Students were charged with looking

My Graphic Design students are superstars!

at a contour line drawing upside

Photoshop Abstract Design,

down and copying it also upside

Pop Art Portraits, and Digital

down. The idea is to slowly

Scrapbook Pages are the

copy each line and spatial

assignments they’ve completed

relationship. Improvement was

so far, and we are currently

drastic and rewarding by the

learning about typography

third drawing. Students just

and design concepts such as

finished their Radial Name

Contrast, Repetition, Alignment,

Designs, using their name and

and Proximity. The purpose of

three adjectives that described

graphic design is to communicate

themselves, all emanating from

your message effectively. I say

a central point with textures and

it everyday. The students say it


everyday. “What is the purpose of graphic design?” “To communicate your message effectively!”

twenty TEN

Ceramic students have completed their first project, Name Tiles, and the tiles are to be mounted on

The Yearbook class is working diligently on

the wall in the ceramics room to inspire future

producing the annual yearbook publication. Each

generations. Pueblo Pots turned out amazing, and the

student has a special job to do and the workload

most challenging so far has been making a matching

seems never-ending. The yearbook class is a

set of pinch pots. Sometimes the most basic, simple

business that operates on a $10,000 budget,

form can be the most challenging.

fundraised through yearbook sales and advertising. We had a great back to school yearbook sales event

Art Foundations is a big class this year and I have

and sold 71 yearbooks in four days – a record! Last

been mercilessly making them draw and draw for

year we sold out of yearbooks for the first time ever,

two months now. Students are learning all about

so be sure to purchase your yearbook early this year

the elements of art: line, shape, value, texture, and

so you are not left out! Each high school student

color, and will also learn some principles of design.

will be in the yearbook at least three times. We

Using the vocabulary of art is important in all of my

guarantee it! ❑

classes, and Art Foundations students will be well


PAVE the WAY What will your legacy be? St. Bernard’s has established an opportunity for alumni, parents, grandparents, friends and members of the community to leave a lasting legacy with a personalized brick through our buy-a-brick program. For $100, you and your family will have a permanent memorial brick with up to 3 lines and 20 characters. For $25 extra, you can add a symbol to your personalized brick. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the school and to place your family’s name in a permanent setting, showing your support and devotion to St. Bernard’s Catholic School. St. Bernard’s is pleased to announce the first round of bricks have been put into place at the Dollison Street enterance. The Alumni office has opened another round of orders, so order your brick quickly to ensure your legacy at St. Bernard’s Catholic School. For further information you can receive a brochure in our office, visit our website at www. or call us at 707-443-2735.

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kriss buihner

Annual Report



Director of Special Events and Volunteers

The families of our school along with the support of our

generosity has only grown, despite times of economic

local community and businesses are the leading factors for

hardship. That generosity from local businesses is what

the amazing environment in which to educate and raise our

makes scholarships, tuition assistance and educational


improvements possible.

Every day we rely on our families and community to make

“Don’t spend your precious time asking, ‘Why isn’t the world a better place?’ It will only be time wasted. The question to ask is: ‘How can I make it better?’ To that there is an answer.”

a difference. And every day they are ready and willing to do the job. They make this school a better place. Endless hours are spent volunteering; whether it be driving on field trips or to Medford so our football teams could fly to Alaska, weeding, planting and mowing our sports

-Leo Buscaglia

fields, providing after-school care and homework help, decorating for homecoming and other school events,

Planning is already underway for this

soliciting donations for program adds

year’s events. Tacos and Tequila took

and event auctions… The list goes on.

place on Saturday November 6th, and Cash Bash will be on Friday, May

Each family is asked to volunteer a

6th. We are working on bringing back

minimum of 30 hours each year, but

Casino Night and are in the process of

many go way beyond. That personal

looking for a vehicle to raffle.

at St. Bernard’s. More so it is passed

We worked hard over the summer

on to our children. It shows in their

designing a plan to upgrade the

efforts and desires to participate in the community, their

school’s technology info structure and equipment. Our

ability to organize and execute class events, and the

goal is to raise $100,000 by June 2011. It is a large goal

respect they show each other. They do it with pride and

but we know we can do it and that it is well worth the


effort. In this technological age, it is imperative that we provide our faculty and students as many options for

Every year we host a number of fundraising events. Last

electronic education in the classroom. With our Lord’s

year some brought in record-breaking profits. That

support and that of our SB Family and local community

wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers and the

we will make a difference. ❑

amazing generosity from community members and businesses. We are truly blessed that our community’s


twenty TEN

investment is reflected in the climate


������������������������ � ������������������������������

e s i d a r a p c i f i c a p h t sou


2 0 1 1

Friday, May 6 th @ 5:30 pm


! e l f f a r H S A C 0 10,00 Dutch & Live Auction Food By Moonlight Catering

� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Schmidbauer Lumber, Inc. P.O. Box 152 • Eureka, CA 95502 707-443-7025 • FAX: 707-443-2356

Furniture, Electronics, Appliances and so much more. Lease or sale.



Event held at 222 Dollison Street, Eureka. This is strictly a 21 years of age or older event.


twenty TEN

Annual Report




cathy maher



Hello to all St. Bernard’s Alumni! It is an exciting year for us here at St. Bernard’s High as our new president, David Sharp, is a graduate of the class of 1998. Not only that, but his wife Amanda Haraldson is a graduate of the class of 2001. A warm welcome back to both of you! Thanks to the generosity and the involvement of many alumni, the SB High School Alumni Association was able, once again, to award student scholarships for the upcoming academic school year. At the Awards Assembly held in June, the following students received $500 scholarships from the Alumni Association: Billy Bean, Kalei Law, Alexis Nyberg, Matt Jones (Father Michael Kenny Memorial Scholarship), and Cameron Perry, (Jack Green Memorial Scholarship). In addition, through a donation from Manual Fagundes, (1961), Matt Kirk and Zach Barnhart were also each awarded $500 scholarships. The 2010 Hall of Fame Dinner and Award Ceremony was held March 2, 2010 in the SB auditorium. This year’s “Hall of Fame” honorees were Jaime Green, (1984); Bob Steffen, (1970); and Dr. Floyd and Mitzi Marchi, who were honored as “Friends of St. Bernard’s.” A special Remembrance presentation was held for Ben Nord, (1993), who died in July 2009 at the age of 34. The dinner was well attended and was a wonderful way to recognize these individuals who represent the highest ideals of the Crusader spirit and who, in their own ways, continue the legacy of unselfish commitment to their communities. Jaime Green attended St. Bernard’s Elementary School and High School. He began his teaching career at St. Bernard’s High School as a teacher and student counselor. He became Athletic Director and coached boys and girls sports, with his teams winning numerous titles. In 1997, Green, his wife Darcy and their two children moved to Weaverville, where he currently teaches at

Faculty, Class of 1962

Weaverville High School and is involved in youth sports in the community. Bob Steffen graduated from St. Bernard’s High School in 1970, returned to the school as a teacher and later became an administrator. He was the head football coach for many years and assisted other coaches in nearly all the other sports activities. He was chosen as the second lay person in SB school history to become principal of the high school. He was an administrator at Eureka High School for 18 years. Currently, Steffen is the principal at Rancho Cotati High School in Rohnert Park, where he and his wife Nancy (1970) now reside. They have three children. Dr. Floyd and Mitzi Marchi were the parents of eight children and were honored In Memoriam for their years of support and financial aid to St. Bernard’s, which continued long after their children had graduated. Dr. Marchi helped for many years providing physical examinations for the school’s athletic teams. Mitzi Marchi was a faithful member of the Mother’s Guild through the years and volunteered numerous service hours to the school. Ben Nord was a graduate of the class of 1993 where he participated in athletics and school activities. After he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from Southern Oregon University, Ben began his career in law enforcement. In 2004 he was recognized by being awarded the MADD Award. Ben was working as an investigator in the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office at the time of his demise. Ben loved helping others and volunteering his time and skills. He especially enjoyed volunteering in his daughter’s classroom and coaching youth sports. Ben, the son of Agatha and Larry Nord, is survived by his wife Heather and their two daughters. If you want to nominate someone for the 20102011 St. Bernard’s Hall of Fame, please contact Julie Green-Winburn at 707-725-3254 or email Julie at






CRUSADERVILLE There are also nomination forms available at the front office of the high school. The Annual All-Alumni Reunion was Saturday, August 14, 2010 at the SBHS Auditorium. Julie Green-Winburn (1980) and her alumni workers provided the meal. Jim Pastori (1979) stocked the bar and the Alumni Association and other generous alumni contributed items for the Dutch Lottery. Father Michael Cloney (1960) opened the evening with a prayer, and introduced David Sharp (1998), SB’s new president.. We also heard from Jerry Langer, 1959 class president who said it felt great to be back visiting the school and seeing all the “old” but “familiar” faces. In conjunction with the All-Alumni Reunion was the Crusader Alumni Golf Tournament. This year the tournament was held at Baywood Golf and Country Club with 80 participants (16 teams). According to Jim Pastori (1979), the tournament raised $8,000. The winners of this year’s tournament were Garrett Kleiner (2003), Cory Pinochi (1999), Nick Seeley (1999), Matt Maher (1998), and Jonathan Mellon (2000). Tina Mori Moranda (1979) has been named the new Director of Alumni Affairs and Grant Research. Anyone visiting the school, will be greeted in the SBHS lobby by an imposing 12 foot, metal Crusader statue. Tina solicited donations from Alumni and friends of SB to restore the giant Crusader to an authentic looking state. Myrtletown Body Shop owners Todd Rice and Traci Rice did an excellent job of refurbishing the statue. (Todd’s daughter Haley (2012) and Traci’s sons Dexter (2012) and Travis (2013) also volunteered their help. Drop by the school to see this impressive addition!

to raise money to upgrade the Chemistry Lab. Under the leadership of Jean Campbell Wagner and her husband Art, letters were sent to the class members asking for donations. The response was immediate and generous. In a matter of 8 months, the class raised nearly $8,000 dollars1 Lacey Pope (1999), SBHS Chemistry teacher, is happy, excited, and appreciative of the generosity of the Class of 1957. Lacey emphatically promises that, “the donated money will be put to good use!” Good things are happening at SBHS. There is an air of excitement and new beginnings around school. Stop by for a visit! Besides the mighty Crusader statue waiting for you in the lobby, old memories and familiar faces may greet you at the door! ❑


Dates to Remember Jan. 30 thru Feb. 5 – Catholic Schools Week February 3 – Grandparents Day Mass and Reception March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day Mass and Reception for Firemen and Policemen April 21 – Prayer Service Holy Thursday May 6 ��� Cash Bash May 13 – May Crowning Mass

This year’s Alumni speaker for the 2010 graduation ceremony was Dora Jager Kaliamos, from the pioneer class of 1957. Dora worked for 28 years in the surgery unit at St. Joseph Hospital. Since then she keeps busy spreading her talent around by volunteering at the Discovery Shop in Eureka, gathering toiletries for the shower facility at St. Vincent de Paul, and cooking at the Elk’s Club She is also an active member of the SBHS Alumni Association.

June 1 – 8th grade Mass and Graduation

Finally, we would like to applaud and congratulate the Class of 1957, the first graduating class from SBHS, who decided, after touring the school during their 50th Class Reunion,

Please mark your calendar and we’ll look forward to seeing you!

May 31 – Preschool Graduation

June 2 – Senior Baccalaureate Mass June 3 – Senior Graduation



cathy maher


Faculty, Class of 1962

Mike Maher (1991) JV Football Assistant Coach, Wrestling Coach

St. Bernard’s is off to another great year. The number of Alumni involved in the school is impressive. Many former Crusaders find their way back to the grand old Alma Mater and are involved in a number of ways: as teachers, as coaches, as staff, and as parent volunteers. Visitors to SB’s campus will be greeted by the familiar faces of the following St. Bernard’s alumni:

Luke Vallée (2001) Athletic Trainer

David Sharp (1998) President, St. Bernard’s Catholic School

Steve Thrap (1981) Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Tina Mori Moranda (1979) Director of Alumni Affairs and Grant Research

Greg Shanahan (1966) Assistant Varsity Boys Baseball Coach

Maureen Maher (2000) Resource Specialist, Director of Academic Support Center

Alan Borges (1983) Head Varsity Softball Coach

Haley Pope Pinochi (1999) Biology teacher, Junior High Math and Science teacher

Todd Mikkelsen (1980) Crusader Athletic Board, President Assistant Softball Coach

Cathy Cahill Maher (1962) High School English teacher Katie Shanahan Gardner (1992) Preschool Assistant Director Sandy Bareilles Younger (1990) Fifth Grade teacher

Trish Vallée Wardrip (1990) Cheerleading Coach Sharon Falk-Carlson (1967) Alumni Rep to SB Board of Directors Photographer, Special Events Paul Shanahan (1990) 2009 Alumni Graduation Speaker


Becca Seeley Meyer (1996) Sixth Grade teacher, Head Varsity Volleyball Coach

Annual Report

Lacey Pope (1999) Chemistry and Algebra II teacher

Zach Davis (2005) JV Football Assistant Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach

Bob Robertson (1972) Locker Room Restoration

Mary Seeley (1968) Resource Specialist

Jim Pastori (1979) Alumni Golf Tournament “Beverage” Donator for Fundraising Events

Jeremy Wardrip (1991) Head Varsity Football Coach

Dora Jager Kaliamos (1957) 2010 Alumni Graduation Speaker

Justin Andersen (1997) Head Junior Varsity Football Coach, Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach

We are thankful for the dedication, commitment, and generosity of all our Alumni. Their contributions, small and large, help to ensure the excellence of the St. Bernard’s legacy and the future of St. Bernard’s Catholic School. ❑


Bret Wilsey (1977) Assistant Varsity Football Coach Athletic Director, Elementary


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The greatest form of development is an increased and stable enrollment. Our focus on Faith, academics and the individual student has increased our student body both locally and in our boarding facility. Although this is a step in the right direction the cost of educating a student has increased annually. The current high school tuition of $6,300 and the elementary school tuition are well below the rest of the schools in the Diocese of Santa Rosa. The four other high schools in Diocese have an average tuition of $11,500 and the elementary schools are bit higher than St. Bernard’s. The average cost to educate a student of St. Bernard’s is close to $9,000. The boarding program has assisted in closing the gap, but it is the generosity of our alumni, parents and benefactors that are essential to balancing the budget through tuition, special events and annual appeal. We are in the process of selecting a firm to assist in the development of a Readiness and Feasibility Study to identify


the academic, student, spiritual and facility needs of our students and faculty. Both studies need to be underwritten through a gift to the school. The studies will provide St. Bernard’s the necessary tools to launch a successful Capital Campaign. Currently our main focus is to reach our goal of a $5 million Endowment by 2013. We received a generous gift secured in a living trust valued at $1.9 million, and within the last year received a gift of $200,000 to begin the Chris Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund, and a gift of $50,000 from Tim Flynn ‘68 for scholarships. Investing a gift of any amount to St. Bernard’s ensures a quality education, and ensures a student regardless of socio-economic status a quality education. Please speak to your financial advisor and consider St. Bernard’s Catholic School as the charity of your choice this year. ❑






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Annual Report


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*Information provided by independent accountancy.




First Source Revenues: • Tuition (our price for our product)

Staffing Expenses: • Wages • Benefits • Training • Recruitment and Oversight

Second Source Revenues: • Business Income (profit from the Academy— our “business”) • Endowment Income (interest from endowed corpus funds deposited by the school’s benefactors) Third Source Revenues: • Gifted (from contributions and donations) • Earned (from fundraising events) Reimbursements (from individual or organized sponsors who assume the costs of the particular program): • • • • • •

Financial Aid Fund Athletic Fund (Crusader Athletic Board) Library Fund Arts Fund Technology Fund Sciences Fund

Other: • Fees and Charges (direct compensation for expense incurred … you incur the cost, you pay the cost) • Rents (compensation … you use the facility, you pay the cost) • Credit Payments (interest, stock dividends, etc.) Assets • Cash Accounts • Reserve and Restricted Accounts • Receivable Accounts • Cash not yet deposited • Property • Equipment & Inventory



Annual Report


Housing Expenses: • Equipment and Furnishings • Utilities • Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacements • Capital Improvement Transportation Expenses: • Vehicles • Fuel • Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacements Other: • Insurance • Supplies & Services • Capital Purchases • Debt Payments Liabilities • Payable Accounts and Benefits • Taxes and Garnishes • Debts

Donor List

Annual Report 2009-2010

George & Peggy Schmidbauer Gerry Carlson John Martin Alex Allenback

Mother Bernard Gosselin Founder Level $25,000+ Bob Colburn (Colburn Electric) St. Joseph the Worker Level $10,000+ Rob & Cherie Arkley Frank & Mercedes Shanahan Memorial Darrol & Bobbi Meyer Alan & Mary Bongio James Pastori Linda DeLong

Crusader Level $5,000+ Aalfs, Evans & Co. Luke & Kim Omey Crusader Athletic Board

Knight Level $3,000+

Mary Jean Wagner Knights of Columbus C&K Johnson Industries Ted & Teresa Stodder

Shield Leve $1,000+

Redwood Youth Football Antich Automotive Paula Fortuber Benbow Inn Phil & Kriss Buihner Lane & Kathryn DeVries Finnegan & Nason Mike & Lynnette Freitas Jason & Judith Ghera John Martin David & Jenni SanGiovanni McCrea Nissan Bill & Gail White

Humboldt Bay Oyster Albert Horn Humboldt Dale Hubbard Investigators Daniel & Brenda Indianola Storage Kavert Frank & Sarah Jager Cynthia Madden John Dominick JoAnn Roeder John Malsom William Rogers Jerry Johnsen Larry & Barbara Donor Level $500+ Peter & Jennifer Westlake Dora Kaliamos Johnston Mark Freitas Thomas Libs Jon Stocum James Morrison Michael McCabe Judith Winslow Renner Petroleum John Minker Judy Cunningham Jane Spini Dan & Lacey Comer Julie Darling Donald Jones Stephen Brodhag Kathleen Hayes Gary & Kathleen Bryson John & Christine Clark & Cathy Keeney Albertini Scott & Aimee Carroll Keith Olson Mickey & Michele E.G. Ayers Scott & Hillary Kerr Ayala Richard & Barbara Samantha Killebrew Ayers Distributing Egbert Stephen Kimberling Paul & Susan Calkins Brett & Tina Moranda Paul & Ana King Patrick & Renee Ester Holmes Chris & Marian Cloney Danielle Ireland Klingenspor Keith & Michelle Dias Paul & Stephanie Danny & Sonja Donald Bicknell Jackson Knapek Marie Eberhardt Sharon Joiner Virginia Breckner Benjamin Fewell Eric Sobol Tim Petrusha Brian Fincke Raena Mullan Ashley Sutherland Andrew & Elizabeth Keith Olson Paul Nicklas Fogg Chris Klingenspor Edie List Homer & Erlene Mary Sue Fini Sandy Sutan Purcell Scott & Hillary Kerr Lance Madsen Bernard & Regina John & Louise Goff Jeff Meyer Fosnaugh Jim & Amber Seaman Becca Meyer Ryan & Jamie Fray Don Forthuber Don & Pauline Wardrip Ted & Nancy Frazel Barnum Timber Co. Mark & Katie Gardner Jeff & Bobbi Westman Cory Smart Kevin & Rebecca Law George & Kathleen Sherrie Gosselin Jon & Patti Stocum Hayes Stephen Kimberling Frank Giacomini Kelly & LaWana Stacy Giacomini Schulz Gifts In Kind Giocondo Pasta Dan Cruz Norman’s Dry Cleaners John & Louise Goff Michael & Cristine Benbow Inn Gosselin & Sons Duncan Sun Valley Bulb Farms Ann Gosselin Bear River Casino Big Louie’s Pizza Sue Peterson Timothy Ayers Harris & K Market Joel & Elsa Haraldson Jackie Stevens Humboldt Bay Oyster Mike & Beverly Hart Finnegan & Nason Advantage Rental Robert & Lynn Dale & Shana Purchase Hayhurst DelGrande Tina’s Photography Heather Gomes Eric & Shirley Sobol Thomas Hildebrandt Gift Level $100+ Florence Hogarty Nick Giannini David & Stephanie Jeannette Black Thank You! Holmes David Barbin Denice Hubbard Louis Burleson Daniel & Natasha White Paul Ayers Harold & Cynthia Hilfiker Ross & Kathy Allen Sandra Rowan


St. Bernard Clairvaux Benefactor Level $50,000+





2010 Annual Report


St. Bernard's Annual Report 2010