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Reduction of weight for a woman over 40 is an entirely different episode as compared with a young women of twenty. Middle-aged women have reduced metabolism and there are more chances of hormonal imbalances that cause adverse physiological problems such as thyroid malfunctioning, bloating, fluid retention and weight gain. As the age advances to forties they constantly have poor sleep which indirectly affect the weight. For women over forty, diets and dieting is not the correct solution for reducing weight. For middle aged women implementing healthy lifestyle is the right direction. Taking sufficient amount of sleep, intake of nutritious and healthy meal, and regular exercises can dramatically change the scenario. In a way one should stay away from packed and processed foods, which have more sugar, fats and chemicals. This also includes diet products and diet soda, synthetic sweeteners which are addictive and poorer than the natural sugars. A right diet for young women will be different from healthy foods for women over forty. As the age advances one becomes inefficient in dealing with carbohydrates. Hence, in order to reduce weight one should reduce intake of carbohydrates. The solution for health and fitness for women over forty is: - sufficient intake of water, - take diet rich in protein, - lots of fruits and vegetables. Breakfast plays an important role. Instead of three primary meals it is better to have a number of smaller meals as bigger meals activate high amount of insulin which hinders the metabolism. One burns fats with smaller quantity of blood insulin levels. Some women think that less food means less insulin and fewer calories thereby leading to higher reduction of weight. But it is not so, as in such case you reduce intake of food to great extend and hence you will reduce metabolic rate, but body fat will remain. The solution to reduction of weight is intake of life giving and nutritious diets which body can easily metabolize. Eating healthy food is one aspect in reduction of weight for women over forty. It's essential to do daily aerobic exercises and muscle building to activate metabolic rate, burn fat and put up lean muscle which uses more energy than fat. Sleep plays a vital role in reduction of weight. Women who do not take eight hours of sleep in a day, tend to be overweight than those who have. With changing of lifestyle if the weight reduction doesn't take place then you are facing the problem of hormonal imbalance. Estrogen supremacy tends to increase the weight that is difficult to change. If this is the case, then low dose of progesterone cream can be very helpful. Hence, it is not a complex procedure for women over forty to do weight reduction. If you implement healthy lifestyle, you will be able to reach and

sustain healthy body weight.

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==== ==== Visit this website for more information on Weight Reduction ==== ====

Weight Reduction in Females Over Forty