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==== ==== Learn how to make money with your mobile phone!! ==== ====

What Is Mobile Money Machines? Mobile Money Machines is a new and unique product, created by two successful marketers, Matt Marcus and Frank Lucas, following the great success from launching their previous product 'Mobile Mass Money' back in February 2011. They developed their products after realising the huge, un-tapped niche of mobile marketing. Twice as many people use mobile phones than use the internet (there are approximately 5.2 billion mobile phones in circulation) and it is a great source of advertising, rather than the usual methods of email marketing or direct mail. Mobile Money Machines enables you to create landing pages on a mobile, and build up a list by capturing phone numbers of the visitors to your page, who you then market your products to....via text message. How Much Is Mobile Money Machines? The software that you get is FREE. The $49 that you pay is to host the business on their is the only server in the world hosting it. The software alone could easily be sold for $1997, but they are offering it for free. Extra Information You Should Consider Below you will find information on the product that you should know in advance when helping you come to your decision on whether to buy this product. HOWEVER, as long as you keep this information in mind, you will be extremely pleased with your purchase and will have great success with it!! * It will be necessary, the deeper into the program that you get, to purchase Pay-Per-Ad (PPA) * In the 4th instructional video, you will learn about 'Twilio'. In order to continue using the Mobile Money Machines product for yourself, it will be necessary to purchase membership with Twilio at a cost of $30 in order for you to buy the number that your text messages will be sent from, plus $20 for cell autocharge. There is a small charge (1c per text) for sending out the text messages to your subscribers, but you would easily make this money back with just a few of your own campaigns. * Twilio is limited to the countries that they do business with: Just the United States, and Canada * You will have to purchase domain names for your different products that you are promoting with

the Mobile Money Machines product. * This product is worth buying once you are successfully already making money online, and are familiar with the market and with using advanced software. However, it does include step by step videos, templates to use, tutorials and much more. Their emails are very helpful and supportive This product was only released in August 2011, and is still a relatively new market, with lots of earning potential. Conclusion for Mobile Money Machines This is a great product, well researched, well executed and has limitless potential for you to make money!!! They limit the numbers of people that it is offered to, so you will have little competition, and they have a 60 day money-back guarantee. So there really is no risk involved on your part to try this product for yourself. The future of marketing is through mobile is time to get involved and get your copy NOW!

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==== ==== Learn how to make money with your mobile phone!! ==== ====

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