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From the Desk of the Pres It’s a funny thing, publishing a magazine. It’s like one of those Facebook meme’s, where you talk about what you think you do, what people think you do, and what you actually do. Truth is, it’s hard work...long hours, coordination of interviews, page layouts, and my OCD spelling & grammar obsession. But, it’s rewarding work. I’ve had a chance to meet so many great people and musicians, it’s worth the long nights, no sleep, and bulging waistline… Our May issue of CV NorthWest is our biggest yet - we grab some downtime with Michigan rockers WAYLAND, get to know NorthWest sensation She’s Not Dead, we welcome Metal Exiles to our Mag and their interview with the Sacramento band Overwatch, hustle our roving reporter Dan Rhodes to chat with black metal gang Dreizehn, and again we feature Pure Sin’s coverage of the Spokane Concert Scene. Out ASE Certified master mechanic Rick returns to our pages too; welcome back Rick! I want to thank my staff for their hard work, and YOU, our readers, for helping us feel like we are doing something special...

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Always On Tour! WAYLAND...hailing from the great state of Michigan, gives definition to the old saying “the hardest working band in show business”. The band’s motto “Always on Tour” is the way the live their lives...they have been on the road since January 2012 taking barely a week off, but with the goal of bringing their talent, energy, and incredible music to the US and their fans. CV WorldWide first saw them at the NAMM JAM in Anaheim, and became an instant fan! But the road is a hard one, and although they love their life, the band values their rest time...the Mag had a change to talk to Mitch Arnold, lead singer, during a well deserved break in the tour...

<CV WW> Band interview questions 101: tell us who’s in the band, and their role. Mitch Arnold – Vocals (& guitar) Phill Vilenski – Lead Guitar Dean Pizzazz – Bass Tyler Coburn – Drums <CV WW> How did the current lineup come about, tell us about getting this group of 4 together in the band. Phill Vilenski and I have been playing music together since we met when we were 18. We actually started playing acoustic music on the streets for money in Huntington Beach, CA. At the time, I had never been in a band before and Phill vowed that he would never be in a band again. We eventually wanted to get louder. Both of us were listening to a lot of The Black Crows, Zeppelin, Blues Travelers, The Beatles, Stones… I can‟t say or remember if we were into modern or current music back then. Either way, all the bands we admired were loud with slamming drums, ripping guitars and wailing vocals. We decided to make the jump and began playing with musicians we knew around town. We spent a lot of time playing with other line ups…people there in LA, transplants from Michigan…well, almost everyone in LA is a transplant from somewhere but some of them are actually lifelong residents of California. We had a couple of roommates and

one of them was Dean Pizzazz. I‟ve lived with him since I graduated high school and he came to every show that we played. There came a time when our bass player was done playing shows and wanted to make the move back to the Midwest and knowing that Dean had studied ragtime guitar growing up, we asked him to quit his job, learn the bass guitar and join the band. Dean Pizzazz has been our bass player ever since….always will be. We spent years looking for the right drummer. We auditioned probably a hundred drummers and played a lot of awkwardly tense shows. Tyler Coburn was living in Middleville, MI at the time. He got word that a rock band in LA was looking for a drummer and checked out the material. He contacted us with interest in coming out to audi-

tion. After going through all the auditions we could tell by the way a drummer set up his drums whether he was going to cut it or not. Second test… an auditioning drummer would get past the set up and hit his snare drum. One pop and we would know. With that in mind we didn‟t want Tyler to fly out to LA, set his drums up and us knowing he wasn‟t going to work. We suggested he video tape himself playing our songs on the drums and send us the tape. He set up a PA in a room, and played our entire record on the drums with our songs blasting through the PA. He also spoke into the camera, introducing himself. Tyler is one of the kindest people I know and his charm and personality shined on the video. Needless to say he made the grade and the four of us have been together playing rock n‟ roll for over 7 years. When Ty joined, we were called Whiskey Circus. <CV WW> What do you feel is the strength of this lineup as opposed to prior ones? The strength of this lineup is far and beyond any other group of people I‟ve played with. We all have our faults, but the four of us bring out each other‟s strengths and we all love making music together very much. It also helps playing as much as we do. Wayland played 332 shows last year, took 6 days off at Christmas and returned to the road this year, January 3rd. A band gets really tight playing that many shows together. <CV WW> Where did the name come from (our readers might not be familiar with your

hometown)? We named ourselves Wayland after Phill‟s hometown. We wanted a name that represented blue collar America, hard-working families from the great state of Michigan. Originally, I am from Bloomington, IN but the rest of the guys are from Michigan and we all live there…well, to clarify, we store stuff in a small apartment in Grand Rapids but that‟s where we call home. In 2010 we had just got finished recording our 4 song EP “Welcome To My Head” and we all felt like we needed a fresh start. We decided we wanted to go on the road but we were going to tour out of Michigan instead of LA. We had never had a big release before so we thought it was a perfect time to change the name. We arrived in Michigan and asked to carry the torch of middle America. We‟ve had the privilege of keeping that fire lit ever since. <CV WW> Who are your musical influences? When you drive down the highway, who is on your playlist? We all listen to different stuff. Generally, we all love Shinedown, The Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Audioslave, anything Jack White touches, Green Day, Kid Rock, blues based hard hitting, slamming life changing rock n‟ roll, STP, Foxy Shazzam, Royal Bliss….that list is pretty general and across the entire board. Personally, as a kid I was influenced by singer song writer Marc Cohn, the band Journey and Zeppelin. Right now I‟m listening to a lot of

Mumford & Sons, they are incredible song writers and have two records I can listen to front to back, which is rare these days. I‟m listening to the new Imagine Dragons record, and of course everyone else I‟ve already mentioned. But I have to confess I secretly listen to Taylor Swift. I think she is incredibly talented and though some people might give me shit for this, bottom line is she writes great songs with memorable melodies about real life feelings. She‟s relatable and what she sings about you can touch. I admire that. That‟s what I love about the music I love…you can reach out and touch it.

<CV WW> Well, yeah, on your ReverbNation site you say "sounds like"...and list some serious bands, including Shinedown...and there you are on the bill with Shinedown at NAMM Jam, how did that feel? Incredible. We were invited to open for them because we share a guitar, bass and drum endorsement with them. Dean and I play Dean guitars and Tyler plays DDrums. Wayland became a part of that amazing roster early this year. They saw us as a band on the rise and wanted us on the show. We had no problem accepting. <CV WW> Which of your songs speaks personally to you? The song “On My Knees,” speaks to me every night that we play it. The subject matter is almost always applicable in a life on the road and sonically I love how it sounds. <CV WW> What about your music do you think appeals to people? People connect with our music because our music is, to use an earlier word, touchable. We want to be a band of the people, a voice for the people to fucking let it out! Cut loose, have a

<CV WW> Tell us about Wayland's first show...standing there in the dark, hearing your name announced, what was that like? Our first show as Wayland was at The Mint in LA. That stage has been graced by Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and the Wallflowers to name a few. We were playing a lot of shows there when we lived in LA. We worked well with the promoter and had a good draw. I can‟t say I remember what it felt like before that show. I thought of things differently back then so I couldn‟t say. <CV WW> Tell us about one of your most memorable shows. We played with Shinedown at the NAMM show this year. I think all of us will never forget that.

great time at a rock show and let it the fuck out. We write lyrics that are a part of our lives. It‟s real. I think people relate to that. <CV WW> Your 4 song EP came out in 2011, but being on tour like you have, how many more originals do you have in the hopper for

a follow up? Phill and I have been writing a lot lately. We‟ve got about 20 new songs written. We‟re going to finish up writing in June and in the middle of 2013 we plan on releasing a full length album. Of course plans will change and get bigger as the year goes on but other plans consist of staying on the road. We are always on tour. <CV WW> You guys have been on tour across the US since Jan 2012, and seemingly zero plans to stop, how has life on the road been to you guys? I know it goes along with your slogan "always on tour", but it can't be THAT easy... We‟ve been on the road since January 5th 2012. Last year, we played 332 shows. We toured a lot in 2011 as well but we really pulled the roots up at the beginning of the year last year. You have to love doing this to keep it up. It‟s not always a big party and it‟s the hardest work I‟ve ever done in my life. If a band doesn‟t love touring like this, they will fall apart playing this many shows out on the road. It‟s hardly ever comfortable and you have to be ready for anything. You might be sleeping on the floor of a closet, on a bench seat inside the van or a sofa. If you‟re super lucky, everyone gets a soft spot to sleep on but it doesn‟t happen often. We have incredible support out on the road and a lot of times we stay with friends. We‟re lucky in the sense that we have a lot of people in America that help a lot like that. There are four band members and two crew guys so when someone takes us in to house and feed us

that‟s six grown men they are taking on. That can be a lot. There is something new every day. You‟re playing a different club every night and in front of a different crowd. You have to learn to be adaptable, flexible, positive, and you have to understand when it‟s time to step up and kick fucking ass when you just might not feel like it. We call it pulling from our toes. It‟s a beautiful life but it is far from glamorous. We love the road. <CV WW> "Welcome to my Head" is a kick ass song, heard across the US on radio stations, how does it feel to hear YOURSELF on the radio? It‟s a joy to hear your song on the radio. We‟ve heard our songs on the radio a thousand times in a hundred cities. We all still get a kick out of it and crank it up where ever we are. It‟s like being a proud parent. “Hey! Listen to my kid!!” Your songs are your babies…they are our children. <CV WW> The band is always touring, but is active on social media like Facebook (VERY active, which is great) - how do you think that social media has changed the musical game for Wayland? A lot of people knock social media and complain about the hype. I do believe we as humans need to balance it a little better and rely more on actual human interaction rather than so-

low, does praise like that intimidate you or make you nervous? It‟s an honor to even be named with the other bands that have come out of Michigan. If anything, it‟s given us as a band a sense of responsibility to not only represent our state with grace but to carry the torch of rock n‟ roll. We‟re not trying to live up to anyone‟s expectations, we‟re just trying to move forward and be better every day. If we can keep doing that, then I think America will keep letting us carry that torch. <CV WW> Where do you guys feel you are in terms of the "evolution" of Wayland? It‟s hard to even see the evolution of our band let alone seeing us currently evolve. It‟s like being in the eye of the storm. We‟re always trying to out do ourselves so we learn from bands that we look up to so we can push ourselves. Every cial media to communicate, but it has made our once in a while I‟ll see a video and say, “Holy music and our band 100% accessible. It‟s a very shit, look at that. Wayland has really come a long clear window into our world and our music. way and changed a lot over the years.” We have That‟s why we stay so active on it. to keep growing, evolution will come with positive growth. <CV WW> You're also ranked #1 on Rock on ReverbNation, what sense of accomplishment <CV WW> What do you hope to accomplish as does that give you, and how does it motivate a band, and with your music? We want to write music for people to conyou for the future? Being ranked #1 on ReverbNation is an nect to. We honor for all of us, but honestly there are so many want to play bands and so many bands that not many people shows for peohave heard about that we look up to very much. ple to cut loose I‟m not sure how a band gets ranked on that but and have a it‟s humbling for us. If you look too long at your good, positive latest accomplishment, one tends to forget about time at and we the work that is left to do. We have a long way to want to spread this feeling of go and a lot of work to do. freedom all <CV WW> You've been described as over the world "Michigan's Hottest Rock n Roll ex- and to whoevport"...considering that there are some heavy er wants to lishitters in that conversation (Teg Nugent, Bob ten. UltimateSeger, Alice Cooper just to name a few)...what ly, I want to music does a statement like that mean to the write that people band? Those are some pretty big acts to folhear that

play with bigger bands and headline bigger shows. Sure, it‟s great to take time off but all of us get a little anxious off the road. <CV WW> Where do you go from here, what’s the big news and your plans for 2013? We are taking a week in May to catch our breath and during the summer we‟ll finish writing our full length record and should have a full album released this fall.

Find them @ makes them want to be better people. When a song makes me want to be better, I usually hang on to that song forever. Music is forever. <CV WW> Are you guys at a point where you see the light at the end of the "touring tunnel", maybe think about getting ready to record a full album? Light at the end of the tunnel would just be to keep seeing this grow. For Wayland to

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unwanted instruments, he does it all. Terry has now expanded his repertoire to include different instruments, everything from mandolins to guitars of all kinds, making custom pic guards and head stock art. He is constantly on the go, working with different vendors and personalities to generate great art pieces, many for charities

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How to deal with a friend who is about to drive under the influence… DO NOT get in the car. Do anything not to drive with an intoxicated person, and that includes calling your parents for a lift or paying for a taxi. Your next move is to try to prevent your drunken friend from hurting themselves or someone else.

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When it comes to local bands, the prevailing thought is that they can’t hold a candle to the headiner. Overwatch from Sacramento, CA is just that band to change your mind. This fast rising hard rock act has opened for many national acts and has garnered fans at every stop and with the soon to be released second record they will be on their way. I recently convened with the band in the parking lot of Dimple Records where they were more than happy to give you future fans their thoughts on being the local band. Jeffrey Easton

bum which should be out in a few months and play as much as we can. Glen: We want this to be our job, this is how we want to pay our bills, go out and play with big bands, just make music for a living. We do not want this to be a short term thing, we want to have five or six albums out, win a Grammy. We want to make this band the best thing it can be. I do not want to work at some retail store to pay my way through college, I want to be rocking out on stage and having fun. If I can play my guitar, <ME> Zach, everything I read or hear harps make music and make some money, fine with me. about your age. Does it really matter how old <ME> Tucker, you helped start this band, has you are? it lived up to what you thought it would? Zach MacLachlan: I think when people see us in photos or go on stage they want to say they are Tucker Holstein: So far, yes. The band has done too young, they may not expect us to be as good really well in over the year it has been together. as we are and they generally like us after they see We already have record labels looking at us, good us play. It‟s not about the age, it is about the mu- vibes as well as feedback from people so I see no sic and the show we put on. Talent is talent not end. <Metal Exile> I know there have been a few membership changes but how did this band come together originally? Glen Barnes: At first it started with Tucker (Holstein) and I when we were in the same school together, Rock Inc. I wasn‟t in a band at the time so I got his number and asked him to jam with me. We picked up a bass player from Rock Inc who also suggested Zach MacLachlan to be our vocalist.

matter how old you are. <ME> I know when folks think about young people in the music business they think pop band, do you get that sense? Zach: I would think so. Most of the younger artists are usually pop artists. <ME> What is the vision for Overwatch? You are just getting started with one album out and working on the second one. Zach: Right now we are finishing our second al-

<ME> Overwatch has a new bass player with the addition of Kyle Bolla. How did you get involved with Overwatch? Kyle Bolla: I saw an ad in Guitar Center: “Bass Player Wanted, fav bands Deftones and Chevelle” and that was good enough for me. I gave them a call and it worked out. We have similar tastes in music and that counts for a lot. <MEx> As far as the songs are concerned, tracks like Band Aid, Darkest Days and Wishing You Well do not sound like they are coming from a young band. They sound mature, dark and heavy. Where did this material come from? Zach: It just came from our tastes mixed together. We also have our producer, Zak Deibels, who we also write with. It is just the perfect match of musicians, it just folds together that way. We have developed our sound early on which is hard for bands to do. <ME> The track the local stations have been playing is Band Aid. Where did that track come from? Zach: It is about drug use amongst people I know, how it has affected them and what they should do to fix it. We wrote that song in one day!

there are too many screamo and metal core bands, nobody just wants to do rock music anymore. Straight forward rock music just has not been around lately, it‟s not experimental, it‟s just rock. I think it‟s just a breath of fresh air for listeners.

<ME> How do you guys handle the writing? Glen: As the guitar player I am the one that comes up with the riff that matches Zach‟s melodies and then we present it to Tucker to create a beat for the song. It goes through the band to try and expand the song and make the best of it.

<ME> You guys have built up a good following of local fans. How hard has it been to do that considering that music fans have so much out there to get their attention? Glen: It has been hard because attention spans with music are either you get them quickly or you don‟t. You have to be creative with how you get your music out there.

<ME> Your sound harkens back to the dark sounds of the early 90’s, especially with your stage presence. How do you guys relate that stuff in your sound? Zach: We all love stuff from that era, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, etc. as well as early Deftones. It is just something that we liked and want to incorporate into our sound. Glen: Not to hate on any bands it just seems like

<ME> As far as the new album, in what direction is it headed? Zach: We all agree that it is a lot better than the first album and we have also had a lot more time to spend with this one. I have also spent more time on the lyrics and I feel that this is the best that we have got. We would love to get picked up by a label and this album should be the one to do that.

<ME> Where is the lyrical content going for this record? Zach: I just wrote about teenage problems, things that are on your mind and that are a big deal at the age of 16. I think a lot of our fans will be able to relate to that. <ME> How hard is it to be a working band in Sacramento? Glen: I was told that can be a drag being in a rock band sometimes so you better have fun while doing it. As far as booking shows, we have pretty good luck with that around here as far as getting the good ones but there are some we have to turn down because we have to sell a certain amount of tickets and we don‟t want to screw the venue over if we can‟t sell them. <ME> What do you see for the immediate future of Overwatch? Glen: We will be dropping the new record very shortly, playing a lot of shows out of town to spread the word and take over the world.

Overwatch is… Zach MacLachlan (Vocals, Backing Guitar) Glen Barnes (Guitar) Tucker Holstein (Drums and Percussion) Kyle Bolla (Bass)

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ForeverGirl Designs Not only is she the ass-kickinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; frontwoman for WITCHBURN, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a talented picture ARTIST! Jamie Nova allowed us to talk to her about her personal art pieces and showcase some of her incredible work! We also got to delve a bit into her artistic mind... CVNW: Why do you paint, what is your inspiration? I have always loved painting. getting lost in the colors and the feel of my brush against a canvas. It is an extension of my soul, like my music. My inspiration is life, the vitality of existence. CVNW: Do you sell them personally, or as an official company? I sell them personally, through my Etsy site ( ForevergirlDesigns) and also on my website ( CVNW: How do you decide what to paint? Most of the time it is whatever inspires me that day or whatever my mood is. There are a lot of times that I have pieces commissioned and then I work with the buyer as to what inspires them and then I incorporate their ideas into my style. CVNW: Are they usuable drums or display pieces? The drumheads are for display only but I have been commissioned to paint some Kick Drum front pieces that will display my art without taking a beating from the drumsticks CVNW: Do you do special commissions? Absolutely! Canvas, drumheads, wall murals, t-shirt designs, tattoo designs.... you name it I will do it!

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I really love all of my TAMA drum kits, and have been a huge fan and owner of TAMA drums for many years. My newest addition is the TAMA "Silverstar" all birch set. It's a really well crafted kit that sounds great right out of the box! For it's size, it's a VERY big sounding kit that lends itself to virtually any style/application- I LOVE it! On another note, I'm really excited about the Vic Firth "Danny Carey" signature drumsticks. They were recommended to me by good friend and amazing drummer, Paul DiSibio (Count's 77, John Zito Band, The Crush). After playing several shows with them, I'm SO hooked on these sticks, they ROCK! Lastly, I'd have to say after moving to Las Vegas a little over a year ago - this town ROCKS. There are always great bands to see, jams happening- the music scene is blowing up. The camaraderie amongst players here is amazing. From fans and friends alike, the support is massive... it's like Hollywood back in the day, and there's no place I would rather be right now.

Cheers, Danny Robert - Drummer (Independent) SMALL VENUE KIT:


TAMA "Silverstar" (Birch) in "Sky Blue Sparkle" 22" x 18" Bass Drum 12" x 9" Rack Tom 14" x 12" Floor Tom 16" x 14" Floor Tom 6.5" x 14" Pork Pie "Big Black" Brass Snare Drum

TAMA "Starclassic" (Maple) in "Dark Cherry Fade" 24" x 16" Bass Drum 13" x 12" Rack Tom 16" x 16" Floor Tom 18" x 16" Floor Tom 6.5" x 14" Pork Pie "Big Black" Brass Snare Drum

CYMBALS: 14" Sabian HHX "Manhattan Groove" Hi Hats 16" Paiste Alpha "Medium" Crash 18" Paiste Alpha "Medium" Crash 22" Paiste Alpha "Rock" Ride 18" Wuhan "China" Type

CYMBALS: 14" Sabian HHX "Manhattan Groove" Hi Hats 13" Sabian AA "El Sabor Salsa" Splash 14" Zildjian "A Custom" Splash 18" Paiste Alpha "Medium" Crash 20" Paiste Alpha "Medium" Crash 22" Paiste Alpha "Rock" Ride 18" Wuhan "China" Type

HARDWARE: TAMA "Roadpro" Snare / Cymbal Stands TAMA "Iron Cobra" (single) Kick Pedal Pork Pie "Round" Drum Throne STICKS: Vic Firth "Danny Carey" Signature Drumsticks HEADS: Bass Drum: Remo "Powerstroke Pro" Clear Snare: Aquarian "Hi-Energy" Batter Toms: Remo "Pinstripe" Clear MISCELLANEOUS: LP "Bell Diablo" Cowbell LP "Cyclops" Tambourine Puresound snare wire(s) Road Runner Cases / Bags Back Up Snare (Live): 5" x 14" Tama "Silverstar" Snare Drum

HARDWARE: PDP Rack System / Tama Roadpro Stands TAMA "Iron Cobra" (single) Kick Pedal Pork Pie "Round" Drum Throne STICKS: Vic Firth "Danny Carey" Signature Drumsticks HEADS: Bass Drum: Remo "Powerstroke Pro" Clear Snare: Aquarian "Hi-Energy" Batter Toms: Remo "Pinstripe" Clear MISCELLANEOUS: LP "Bell Diablo" Cowbell LP "Cyclops" Tambourine Road Runner Cases / Bags Back Up Snare (Live): 5" x 14" Tama (Vintage) Imperialstar "King Beat" Snare

Gear the Pros Use!

In the 23 years since I first picked up the guitar, I’ve learned a years past I dragged around racks of gear thinking I had the right tone and setup. It turns out as I got older and wiser I came to the conclusion that the less shit you have the better. All that gear does not make you sound better - it makes you think you sound better. My personal choice is minimal FX through a vintage tube amp. The less you have between the guitar and amp the better it sounds to me. I'm a vintage tube amp guy and you can't convert me to the new solid state amps just yet. I prefer my tone a bit on the dark side with a touch of reverb. By the way, my live gear and studio gear are the same. Guitar: 1957 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty - 3 pickups with a Bigsby tailpiece - I commissioned Gibson to build this guitar in 1997. It took them 6 months to finish it. Since then, it has been my #1 guitar. It's beat up and worn down, but plays like a dream. It's all solid mahogany with ebony fingerboard. I feel the mahogany wood adds to the deep tone. This is an official Historic Reissue model. Volume Pedal: an Ibanez VL10 Volume Balancer which I just run mono on channel 1. Guitar Effects: all my distortion is handled by the superbly incredible and versatile Suhr Riot pedal. I keep the voice switch in the middle and have my distortion at 2 o'clock, tone around 12 o'clock, and level around 10.8. I use the Pod XT Live for delay, reverb, and effects for some of our songs. I plan to replace the Line 6 with three stomp boxes to make things more simple. The Line 6 has more stuff on it than I need and I find it takes too much sound away in the path. I'm looking at purchasing the Paul Gilbert AF2, MXR Delay, and TC Hall of Fame Reverb. Amp: 1967 Fender Bandmaster head: this amp has been in my family ever since my father purchased it in ‘67. We still have the original cab but I prefer a 4x12 instead of the original Fender 2x12 straight cab. I use the Fender head because of the clarity which resonates from it. It's vibrant and pure. I run through channel one with the bright switch to ON. Volume is usually around 5 for practice and live setting with mic. and I'm always messing with the other EQ knobs to get the right tone for the right place. Generally my settings are Bass 4 Mid 5 and Treble 6. When I run this clean through a modern 4x12 it's not what you normally hear from a pristine-looking vintage Fender amp. It’s darker - a force to be reckoned with. And when I unleash the Riot Pedal it thunders. This is something that I planned from the beginning when I joined Guillotine Necktie. It was a prefect compilation to the other musicians in the band. It balanced everything out. Strings: my strings always have and will be Ernie Ball Super Slinky's. The exception is if I drop tune I will use Power Slinky's. Picks: I prefer Moshay nylons in large .04's, but I will always use whatever I can get my hands on if it's not too flimsy. Cables: I use a 30' monster cable from guitar to FX, but I'm not too picky about the rest; as long as they're well-made and reliable that works for me. As you can see my gear layout is simple. I'm always looking for new cool effect pedals to replace older ones. I'm not a fast guitar player and I'm certainly not a technical player. I'm just me. It took me 23 years and cycling tens of thousands of dollars of gear to get where I am and I’m happy with that. Keep it simple and have fun!

Gabe Nickelson Guitarist - Guillotine Necktie

No, She’s Not turns out she’s a group of talented and butt-kicking lady rockers from Portland, OR. She’s an explosive team of energetic musicians who break the mold of rock in Oregon & Washington; young but mature with talent, when She takes the stage, the audience is swept into the maelstrom of her unique sound. Make no mistake, She’s Not Dead, she’s alive and rockin’ the house! CV NorthWest had a chance to chat with the members of the band during some much-needed downtime... <CV NW> These always start off the same – before Kira and I found Annelise and Keiko through Craigslist; at that point, everything just tell us who’s in the band and their role. clicked :) Kira Nesser - Lead Vocals and Lead guitar <Annelise> We‟ve been together so long, I just Annelise Josserand - Bass and Backing Vocals look at it as Kira and Sam found us via Craigslist. Keiko Andress - Keyboards Yes, odd to say, but thank you Craigslist! Sam Howell - Drums and Backing Vocals <Keiko> Well, I'm the last to the party. I found them through Craigslist last summer. I was gonna <CV NW> Who started the band? <Annelise Josserand> Sam and Kira are the mas- be a temporary fill-in, but I stuck around, or really, they let me stick around and become part of terminds who started it all. <Kira Nesser> We are! Sam and I started the band the lineup. The rest is history. about 4 years ago. <Sam Howell> Kira and I came up with the idea of being in a band in 7th grade when we were seated next to each other in band class. The band didn't really become active until summer of 2010. <CV NW> Who composes your songs, is it primarily one of you or a collaboration? <Keiko> Kira gives birth to precious little song babies which we raise collectively. Sam gives our songs their strong, steady heartbeats. Annelise gives them their badass funky souls. And I give some color to them <CV NW> You’ve gone through some personnel changes, can you tell us about the journey of bringing this particular group together. <Kira> Sam and I met in school, and we found Annelise and Keiko on Craigslist. We've had other members in the past, but Annelise and Keiko have been the most important and talented members we‟ve found so far. <Sam> We actually started with 2 other girls in the band when we first became an all-girl band,

<CV NW> What do you think it is about this line up that works do well? <Keiko> First of all, we respect each other. Respect is key, I think. <Kira> We are more dedicated and talented than any past members. We get along and have a lot in common. We all enjoy similar types of music and blend well together onstage. <AJ> Man, it‟s just the attitude of each of us girls. We're all very driven, very focused, and we

love each other so much it sometimes makes us laugh uncontrollably. We have so much fun meeting new people and sharing our music with the northwest! <Sam> Yeah, we're all interested in the same stuff. We're motivated people. We are all in this band for the same reason. We love playing music and we want to share it with the world!

<CV NW> When was the point where you said “yeah, I’m gonna be a rock star”? <Kira> When I was ten, I was watching a live performance of Green Day on TV; I had never seen them before. I was mesmerized by their performance and from then on I started playing guitar and knew that being a musician was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. <Keiko> I've actually never said that, and yet here I am, living the dream. LOL! <Annelise> For me, I guess it was I went and responded to this Craigslist ad for my first band, She's Not Dead! <Sam> We played a few Hawthorne Theatre shows for 300 people, but when we played the Girl Scout's 100th Anniversary gig it was INCREDIBLE. There were like 400 girls there and they went crazy over us. They treated us like we were Justin Bieber or something. It was nothing short of amazing, playing for a huge crowd of people who are singing along to our music. Can't

beat that feeling, that's for sure, that‟s what did it for me. <CV NW> Where does the name come from? <Annelise> It‟s a secret! Wait, is it a secret? <Keiko> We wanted to kill this one girl in a rival band and we tried all these different tactics but she was basically like a zombie, she was simply unkillable so we decided to transfer that energy we were wasting on her to our music instead and started a band...JUST KIDDING. <Sam> All four of us really love the band Kill Hannah. They are a band from Chicago. One day we were sitting at the table… <Kira> …with my mom and my grandparents too, and we were talking about how they got their name… <Sam> and you said "How about Who Killed Hannah?" but followed up with "She's Not Dead". BAM, band name! <CV NW> Did you ladies have any interest in other activities before you settled on being a musician? <Kira> All I did was play video games, besides maybe drawing. <Keiko> Yes, and I still do. I haven't "settled" on anything. :) I love reading, I love travelling, I love cooking, I love people-watching (sorry, that's one of my creepier hobbies). I'm in law school and I don't really love that but I still hope to use my degree in the future help people in vulnerable situations. <Annelise> I was always drawing and did take some college courses in

fashion design. Never felt so connected to something as much as music, though. <Sam> Nothing has ever interested me as much as drumming has. I love it so much. <CV NW> Tell us what you think your appeal to the fans stems from? <Keiko> We kick ass? LOL <Kira> Our original songs, but also our stage presence. <Sam> We're 4 chicks in a band. There aren't enough girl musicians in the world. I think people really like the fact that we can actually play. <Annelise> According to various feedback, I hear that apparently the 'all-girl" factor might be a big <CV NW> What message do you try to convey appeal, as well as the fact that we know how to rock. Plus, we create original rock! Who doesn't with your music, if any? <Annelise> Just to feel good. Music is meant to love rock? do just that. <Keiko> Girls rock!!! :) (Beyond that, I think this <CV NW> Who are your musical influences? <Annelise> Kill Hannah! And then me personal- is a question best directed at Kira.) ly, I love classic rock, funk, jazz and anything <Sam>- I think it's pretty cool that Kira doesn't 90â&#x20AC;&#x;s alternative rock. It all influences and inspires just write about love. She writes about things people can relate to. equally. <Keiko>I love me some slightly crazy avant <Kira> Well, most of the songs I write are about garde female pianists: Tori Amos, Amanda Palm- people or situations that piss me off. So I'm pretty sure most people can relate to that. er, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Kate Bush... <Kira> My personal influences would be Green Day, Kill Hannah, Tegan and Sara, and AC/DC. <CV NW> Tell us about one of your most <Sam> Paramore, Tegan and Sara, AC/DC, Green memorable shows. <Annelise> The girl scouts show! Day. <Sam> Yeah, the most memorable show was probably the Girl Scout one. It was the best feeling in the world. I didn't want to stop playing. When we got done we actually signed autographs and took pictures with people for 2 hours. It was awesome. <Kira> Let me tell you about it. We played a show in Sweet Home, OR, for the Girl Scout's 100th celebration. There were about 400 teen girls there, all of which were totally into us. The show was amazing and they sang along to everything they possibly could. We signed autographs for literally two hours after the show. I will never forget that day. <Keiko> My first gig...obviously it was memorable for me because it was my first gig. But also, it Drawing by Samuel Taylor

was one of our biggest gigs...we played for a bunch of girl scouts at a beautiful outdoor camp in Sweet Home, Oregon, surrounded by mountains and trees and nature and hundreds of screaming girls. Good times!

too dramatic. Although bands can also have some crappy shows, we've had so many amazing ones that make it all worth it. I have met many awesome people and have had some cool opportunities while being in She's Not Dead. <Keiko>I think I missed out <CV NW> You say “after on some of those, but since many heartaches & advenI've joined we've all been on a tures” here we are today… bit of a rollercoaster. I'm sure it's something every band has tell us about the journey to deal with, where one night from the beginning to tothe crowd will love us to piecday, tell us about the peaks es and scream for encore after & valleys. encore... and the next night we'll be playing to a <Annelise> I heard they were 3 weeks without a mostly empty room with shitty acoustics and an bass player before finding me. That must have incoherent drunk pervert trying to hit on us. been stressful! But look who they ended up with! <Sam> The hardest part in my opinion has been <CV NW> Which of your original songs speaks finding the right people for the band. We went to you as artists? through a bunch of member changes before we <Keiko> My hands-down favorite original is finally found the right combination. It's hard try“Running Out of Time”. I like the way Kira coning to find people who want the same thing and structed the chorus, I like the lyrical content, and have the same interests. We had people in the I love love love the frantic sped-up ending to the band in the past that didn't even like the music we song where it really just feels like we're in a race were playing. We also had some people in the against time. “Tears Falling From the Sky” is also band who didn't have the same goals as the rest of pretty high up there for me also. It's a really pretty the band. song and I think musically it's one of our best. <Kira> Agreed, I think the biggest headaches <Kira> My favorite song is most likely “Crashing from this band Down” because I can relate to it all the time. I have included know, I wrote it, but still, it never gets old. switching <Annelise> All of them. They're just fun to jam. members. It <Sam> My personal favorite would be has been awe“Somebody Save Me”. It's our first original. It's a some to find song everyone can relate to. Annelise and Keiko who <CV NW> Tell us about your first show…you have stuck get introduced and you’re standing on stage with us and looking out at the crowd…what is going been super dedicated. Past through your minds? members just <Kira> “I hope I don't screw up.” didn't have <Keiko> Oh. My first show I was scared shitless. enough dedi- Like, literally. I had to use the toilet before the gig cation, or were because I poop when I'm nervous!

<Annelise> When I played my first show with SND, I was SUPER nervous, but totally excited at the same time to be playing live to a crowd. <Sam> I was a nervous wreck before our first show. I remember waking up that morning and the first thing I thought of was "Oh shit I have a gig tonight" I was nervous the whole day. But when we got to the venue I wasn't even nervous anymore. I just wanted to play. People loved us. That's when I knew that I wanted to keep playing. I loved the feeling of being on stage doing what I love. Nothing beats that.

was born with a vagina doesn't mean that I am any less of a musician than a man. <Keiko> Definitely. It's the 21st century and you still don't see many girls in bands aside from the front woman (who often only sings on stage, without an instrument). The 90‟s had the Riot Grrrls but that movement fizzled out and the music business is still male dominated. <Sam> I think there is a lot of sexism in the music scene. People often come up to us after a show and say "When I saw you guys were an all-girl band, I for sure thought that you weren't going to be good. But you guys completely blew me away." I think people have a stereotype for girls in music. They automatically assume that they won't be nearly as good as the guys. It's nice to prove them wrong though.

<CV NW> You wake up one day, and someone hands you a CD…YOUR CD. Tell us how satisfying “Monsters in my Head” is… <Kira> It's pretty awesome. It's super catchy, and every song is different than the rest. There's metal, pop, alternative, etc., something for everyone. <Annelise> Hah, jamming‟ that song is great, I love jamming‟ out on the intro live. <Keiko> I pop it in my car stereo (because that's the only place I listen to CDs), and go for a drive and start fist-pumping and head-banging and lipsyncing and seat-dancing and foot-stomping...and I cause a 10 car accident on the freeway but I keep playing my air-guitar. That's how satisfying. <Sam> I think people will really like it. We put a lot of hard work into the album. It sounds amazing. We got the opportunity to work with a really <CV NW> Delicate question, but to you believe talented man at Interlace Studio named Stephan you have more to prove as an all-girl band in Hawkes. today’s music scene? Tell us about what you <CV NW> Tell us about the experience of refeel is the state of female rock today. cording that studio album…how easy/hard <Annelise> It‟s interesting how hard it feels like we have to try sometimes. In the end though, I was it? What did you learn that you didn’t think the gender isn't what they look at, it‟s the know going into it? <Keiko>I didn't know a thing about what the retalent and the passion. <Kira> We have to prove that we can rock out cording process entails so everything about it was just as much as a "guy band" can. We are amazing a learning experience for me. It was a bit frustratmusicians and have a lot to say, and just because I ing because I kept screwing up trying to record

my part and we had a time limit to get the songs done by. Overall though, I'd say it was somewhat hard but rewarding. <Sam> It was a really cool experience to be in a professional studio. Everyone did a great job recording their parts, and Stephan did a great job with getting us the sound we wanted! <Annelise> That was too much fun! I‟ve never done it before, so I enjoyed the entire experience as a whole. <Kira> For me it was extremely hard. I did a million different guitar tracks. vocals went pretty quick. It was fun and challenging.

stage experience, they‟ve got talent, and they've got what it takes to go all the way. My personal goal is to get the band signed to a record label that will actually promote the band's music and put together shows that will promote them to a wider audience. The truth is a band can only go so far doing everything themselves, and while this DIY Portland attitude is great at first, in the end, to make it big, it's all about connections and large scale promoting. As much as some musicians hate the music industry and record companies, they have to come to a realization that these companies have the clout and connections to promote in a way they can‟t even <CV NW> If you could tour with anyone, who come close to. would it be? <Annelise> Lol, Green Day would be cool. Or <CV NW> Any cool information you’d care to really, ANYONE of that era. It would be neat to share with the Magazine? tour with Joan Jett and the Go Go's though, if it <Mark> The girls actually have a huge fan base was possible. in the Philippines, through the many listeners <Kira> Tegan and Sara, Paramore, or Green Day. from the Internet radio station Jango radio. We‟ve <Keiko> Joan Jett! We all love her. been talking to some overseas promoters about <Sam> Paramore and Tegan and Sara for sure! the girls touring in Europe, Japan or the Philippines. It would be an incredible opportunity and I also got to spend some a little time with Mark, experience for them. the Manager of the Band…Mark lends some interesting perspectives to it all… She’s Not Dead… <CV NW> Tell me how Social Media in this age has helped (or not helped) the band? <Mark> Even though social media seems to make it a lot easier for the girls to communicate with their fans, it's not really the case. There's an over saturation of information coming from an over saturation of bands; it‟s not real organized, and that has caused this dilemma of the girls feeling like they're a drift in the ocean of social media. It‟s not as useful as we would like, to be honest, but it is necessary. <CV NW> It’s April 2013, what are the big plans for the year? <Mark> I‟d like the girls to branch out and tour the whole US, but for now the girls will be going out on a MidWest tour in June & July, going as far as Minnesota. The girls have played almost 200 shows in the last 2 years, so they've got the

Making a good pair of sticks begins by selecting the best wood possible. We manufacture many different models of sticks using Canadian maple and American hickory. Our maple is considered to be the best in the business and our hickory from the southern USA is known the world over as the top choice for stick manufacturing. We also use red hickory which comes from the heart of the tree, making it stronger and more durable for those who need a bit "more" from their sticks. We use only the finest grades of wood. Every dowel is hand inspected to ensure that the grain is straight and free from any defects. Only then does it go to our lathes to be turned into a LOS CABOS DRUMSTICK. When you purchase a pair of our sticks, you are investing in quality craftsmanship. With nearly two dozen models to choose from, Los Cabos Drumsticks offers something for every drummer. Contacts • Website: • Blog: • Twitter: @loscabossticks • Facebook:

There was a time when being a motorcy- ever, if you have a blowout, you‟ll be sorry you clist also meant being a mechanic – or at least didn‟t check. Catching the metal in a tire before any damage is done could prevent having to rebeing mechanically inclined. pair or replace the tire at all. Far better designs and production quality Regularly rolling the tires and inspecting have made modern motorcycles pretty reliable. them may be the single most important check you Numerous fail-safe features and improved tech- do. Being able to identify worn treads or wearing nologies make it theoretically less likely that a patterns in them is also a prerequisite to your malfunction could put you down, but this does safety and control. not mean it‟s now OK to disregard all caution. A rear tire can be ready for replacement beGetting to know your bike as well as you fore it;s down to the wear bar if you have done can still makes a lot of sense. Learning how burn-outs, hard launches, or lots of wheelies. things work and what systems or components Squared off tires can be ridden, but they are not need the most attention will at least reduce your ideal. As for the front tire, practicing hard braking bike‟s chances of a premature failure and could – especially with big sport bikes with soft comalso prevent a crash. There is also something to pound tires – while otherwise recommended, is be said for a properly functioning, well- also a sure way to cup or feather the front tire‟s maintained machine. Riders who take better care center tread area and prematurely wear it out. of their bikes benefit from a more precisely operKnowing what cold pressure to set tires to ating motorcycle, and this improves the quality of is also important, as is checking it at least weekly. the whole experience. The MOM will tell you about the original tires, A safety inspection – if required in your and the tire manufacturer is the best info source state – is really just a baseline. Many items need for aftermarket tires. Not all pressure gauges are regular inspection, cleaning, lubricating, adjust- accurate either. And as a precision instrument, if ing, or replacing. Acquainting yourself with the you drop a dial gauge, for example, it can affect maintenance schedule in your motorcycle opera- the calibration. tor‟s manual (MOM) is also just a starting point. Following are some things to consider, as loosely derived from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation‟s “T-CLOCS” inspection checklist.

Tires As many a rider could tell you, you can install a new tire and have to immediately replace it. How? By picking up a nail, screw, or other piece of metal is a common way. A puncturing piece can hold air in so you may not immediately know anything is wrong unless you see it. How-

Wheels Slamming a pothole or steep driveway lip or anything else can dent or crack wheels. Don‟t take them for granted. A good time to look them over is if you regularly clean them. Lifting the wheels off the ground, and inspecting bearings for tight seals, proper adjustment and operation (smooth, quiet, no side-to-side slop) is also recommended. Suspension Do you know how to adjust sag, rebound and compression damping? These affect how you control the bike and how fun it is to ride. There are a few methods out there, and usually involve a buddy or two helping you take measurements while you sit on the bike.

drain plug, axle nuts, front axle pinch bolts, brake caliper retaining hardware, and shaft drive drain bolts. Otherwise, you should be sure these items are tightened to spec. If any fasteners normally use retaining clips or cotter pins make sure they are in place. Hand and foot controls A snapped clutch cable can make getting home kind of tough. An out-of-adjustment throttle cable – assuming you don‟t have fly-by-wire – makes for less precise control. The molded ball ends on levers are there so you don‟t skewer yourself in any situation. Lubing control cables and making sure they are not frayed and are properly adjusted is part of bike ownership.

Brake system Brake lines should be replaced when the manufacturer says they should. Yes, they can last twice as long, but why take a chance? Do you know how to look at brake pads and see what shape they are in? Brake fluid level should be to spec, and changed on schedule. When you need to replace components you might want to look into upgrading to a higher quality aftermarket stainless or Kevlar brake line if the bike did not come with them. Adding higher friction pads for improved stopping is another option. This is not saying original equipment is bad, Oil and coolant but there may be better choices too, and brakes – How‟s the engine oil level? If the bike is especially the front – are never something to liquid-cooled, how‟s the coolant? Do you change skimp on. the fluid on time? Have you done enough research on the best oil for your needs, and longevi- Electrical ty of your bike? We are not going to touch the hot Is your brake light working, and does it ongoing debate over “the best” oil or lubrication come on when you want it to for both brakes? issues here, but you should still ask around, read, How about your signals or running lights? If you and be sure of your decision. run accessories or extra lights do you know the output of your charging system? Critical fasteners and plugs While on the subject, if you use devices Even if you have all your work done at a like Bluetooth, GPS, CBs and the like, are these shop, if you are unfamiliar with their work it does items excessively distracting you? According to not hurt to recheck tightness on critical compo- Dennis Martin, owner of Martin Motorsports, a nents if they serviced them, especially the oil multi-brand dealership in Boyertown, Pa., about

40 miles outside of Philadelphia, “this is well documented with cars but nobody knows how it is affecting motorcyclists.” Overall Riding a motorcycle is ideally a more personal and involved experience. If you ride a cruiser, sport bike, dual purpose, or touring bike, there are issues particular to your bike beyond the general ones touched on here. For example, do you know how much fuel your bike holds, and how many miles per gallon you can expect with easy riding versus hard charging? How far can you go on reserve before you run out of gas? If you don‟t want to be stranded someday this is good to know. Ignorance is not bliss. One MSF-certified instructor recently recalled a conversation with someone who‟d been riding for 20 years who told him his bike weighed 1,100 pounds. Turns out this rider had looked at the gross vehicle weight rating (bike weight plus max carrying capacity), and had it in his mind that this was what his bike weighed. Another rider told him that because he takes off for months in the winter, he has to “relearn” to ride each spring. With reliable electrically heated clothing and other great winter gear readily available, some might want to think about at least some riding year-round. You won‟t get as out-of-practice that way, and if it can be made comfortable and safe, why not? The idea is to keep learning. Being proactive in seeking out what you need to know, taking refresher courses or self-teaching to stay sharp, and interacting with other knowledgeable riders are good ways to continually improve.

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ASE Certified Master Rick McDonald offers his advice on YOUR questions... What could be wrong with my 2005 Jaguar S-type if my dash displays "gearbox fault"?

Generally speaking these messages are to alert the driver that there is an issue that needs attention in the related component; it could be as simple as a sensor or a more serious internal issue. The first step is to find a mechanic that is familiar with this car line and have them do a diagnosis. One thing you may want to be aware of is for most manufacturers of newer cars, the transmissions are controlled buy a computer and the computer has the ability to go into "limp in", a fail-safe mode designed to get you to a repair shop and avoid if possible catastrophic damage. That makes the car feel very different but that does not mean necessarily that the transmission needs a complete overhaul, a good diagnosis is so important. I have an ’01 Chevy Blazer; the “check engine” light went on. I took it to get checked, OBD II reader wouldn’t turn on – guy thinks this is an electrical problem. Logical, I guess, but I wanted Rick’s opinion.

In most cases the cause of the scanner not to come on is there is no battery power at the OBD ll connector. What OBD ll did when it was implemented was try to standardize some of the computer emission control systems; one of them was the OBD. The on board diagnostic connector has to have battery power available to power scan tools. There may be some other issues but this is the most common. I have a 2001 Saturn SC1 1.9L; the check engine light came on. Code read was p0404. What do I need to do? I had cleaned the egr valve about a month ago and it has been driving, performance wise, just fine. But this code says it's the egr flow, so what do I need to do?

In this case I think you may be looking at the incorrect thing the; code is more based on the electrical portion of this system. This EGR valve is totally controlled electrically as opposed to others which can be vacuum controlled. The reason the code is setting has to do with the requested position of the valve opening and the actual position. The more likely cause of the light is going to be with the valve itself. I would check the valve carefully for smooth operation you may end up having to replace the valve itself. And for the people who do not understand what EGR e"xhaust gas recirculation"is or does I will try a simple explanation... A part of photochemical smog is oxides of nitrogen that are produced in the combustion chamber of the engine when the burn point goes over a certain temperature; I believe it is some where above 1500 degrees F. They found the best way to lower this temp was to introduce into the incoming air/fuel a mixture a little exhaust gas as it had already burned it lowers kindling temp in the cylinder and lowers this type of emission quite effectively.

<CV NW> Ok, same old “question #1”; tell us us, was the first Black Sabbath self-titled album released on February 13th, 1970. Not to mention who’s in the band and their role. that my birthday happens to fall on the 13th day. The Dark Priest – Vocals Count Lothar – Lead Guitar <CV NW> What is the force that drives the Mad Raven – Drums band? <CV NW> What is the true meaning of the The living spirit of Metal music, and all of the band name "Dreizehn"? people who support it. <Dark Priest> The name comes from a common fascination that the band members share with the <CV NW> Where did you guys grow up? number "13". Dreizen comes from the Old High California, Port Angeles, WA, and Vancouver, WA. Germanic language and it actually means "13". <Count Lothar> the number has always fascinated me, and I admit that when I see or read the <CV NW> How did you guy's meet up? number thirteen, I am always reminded of the <the Dark Priest> I met this metal head on the bus condition referred to as "Triskaidekaphobia", during my commute home from my security job in Portland, OR. We got to talking, then decided which is the fear of the number 13. <the Mad Raven> I learned a little bit of the Ger- to share a cab ride the rest of the way to jam toman language back in high school, and just devel- gether. Shortly after, we filled out the roster and oped a fondness for the way thirteen was original- formed the band. ly pronounced in its early Germanic form. <CV NW> When did that take place? <Count Lothar> The mark of the birth of metal, to May of 2007 <CV NW> Who are your major influences in music? Our major band influences, those that spark ourr writing style have to be Pantera, KISS, Goatloard, Lamb of God, Devil Driver, Obituary, High on Fire, Metallica, Deicide, Dimmu Borgir, and Nile. <CVNW> You term your sound Black Metal… how do you explain that designation? <Count Lothar> Our music is comparable to getting in touch with your inner medieval self during performance. Black Metal music is an evolved

genre of Heavy Metal, a small step in the direction towards Death Metal. <the Mad Raven> Black Metal is just so dark sounding; it's Black, itâ&#x20AC;&#x;s ambiance and aggression copulating onstage. <CV NW> What interested you in performing Black/Death metal influenced music? <Count Lothar> The music, the stage presence, and yes, the make-up. <CV NW> How many original songs has the band written? Any favorites, songs that resonate with you? The band has written 14 entire songs, and put out their first two song demo with "Revelations of Ragnarok", and "Blasphemous Succubus". Fan and band favorites seem to be the same songs; tunes such as "Bloody Murder", "Warmare", and the songs previously listed on their demo record. "Revelations of Ragnarok", and "Blasphemous Succubus".

<CV NW> Tell me a little about your song writing process. How do your songs materialize, or form? Our writing process falls into place at random. Our ideas change from one minute to the next, so <CV NW> What are your songs about for the sometimes drums are influenced by guitars, or vis most part? -versa. At times our music forms after writing lyrWinter, life experiences, soldiers, and the apoca- ics. It always starts, a band member will introduce lyptical view of the Norse Gods at Ragnarok. something new to the rest, and then we just build off of that. (NOTE: Ragnarok is a series of events leading to the end day battle of Asgard, the Norse citadel in <CV NW> What music equipment do you guys which the gods live; for more info, see http:// use? <Count Lothar> I cannot breathe without my Line Six ampliphier, and my Schecter and Fender gui<CV NW> Any changes in bandmates over the tars. <the Mad Raven> I feel lost and alone without to mention any of note? The band worked its way up to five members be- my gear. I play a Tama double bass trap kit, use fore 2012, but have been a three piece since that Pro Mark 5B sticks, and would be completely lost time. We would like to mention the first drummer, as a drummer without it all. Sean Sweeny, and first bassist Aaron Scheich. We also would like to mention Richard Murray, Jason <CV NW> How has your music changed over Millican Turpin, and Paul who have all had a time into its current form? hand in keeping the band alive and rocking. The- Our music has gradually developed and matured se guys helped found, form, initiate, and sustain into what it is now. Songs are more passionately the life of our music, so we want to give them written in more of a caring manner than before, and performed to our audiences with our learned many thanks! Metal skills.

<CV NW> What drives the band to staying focused and motivated? <Count Lothar> The main thing that drives us is our fan reaction, we love each and every one of them. They stay true to the Metal, and we stay true to them. It is much more than a personal outlet. This is our dream, like we were born into it, or it is our purpose. It is in our positive mindset to continue and conquer, and we will.

<CV NW> Any music affiliations that are mentionable? <Count Lothar> The Back Alley Bar and Grill, Pepper's, Fat Tuesday's, Ash St. Saloon, The Red Room, Briz, KOUV Radio, Reverb, and last but not least, Van/Port Metal Alliance. We would also like to add that Photographer/Musician Brian Francis deserves credit for our band pictures that turned out better than we desired.

<CV NW> The bands funniest moment thus far? <the Dark Priest> Lothar‟s first time getting stoned. We can‟t really discuss the events that happened thereafter, but it was hilarious! You just had to be there.

<CV NW> Any new releases of music coming? <the Mad Raven> The band demo was previously recorded, and can be found on the bands web page on Facebook, as well as ReverbNation. The band's first full length album is to be recorded this coming August.

<CV NW> Any major future plans? <the Dark Priest> Although there are no tour dates scheduled at this time, we are looking forward to touring as far as plans go. Ultimately, touring Europe, headlining for "Six Feet Under" would be an incredibly rewarding future plan, but <CV NW> What would be more appealing to just a dream at this point. the local music scene? <Count Lothar> We would like to see more cama- <CV NW> Where can your music be accessed? raderie; you know, local bands working together <Count Lothar> Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Sound Cloud, and Reverb Nation. All of which, as a network to keep the Metal alive. are sites accessed via internet. <CV NW> Any advice for other local musicians to improve their show, or bring in more <CV NW> Any last thoughts to our readers? <Count Lothar> "Never give up, Stay Metal" patron/fans to the shows? <Count Lothar> Promotion and advertising is <the Mad Raven> "Push forward relentlessly, and key. You have to use any means you can grasp, adapt with the music industry in every way so and go with it. It really seems to help when you you can get your music to the surface from the have band merchandise to sell. When your band underground" <Dark Priest> "Face your inner demons, release name is out there, it is out there! the Metal!” <CV NW> Who do you see as your major supporters? <the Dark Priest> Close friends, and die hard blue collar Metal Heads really follow us. The kids seem to be major supporters too – all of the good LIKE them @ people that come out to our shows and enjoy what we do <CV NW> The bands worst moment to date? <Count Lothar> We were renting practice space at Reverb Studios for $350.00 per month...until we accidentally set fire to Matt's Garbage can that is.

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