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The CVNW Army is excited that we are releasing our 6th issue and that we are growing with leaps and bounds.. We are not done yet - we are just getting started and look forward to the future of CVNW and to being a large part of the community that we so proudly support. We thank everyone that has supported us and for the opportunity to be a part of your family. If you have not made it out to one of our events or any one of the events that we have been involved with, come out and enjoy the fun, great people and awesome food. With all of the bike and car shows going on, live music shows, benefits and more, there is plenty of great things to do. Stop in at some of the awesome places that have welcomed us with open arms like Malibu’s in Vancouver, WA, the Refectory in Portland, the Pharaoh's car club which holds a weekly event at Billy Bob’s in Gresham, and Star Cabaret. We want to thank Lyndsey and Ivy from Tease Um Bikini for hanging with us at the Cruise The Gut in Vancouver, WA. Over the next few months we will be helping out with some shows, events and benefits. We hope to see everyone at one of the shows. We also want to add in that if you have any gig’s or benefits that you need help promoting please do not forget to email us the information.


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August 3

Deaf Leppard

Clark County Fair

6:30 pm

Ridgefield, Washington

Hellion -Tribute to Judas Priest

The New Copper Penny

9:00 pm

Portland, Oregon

August 4

Oregon International Air Show

3355 NE Cornell Rd

Hillsboro, Oregon

Celebrating 25 years in Hillsboro

Night Of Fire Car Show

The Peoples Church

$15.00 Entry

500 N Lancaster Drive Salem, Oregon

12:00 pm

Crazy Train, Sonic Temple, Shoot to Thrill, Unchained, Live Undead & The Xperience Dante’s

$12.00 Cover

* See Website

9:00 pm

Portland, Oregon

Dan Reed, Christian Burghardt & Manda Mosher

Star Theater

Portland, Oregon

Get your tickets through Ticketbisket


Metal City Featuring Steve Unger & Special Guests Sin Circus

9:00 pm

Back Alley

8:00 pm

Klamath Falls

2:00 pm

Vancouver, WA August 10

Cruise The Gorge Car Show

The Dalles, Oregon

For More information - August 11

August 12

12th Annual Brats, Brews & Blues Festival

2700 Front Street

Donation $25.00 per person [Event Day]

Donation $20.00 [In Advance]

Sizzling Summer Car & Hot Rod Show

Tualatin Haggen Food & Pharmacy

8515 SW Tualatin - Sherwood Road August 24

Tualatin, Oregon

Maiden N.W.– Tribute to Iron Maiden

9:00 am


The New Copper Penny

9:00 pm

Metal City and Wikid Sin

Malibu’s Bar & Grill

9:00 pm

$5.00 Cover

Vancouver, WA

Portland, Oregon







Rottweiler Mix 8 months old Male 76 pounds

German Shepherd 6 years old Male 100 pounds



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Custom Magazine for Car, Motorcycle and Music Enthusiasts

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By Kate Roxwell, drummer and vocalist in the band, Klondike Kate!

Take the daisies, mini-skirts, and free love of the ‘70s, and the long, over produced rock ballads of today and roll them into a joint. Smoke it or pass it to your neighbor and then stamp it out with your foot in the alley smearing all of its contents across the road until it resembles a colorful sludge. After that, locate some instruments, friends, and a place to jam. Pound out some songs about what you saw in that sludge. Now you have the makings of a punk rock band. Punk rock is a music genre and subculture resulting from a movement that started in the mid 1970s. The music reflects the anger and sarcasm its listeners feel towards social injustices such as classism, inequality, poverty, and political corruption and the music is a reaction to long, over-produced rock and roll songs. Concerned less with technique, theory, and sound quality than mainstream bands; punk rock bands play a wide range of styles with players possessing varying amounts of skill. In 1974, the Ramones introduced their style of stripped down four chord rock to New York audiences. Playing fast short songs, their music influenced many generations of punk rockers. Still other musicians created bands with nontraditional instruments. Some were fronted by female vocalists. In 1976, X-Ray Spex, a London based punk band unleashed their upbeat version of punk rock, fronted by female vocalist, Poly Styrene. The band included a Saxophone player belting out rock leads.

By 1978, music producers began exploiting the new sound. Though not successful, the Sex Pistols tour in the USA became an iconic symbol of punk rock. Many bands around the world, emulated it. Not long after, their anti-conformist look entered mainstream fashion, making it difficult to differentiate those who embraced the punk attitude from those donning the look for fun.

Kiliam Lord, an artist from Washington State, sees punk rock as freedom within a community of individuals, “Punk is not fashion assigned by the media. True punk is still an amalgamation of those who take care of their tribe like family. We don't color inside the lines, we find different ways outside the social norms to exist and we don't piss on each other unless we ask to be pissed on.’ Today dozens of sub-genres of punk rock exist including rockabilly, surf-punk, psychobilly, cowpunk, country-punk, hardcore, industrial, and Goth, as well as others only definable only by their influences. Individual bands determine to what degree of political and social commentary they want to include in their music and to what degree they want it produced, with most bands releasing studio versions sounding similar to their live sound. Reiko Hornibrook, front woman for the punk band, “Ichi Bichi” in WA state, commented on Facebook about the old days of punk rock, “I miss the punk movement in London when it had so much energy....saw Pistols among to the other punk bands there and felt energy, power, frustration, poorness…”


Regardless of a punk band’s sound or message, across the board, punk musicians and their fans adhere to a DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic. It includes self-recording, self-promoting, and booking one’s own shows, without relying on a lot of mainstream support. “It has to be DYI or it’s lost its soul. Hard in these times of tech. Punk is not fashion or even a sound. It is an attitude or maybe, many attitudes. Can't define it, but I know it when I see/ hear it,” commented Matt Fogg, on Facebook, in response to my post about the subject. Fans and bands make up an area’s ‘punk rock scene’. In the ‘80s national fanzines like ‘Maximum Rock & Roll’ and ‘Flipside’ united the regional scenes by printing fanproduced magazines that introduced new bands and shared ‘scene reports’ from all over the US, and occasionally other countries. Today in cities with large punk scenes, fanzines are still printed and releaased by fans, often found in alternative coffee shops and venues. Since its onset, punk rockers are identifiable by their unique look. Many punks create outfits that reflect back to society the absurdity of popular fashion. In the ‘80s, the iconic punk look evolved to include Mohawks and liberty spiked haircuts held up with glue, hairspray, or Knox Gelatin. Punks colored their hair with jello and food dyes. Today, clothing is less important, second to the punk ideology of ‘live and let live’. At shows today, fans wear styles ranging from band t-shirts and jeans to spiky colored hair, military fatigues, leather jackets and combat boots. Often altering their clothes in some creative way, punk rockers continue to create a personal statement through their style and music. Sue Souix Cotterill, singer for the band, Dead like Zombies in the UK, summarized a popular feeling about what it feels like to be punk today, “(Punk rock) is being who you want to be no matter what people think.”

Kate Roxwell is a writer and musician from Washington State. She drums and sings for the punk band, Klondike Kate! Her bands official website Friend her on Facebook.


August 4th

U.S. Coast Guard Day

U.S. Coast Guard Day honors the military branch that protects our waters and shorelines. The U.S. Defense Department suggests that this day is largely an internal celebration for all Coast Guard personnel and their families, past and present. But, we'd like to encourage everyone to honor the brave members of this important branch of the military. Celebrate U.S. Coast Guard Day by learning more about the responsibilities and functions of the U.S. Coast Guard. They are now playing an even more extensive role in Homeland Security to protect our country. We salute Coast Guard personnel today and every day. We hope you do, too.

Origin of U.S. Coast Guard Day: On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service was created by the U.S. Congress. Congress authorized the construction of ten cutters. These ships were built to to enforce U.S. tariff laws. The Revenue Cutter Service was the predecessor the U.S. Coast Guard. The name "Coast Guard" was first used in 1915.


A school teacher started his first job at a primary school and was eager to make a good impression on the kids. So, when he noticed a boy standing all by himself during recess, while the other kids were playing a game of soccer, he walked up to him and asked "Are you alright?" The boy assured him everything was fine and the teacher left it at that. A few minutes later, however, he noticed that the boy was still standing alone and had not joined the other boys. Deciding to find out what was wrong this time, the teacher approached him again and said, " Hi, are you sure you're not feeling left out? Would you like me to be your friend?" The boy obviously felt a little embarrassed, but after a little hesitation said, "Maybe". Encouraged by his progress, the teacher asked, "Tell me, why are you standing here alone?" "Because", the boy said with clear exasperation in his voice. "I am the goalie"


Elphaba is a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Hearse. She was named after the Wicked Witch of the West from Oz. She and I joined the Coffin Cruisers Hearse Club of Portland and Vancouver in 2008. Coffin Cruisers is a group of hearse enthusiasts that love their rides. We have about 15 hearses in our club and we would love to have more. Find us on Facebook if you want to join or want to boo something. After leaving the Cadillac Factory Elphaba then went to Hess and Eisenhardt Coach builders who pimped it out for dead transport. I bought her in 2007 when she retired from service. She spent most of her life in Seaside California before spending her final years at the Prineville Mortuary in Central Oregon. Now she spends her time touring the Halloween circuit in Portland. She is 100% stock and has allot of after market lighting that makes her glow at night. She is a mean Caddy with a 472 GM 500 engine, 22 ft long and over 7500 pounds. Look for her this Halloween at a haunt near you. Car Owner: Darin C.

Member of the car club: Coffin Riders 10


Not sure where to start – I think I have a problem with either my alternator or my battery. The alternator light comes on, but when I’m driving the car it works great. However, now after driving it for any length of time, when I shut the car off it won’t start, and I need a jump. Once I get a jump, everything works fine until I shut the car off again. I’m not sure if it’s “the battery isn’t getting charged by a bad alternator” or “the bad battery isn’t getting charged by the alternator”. What should I do first? You stated the alternator light comes on; if this is while you are driving you may need professional help. The first thing to do with any starting or charging system problem is a good visual inspection. Look at the drive belt; is it old, look for cracks, if it is adjustable is it loose possibly slipping. Next look at the battery; are the connections clean and tight. Next take the battery to a battery retailer and have it tested - a lot of retailers will test the battery free of charge. If all these tests are positive, and you have a volt meter you can test the voltage at the battery while the engine is running; it should measure in good operating system somewhere around 13.8 to 14.4 volts. There are some things that take special equipment to test. For the average mechanicalminded person these are things a do-it-yourself can test. I am trying to perform some maintenance on a ’98 Mazda Protégé. We have instructions to bleed the master cylinder and it states to open the brake tube. Is that the same as the brake line? If you are flushing the brake system I would first be sure what type of fluid your system uses, next I remove as much of the old fluid from the reservoir as I can (a turkey baster works for this) next I clean the lid of the reservoir and fill it with fresh fluid. You are going to bleed the furthest cylinder from the master cylinder first, most commonly the right rear wheel. If you are doing this by yourself get a jar of some type (preferably plastic) then get some clear plastic tubing to put on the bleeder valve. This valve is located on the wheel cylinder or caliper depending on if you have a drum or disc brake system. Place the tubing on the bleeder valve, make sure the tubing reaches the bottom of your jar. Open the bleeder valve and then pump he brake pedal slowly I use about 20 pumps per rear wheel the tube should be submerged in fluid so as not to pull air back into the system, be sure to check and refill the reservoir often. Close the bleeder valve. Repeat this for each wheel finishing with the closes to the reservoir last. Test brake operation after the last wheel and recheck for leaks. I have an ’09 Charger, and I’ve heard of this thing called “DiabloSport”, which seems to install a new version of the computer software system that will improve performance. Have you heard of this? If so, do you recommend it at all? The car runs fine (it’s a used police cruiser with the 3.5L) but I still want to improve my engine responsiveness and performance. Interesting question, I am not familiar with this particular unit but I recently installed one of this type of devises on a client of ours gas powered trucks I have not heard back yet but it was very easy to install and if it performs as stated, seems interesting. If I was to use one of these I would do some internet searches to see what users are saying and be certain you can easily reverse what programming it does. Also be sure of the integrity of engine and powertrain you about to modify, good luck

ASE Certified Master Mechanic Rick McDonald


Save On Tires 12






STATUTE: Title 46. Motor Vehicles. Chapter 46.37. Vehicle Lighting and Other Equipment. Section 46.37.530. Motorcycles, Motor-driven Cycles, or Mopeds--helmets, Other Equipment--Children--Rules. : "(1) It is unlawful: "(c) For any person to operate or ride upon a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, or moped on a state highway, county road, or city street unless wearing upon his or her head a protective helmet of a type conforming to rules adopted by the state patrol except when the vehicle is an antique motor-driven cycle or automobile that is licensed as a motorcycle or when the vehicle is equipped with seat belts and roll bars approved by the state patrol. The helmet must be equipped with either a neck or chin strap which shall be fastened securely while the motorcycle or motor-driven cycle is in motion; . . ." FINE: Notice of Infraction, $66. The fine in Chelan County is $71.00 STANDARDS: Title 46. Motor Vehicles. Chapter 46.37. Vehicle Lighting and Other Equipment. Section 46.37.530. Motorcycles, Motor-driven Cycles, or Mopeds--helmets, Other Equipment--Children--Rules. : "(2) The state patrol is hereby authorized and empowered to adopt and amend rules, pursuant to the administrative procedure act, concerning the standards and procedures for conformance of rules adopted for glasses, goggles, face shields, and protective helmets." COURT DECISIONS: "State patrol regulation regarding safety standards for protective motorcycle helmets, adopted pursuant to Head Injury Prevention Act, failed to provide fair notice or ascertainable standards of types of helmets which would comply with Act and, thus, portion of Act requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets was unconstitutionally vague where ordinary citizen of average intelligence would not have known how to locate federal standard for helmets adopted by state patrol regulation and even if ordinary citizen could have found federal regulation, he or she would not have understood what was required to comply with Act." State v. Maxwell (1994) 74 Wash.App. 688, 878 P.2d 1220, reconsideration denied. "Based upon the plain language of the regulation and on authority from other jurisdictions, we conclude the law is not unconstitutionally vague. The federal law, quoted in the Washington rule, requires that manufacturers certify that their helmets comply with the federal standards by applying a permanent label, reading "DOT," in a prominent manner on the outside of the helmet. Several other states have held that a motorcyclist can avoid violating similar laws by buying any motorcycle helmet which is labeled "DOT" by the manufacturer. . . . In the current regulation adopted by the Washington State Patrol, the labeling requirements from the federal law are included so that a purchaser will know to buy a helmet which is so labeled. . . . We hold that the regulation adopted by the State Patrol is sufficiently clear to put a person of normal intelligence on notice of what conduct is prohibited." Washington v. Spears (1998)

Mandatory Helmet Law

State of Washington Website

You Should Always Verify All Legal Information 18

Professional Photography Services Concert and Promotional Photography Rates Depends on location and packages 1.253.737.3967

Save On Tires offers a full range of tires and high quality repair services. We focus on personalized service, offering convenience and rapid service. Additionally, Save on Tires is technologically savvy with computerized monitoring of all tires and parts inventory to ensure that tires and parts are always in stock, while keeping a balanced level of inventory to maximize inventory turnover. It is the goal of the entire team at Save on Tires to have 100% customer satisfaction in regards to quality, friendliness, time to completion and to always discover new ways to exceed the expectations of our clients and thereby lead to revolutionizing both the practices and the public’s perception of the automotive tire and service industry.


Bike Builder:

Cavota Custom Cycles Gresham, Oregon

Paint By:

BJ’s Classic Corbett Oregon

Pinstripe / Gold Leaf By:

Brad Bertram Striping Hillsboro, Oregon


Alternator / Generator


Evo 3 Piece Flywheels

Sifton 517 Cam

S&S Breather Gear

SS Oil Pump

SS Heads

Crane Roller Rockers Keith Black 10.5:1 Pistons SS Barrels

Bull Shift 6 Speed

Ultima 3.5 Belt Sys

Crane Single Fire

HSR 42 Mikuni

Internal Throttle

Reworked Kraft Tech Frame 2 4 - 38 Degree 6” Inverted Over Ultima 58mm Front End Hand Shift

Generic 4 Piston Brake Clpr

Adjustable Proportion Valve [Brakes] Rear Pedal Brake System F & R 60 Spoke Front - 120 70-21 60 Spoke Rear - 250 40 R 18

Both on Avon

Cut & Narrowed 12” Rear Fender Generic 4 3/4 Front Fender

49T Rear Sprocket

Nickel Diamond Drive Chain Billet 6061 Machined Grips

Forward Controls

* Ivory is currently for sale

* Special thanks to Ted at Cavota CC for allowing us to feature this awesome bike.



Smash 77 is a punk rock band formed in August of 2007 by ex and current members of the bands Total Chaos and Cheap Sex.’ Shawn Smash Lead Guitarist for Total Chaos / Brock ex-bassist for Cheap Sex / Danny ex-drummer for Total Chaos (Punk Invasion and In God We Kill).

The heavy hitting members of Smash 77 based out of LA have a reputation of force feeding their fans the true feeling and meaning behind their music and life style in more ways than one. Listening to their music with songs like ‘Ghost Town’, ‘Doing Time’, ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ and ’So Done With You’, you get that rush of wanting to go out and invite your friends [no matter what your or your friend’s lifestyle’s are] to see them and experience the feeling for themselves.

All bands strive to be successful. You know that you have come full circle when your music is chosen to be a part of the sound track for a main screen movie like ‘My Trip Back To The Dark Side 2012’. That it’s self that says a lot about Smash 77 as musicians and as a band.

Don’t mistake this as being a review article about a band. This is the truth about a group of rockers that have worked hard to get to where they are and the road that they are still on. Not too many musicians would be willing to get stuck in another country for days after a tour and still have the desire to travel the world to bring their music to your front door and make your grandma want to get a Mohawk or wear leather. That’s exactly what Shawn Smash and his friends do, make no mistake about it.. So, the next time they come knocking, answer the door.

B L A C K O U T - SM A SH 7 7

Here We Go

Ghost Town



So Done With You

Secret Liar

Don’t Follow The Leader

Down On Your Luck

Doing Time

No Desire

Change Like The Colors


Uptown Saturday Night

So Far Away

Fallen Angel

Find Them on Facebook and at a local venue near you.


Low Monthly Ad Payments We Work With You To Help Your Business We Promo Your Business For You

Photo Submitted By CVNW Reader






Leslie's Business Management Group


We dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed, personalized, quality monitoring to provide the customers we serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within their industry and to take advantage of those scientific advancements which will help them succeed.

SugaFly Collection Available

Ri ck Industri e s Inc. 360 -989-

God's Garden Association

A florist with creative flare and listens to what our clients want for that special occasion or that just because moment.

Mission Statement

Strongly believes in the rights of all people from all faiths to practice their religious beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are, be they Christian, Jew, Gentile, Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Shinto, Pagan, Wiccan, Druid or even Dignity Catholics, etc...; so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others and are within the law of the land and ones conscience.

360-989-6386 Delivery or Pick Up Available



Who is Eric Vaughn, and what is your background? I am the creator, founder, designer, design engineer and CEO of BOXX Corp. I am an entrepreneur and founded this company from the ground up with my last 50.00 of unemployment. My background is comprised of many disciplines, some trial by fire, others of formal study. I have worked in many industries, from the motion picture industry (I like hi-concept but functional stuff and have 3 Emmy's nominations to my credit) to industrial product design, transportation design, mechanical / ECE design engineer, branding and marketing. I have a few degrees 4 total in non-related materials for the sake of expanding a broad set of skills, totaling up at 634 accredited college hours over a period of 7 years.

How did you get into personal transportation design? Transportation design came the way of a colleague Phil Frank who tossed me a startup about five years ago. This exposed me to my first actual transportation design project, other than the simple drafting, sketching of such concepts. I then began working on new vehicle concept projects, sometimes pushing on Phil (whom I consider my mentor in transportation design) for techniques and solutions. He was very instrumental to establishing the world that I needed in order to grow and facilitate such projects. These projects were projects of risk, very low pay if any at times. I ran through about 5 of these startup vehicle projects, getting every one of them to the second leg, laying in their foundation. Though frustrated because none of these projects were “how I would do it or see it", I knew from day one they had likely limited traction. That’s what brought me to BOXX.

What is your inspiration for this, where did you get the idea? I had nothing else, everything was dried up. I could go no further. I soon realized if I was going to do anything on this sector I would have to do it myself and originate it to the best of my skill; it could potentially be a product that has traction, that is timed perfect for the market, that is an evolution while still being within reach...a product that I could apply my product design formula to and the company that would represent it and its brand. So I guess you could say my inspiration was somewhat by that of forced pain. That pain removed me enough to see a picture. And I remember the moment I saw it, walking around have not eaten in days and three months behind on rent... it hit me... the entire equation of the BOXX product and every step to create it and realize it. I saw the end and walked it all the way back to the beginning in my mind. Then I guess, I just said to myself... that is it... that is what I am doing... that is a solid idea and plan. I was scared of it, but I knew it was the right message. I felt as if I was listening and I had received something and that now it has become my job, and my mission to translate it into the world. So I began, I took my last 50.00 of unemployment I had in my pocket, founded the company and began sketching up BOXX vehicle.


How did think up the design for this product? Though it does not look like it as first glance, the design is pure function only. And that’s why it comes up so fresh, original and radically different than anything that has ever existed. It’s a new and pure creation. That stuff is hard to find especially in today’s world. Thus to have such a vision and idea that was just on me that was all me... really put some fear into me in the aspect of doing it and in the idea of presenting such an idea. It was a total designer’s risk that gave it its being. It breaks all the conventional rules. There is so much intertwined in the design I could not even begin to explain here. Everything, the chassis, the motors, the ergonomics... etc... It’s all a very sensitive equation... without any of those things correct the format won't work. There is so much under the skin when it comes to BOXX. But the design truly is the result of function first.

What do you consider elements of a “quality” or “innovative” design? That depends. It depends on the product and branding intentions. Those two elements should always be held to the same criterion. This is what I am instilling in BOXX Corp and BOXX products. Personally I have some preferences. I am very critical designer, very. It’s annoying to others that work with me. But it I believe it brings in the results that allow for innovation to happen. You can't just say as a designer I am going to design something innovative and then go to sketch some radical shape. You’re missing the point... all that is some styling. Styling is not design. True design is from the ground up and includes everything... from the type of materials, down to the bolts and assembly, to the branding, and most importantly all driven first from intended function. As I said before, BOXX was a risky design at its very first inception... this is because it had never been seen and broke conventional thinking. To do such requires a designer’s strength... BOXX took tremendous push and its was by being an independent natured designer that would allow it to happen. I do not care about market research, trends or what others think when I am in that design mode... I do what I see and know what I see. When I know myself that I can see it, then I am doing my job as a designer for this world... actually really creating... and hopefully producing a leading creation / design that assists to propel whatever is place in the world is intended for. So innovation and quality... for me... are found only in an original design thought from the ground up alone. Everything else if not that... is just a mirror of what already exists in the world... and that’s not doing your job as a designer... I prefer the older traditional frame-up of design... it’s all you... it’s your inspiration... just like an original painting…

What is your philosophy in personal transportation design? I don't like cars. I am past that. Seems a bit immature, I know. I mean I love the art of cars, but you know what... they don't do anything for me anymore. I don't have one. The world is changing. The youth of today care less about cars. Global population expansion and emerging markets obtaining higher levels of living on our current resources are the societal elements of change that are upon us. I don't think cars in the traditional sense fit into that equation anymore. I see the direction of compact and efficient personal transportation and large scale mass transit systems. These are the two directions BOXX Corp. will look to. These type of solution sets. When designing BOXX I did apply two rules I have in design for transportation design:

1. The product must be compatible with current infrastructure. (Segway blew this one big-time) 2. The product must retain a familiar usability platform. A known standardization.

You must apply these two rules before you could evolve any type of vehicle product. In the world of product generations... you must know your past to see and find your future. And you must pay homage to it. Period.


What makes the Boxx unique (well, besides look), and how do you see it revolutionizing society? BOXX - drive a little less. Might be a good way of summing up some of its societal purpose. The format that BOXX brings is again that of function only. And that’s why it looks so different, and seemingly so simple. But to employ such function requires extensive innovation to overcome standard conventions. For example briefly... BOXX is a 1 meter vehicle... yet it still retains standard Vespa type scooter ride height. How is that possible... a number of factors...including a patented low pivot point suspension design, AWD and the design of vehicle weight distribution.. There are tons of elements like these that work together which make the vehicle format possible. And it’s critical; it’s a design engineering approach that is more aerospace than vehicle. Traditional vehicle design is pretty junky tech and craft practice unless you get over to the higher end brand products. Anyway this is to say what is part of its mechanical and electrical industry revolution...because BOXX does do is ahead of its industry in both those aspects... technically and in performance.. yet it still hits a competitive price point (which is also part of the exterior design…to save cash on flare and put it instead into components). As far as society goes its simple. It’s what we need and have needed for some time. We won't be able to drive as much anymore, or everyone use and own a full size car. The world is just not there for it anymore and people’s interest are changing in such products. We now need vehicles that are solutions and not egos on the road. Efficient function first. BOXX is going to bring this to us. And it has so much expansion possibilities. It’s even more useable than the traditionally known car or scooter. Its intended to be combined with larger scale systems of transportation yet it remains road worthy (another element of its design.. large body surface area to make compact look and feel substantial on the road…also why it does not flip flop around to fold into some back pack…etc).

What do you hope to accomplish with this? I intend to bring BOXX Corp. and BOXX products into the world as global products that are accessible to all markets. It is also my hope that our products further encourage a cleaner and more efficient living. We must take care of our planet. I don't understand why we would ever do anything to not do that. That does not sound like a species that is the fittest to survive and thrive. Adaptation.

You say "roadworthy" in your description, do you envision this on highways or just regular roads? Also, without the upgrade to CORE2, 40 miles is pretty good even now, you see this as a short term errand type vehicle? BOXX is one meter in size and roadworthy. This is to say, it is fully equipped as a roadworthy two wheeler. Lights, tires, standard tire size, power and ability. Yet again it is compact. And again, this is also why it’s does not fold up into your back pack. BOXX is a machine, it is tough and feels like a nimble tank on the road. To relate: I much prefer the design of an efficiently powerfully tuned 4 cylinder engine over a sloppy relaxed muscle V8. So you will find BOXX sporty and capable on standard power because it is tuned and optimized for its purpose. BOXX can run at a third of the electrical power of a standard electric bike to hit the same speed. 40 miles, 80 miles, 120 miles are all on BOXX's reach with standard CORE pack…that’s a lot of miles for a day. It can be used for any kind of errand you like, rural or urban. BOXX will go where other scooters and two wheelers go, as it is AWD and BOXX Corp. owns the patent on AWD for all electric two wheeled vehicles using two motors). Further, our CORE product line is modular; this means you can take the batteries out of BOXX yourself and replace with say our CORE 3 for more range. So one day if you have your BOXX for five years and some 500 mile battery comes out, you can purchase it and you can put it in. Range ratings on BOXX are really irrelevant since it is adaptable - that includes charge times too.


I’m sorry, but I KNOW someone is going to ask, how does the Boxx differ from the Segway? Segway has presented themselves as a gadget, not a product. I believe that Segway missed the boat on product design, they are crippled by the fact that they disregarded the two design rules I mentioned earlier. They only see their product as a gadget, and unless they get around this (I’m not sure they know how), it will be all they ever are.





CVNW August 2012  
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