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June 14, 2012

Vol. 1 Issue 18

Nimitz disperses gas masks for CBR readiness Story and photos by MCSN Ryan Mayes

Damage controlmen aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) are in the process of issuing more than 3,000 MCU2P protective masks to the ships divisions in preparation for Rim of the Pacific exercises and the final evaluation phase (FEP) of the ship’s readiness. “We don’t just fight fires,” said Damage Controlman 2nd Class Timothy Morgan. “We strive for damage control readiness. To save the ship we have to be ready to fight any casualty, anytime.” The crew of Nimitz was recently fitted for a complete chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) protective suit including individually

Nimitz’ damage controlmen issue the MCU-2Ps to divisional damage control petty officers in preparation for the ship’s final evaluation phase (FEP) and participation in Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC).

sized masks. “As damage controlmen we are responsible for training the crew,” said Morgan. “We are also

responsible for working with the individual divisions to ensure they have everything they need to be See “CBR” page 3

Sailors looking forward to sports options in Hawaii Story by MCSN Jess Lewis

USS Nimitz (CVN 68) is currently on its way to participate in Rim of the Pacific exercise (RIMPAC), the world’s largest international maritime exercise. As RIMPAC is slated to take place in and around the Hawaiian islands, the ship is scheduled to port in Hawaii on two separate occasions. Melyssa Patterson, Nimitz’ Fitboss, has coordinated with Hawaii’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) for Nimitz Sailors to have the opportunity to participate in various athletic tournaments being held while the

ship is in port. “It gives everyone something positive to do,” said Patterson. “It also promotes teamwork along with competition.” The various tournaments scheduled to take place are basketball, soccer, sand and indoor volleyball, softball, 5K runs, singles and doubles tennis, indoor triathlon, versa climb, a kayak race and golf. “There’s been a lot of response from Sailors interested in competing,” said Patterson. “So far, there’s 16 Sailors See “HAWAII” page 2

CBR: Nimitz issues more than 3000 CBR kits to Sailors Continued from page 1

USS Nimitz’ Sailor of the Day

Capt. Jeff Ruth, Commanding Officer of USS Nimitz, named Logistics Specialist 3rd Class Amanda Dix, Sailor of the Day, June 13 in the Pilot House. Photo by MC3 Ian Cotter.

HAWAII: Sports provide positive activities for Sailors Continued from page 1

signed up for the 5K race, two volleyball teams, two softball teams and two soccer teams. I’ve also had some people sign up to be on a team and also to do individual events.” The events are scheduled to take place in various locations on and around Joint Base Pearl HarborHickam (JBPHH). The basketball, indoor volleyball, indoor triathlon and versa climb challenges are slated to take place at JBPHH Fitness Center. The basketball and indoor volleyball tournaments are expected to begin June 30 and end July 9. The indoor triathlon and versa climb are planned for July 5 at 9 a.m. The soccer tournaments are slated to take place at Ward Soccer Field starting June 30 and ends July 9. Milligan Field is projected to host the softball tournament from June 30 through July 9. Wentworth Volleyball Sand Courts are anticipated to host the sand volleyball tournament June 30 through July 9. Wentworth Tennis Facility is proposed to host the singles and doubles tennis tournaments from June 30 through July 9. The golf tournament is planned for July

3 at 9 a.m. at Hickam Manila Bay Golf Course. “I’m signed up to run the 5K and the kayak race,” said Aviation Electronics Technician Airman Jessica Waller. “This is my first kayak race but I was on the varsity cross-country team in high school and college. I haven’t been able to compete as much since joining the Navy, so I’m looking forward to see where I stand competitively.” The kayak race is slated to take place on July 5 at 9 a.m. at Rainbow Bay Marina and the 5K is scheduled to start and finish at RIMPAC Central on Bravo Piers on July 5 at 9 a.m. “I’m excited Fitboss put this together for us,” said Waller. “I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow shipmates out there competing.” If Sailors missed the deadline to sign up for the tournaments the first time Nimitz is scheduled to be in Hawaii, tournaments are also planned for the second time Nimitz is scheduled to port. Sailors interested in signing up for the second tournament can contact the Fitboss in compartment 02-190-2-Q or via email.

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ready in the event of not only fires and flooding, but also CBR attack. The gas masks are required to be on hand for all personnel anytime we are underway for an extensive period of time, such as RIMPAC or deployment.” “We have three sizes of masks,” said Morgan. “Small, medium and large sizes are designated by color. Each division is required to maintain the proper size and amount necessary to issue to their personnel in the event of a CBR attack or casualty.” Each division’s damage control petty officer (DCPO) is required to maintain an updated equipment guide list (EGL) that reflects the necessary number of masks needed to outfit their division. “With the help of others, I’m responsible for outfitting the entire Air Department,” said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) Airman Kaysona Jones, DCPO for V-5 division. “I hope we don’t ever have to use the masks but I’m glad we have them, especially since we are headed to RIMPAC and deployment further down the road.” CBR masks are not the only form of protection for the ship’s crew. “The ship has several forms of CBR detection and counter-measures in place and constantly at the ready,” said Morgan. “At the first sign of any CBR attack, the ship will go in a counter-measure wash down, a process that keeps the outer skin of the ship wet which prevents

Boxes full of MCU-2P protective masks wait to be distributed to their proper divisions.

any radiation or contaminants from entering the ship’s interior.” As part of the Tailored Ships Training Availability (TSTA) phase two and the FEP, Nimitz’ crew can expect to practice CBR defense at some point underway. “We will be undergoing many general quarters exercises as well as two CBR drills while underway for RIMPAC,” said Morgan. “Everyone will have the opportunity to be trained on donning the gas mask and get comfortable with using them if necessary.” Nimitz Sailors may not like the idea of using the provided gas masks but they can take some comfort in knowing they are ready if needed.

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Justice at sea Story and photos by MCSN Ryan Mayes


he aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) convened the first of four courts-martial at sea June 12. Courts-martial are not typically held on board a ship. Nimitz Command Judge Advocate Lt. Cmdr. Marc Brewen, explained that it has been more than five years since the previous case was held. “The court-martial is an important military justice forum used to dispose of serious offenses not appropriate for resolution at Captain’s Mast (non-judicial punishment),” said Brewen. “It provides an accused substantial due process rights and the ability to confront witnesses and evidence with the assistance of a military defense counsel. ” The accused Sailors, three airmen and one petty Page 4

Sailors prepare Ward Room I for courts-martial at sea.

officer, are charged with violating various articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The charges include “theft of military property,” “assault consummated by a battery,” and two cases involving “possession of a controlled substance,” spice. “There are three levels of courts-martial, summary, special, and general,” explained Legalman 1st Class Michael Lightsey. “The four cases to be tried this week are all special courts-martial. A summary courtmartial requires only one officer (can be a non-judge advocate) to serve as judge, prosecutor, and defense, and therefore this form is reserved for minor cases. A general court-martial, on the other hand, is generally reserved for what would be considered felony offenses. A special court-martial is therefore often compared to a misdemeanor court in the civilian community. Regardless if it is a special or general court-martial forum, an accused will be represented by an attorney, and other judge advocates will serve as prosecutor and military judge.” Senior Trial Counsel, Lt. Patrick Korody, from Region Legal Service Office Northwest (RLSONW) will serve as the prosecutor and Senior Defense Counsel while Lt. Michael Hanzel and Lt. j.g. Eileen Joy, from Naval Legal Service Office Northwest (NLSONW) are onboard to represent the four accused Sailors. The military judge, Cmdr. Lewis T. Booker, Jr., from Western Judicial Circuit will preside over the four courts-martial. “The military justice system is very robust,” said Brewen. “Behind these four courts-martial proceedings was a large production requiring the involvement of several departments and regional commands. The ship now literally possesses a floating federal courtroom. This would not have been possible without the tremendous support from Supply, Security, Combat Systems and Deck Departments. In addition to all the hard work from my Legalmen, officers from RLSONW and NLSONW and at the Western Judicial Circuit are embarked to make these courts-martial at sea possible.” A special court-martial, the forum in which these four cases will be judged, exposes the accused to a possible

maximum punishment not to exceed reduction in rate to E-1, one year of confinement, forfeiture of twothirds pay for up to one year and a punitive discharge from the service. Not only will the trials be held on board the ship, but the courts-martial will also be made open to the ships’ crew throughout the week. “The crew is encouraged to attend the proceedings,” said Brewen, “not to embarrass the accused Sailors, but because it is an opportunity for our Sailors to see their military justice system at work and to observe the many rights and protections afforded an accused Sailor.” The defense counsel will be provided free-ofcharge to the accused Sailors by NLSONW during the proceedings. “A court-martial ensures the accused have a fair trial and are not falsely accused,” said Brewen. “The defendants have every opportunity to meet with their counsel so they understand the rights provided to them by the UCMJ prior to their trial. It’s an example of the system at work.” The courts-martial will continue through June 14. For more information on courts-martial and Navy legal services visit:

The table for the defendant during the proceedings is prepared for the courtmartial at sea. Page 5

V-3 division makes preparations for RIMPAC

Seaman Brandon Oleson scrubs corrosion from a hatch on the forward sponson of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Photo by MC3 Jacob Milner.

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 2nd Class Leo Gonzalez, Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 3rd Class Jessica Jiles and Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 3rd Class Justin Donley stow a fire hose on the catwalk of USS Nimitz (CVN 68) following a mass casualty drill on the flight deck. Photo by MC3 Jacob Milner.

Story and photo by MCSN Ryan Mayes

As the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) moves towards Hawaii to participate in Rim of the Pacific exercises (RIMPAC), many Sailors find themselves doing a little extra day-to-day maintenance and Air Department’s V-3 Division is no exception. V-3 is responsible for the transportation of all aircraft while they are being maintained in the hangar bays of the ship. It is no easy task and requires Sailors to work in a dangerous environment. “We have 97 personnel in our division,” said Airman Celitha Edwards. “Every one of them is required to have a cranial, the protective head-gear, protective goggles and a float coat. Right now we are in the process of making sure all the gear issued is correctly marked and labeled with the individual Sailors assigned number. We have a lot of people transferring to and from the division so it can be a constant process.” The cranial, goggles and float coat are just as vital for hangar deck crew members as they are for those

Members of V-3 division maintain and update their protective gear as they prepare for RIMPAC 2012.

who work on the flight deck. “Once we start moving aircraft, the cranial is essential,” said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 3rd Class Daniel Bymer-Shultz. “There are many pieces of equipment that can catch you off guard; you will be glad you were wearing the cranial.” With so many identical pieces of gear being used, Sailors may have a problem with gear being swapped accidently. “We assign a set of protective gear to each person and each item has a matching number,” said Edwards. “It’s important that we clearly label each piece of equipment because the float coats contain a MOBI (Man Overboard Indicator) that is specifically assigned to the wearer.

If the wrong coat is being worn they won’t know who went in the water.” Relabeling the cranials is only a small part of preparing for extended underways. “We have a lot of new guys,” said Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Airman Christina Mazo. “There is a lot of training to be done, but we have a lot of determined guys ready to learn. We will be ready.” Even in the little things such as properly labeling gear, Nimitz Sailors are all doing their part to support the success of their ship during RIMPAC and underways to come.

Cranials used by aviation boatswain’s mates are layed out in preparation for new reflective tape and updated labels. Page 6

Seaman Charles Blanchard, a Gary, In., native, a member of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz’ (CVN 68) 2nd Division attaches distress marker lights to floatation devices used in the event of a man overboard. Photo by MCSN Ryan Mayes.

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Electrician’s Mate Fireman Terence Howard marks a dead light bulb in a light strand in the lighting shop aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Photo by MC2 (SW) Robert Winn.

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