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MESSAGE FROM CARL Welcome to the latest update from CVM! For those of you who are new to us, let me introduce you to the movement. Put simply, we are grass roots focussed and evangelistic. Our aim is to support, encourage and inspire ministry to men and introduce men wherever they are to Jesus. We do this by helping to support over 500 church based men’s groups that put on thousands of outreach events throughout the year. We run training events, conferences and produce resources and provide speakers for events that men can use to introduce their mates to Jesus and ensure that effective discipleship takes place. We have bases in England, Scotland, NI and Wales and also overseas where guys have seen the vision and established CVM in their home nations. It’s Olympics time here in the UK and many of our groups will be finding ways to reach out to their mates via sport and watching the games. Why not grab a copy of our partner magazine, Sorted, and give some to your mates. Look out also for the guys running More than Gold for lots of cracking outreach ideas. At CVM we are all about seizing the moment and getting out there and there’s no time like the present! It’s an exciting time for us and we are regularly hearing of men coming to faith

through the movement. We’re always looking for good men who are up for the challenge of winning at least one million men to Christ to join us. So please have a scan through this edition of Dispatch and get in touch. CVM is all about the guys on the ground. So if you have any ideas or feedback, please get in touch! Your brother in Christ, Carl Beech, General Director CVM

CVM, The Hub, Unit 2 Dunston Road, Chesterfield S41 8XA t: 01246 452483 e: w:

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THE HEADLINES! WHAT ABOUT YOUR MATES? Richard Bicknell attended the Gathering last year after seeing a flyer for the event in a church foyer. He didn’t know God before he went, but has since been baptised. If you’re wondering if you can bring your mates to the CVM men’s camp, this short testimony from Richard should help. “I just sat there and thought ‘I’ve never had that moment with God before’. I’d heard of people having that moment with God and to be honest I was jealous. I bowed my head and shouted to God: “Please, if you are real, if you do exist, I need to know.” Within thirty seconds of me saying that I was in floods of tears. There were constant tears rolling down my face. It was something I’d never experienced before. It wasn’t sadness; it was something else. Words can’t describe the feeling but something was rising up in me. But then I had this voice inside me, which kept on saying: ‘You’ve got

everlasting life, you’ve got everlasting life.’ From that moment on I knew he was real.” Richard went home from the Gathering and was baptised at Upton Vale Baptist Church, Torquay. So… what about your mates? If you would like to help the CVM staff as a steward for the event, entry is free… but bring your own food and tent though! See for more details. Students with valid NUS cards can get into the Gathering for just £35.

TEAM STUFF We welcome Ben Harding to the team (see page 9), also Anne Hewitt who has joined our office team. Congratulations to Joe Mears who is now full-time in her role as Operations Manager. We are in the final stages of appointing a Web/Media Assistant and will have more news of this exciting appointment soon. We said farewell to Dean Gray in March as commitments in the North East have meant that he is no longer able to work full time with CVM, but you will still see him at some regional events in the next few months. | 01246 452483 |

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DEFENDERS Here at CVM HQ we are really excited about our upcoming Defenders resource. Defenders is specifically produced to help churches make the absolute most out of the opportunity that Remembrance and Armed Forces Day gives us to communicate the gospel and engage with those affected by military life. It provides high quality interviews, powerful testimonies and content for sermons, youth and children’s work. CVM Head of Resources Alex Willmott said: “It’s brilliant to interview those on the frontline and hear how God has impacted their lives. We’re also getting the thoughts of family members whose lives have been impacted by military life. What’s so exciting is that time after time we see how the Gospel has made such an impact. CVM will be giving the

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| dispatch | summer 2012

Defenders pack to churches for a donation to our ongoing work.” Defenders will be supported by the Armed Forces Christian Union, Naval Christian Fellowship and Hope. For more information visit:


BEECHY & WILLMOTT CHART TOPPERS The new series of the Beechy & Willmott Podcast went straight in at number one on the iTunes chart for Religion and Spirituality. This audio podcast is two ordinary guys discussing what the Bible says absolutely ideal for guys who follow Jesus, and their mates who are yet to make a decision. The new feature ‘Manrant’ sees Carl

and Alex let rip on what has annoyed them that week. British blokes have voted with their fingers as Beechy & Willmott were downloaded more than any other broadcast at various times in April and May. Many guys have testified that the podcast is the ideal resource to forward to friends outside of the church. Search iTunes or FeedBurner for Beechy & Willmott.

SIGN UP TODAY Join the movement, consisting of over 500 groups and thousands of men, making Jesus known to their mates. Join as a group and/or an individual - we need your voice and your financial support! See or call 01246 452483. Set up a standing order today and claim a free gift!

Partner with us Connect a men’s group Start a men’s group Join | 01246 452483 | a movement | 5


» W/C 1 MAY | REGIONAL DAYS Please pray for the guys on the ground meeting across the UK to encourage, support and inspire evangelism. Pray for the organisers and host churches who have a huge amount of work to do in order to put on a great day. Pray for lots of men to meet with Jesus during these events! A list of the days is on the website: » W/C 7 MAY | RESOURCES Men’s groups and churches are using CVM resources up and down the country. Please pray that the guys using the resources will be stirred to share their faith with others. (Resources include: The Code, Beechy & Willmott Podcast, Codelife Bible Studies, Man Friday, Blogs, Cinemania, Men DVD) » W/C 14 MAY | STAFF With new members of staff coming on board including Ben Harding (North England Director), a Web/Media Assistant, Anne Hewitt (Administrator) it would be great to pray for energy, shared vision and a great working environment. » W/C 21 MAY | PARTNERSHIPS Important partnerships have developed with other major movements including Armed Forces Christian Union, Naval Christian Fellowship, Naked Truth, New Wine, Sorted, Fusion, Restored, Care, Hope, More than Gold, Covenant Eyes and Elim. Please pray that we can serve and support our brothers and sisters in the coming months. Links to these other organisations and details of their work can be found on our website. » W/C 28 MAY | LANZAROTE Carl Beech led a CVM sports outreach in Lanzarote before the summer. please pray that those guys who heard the message of Jesus for the first time will commit to following him this year. » W/C 4 JUNE | NATIONAL MEDIA As prominent Christian media organisations broadcast CVM news more often, please pray we keep our eyes on the Gospel. Also pray that God uses our efforts to reach those who haven’t yet encountered the Christian message in the UK.

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» W/C 11 JUNE | AREA COORDINATORS Pray for all our area and town coordinators that they will see unity amongst the men in their regions as they look to reach those in their communities for Jesus. » W/C 18 JUNE | GROUP LEADERS Remember the CVM group leaders in your prayers as they work hard to inspire a culture of evangelism in their churches. Pray for their encouragement, for more supporters and that they would see longed for breakthroughs in the year ahead. » W/C 25 JUNE | DEFENDERS PACK Please pray that the new armed forces pack for churches is well received and Christians all over the UK commit to praying and supporting those affected by military life. » W/C 2 JULY | THE GATHERING Please pray that our biggest event of the year, The Gathering, leads lots of men to Jesus. Pray the hundreds of guys who turn up are encouraged and refreshed in their faith. » W/C 9 JULY | CVM TRUSTEES Please pray for the CVM Trustees and Chairman Ian Manifold. Pray they continue to develop Godly insight and wisdom as they help direct the footsteps of CVM. A full list of board members is on the website. » W/C 16 JULY | FUNDS CVM exists thanks to the regular donations from men on the ground. Please pray that more people catch the vision of the movement and support our cause financially. Pray that trust funds become excited about our vision to change this culture for Jesus. » W/C 23 JULY | INTERNATIONAL CVM Please pray for out offices developing overseas including South Africa, Cambodia, and Canada. Pray that the CVM representatives would see great fruit from their labour in the Gospel. » W/C 30 JULY | A MILLION MEN As more and more men step out in faith due to the work of CVM, please pray that God adds to the number of men in churches up and down the country. We want to see a million men encounter Jesus and make commitments to follow him.


THE RUNNING MAN Interview with Dan Baldwin, AKA Bomba. On May 7 Bomba will be running 26.2 miles to raise money for the upcoming CVM Resource ‘Defenders’ which we’ll be giving away for free. Who are you and why are you running the Belfast Marathon? My nickname is Bomba because I look like I should be in the Bomb Squad. I also have small hands, which would help in that sort of job. However, I’m actually a Youth and Children’s Worker in Acomb, near York. I’ve always played sport but more recently I’ve taken to running long distance. I’ve never run a marathon, but I’m excited about the challenge. It’ll be hard, but training is going well. Why did you pick CVM as your designated charity? Reaching men with the message of Jesus is vital, and CVM are brilliant at doing this. The upcoming ‘Defenders’ pack for churches will be superb. We really need to do better at supporting those affected by military life, not just in prayer, but also practically. I have a good friend serving in the army, so for me, its personal. Is it true that six years ago you had an infamous fall out with CVM’s Alex Willmott? Yes, on a football pitch. He is a quality player, but back then he made sure

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A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT FIGHT… I’M WAITING FOR THE WELSH BOY TO STEP UP everyone knew it. The moment got to us when our team were losing during a training match, and we blamed each other. It wasn’t pretty, but being typical blokes, we became best mates after the fall out. A lot of people think it would have been a great fight and we’ve considered having a boxing match for charity. I’m waiting for the Welsh boy to step up. Best part of CVM? The Beechy & Willmott podcast. Load of lads love it because there’s nothing out there like it. Keep the episodes coming. Sponsor Bomba online at: DanBaldwin23 or give by text by sending: “CVMb01 £5” to 70700

BEN JOINS CVM Interview with Ben Harding. This month will see Ben Harding joining the CVM team as Director for the North of England. He will spend his time developing our vision for the North as well as working for the local Anglican Church in Chesterfield. CVM’s Alex Willmott caught up with him as he prepared to take the plunge into the CVM HQ.


How do you spend your time at the moment? Over the last few weeks I’ve been packing boxes and saying goodbye to some good buddies… normally I enjoy noodles and films with Jo, my wife, playing Playmobil and Lego with my boys (we are nearly old enough for Scalextric!), anything to do with aeroplanes, fire or water, lazy fishing on a summer’s evening, a bit of rough and tumble at my aikido club, walking on the beach and cooking outdoors.

I think the main message is that following Jesus isn’t just for freaks, geeks and religious types. Jesus made a point of doing life with normal men, men with families, jobs, mates, pressures, fears, victories and defeats. He is the one who does life best and is the one who can reset our sights and has the power to free us up to be all that we were meant to be. Jesus isn’t just a crutch for the wounded he’s a catapult for those who want their life to mean and be something.

What will you be doing for CVM and what are you looking forward to? Apparently, my first job is to get my hands on some tartan paint and a pack of sky hooks! After that, one of my main functions with CVM is to support, coordinate and grow men’s groups in the North of England. If you could give one message to men who don’t know Jesus what would it be?

What would you like prayer for at the moment? Wisdom, discernment, settling the boys into school and strength for my box carrying arms. To book Ben to speak at your men’s group or discuss starting or developing your men’s group, email him on or call the office on 01246 452483. | 01246 452483 |

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NUMBER 10 To mark the celebration of International Women’s Day, Restored (Ending Violence Against Women) and CVM were delighted to hear Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg addressing the serious problem of violence against women in the UK. Restored and CVM became official partners last year in a bid to inspire men and women to stand up against domestic violence. A national survey carried out in April 2010 shows that more than two women are killed every week in the UK by current or ex-partners. The research also shows that one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime in this country.

A NATIONAL SURVEY SHOWS THAT MORE THAN TWO WOMEN ARE KILLED EVERY WEEK IN THE UK BY CURRENT OR EX-PARTNERS The CVM Code faith order, which was launched last year, saw thousands of men sign up to living out their Christian faith in a more public manner. Coinciding with the vision of Restored, Code VIII says: “I will treat all men and women as brothers

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| dispatch | summer 2012

and sisters” whilst Code X says: “I will use my strength to protect the weak and stand against the abuse of power.” Mandy Marshall, Co-Director of Restored, handed Mr Clegg a CVM Code credit card, which includes the twelve points of faith, during a meeting last week. She said: “I was really pleased to hear Nick Clegg state that violence against women was a men’s and women’s issue. He agreed with us that it needs men to join in with women to end this despicable onslaught on women. Having given him two bars of fair-trade chocolate, some Restored ‘firstmanstanding’ beer mats and a copy of The Code card, Nick promised he would share them with David Cameron.”

THE REAL REVOLUTION People love big events. You get a buzz, big sound, big names, big crowd… you leave feeling ready to take on the world. I’ve got nothing against a big event or a mega church. Both are great for a preach! I just don’t think it’s where the real revolutionary work happens. Revolution power is in the grass roots. It always has been. Last year CVM saw its network run at least 4.5k outreach events that communicated Jesus to tens of thousands of men. We reached even more through podcasts, magazines and all sorts of creative endeavours. Because we don’t hold it in a stadium or over an event weekend, no one has seen us coming. We don’t shout about it that often either, our motto is often ‘Crack on’. Yeah sure we run events but we hold them in regions. We must have seen thousands of men at regional events last year. But no one has seen us coming because we keep it grass roots

and only shout about it in the area that it’s happening. We’ve managed to establish bases from Belfast to Cambodia with another four nations scheduled in for the next 24 months. But no one has seen it coming… you get the drift. And it’s not just the organisation I lead. In the grass roots there are radical revolutionaries quietly getting on with it who you’ve never heard of and probably will never hear from, unless you are in their orbit. Is that a very British Kingdom revolution? No it’s just the Kingdom way… and it’s the most effective. Crucially it doesn’t require someone to be the biggest gorilla in the room. Carl Beech Like this? Sign up to the CVM blog at | 01246 452483 |

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d e f e n d e r s The Gospel Resource for Churches Celebrating Remembrance Day ‘Defenders’ is the CVM gospel resource pack for all churches marking Remembrance Day or Armed Forces Day. Featuring exclusive interviews with Christian soldiers and families of those on the frontline, and a short gospel message from Carl Beech. It also includes meeting plans for Sunday School, youth work and main adult meetings. The ‘Defenders’ pack will help church leaders and men’s groups produce a bespoke evangelistic meeting that is high quality and feature packed. ‘Defenders’ is a free* resource for UK churches and is supported by Hope. *not including P&P, see website for details or call CVM: 01246 452483

in partnership with Armed Forces Christian Union and Naval Christian Fellowship

Christian Vision for Men (CVM) is a movement made up of thousands of men who believe the message of Jesus is true, relevant and much needed in the UK today. CVM exists to serve the local church and resource them to engage with men in every village, town and city in this country. The movement is a faithful reaction to the significant number of men who have walked away from the Christian church during the last 30 years. @cvmen


CVM is a Registered Charity No. 1071663 and a Company Registered in England and Wales No. 3623498

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