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February 26 – March 4, 2014

s a Charlottesville-area resident since the late 1960s, I'm often asked what I think about the "changes." Mostly this comes from people worried we (or "they" as developers are usually called) are overbuilding roads, houses, stores and diluting the small-town character that brought us or kept us here. My answer is that Charlottesville is better than ever. This isn’t because I especially like retail "experiences" further and further from the old town center, or that I don’t worry if the 67th hair salon to open offering three-figure makeovers will finally tip the scales against barbershops like Staple's (where I got my first cut). It's because the mix of old and new (or high and low in cultural terms) makes for a fascinating and engaging small town. Hogwaller on one side of town, sushi bar on the other. Pig's feet in the butcher case over here, braised pork belly on the tasting menu over there. As we huddled at the Blue Moon Diner in the late 1980s hatching a plan for a "C-Ville" newspaper, it was appropriate that we sat on a Main Street that reflected the Old Charlottesville—think tire stores, radiator shops, the bus station—while being surrounded by the hipsters who evolved into the creative class that helped make C-Ville (the town, and the newspaper) what it is today. In the following pages, you will see ads from a mix of businesses from Reid’s, which opened over 40 years ago, to Boylan Heights, which opened in 2008. By joining our "We Are C-Ville" campaign these advertisers are reaching out to our readers and underwriting our work as a community newspaper. Love them back to find out how rich life in C-Ville can be. - Bill Chapman, founding editor


CARDERHOWARD, LLC. carol CARDER glenda HOWARD Opening doors throughout Charlottesville and beyond... We facilitate the transfer of one of the most basic necessities in life...your home! • Born and raised in Charlottesville • Lifetime residents with thorough knowledge and history of the area


• Over 30 years combined experience in Real Estate • Specializes in residential design, renovation & new construction

February 26 – March 4, 2014

• Innovative marketing and advertising • Valued support team with 20 years real estate experience • Avid community leaders through volunteer services and fundraising for several local non-profit organizations

• Area Top Producing Real Estate Professionals 434.242.0459





Angelo is owned and operated by nationally recognized jewelry artist, Lee Angelo Marraccini and his wife, store manager Pam Perugi Marraccini. Inspired by the friendships they’ve developed with other jewelry artists on the craft show circuit during the past 30 years, Lee conceived and designed the jewelry gallery in 1999. He named it “Angelo” to honor his father who owned and operated the bar and restaurant “Angelo’s” in Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Angelo has become one of the most popular contemporary jewelry galleries on the downtown mall. We offer a range of jewelry from high-end special occasion pieces to fun everyday pieces, all of which are handmade in America and many of them right here in Charlottesville. Very early on people started to comment that their loved ones told them that they’d be really happy with “Anything from Angelo.” Our customers have been so loyal and really get that what we offer is unusual for these times of mass production. Hand made means that the pieces have been paid attention to by someone who cares and who puts their energy and love into their work. You won’t see what you buy from us on everyone else.

Downtown Mall



February 26 – March 4, 2014

220 East Main St


John Woodriff & Joshua Hunt, fueled by their over 30 years combined of loving beer, started Beer Run in December of 2007 with the idea of creating a bottle shop that sold great beer & wine. After a suggestion by a family friend of offering draft beer and food as well as retail beer & wine, John & Josh ran with the idea, creating one of the most unique craft beer spots in the country. Beer Run offers an amazing selection of thousands of beers & wines, and high-quality food made from scratch with local, natural & organic ingredients

in a non-pretentious, fun & friendly environment. Beer Run has received national acclaim, being rated as one of America’s best craft beer establishments by both Imbibe Magazine and Draft Magazine and has also been featured in newspapers and publications such as the Washington Post and Travel & Leisure Magazine. Beer Run received last year’s Nature Conservancy’s Green Plate Award for its sustainable & environmentally friendly practices. Beer Run is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner from Monday through Saturday and serves brunch, lunch & dinner on Sundays.

4 3 4 . 9 8 4 . B E E R ( 2 3 3 7 ) • w w w. B e e r R u n . c o m 1 5 6 C a r l t o n R d . S u i t e 2 0 3 • C h a r l o t t e s v i l l e , Vi rg i n i a 2 2 9 0 2



Charlottesville’s only all-natural store for Dogs, Cats and Horses “Family nearly fainted when I quit a 30 year advertsing career to open a holistic store for pets. But if you had the chance to meet my dog Ernie, you’d know it was an easy decision. Diagnosed with cancer, we nixed chemo and drugs and discovered a better way of feeding our family pets. When those foods, herbs and homeopathic remedies weren’t mainstream here, I knew I had to help people find better resources for all their animal companions. With raw food and herbs, Ernie beat cancer and ran my store until the ripe old age of 16. Our long time customers say they can still feel his welcoming spirit they come in to our store!” Store Owner, Pattie Boden




Animal Connection stocks over 500 all-natural foods and treats. We personally know many of our providers and source only USA made products including: • Solutions for allergies, digestive health, skin/coat, joint/mobility, supplements for all life stages • USA raised, grass-fed, hormone/antibiotic free • Eco-friendly, green pet gear, toys and apparel made from recycled fibers, biodegradble waste products • Grooming products without chemicals, relief from fleas/ticks, dental tartar, bad breath, yukky ears, tear stain, dry skin, shedding, itching, hot spots As this area’s most experienced natural pet resource, we offer nutritional knowledge and provide answers from expert professionals and holistic veterinarians.

F a s t & Fr i e n d l y S e r v i c e Great Price•Best Pizza

Downtown Mall 977-9688

We also offer stress-free and gentle dog grooming, in-house and sources for positive reward dog training, pet sitting and natural horsemanship training.

“Bark Local” at Animal Connection Weekdays 10 - 5:30 • Saturday 9 - 3:30

1701 E Allied Street • Charlottesville, VA • 434.296.7048 Visit Online: or Facebook

Thank you Charlottesville for voting Christian's best pizza for the past 7 years

February 26 – March 4, 2014




I n 2 0 0 0 , C h r i s t i a n Ta m m o p e n e d u p t h e f i r s t C h r i s t i a n ' s P i z z a o n t h e d ow n tow n C h a r l ot te s v i l l e m a l l . A f te r qu i c k l y b e c o m i n g o n e o f C ' v i l l e ' s r e n ow n e d p i z z a h a ve n s , C h r i s t i a n o p e n e d u p t h r e e ot h e r l o c a t i o n s , Pa n to p s , U va ' s T h e C o r n e r, a n d F o r e s t L a ke s , i n 2 0 07. W i t h eve r- gr ow i n g p o p u l a r i t y, a n d w i n n i n g C - V I L L E We e k l y ' s B e s t o f 7 ye a r s i n a r ow, C h r i s t i a n ' s P i z z a i s n ow o p e n i n g a n ew l o c a t i o n i n R i c h m o n d i n s i d e t h e V i l l a g e S h o p p i n g C e n te r.

46 w

Inspired by the extensive travels of Ken Wooten, Charles Roumeliotes, and their families to the Mediterranean, Orzo Kitchen & Wine Bar endeavors to pay tribute to the charming people and beautiful cultures for whom food, wine and entertaining is a way of life. Surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean landscape paintings by Ken’s wife, Laura Wooten, Orzo is a window into soulful cooking and gracious hospitality.

“Respect the Ingredient” Charles Roumeliotes

Ken Wooten

Founder and Co-Owner

Founder and Co-Owner

Charles has an enduring fascination, appreciation and respect for food and wine. Cutting his teeth in the restaurant industry of California, Charles brings over 25 years of experience in some of the most creative and innovative restaurants of San Francisco and the Napa Valley.

A graduate of the University of Virginia in 1996, Ken relocated to Charlottesville from the San Francisco Bay Area, choosing UVA over UC Berkeley. From his years in the restaurant business, to his experience in high-end personal service, to his largescale event planning at the Jefferson Hotel, Ken’s focus on gracious hospitality never wavers.

416 W. Main Street in the Main Street Market (434) 975-ORZO • ORZOKITCHEN.COM


February 26 – March 4, 2014


                 






We have 6 offices and over 100 Realtors throughout the Charlottesville area and therefore, we are strategically placed to be as effective as possible in selling or purchasing your home. Since our start in 1927 we have adapted with the changing times in technology and advertising. Visit any of our Social Media outlets as well as our website to view our latest listings and Roy Wheeler happenings. From Farms and Estates to residential and commercial properties Roy Wheeler can make it possible to find exactly the property for which you are looking. Let our 87 years of real estate success help you. Stop by any of our locations to learn more about why Roy Wheeler is the right choice for your Real Estate needs.

In 2008 the Corner was going through a transition period with many businesses shutting their doors. With five months of renovations and changes to what once was know as “Orbit”, Boylan Heights was ready to bring something different to the Corner. When you walk into Boylan you feel like you are in an 80’s Prep School. It is a cool place to enjoy a local burger or listen to live music. They stuck with their plan and only use local suppliers, such as Albemarle Baking Company for their bread and Ryan Ford of the Organic Butcher for their beef. Boylan is truly invested in their neighborhood and they cater to the University community, grad students, UVA Hospital, UVA Professors, and of course locals.





client’s conception of project and are not to be understood as being exact size of exact scale. WE START WITH LEAN BISON MEAT, GRILLED MEDIUM-RARE AND COVERED IN MELTED



\C\Central Little League... Revision #: 3.19.12 Rev.01

scale: Proportional SIGN PLACEMENT MAY CHANGE Drawing ON THE CORNER AT 102 14TH STREET NW We cannot guarantee exact color matches. Drawing location: P:\2012\EL-Electrical (434) 984-5707 | BOYLAN-HEIGHTS.COM All sizes and dimensions are illustrated for


February 26 – March 4, 2014

J.R. Hadley moved out west after college to Lake Tahoe. The scene out there was heavily invested in local suppliers and organic/vegan food. JR and his two best friends, Andrew and John were inspired by the culture out west. Together they wanted to open a gourmet burger restaurant. At that time there were only a few restaurants in DC and in New York that were considered to be gourmet burger establishments. The three friends took their idea back to Charlottesville, Va.



For over 87 years Roy Wheeler Realty Co. has been devoted to our commitment to customer service in the most professional way possible. Since 1927 Roy Wheeler has been in business offering a range of possibilities for anyone in the Charlottesville Real Estate market. Our business is based off of Trust, Tradition, and Market Leadership. We take our responsibility very seriously as we handle each client with the highest level of respect in our partnership. This is in fact why 99% of our clients rate their experience with Roy Wheeler as excellent and would recommend us to their friends. As the oldest existing Real Estate firm in Charlottesville our history shows a pattern of results and dedication.

Layout by: 2165 Seminole Trail Charlottesville, VA 22901 phone: (80 fax: (434)97 beth@htsv


s. It is submitted for your personal consideration, it is not to be shown to anyone outside your organization nor is it to be reproduced or exhibited in any fashion whatsoever. It re HOUSE RECIPE POTATO CHIPS.







February 26 – March 4, 2014

Since The Last Millennium

When Claude and Genevieve Delfosse came to the United States from France in 1965, they brought with them a dream of one day owning a piece of land in the countryside and growing grapes. Forty years later, in a quiet valley south of Charlottesville, that dream became a reality. They built European-style terraces, planted French varietals, and assembled a world-class team dedicated to producing premium Virginia wines. Today, Delfosse Vineyards & Winery has grown to offer award-winning wines from winemaker Paul Mierzejewski and Vineyard Manager Grayson Poats. Named one of the 30 most beautiful places in the world, the unique wine growing conditions create an idyllic setting for weddings, special events, or a casual tasting. Join Delfosse for French crepe days, outdoor plays, live music, weddings, food & wine pairings, birthday parties, and anniversary parties.

Wed – Sun 11am-5pm 434.263.6100 • 500 DelFosse Winery Lane, Faber, VA

Straight From Our Customers... A wonderful place to spend an hour…sweet store filled with furniture and knick knacks… the people who work here make it worth your while…a good place for funky, solid furniture and vintage kitchen stuff…hands down the best antiques store in Charlottesville….wide variety from cheaper, eclectic pieces to more expensive heirloom furniture… G R E AT TA S T E , A M A Z I N G S T U F F.

From Charlottesville: 29 south towards Lovingston for approximately 20 miles, right on 616 (Hickory Creek Road) for 2.3 miles, right on 634 (Old Roberts Mountain Road) for 0.8 miles

1700 Allied Street

near 250/ McIntire Rd. Interchange.




Steve Goodspeed

Charles Hall

Vivian Stein

Anita Whitney

It’s all about American-made. I support people who work for themselves, doing what they’re passionate about. Most artists prefer making things to selling them. They love being in their own studio, enjoy the creative process, and take pride in the work of their hands. These aspects of our work life were once common, but have become all too rare. Everyone who buys one of these handmade pieces contributes to this joy and supports our economy

Rebecca Garrity

Vivian Stein

Miriam Picus

Vivian Stein

434.977.8908 301 East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA

February 26 – March 4, 2014

Handblown glass, wheel-thrown pottery, turned wood bowls dominate the home side of the store. Unlike other craft galleries, Vivian’s also has a real clothing department. You find specialty designers making everything from T-shirts to formals. I still make a lot of designs in the upstairs studio, some in batik and some just plain fun. Great silver jewelry rounds out the collection.


When I moved here in 1996, I looked to rent space for my batik studio. Sticker shock convinced me to rent retail space instead. I added a gallery of other craft artisans’ work to my own production. Vivian’s Art to Wear, Art for Living was born. Today, my daughter, Rose, and longtime employee Arlene Nash fill out the team. The photos here are all of local artists’ work, but we have work from across the country.


We began with beautiful things. And realized beautiful things need a beautiful foundation. We delved into the world of paint making and learned that the best paints in the world are chocked full of premium pigments and ingredients. And that a historic diligence in quality creates a noticeably more beautiful finish on the wall. Excited, really excited, we set up the equipment to mix, shake and stock these amazing paints in our stores. No small feat.

Today we find ourselves to be the most unexpected paint store . . . a place where we've combined our love for beautiful things and the wonderful world of extraordinary paints for the home.

New to Charlottesville, we are meeting new friends and loving the "local" community here. Thank you for welcoming us to the neighborhood!

325 W Main Street | Charlottesville VA. 434.328.2906 |


February 26 – March 4, 2014

Store Hours 10am - 5:00pm Monday - Saturday. Closed Sunday. Free Palette parking in the lot across the street.

A l m o s t 3 0 y e A r s A g o , in the midst of the energy crisis and renewed national interest in burning wood, Kim Kepchar saw an ad in the back of Mother Earth News extolling the freedom and unlimited possibilities of chimney sweeping. Answering the ad kindled a lifelong passion. Since then Kim has developed the knowledge, skills, and expertise to install and service all hearth products (wood, gas and pellet) and venting whether masonry or metal chimneys and liners. As Virginia's only NFI certified Master Hearth Professional, he believes in the importance of education as well as experience to provide the best and safest hearth heating. In 2009, he and his good friend Jonathan Schnyer -- who provided the extra energy and business acumen -- opened Wooden Sun Hearth Shop. Intensive study, industry classes and on-the-job experience have brought their knowl-

edge of the industry to the highest level. Since opening, they have expanded their focus of expertise to add grills, outdoor kitchens and awnings to their hearth lines. Both owners are committed to putting their extensive knowledge, training and experience to work selling, installing, and servicing the highest quality hearth and outdoor products. As Class A contractors, Wooden Sun does the whole job right.Their team of design, carpentry, masonry and hearth specialists can build an entire hearth and chimney from scratch, or simply swap out an existing wood stove. Whether yours is a hearth or outdoor living project, they pledge friendly, expert, and timely service.They value your comfort, your health and your satisfaction, and are fully committed to helping you to Bask in the Warmth!


933 2nd St Se, In the IX Building

434-760-8659 •




Come for the Charm

Come for the Stay for the quality Stay forCharm the |quality 55 years and counting.

55 55 years and counting.

people are titled “Customer Representatives” and their role is to guide each customer through the entire homebuilding process offering an experience much more than just a ‘sale’.

Three decades ago, the majority of homebuilders constructed exterior walls using standard 2x4 lumber, giving them roughly 3.5 inches in which to pack insulation. Craig Builders was ahead of the curve, using 2x6 boards to build thicker, more energy efficient walls.

What makes a Craig Builders home stand out? Look for the use of custom mahogany front doors, abundant use of windows, real stone facades on the exterior, and inclusion of many features considered to be upgrades. Their color schemes are well thought out and have always been designed to blend into the environment in which the home is built.

In an industry where builders are often compared by the number of homes built each year, Craig Builders limits the number of homes they build to just one per week. This ensures that every customer gets the full attention of their sales, construction, and decorating staff. Interestingly, their sales

Today, Craig Builders is still one of the only area contractors building 2x6 walls. The company is also looking to the future. Craig Builders’ NextGen program draws on the best practices of the EarthCraft and Energy Star programs to ensure every home the company builds meets strict energy guidelines. What’s more, each home is assigned a HERS score by a third-party auditor, proving the efficiency of each home to each customer. The company strives to be highly regarded for quality product, for excellent service before and after the sale, and for impeccable integrity. Pictured above from Left to Right, Craig Builders Customer Representatives: Wes Kent, Justin Kent, TJ Southmayd, Tom Brannock, and Chip Morrison.

Mon-Fri 12-6


Sat & Sun 12-5

CRAIGBUILDERS.NET | 434 .973 .3362

Model Homes Open

February 26 – March 4, 2014

It’s just one of the ways Craig Builders has reinforced its commitment to quality over the years. Founded in 1957 and led by the company’s President, Sam Craig, the company has resisted growth for growth’s sake and maintained its focus on building the best home rather than the most number of homes. Whether it’s a townhouse for a first time buyer or a high-end custom home, Craig Builders is dedicated to satisfying customers and keeping them coming back.


Craig Builders has been leading the charge toward energy efficient home construction since the 1980s, and it all started by being two inches ahead of the competition.


Reid's is a full service supermarket that offers a wide variety of grocery, meat and produce. Customer service has been important to us for over 40 years since dad bought the first store on the historic downtown mall when it was just Main St. That store caught fire in 1982, leaving just the Preston Avenue store. We carry timeless classics that are hard to find. We are known for our meat department and for custom orders. Visit our meat department to find fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken as well as a variety of items fresh from the sea. Also, check out our deli sliced meats and cheese. No request is too small or too big!


• Our remodel is almost complete. • Stop by and see our expanded line of produce and dairy. • Watch for our Grand Reopening!

600 Preston Ave | C’ville, VA | 434.295.4149 |

Given the chance to open a business that combines her favorite things, owner Katie Painter knew the opportunity was just too good to pass up. She merged her love for throwing a good party, painting, and socializing all into one business. Add in a little wine and you have WINE and DESIGN —an art instruction studio where learning to paint is combined with spirits, great music and talented instructors.


February 26 – March 4, 2014

This new “classroom” is a far departure from her previous job. A former third grade teacher, Katie took on the challenge of building a team that now instructs beginner painters in creating a “masterpiece” in one class session. Wine and Design’s studio is located in the historic Michie Building on Market Street, right beside Café Bocce. With a full line-up of instructors, the studio has hosted evening painting classes since this past August. Katie’s passion for Wine and Design is driven by the joy she has in watching customers try something new and artistic for the first time. The goal of Wine and Design is to provide a fun, creative night out where everyone can experience a “first” together. Wine and Design even caters to the budding Monets out there through their Art Buzz Kids Division, which exclusively offers classes and parties for kids.

609 E. Market St., Suite 109

434-218-3112 |

Another deciding factor in opening Wine and Design was Katie’s desire to give back to the community. Through Wine and Design’s Paint It Forward fundraisers, local charities have received both funding and artwork donations. As the company grows, Paint It Forward also grows in its impact in supporting Charlottesville’s community.


Bob’s Whetel Alignmen

When Bob Archer opened the doors to Bob's Wheel Alignment in Charlottesville, VA, almost 30 years ago, he had one technician and one front-office secretary. Today, the shop employs 21 people and has grown to more than 17,000 square feet. What's made Bob's so successful all these years? "Service, service, service," he says.

On March 1, 1981, Bob went to the bank and pulled out a loan. "I bought used equipment, rented a shop for $1,000 a month and went to work. I had one technician and one secretary." Today Bob has 21 employees, many of which have been with the business for 15 years or longer. Along with employee growth, Bob believes in investing in his business. Adding state of the art brand new equipment to keep the shop updated, and keeping up renovations.

Family owned and operated since 1981

434.296.4523 Bridgestone and Firestone tires Alignments • Oil change • VA state inspection Foreign and Domestic vehicles

Ecopia Save on wear and tear and gas mileage 923 E. Market Street • M-F 8-5 FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE


February 26 – March 4, 2014

Most importantly to Bob, customer service. Bob notes his employees have a no swearing, no smoking rule in the shop, "My customers commend me on how well mannered and how nice my employees are". Bob's also offers a clean, peaceful, and Wi-Fi enabled waiting area. These amenities have served Bob's business well with word-of-mouth advertising from customers that keep coming back. "I've been blessed with a good customer base," says Bob. Assisting Bob in business is Bob's wife, Sherry, who runs the office, and his son Todd, works as the shop manager.


Bob realized he wanted to open up his own shop after he had been working for his father in law for 12 years. He wanted the opportunity to work with newer technology and repair customer vehicles more efficiently.


Sacred Plant Traditions is an educational center for all things herbal. The classes we offer are geared for the beginner to the advanced practitioner. Day classes offered are; • Kitchen Apothecary • Backyard Medicines: how to Harvest and Process Herbs • Fermented Foods • Herbalism and Permaculture We also offer a six-week class as well as our ever-popular Three Year Community Herbalist Training Program that is recognized by the American Herbalist Guild “There continues to be an overwhelming response from the Charlottesville community and beyond for all of our programs.” says Director, Kathleen Maier. “Aside from spending so much time with plants, the highlight of my work is meeting the people who are attracted to plant medicines. Students come from all walks of life and are inspiring in their own right. Although we are in downtown Belmont, one of our goals is to teach friends and neighbors how to set up Botanical Sanctuaries in their backyards. Plants teach us about the sacred in simple, every day foods and medicines. How divine to know how to safely harvest and make your own elder berry syrup, echinacea tincture or yarrow healing salve!

Sacred Plant Traditions, LLC PO Box 1313 • Charlottesville, VA 22902 434.295.3820 •

Ace Contracting, Inc. Geoff Pitts, John Pitts, Jim Pitts, Tim Painter


February 26 – March 4, 2014

It’s been a long time since Ace Contracting consisted of one brother driving a brown Pinto station wagon with a ladder tied on top....a lot of dues paid back then. A highly skilled friend once said he knew so much about his trade because he had made every mistake possible. There was a steep learning curve in the beginning but eventually the knowledge and skill outgrew the errors and frustrations. We became recognized as solid, reliable competitors sought out by clients and architects for ever more challenging, unique projects requiring the highest level of craft and ability. We take pride in who we’ve become as a business--a stable, widely published builder and remodeler of diverse, interesting structures--providing shelter, beauty, function--well respected for craftsmanship, experience and honesty. We also take pride in who we’ve become as engaged citizens-contributing money, time and experience to a wide range of community needs and efforts--with an emphasis on issues related to health, homelessness, poverty and social justice.

293.6290 | Since 1976

1120 East Market St, Charlottesville

And after all these years, we still love to build. We still get a kick out of creating an interesting, beautiful structure whether it’s a small remodeled bathroom or a new home on a hill with a view of the Blue Ridge. We are energized by the challenge of an innovative or unusual design. Our passion for creative construction carries over into our private lives; all four of us, without exception, pursue our own personal building projects as avocations, using the same care and attention to detail that we give our clients’ projects during work hours. A screened porch, a deck surrounding a boulder, a jewelry box to surprise one’s wife--like the tee shirt says, “It’s Who We Are, It’s What We Do.” Since 1976


family | food | happiness

707 West Main Street Charlottesville, VA 22903


February 26 – March 4, 2014

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Owner Valeria Bisenti came to America when she was 21 years old. She believed the Charlottesville area was in need of a warm, friendly, authentic, family-style Roman Italian restaurant with excellent food and affordable prices -- like those she knew in her hometown of Rome, Italy. Ms. Bisenti, with the assistance of her husband Douglas Muir, wanted to create an atmosphere where the customer always knows they will get the best of everything, just like at Mama’s house in Rome. BELLA’S Restaurant opened in late March 2012 and will be celebrating their second year in business next month. They have been the hit of Charlottesville with a dedicated following. The owners believe it has to do with their great food, cozy dining room, five-star service, at a reasonable price. Bella’s will be opening their second restaurant in Short Pump Village, June of this year.


Habitat Partner Family

1221 Harris Street

Since Over2003 the past the Habitat 10 years Store the Habitat has generated Store has over generated $1,000,000over in net $1,000,000 profits that in net have profits beenthat usedhave to support been used thetoconstruction support the of construction 93 Habitat homes of Habitat for homes local, for local, hard-working hard-working families. families. We sell new & used quality building supplies, home décor and furniture at discount prices.

Locals helping locals, that’s what the Habitat Store is all about. Mon-Fri 10-6 Street Sat 9-5 434.293.6331 / / 434.293.6331 1221 Harris


February 26 – March 4, 2014

Store Staff

Over 55? Live Someplace Awesome. Discover The Independence of Charlottesville In advertisements and commercials for The Independence, the community is often referred to as “awesome.” But what does that mean, exactly? How can a community be awesome? To the residents of The Independence it has many meanings. For some it means living in lovely homes with high ceilings, large windows, and spacious floor plans. For others it means a circle of friends who are ready to gather at the end of a long day and enjoy a glass of wine together. And still for others it means a full array of interesting activities both inside the community – such as movies, card games and potluck dinners – and outside activities such as trips to shopping malls, wineries and historic sites. The Independence is one of Charlottesville’s newest senior living apartment communities and is conveniently

located off Fontana Drive and across from Darden Towe Park in the Pantops area. The Independence recently completed a major expansion which included a 20-seat movie theater, a community room and a billiards and game room. Other features include: a Wellness and Fitness Center with senior-friendly equipment, convenient transportation by community bus, yoga room, Business Center, meditation garden, a range of planned activities, saunas, Bark Park and more. Spacious one and two bedroom apartments range from 787 to 1,558 square feet

Stop by or call to schedule a personal tour today.

434-326-0955 | 350 Portico Way, Charlottesville


All the




Up to

$30,000 in INCLUDED

All the Advantages of a New Home Without the Wait!



We have Move-In-Ready homes across Charlottesville featuring upscale and attractive finishes inside and out, and now enjoy up to $30,000* in included upgrades on our Move-In-Ready homes!


Stanley Martin Communities throughout Charlottesville AVINITY Decorated Model Home!

Townhomes 1 mile from downtown Charlottesville. From the upper $200’s.

BELVEDERE STATION Selling from Avinity!

Gorgeous 2 car garage townhomes. From the low $300’s.


DUNLORA GATES Decorated Model Home! 434.466.4100

WILLOW GLEN New Decorated Model Now Open!



SPRING CREEK Decorated Model Home!


A city neighborhood of single-family homes just steps from UVa, and downtown Executive single-family homes in Charlottesville. From the upper $600’s. a gated golf course neighborhood. From the mid $500’s. 434.466.1005

KENRIDGE New Model Home Now Open!

Upscale stately villas with main-level living located near Farmington Country Club. From the upper $500’s.


OLD TRAIL Decorated Model Home!

Luxury single-family homes in an amenity-filled neighborhood! From the low $400’s.


Gated golf course neighborhood offering single-family homes. From the low $300’s.


STONEWATER Decorated Model Home Now Open!

Luxury townhomes and single-family homes off Rio Road and close to Pen Park. From the upper $200’s.

Main-level master and multi-level singlefamily homes near Hollymead Town Center. From the upper $200’s.

A community of 30 city inspired townhomes.



Large homesites and luxury single-family homes.



Visit us online at and find your new home today!

Stanley Martin Green Living Homes

MHBR #3588 | *Prices, incentives, and availability are subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply. Options and incentives do not apply to all communities, lots, and house types. Up to $30,000 in included features: Included upgrades available for a limited time only and may vary by community, house type and home site. Please see a Neighborhood Sales Manager for details.

434.975.7445 | 200 Garrett Street, Suite B, Charlottesville, VA 22902 | Charlottesville Model Homes Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11am-5pm

February 26 – March 4, 2014

Exclusive enclave of 18 main-level master villas. From the mid $400’s.




HUNTLEY Selling from Avinity!


Where you’ll find excellent service, advice you can trust, and a great selection of jewelry at the very best prices.


ndrew Minton Jewelers was founded in 1978. Andy, a three-year starting defensive back for the University of Virginia saw the need for a jewelry store with a difference. That difference is to offer the very best in gold, diamonds, and pearls, pendants, bracelets and other precious things, combined with a working philosophy whose goal is to deliver true excellence of service before, during, and after the sale, and to provide the very best price every day. At Andrew Minton Jewelers customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Of course there is always a jeweler on premises, and award winning custom jewelry is available.


February 26 – March 4, 2014 | 434-979-7672 | Seminole Square Shopping Center

BGF 15 15 for

Building Goodness Foundation Stories from the first 15 years

by Jack Stoner

L’Acul Haiti

Rene’s prayer carried us down on paths of rock and dirt From Mountains etched and gullied by sheets of rain Sent forth from the razor edge of earth’s quiet sorrow Where no man can help but find the broken heart of God Carried us through slopes of tufted green where life and death Hang in the balance of a world gone mad Carried us across rivers of toffee colored swirls and over the flatlands Where women washed clothes and children danced in the noon day sun Carried us through tires burnt by hunger’s sharp and bitter rage On past the gates of hell where filth and despair Break people into a thousand pieces Scattered like hopelessness across a charcoal barren land Carried us across miles and miles of azure ocean And a million different faces that we would never know To a place where Truth hides itself behind the anxious smile And we feel the joy and unease of being home And then we send it back again, with a hope, and with a song Back through the fields of guilt and the walled citadels of unfeeling Where tears lay locked in doorless rooms unknown Lest they wash us in a torrent to the sea.

s e e a l l 1 5 s t o r i e s a t w w w. b u i l d i n g g o o d n e s s . o r g



Providing Quality Water & Sewer Service for Albemarle County

The Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) was created in 1964. We are governed by a six member Board of Directors, each appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County. The ACSA serves as the urban water retailer for Albemarle County and nearby communities of Scottsville and Crozet. We distribute treated water from the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) to our customers. We also collect sewage for treatment, while maintaining, expanding, and replacing the infrastructure within our service areas.

In the event of a water or sewer emergency outside of normal business hours, please call our 24 hour toll free number at 1-888-252-3468. Also, remember to LIKE us on Facebook!

loungewear store based on the concept that all women, no matter what their shape and size, should feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. We carry items that combine fashion, fit, and function. We are passionate about helping women find undergarments that fit properly; that can help boost self-esteem, ego, and overall health. We believe that a happy woman is a beautiful woman.

Lingerie • Lounge-wear • Gifts 434.977.7455 | 105 E Main St , Charlottesville

Derrière de Soie

February 26 – March 4, 2014

We are located at 168 Spotnap Road, Charlottesville, VA 22911. Please feel free to stop in and visit us Mon-Fri 8am5pm or give us a call at (434) 977-4511. A member of our staff will be more than happy to assist you, whether you have a billing inquiry or just want to grab one of our free water conservation kits. You may also visit our website at

Derriere de Soie is a luxury lingerie &


We will proudly be celebrating our 50th anniversary this April. We have grown in the past 50 years, now providing water distribution and wastewater collection services to over 18,000 customers, with over 340 miles of waterline and around 250 miles of sewer line. One of the great things about living in this area is that our community is able to enjoy water drawn locally from a protected watershed contained almost entirely within the Albemarle County borders, which gives us a high quality water source.


Everyone Deserves a Slice of the Pie

Ray Sellers,


February 26 – March 4, 2014

Owner of Your Local Domino’s Pizza Architect: Mark Graham, Liminal Architecture, PLC LEED AP & Certified Passive House Consultant

RECENTLY COMPLETED: FOAL HOUSE, PHASE I Deep-energy retrofit & remodel of 1980 brick rancher. PROJECT STORY: Jobes Builders transformed the lower garage access: Klearwall triple-glazed windows and doors imported from Ireland, strategic steel fabrications, regionally sourced borate-treated framing, and corrugated translucent polycarbonate panels, from Lowes. In Phase I of the Foal House, the original garage and utility room level got a radical upgrade. The homeowners now enjoy a family media room, studio, bath, laundry, mud room and lots of storage. And it’s highly functional: We replaced outdated utilities with high-performance equipment, and added insulation with air-tight construction detailing. JOBES BUILDERS: Jobes Builders teams with the best green architects and consultants in the area to create smart, durable, high-performance modern homes and additions—buildings that sustain your family and the environment. Since Jobes Builders’ groundbreaking completion and certification of Virginia’s first Passive House residence (Lankford House, 2012), we have kept innovating. Our projects merge state-of-the-art green building practices with a warm, modern aesthetic.

Special Olympics • SOCA • JABA Blue Ridge Area Food Bank • Salvation Army Albemarle HS Chorus • Monticello HS Independence Resource Center • SPCA March of Dimes • Goodwill Industries Thomas Jefferson Food Bank • SARA Habitat for Humanity • Ronald McDonald House Make A Wish Foundation • St. Judes Kluge Children’s Rehab • ARC of the Piedmont Albemarle Fire & Rescue • Mosby Foundation Shelter for Help in Emergency Virginia Wounded Warrior Program

Toy Lift

Responsible Design & Construction 760.0858


Free Kindness with Every Order!


JOHN VERMILLION Charlottesville Sanitary Supply Corp.

Charlottesville Sanitary Supply Corporation is a

My father, Frank S. Eways Sr., left his job as a Pennsylvania State Trooper , to come to Charlottesville to help his Mother, when Salem passed. Frank helped out in the store when he was young, so he knew the business. He began building up the business and eventually, his brothers joined. Eways quickly became a household name for fine rugs, cleaning, and repair. Three generations and over 85 years ago the business was started, and now for more than 50 years in Charlottesville, Eways continues to provide quality rugs and service at a reasonable price.

business started nearly 50 years ago by Jack and Judy Vermillion. Reliable service, knowledge and quality products are what CSSC strives to provide to its customers in a comfortable family style atmosphere. It is one of the few places that has always had free delivery. The retail store is managed by John Vermillion and a highly qualified and trained staff. CSSC is a long time member of the Chamber of Commerce under the same ownership. CSSC prides itself in having the highest quality products and large selection available for customers to choose from.

434.985.1RUG(1784) • 347 Moore Road, Ruckersville Mon-Fri 10am-5pm • Saturday 10am-2pm

1327 East High Street • Charlottesville, VA • 434.296.8131 info@ •

On behalf of the Eways Family, we thank you for the wonderful relationships and friendships we have made over the years. We will continue to provide you with the utmost in quality service and products.

February 26 – March 4, 2014

In the early 1900's, my grandfather, Salem M. Eways came to the United States in search of a new and better way of life for he and his family. When he came over he made his way to New York where he began selling fine textiles such as sheets and bedding. As the years went by, he and his brother found their way into the fine oriental rug business. As a way to supplement their income, they began cleaning and repairing and eventually selling fine rugs. The Eways legacy was born!

family owned janitorial and swimming pool supply


Family owned and operated for more than 80 years


WHERE DOES YOUR ENERGY COME FROM? We can make solar power work for you.

Paul Risberg (President of Altenergy) came to Virginia

on Christmas day in 1999 from Atlanta, fresh off the financial farm, looking to find a way to create good returns for investors. Instead of moving money, he turned a lifelong interest in the value of energy into a company that harnesses solar energy to create great financial and environmental returns for our customers, and for all Virginians.

Charlottesville 434-293-3763 Staunton 540-885-0493

Throughout the world, and especially in Virginia, people have recognized the benefits of producing energy that does not create environmental damage by removing and burning fossil fuels, and most importantly, that can reduce energy costs. The last 5 years have been truly remarkable in that the cost of solar energy systems has declined, equipment quality has increased, and people can make very sound investments in alternative energy

Since 2005, Paul and Matthew Dunay, VP of Operations and industrial designer, have built Altenergy into the leading solar project designer and builder in Virginia. We have a fantastic team of full time professionals that will work with you to evaluate what systems and options will work best for you, and then we will build it, with our fully licensed and insured staff. We've completed over 500 solar electric and thermal installations over the last 8 years, for the smallest residence or the largest manufacturing facility or municipal structure. Rest assured, Thomas Jefferson would have loved solar. So do we!

THE BOLD ROCK STORY THE SHORT VERSION... A southern guy from Virginia with a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains met a top international cider maker from New Zealand. It doesn’t get much more southern than that! Now they’re making hard cider and history.


February 26 – March 4, 2014


systems that provide real investment returns.

Back in 1985, John Washburn bought a farm on the Rockfish River in Nelson County, Virginia. When he saw that nearby wineries and microbreweries were winning awards and gaining fame as the “Brew Ridge Trail,” the idea occurred to him that a cidery with a hard cider tasting room would bridge the gap between wine connoisseur and beer enthusiast. He imagined a big timber frame barn as a welcoming place for locals and visitors to “Drink in the scenery!” Having the land and the plan, he just needed to find the man (or woman!) with cider making expertise. Well, why not seek advice from the foremost cider expert in the world? Sure! No problem. Go to Gisborne, New Zealand and meet Brian Shanks. Now Brian had been an apple orchardist in New Zealand in the 1980’s and got into making cider after a cyclone did a number on his apple crop. From there he created a cider company at a time when hard cider was practically nonexistent in New Zealand. Over the years, Brian adapted technology and developed specialized techniques for improving quality and maintaining consistency in cider blends. Along the way his ciders kept winning awards. Eventually, one of the largest cider making companies in the world got wind of his success and asked him to be their Head of Innovation to lead a team of cider makers in Great Britain. As an international cider consultant, Brian has helped major companies in America, Europe, China and Australia get established and improve their cider-making methods.

434-361-1030 PO Box 528 1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy Nellysford, VA 22958

From that first meeting, John and Brian formed a friendship that led to a partnership with a BOLD shared vision to ROCK a world-class cider here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia using local apples. And that’s just what they’re doing! This summer our Cidery and Tasting Room will move from two smaller cider barns on our farm into the big cider barn seen on the front of our bottle labels. John and Brian invite you to visit. We’re open daily for tours, tastings and award-winning hard cider.





ased on solid principals

in-law, Julie acquired the business.

of honesty and hard

Under Dwight and Julie’s guidance,

work, and with $2.00

the business continued to grow.

in his business account, 26 year old

Expansion to a Second Location In

John Corle opened Charlottesville

2008 it became apparent CGM had

Glass and Mirror on Main Street, in

once again outgrown its current

the historical ‘Vinegar Hill’ district

space. Since Ruckersville, just north



of Charlottesville, was undergoing rapid expansion, it seemed prudent

and residential glass business with

to open a second location there. A

a sterling reputation for honesty

decision was made to purchase a

and fair dealing. He was given the

building in Ruckersville, just behind

nickname, “Honest John” by the

Arby’s, at 145 Commerce Drive.

community because he put his

Not only does the new building

personal integrity above the almighty

facilitate growth but it also makes it

dollar. white textold-truck Business

possible to give better service to our

expanded, and Charlottesville Glass

neighbors to the north of us. New

and Mirror quickly outgrew the

challenges continue to confront

commercial space on Vinegar Hill.

CGM, but with each challenge the

In 1955 Mr. Corle had a new building

company rises to the task. Equipped

constructed on 550 Meade Ave. just

with skill and knowledge passed

west of Jak ‘n Jil’s. He stayed there

down from his father, and inspired

until 1958 when continued growth

by greater possibilities for the future,

necessitated another move – to its

Dwight and Julie are confidently

current location on the east side of

moving forward into the future. With

Jak ‘n Jil’s – 1428 East High Street.

a commitment to excellence and 60

In 2000, after forty-six years of

years of experience, Charlottesville





Glass and Mirror has assets that no






other local company can claim. ◆

February 26 – March 4, 2014


established a successful commercial


Student Services Moving and Storage Company was started in 1973 by college students working while they attended the University of Virginia. Their idea of a business supplying general labor while enabling college students to earn money for their tuition has evolved into the company as we know it today; a full service household goods mover offering nationwide service. Student Services Moving and Storage Company movers are bright and hard-working. Many of the college students who apply to us are working their way through school, so their jobs are important to them. Our moving crews are fully trained. They average hundreds of hours of moving experience and earn bonuses based on their safety record, care for your belongings, and evaluations completed by each customer. They understand the importance of your home and furnishings. Student Services is known for its direct service to 30 states, STORAGE until you want delivery, climate-controlled warehouse, and fully trained, experienced personnel.

surrounding area John Corle retired


1428 E. High St • Charlottesville, Va 22902


( 4 3 4 ) 9 7 7 - 2 7 0 5 • w w w. s t u d e n t s e r v i c e s m o v i n g . c o m

45 Commerce Dr. • Ruckersville, Va. 22968

and his son, Dwight and daughter-



February 26 – March 4, 2014


Owner Mary Beth Schellhammer fell in love with Charlottesville after her son became a student at UVA. Three years ago while strolling along the Downtown mall she decided this would be the perfect location for her to open her second chocolate store. In June of last year she finally found the perfect location. After living in Fredericksburg for the last 22 years and making chocolate there for 10 of those years, Mary Beth decided to go “all in” with Charlottesville. She closed her current Chocolate store and moving her entire life to Charlottesville. Mary exclaims that Charlottesville has been so welcoming and friendly she has no regrets about her decision. Mary Beth wants My chocolate Shoppe to be the local neighborhood choice for everything chocolate. That old fashion candy store we all grew up with or wanted to grow up with. My Chocolate shoppe is still

in the process of getting up to full production. They are making new truffles and fudge flavors every day. In addition to, chocolate dipped bacon slices and the now famous peanut butter cups... word on the streets around town is “These peanut Butter cups will change your world”. For the health conscious of C’ville, My Chocolate Shoppe will be rolling out a line of Paleo Chocolates. Mary Beth who follows a Paleo diet herself has been been tinkling with different flavors for a few months now. These Paleo creations will be chocolate is its purest form each one being made with just 3 or 4 ingredients. A party room is also available. Where we can host birthdays and events. A Chocolate School is coming as well.....with classes about the history of chocolate, and actual hands on chocolate making!


Jake Busching can most accurately be described as a “winegrower.” This concept is a holistic way of combining the farming and husbandry of the vines with winemaking, traditional in Europe. Jake grew up on a farm in Minnesota. He decided to settle in Virginia in 1997. Jake worked at several vineyards in Central Virginia such as Jefferson, Keswick, and Pollak where he served as wine maker, wine grower, and general manager for 7 years.

5273 MOUNT JULIET FARM CROZET, VIRGINIA 22932 434-823-1486

Jake’s commitment to the community is also shown in his membership on the Monticello Wine Trail board of directors and Virginia Vineyards Association education committee member, and while Grace Estate sells most of its grapes, Jake has decided to give fellow winemakers in the Monticello AVA first right of refusal on the grapes he grows, so the vineyard can be a resource for the local community.

Jake stated, "For many years, I’ve dedicated myself to growing the Monticello AVA into a serious wine region. I believe that we produce the best wines, regionally, in the state of Virginia. Thomas Jefferson would be incredibly excited by what is happening here in the wine industry. His hope for wine in Virginia is being fulfilled and I am very proud to be a part of that process.” In 2011 Mount Juliet Vineyards in Crozet offered an opportunity for Jake to contribute his skills to a much larger operation: 55 acres of 14 year old vines with a history of producing top quality fruit for excellent wine, most recently, a 2013 Governor’s Case gold for Cooper Vineyards’ 2010 Petit Verdot Reserve. He is now in the process of renewing and expanding the vineyards, designing a winery program, and managing the 550 acre estate.

Where Did Brice Cook Before Tempo? Fleurie, Petit Pois (Charlottesville) 59 Poincare (Paris) London Club at The Aladdin (Las Vegas) Le Patin D’Or (Luxembourg) Le Guilleaume De Loris (France) Watergate Hotel (Wash. DC) The Willard InterContinental (Wash. DC)


What are your culinary roots? I started my cooking career under Alain Ducasse, a 3-star Michelin chef. It was a very tough, very challenging, and very demanding environment. Many chefs become jaded in that atmosphere, but for me, this time really influenced the way I deal with work and food, and it stimulated my creative cooking process. I spent my teenage years living in Tahiti where I spent my time sailing and surfing, eating fish fresh out of the water, discovering the freshest, brightest flavors and living life to the fullest. After that, my family moved back to Paris and when I look back on it now, I can see how my time in the islands, combined with my culinary training, has shaped me: while I am very serious about the quality of the food and very demanding and attentive to the vibrancy of the dishes, ‘joie de vivre’ is just as important to me. And so in the restaurant we have fun, we are relaxed, and we love life.

What is the philosophy behind Tempo? Fine dining should not feel like walking into someone’s very fancy house and being afraid to touch the furniture – it should be all about enjoying great food and wine with love, laughter, and- when possible, champagne- every day! Many people think of ‘fine dining’ as something somewhat scary but I think good food should just make you happy. I personally take great care in hand-selecting each cut of meat, each piece of fish, and all the locally grown vegetables that we serve. To me, it is personal, and that is what I consider to be at the heart of fine dining and it’s what I strive to offer at Tempo.

February 26 – March 4, 2014

Why Tempo? I was at Fleurie as a chef/owner for about 10 years, and as often happens with chefs, my tastes developed and changed. The concept behind Tempo evolved from my wish to create a restaurant where I could offer the same high quality food and wine as I was preparing at Fleurie, but in a more relaxed, fun, and creative atmosphere.


Tell us about your first experience of being a chef and owner of a restaurant. At Fleurie in Charlottesville I was able to take my experiences in European kitchens and apply them to creating a classic French fine-dining restaurant. It was a wonderful experience because it was the right restaurant to open at the right time in Charlottesville. This was a time when the food scene in Charlottesville really began to bloom.


Region Ten – Working Together to Enrich Our Community One Life at a Time

Upcoming Schedule:

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It was the early January blizzard of 1996 that kicked off my first official day at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters. Chief Frog Julie (Arbelaez) was stranded in Costa Rica and I trudged through the snow on foot to open up the office. My attitude was, “Bring it on!” And for nearly two decades since I’ve been saying the same thing. Every day is new, challenging and exciting. As a travel consultant, it’s a privilege to manage my client’s most valuable non-renewable resource: leisure time. When I travel, whether it’s a relaxing Jamaica beach vacation, plunking down in Buenos Aires for a week or driving through Turkey, I like to throw caution to the wind. And, this is the best advice I like to pass along to my clients. Give up following a plan. Get lost and discover. On my recent two-week jaunt through Turkey I discovered tiny local restaurants in Istanbul, where by the second visit we were greeted with hugs and double kisses. And, we quickly learned, it would be an insult to not accept the tea offered at the middle-of-nowhere roadside gas station. Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters specializes in leisure travel, which includes vacation packages, honeymoons, luxury cruises, family travel, and adventure experiences. Our goal is to provide clients with great advice and lasting vacation memories, as well as offer a full range of the best designed luggage, backpacks and travel accessories on the market.

To register, contact Jane Lewis, 434-970-1282 or

Region Ten provides mental health, intellectual disability, crisis and substance use services for adults and children living in the City of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Louisa and Nelson. Since Region Ten’s inception in 1969, we have grown to more than 500 employees working to enrich our community one life at time.







Region Ten Community Services Board 500 Old Lynchburg Rd. Conference Center Room 500A Charlottesville, VA 22903 (Unless noted otherwise – call for further information)


Classes will be $25 per person for materials and lunch.



Mental Health First Aid is similar to First Aid and CPR. Mental Health First Aid helps individuals to support those experiencing mental health problems and aids in getting people professional help and support. It is an interactive 8-hour course that teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people with the signs and symptoms of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social, or self- help care. For more information on Mental Health First Aid, please visit www. or

from a traveler’s point of view


February 26 – March 4, 2014

At Region Ten, our vision is “A better life. A better community.” Part of building that better community is ensuring that the Charlottesville region is healthy. And a big part of health that’s often overlooked is mental health. To help address this critical need in our community, we are happy to announce that this year we will offer Mental Health First Aid Training.


L| O U T F I T


THINK GLOBAL/BOOK LOCAL 434-977-1415 · 1043 Millmont St. · Want to hear more of what the folks at Peace Frogs Travel/Outfitters have to say about travel? Check out our BLOG at


Country Living in Virginia


Sunnyfields, c.1833 $5,950,000

Sitting in between Monticello and Ash Lawn, Sunnyfields was originally a part of a 522 acre plantation owned by William Phillips. Phillips was one of the master masons who worked under Thomas Jefferson and helped to construct the University of Virginia. His work included the Rotunda, dormitories and serpentine garden walls. The house is assumed to be designed and built by William Phillips to serve as his primary residence. Carrying the Jeffersonian architecture style into his design, Sunnyfields displays the accomplished brickwork and classic detailing for which he was known. The 11,000+ square foot manor now sits on just under 10 acres and is surrounded by over 330 acres protected by easement. Only five minutes from downtown Charlottesville, the historically significant home is an unparalleled offering. Sunnyfields received the Commendation Award for Private Restoration and is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

Bloomfield Road SOLD


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417 Park Street • Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 • 434-296-0134

Ann Hay Hardy 202-297-0228

February 26 – March 4, 2014

Ann Hay Hardy is a native of Charlottesville and grew up in Albemarle County. She was raised in the real estate business, having started working with her family's company at an early age. After leaving the area to study and work in other parts of the country, as well as abroad, she returned to Charlottesville with the same appreciation for her home that bring new residents to the area every day. A consummate professional always, she is an Associate Broker at the firm and works with both buyers and sellers across the state of Virginia. Her husband works along side her as both a photographer and graphic designer for Frank Hardy, Inc. They reside in downtown Charlottesville with their son.


An exceptional property located in the heart of Ivy, situated on desirable Bloomfield Road. Sitting on approximately 9 acres, the rolling hillside with creek running through, make for a truly idyllic setting. This original Jay Dalgliesh designed home has the finest of materials. Almost 7,000sf, the six bedroom, six bathroom house covers three floors. High vaulted ceilings with large beam details, slated entranceway and copper roof are just a few of the many features of this property which has recently been remodeled. Updates include a large, open kitchen with Wolf range, custom cabinetry and separate wine room. The elegant master suite faces beautiful winter mountain views and has his and hers dressing rooms and baths. Heart pine flooring and built in book cases accent the home. French doors lead to an outdoor pergola patio perfect for outdoor entertaining.

We Are C-VILLE 2014