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New D3N T-shirt Design! By Allen Wang from La Canada High School


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A Message from Your editor! Hello Key Clubbers! It’s a new school year so I hope you are all excited as I am despite the extremely dramatic heat in La Crescenta! This month is going to be hectic since club Expo will be taking place and we’ll all be signing up for new clubs this year! But don’t forget to sign up for Key Club! This year our club has gone through some change so we are doing things slightly different this year. Like the stole system for example. We have changed the stole system so that way seniors who haven’t been active in Key Club before are still able to get it. Also, we are getting our freshman representative much much earlier this year as well. I would just like to say thank you to all the members and officers who dedicated their time for Key Club! It’s truly heart-warming to see how many of you care about our home, school, and community. I couldn’t be any more grateful for being part of a club such as ours. I hope to see all your beautiful faces at future events. And don’t forget Region 7 Training Conference is on the 28th! This is the last opportunity for the seniors to join in on some Region 7 Ohana bonding/learning time! See you next month! Yours truly,

Marianne Lagasca Bulletin Editor 2013-14


Past Events . . . August DCM | The Last Splash

@285 West Huntington Drive

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Cole Lauterback

On the Sunday of August 11, the last day of summer before school started, Key Club members met up at Dunsmore park for the last DCM of the summer to spend time with each other before summer ended, raise some funds for the club, and discuss what kind of events had taken place and what upcoming events are planned. When members arrived, we all immediately assisted in painting the giant Twister mat that will be used at elementary school festivals and other events. Once every one worked together to finish the mat, then it was time for the DCM announcements. One representative from each school would present the events they take part in so it was interesting to see how other schools operate the Club at their own schools. Once these announcements were complete, the fun part began the fundraising. The brilliant idea for fundraising for this DCM was to pay a dollar and get the opportunity to squish a pike of whipped cream into one of three Key Club officer’s faces. This was entertaining for everyone, except for maybe the victims, but it was obvious everyone was having a good time with all the smiles on everyone’s faces. After this, the officers who’s faces were covered in whipped cream, had a chance to wash all of it off with a water balloon fight! While everyone was busy getting wet, the photographers were able to stay dry by hiding behind our cameras. Once all the water balloons had run out, everyone took their pick of the pins designed by our very own Key Club members. By the time this was done, it was evident that everyone had a great time for the last day of summer. This was a well planned event and hopefully more like it will take place in the future.


Article By


Jaeho Lee

Member of the Month

Though she is an active KEY leader in our very own division, Angela Kwon is a very hard-working member as well! She is loyal, considerate, kind, and outgoing, all qualities that help the club run smoothly with smiles on our faces. But really, she is mighty enthusiastic when it comes to almost everything—from volunteer events down to just text messages! Her spirit is one that many members look up to, and her dedication is also as amazing. She spends much of her time to help out in our club, as well as other clubs within our Starfish Empire. For instance, she spent her afterschool hours making KC pins for our upcoming Club Expo, and she also went to help buy other materials for our exposition. Angela has much initiative to start things that others wouldn’t. She tends to sign up for many events, even though she has a busy schedule. Our club is glad to have Angela, as she really indicates the character of a Key Clubber!

Officer of the Month

On the month of August, no one can compare to the amount of time and effort put in towards our club than our very own Crescenta Valley High School’s Key Club President, Corliss Kanazawa. With her beautiful smile and her enthusiastic spirit, Corliss greeted all the officers in the start of August before summer vacations and began a new start for the new school year, setting new goals and plans for the 2013-2014 term of CVHS Key Club. As the yearly Club Expo is coming up in our school, she is on top of all preparations, organizing poster making dates, creating schedules and checklist of materials, while personally pitching her own creative touch of bubbles for the Expo. Her leadership never fails with her bountiful kindness and her punctual organizations and the friendship she spreads out towards all of her members and her officers. Corliss leads Key Club with determination and compassion as she starts off her final year as a Key Clubber.

Article By

David Kim


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What is Key Club? Region 7 Training Conference


Dates to Remember POPS Concert—9/7 ~Contact John Shin Region7 Training Conference—9/28 ~Visit the event page on Facebook (Division page) for more information Club Expo-9/16-9/20

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Can Tabs Collect can tabs for charity.Place your tabs in an envelop or plastic bag, and clearly label it with your name and grade.Every 50 can tabs will equate to 1 hr of service. Recycling When you have collected cans and bottles, recycle them at your local Albertson's.Every $3 earned will equate to 1 hr of service. Articles Write an article about an event you have attended and email it to our bulletin editor at Every 2 articles will equate to 1 hour of key club credit. Pictures Email the pictures to either or, respectively. A variety of 15 pictures will equate to one hour of key club credit. Videos The length needs to around 1-3 minutes and follow graphic standards. Email it to


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