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GROW A UNIQUE, RARE, OR ANTIQUE APPLE VARIETY THIS SPRING! By Crystal Schmidt • If you want to experience apple flavors, colors, and textures like you never have before, you simply must grow your own. With tens of thousands of documented apple varieties available, the options are endless! Here are some of my favorites (many of which are available locally at Albrecht's Nursery) to get you started! CHESTNUT CRAB With a flavor I've heard described as "nutmeg, cola, and peach pie with a graham crackers crust," this lunchbox-sized apple has a unique and incredible taste unlike any other apple. It's got a unique look too... swirls of orange, red, and yellow covered in a textured papery russeting.



The park is located on the north shore of Lake Wissota and only six miles east of Chippewa Falls. The park is open year-round and offers a variety of activities: swimming, boating, fishing, skiing (cross country) and canoeing. Facilities include: campsites, playground, trails, picnic area, boat landing, firewood, showers, electrical, shelter, flush toilets and dump station. (18127 Cty Hwy O • Chippewa Falls)

COX'S ORANGE PIPPIN This one rarely loses a taste contest! Exquisite flavor with hints of the tropics (think pineapple, orange and lime!), Cox dates back to the 1800s in England. While this apple is well rounded for any culinary application, it would almost be a shame to use for anything but fresh eating. ARKANSAS BLACK This dense and hard apple would almost fool you into thinking someone carved it out of wood and painted in dark burgundy. It's best after a few months in storage, which allows it to soften a bit and brings out the bright and perfumed sweetness. Let it sit for even longer and you'll taste an unmistakable honeydew melon flavor! Arkansas Black is a wonderful keeper and great for baking and saucing. NEWTOWN PIPPIN Another apple that will benefit from a rest after it is picked: like a fine wine, it needs to breathe for a while before its aromas open up. This green and rather boring looking apple will make the most incredible apple pie you've tasted - and hold its shape when cooked! Also a premier cider apple for anyone who wants to dabble in the art of making hard cider - a must have for this purpose! It is reported to be one of Thomas Jefferson's favorite apples, and grown very successfully in his orchard at Monticello. KINDERCRISP If you love a Honeycrisp apple, you'll likely fall for this one as well! The offspring of a Honeycrisp, this apple has the same sweet flavor and crisp texture as its parent, but comes in a smaller size. This beauty, with its vertical red striping is the perfect sized apple for little hands.

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Chippewa Valley's Hidden Treasures  
Chippewa Valley's Hidden Treasures  

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