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Cristina Vega García Madrid Polytechnic School of Architecture (ETSAM) Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio - Università della Svizzera Italiana 2017


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Dec 2015 atelier Ms1 May 2015 design studio 7 Dec. 2014 design studio 6 May 2014 design studio 5

Factum Foundation in Luxor. Facsimil & Workshop chair table bed shelf your(s) house(s) -atelier de Vylder Vinck Taillieuhybrid building in Zurich -atelier Eckerttherme complex in Lisbon -J.C. Sanchoshelter Antartica -J. Apariciosummer cinema in Lipari, Sicily -J. Aparicio-

May 2014 workshop

entrance for the Army Museum, Madrid


June 2015 student competition Jan. 2015 student competition May 2014 studen competition

-seayard- Mediterranean sea club in ibiza -Internacional wildlife cloud app- International Wildlife center kindergarten in Rembrandplein Amsterdam

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August-Dec. 2016 internship

Stadtcasino Basel. Herzog & de Meuron Basel Ltd. mahou space, multiproposal building rehabilitation. J.Aparicio Office house in Extremadura, Spain. H. Fernรกndez Elorza Office Guggenheim Helsinky proposal. J. Aparicio Office


construction projects


May 2016 design studio 8 May 2016 atelier Ms1

July 2015 competition January 2015 competition Sept. 2014 competition

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Cristina Vega GarcĂ­a Madrid 05 - 03 - 1993 Puentelarra 3, escalera 2 3ÂşA

28031 Madrid (Spain) +34 696 299 589

A highly motivated, creative, graduate with a high command on software programs including Rhinoceros, VRay, AutoCAD, Adobe suite. Able to work well in a team and independently, I am used to adopting high pressure situations and high deadlines whilst remaining both active and participative. Besides being hard worker and reliable, I am critical and imaginative.


cv 2011- Technic School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), academic record architectural design 9.5/10


2015-2016 Exange program- Master of architecture at Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio - Università della Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland).

2004-2011 Santa María del Pilar School, Madrid. Awarded with special mention.

State exam to gain entry the Tecnic School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM): 12.7/14

2017 Collaboration in research project with professor Alberto Morell, ETSAM, Madrid

work experience

2016- 2017 Trainee at Herzog & de Meuron Basel, Switzerland.

March-July 2015 Collaboration with professor Jesús Aparicio office, Madrid.

Jan. 2015 Collaboration with professor Hector Fernandez Elorza. Housing in Extremadura, competition, Madrid. (Winner team)

Sept. 2014 Collaboration with professor Jesús Aparicio office, Madrid. Guggenheim Helsinki proposal.

April 2014 Part of a team workshop Nagoya University and ETSAM with Japanese students.

Dec 2016 MAD (mostra activita didattica best projects) Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio

May 2015 With Honors, exhibition of best student projects, ETSAM. Special mention for

awards & grants

Luxry Archeology design studio 7.

Dec. 2014 With Honors, exhibition of best student projects, ETSAM. Special mention for Shelter, design studio 6.

Nov. 2014 Finalist for studentship of “Fondazione Renzo Piano” in Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

May 2014 With Honors, exhibition of best student projects, Summer cinema, design studio 5

Sept. 2012 Second classified in video contest at ETSAM. Design studio 2 professor Antón G. Capitel.

2011 Exhibition of best student projects. BBB bueno, bonito y barato: Matadero Madrid. Design studio 1


2016 IHD+Grand Form Scenarios for Zurich-West.

2016 VIVIR unidad docente Aparicio 2013-2014 ISBN 978-84-944528-4-0 2015 Ovni ii. DPA prints ETSAM. ISBN 978-84-944265-3-7

2015 SICILIA unidad docente Aparicio 2103-2014, ISBN 9788494341772 2015 Ovni i DPA ETSAM, ISBN 9788494279416

2014 construction details compilation, construction II, García Santos, Alfonso. ISBN 9788494279454

2013 BBB bueno, bonito y barato: Matadero Madrid. DPA ETSAM, ISBN 9788494064586 spanish: native

english: advanced (IELTS Cambridge 6.5, B2 EOI , FCE Cambridge)


italian: advanced

french: basic knowledge

skills High interest in research and innovation materials and design methods. Work with production team.

High command of computer programs such as AutoCad, Rhinoceros, VRay,

Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premier, After effects), Office, Mac OS X, Windows.

Develop a complete and creative design from specific request. Digital images production and postptoduction.

Thorough analysis and study of architectural parameters.


design studio 8 -Ud SorianoJune 2017

Factum Foundation -facsimil and workshop in Luxor-

The project is based on generating a system of action in place, which can be extended to any geometry derived from different tombs, in which there are three parameters: the perimeter, the depth to which the facsimile is buried, and the height of it. An overlapping of programs over time is created in order to optimize the use of the spaces that are being generated around the tombs during the construction of the facsimile.


The system is based on an excavated part, brick walls that follow the perimeter of the tombs and are simplified to collect the geometry of the deck, the beam, which is the only singular element that is produced specifically for each facsimile, in which is placed the last element, consisting of a regular wooden lattice constructed in plant with articulated knots that is fitted in situ inside the beam and generating the geometry of the deck.


design studio 8 -Ud SorianoJune 2017

Factum Foundation -facsimil and workshop in Luxor-


Scripting all this information and generating a document that shows the relations that are established between the areas of influence of the different spaces. It proposes a linear organization of the program, based on the transformation processes to which a plate of material has to be submitted from its reception in the area of ​​dis-


charge to its placement in the facsimile.We are interested in how natural elements can alter the landscape. How the landscape is altered with the appearance of the new dunes. We extend this analysis to the hypothesis that the process of reproduction of the tombs has just begun and it will complete a complete andscape.

atelier de Vylder Vinck Tailleu June 2016

chair table bed shelf your(s) house(s) -two houses in Belgium-



How the corner is made, how the piece of furniture is made; how the piece of furniture in the corner behaves; how the corner changes when the piece of furniture is changed. Space as definition of life rathen than a definition of space: space as made by its details; as lived by its life. A simple house; a simple family; two kids, a cat, a marklin-train, a small library, a sauna, a wine cellar, and of course parents.





atelier de Vylder Vinck Tailleu June 2016

chair table bed shelf your(s) house(s)



-two houses in Belgium-





atelier E2A

-Piet Eckert & Wim EckertDecember 2015

grand form

-hybrid building ZurichThe population of Switzerland will reach 9 million inhabitants by 2025. For the first time in history, the Canton of Zurich requests a midterm masterplan to accommodate additional 80‘000 inhabitants within the territory of Zurich City. In order to prevent an equal increase of density over the entire footprint of the city, new “compensation” areas will have to be defined that will operate with a new set up and concept of density, proximity, building heights and programmatic combinations. The western corridor from the University of Arts to the Westlink resembles one of the last conversion fields of the city. This project answers to this problem throught the study of the coexistence of the concepts of density, structure, scale and function.


refugee centre level

The building is located in a plot with a very strong irregular condition because of the perimeter and the two railway bridges crossing. It also has to face the coexistance of four completely different functions, each program is independent and has no relation with the others, but this isolated condition of the programs makes think how to separate them but join them at the same time. structural system model (MAD 2016 EXHIBITION)


There are another two necessary functions in the tower: vertical circulations and the services which are the instalations and parking. Instead of having a conventional organization these installation floors are located between the different programs(factory, offices, refugee centre and housing).

atelier E2A

-Piet Eckert & Wim EckertDecember 2015

grand form

-hybrid building Zurich-

main section


isometric drawing. scale, density and structure

refugee centre


ground floor



design studio 7 -J.C.SanchoMay 2015

thermal complex in Lisbon -luxury archaeology-

The objective of the design studio course is a thermal complex in Lisbon. My exercise starts with a triple reflexion about luxury, place and program. I choose some extracts from the book “El lujo eterno� (Lipovetsky) where luxury is asociated with dishoarding. This is the main idea for thermal complex, a place with new uses to the city. Exceptional situations and locations for ceremony are sought, places that enhance the luxury of water to the area. It raises the possibility of a new relationship space for the city, connecting the bottom of the Alfama district with the highest part of Lisbon , Castle of St. George , and offer you something out of the ordinary, that rarely happens [luxury]


public level floor plan

Through analysis and data matching it is selected a place, a city landmark, visually related with the Tagus River, where a group of several nearby nodes solar are regenerated . The program is raised and channeled. The connection between every detected center involves the incorporation of new uses in the neighborhood.


Parallel to the choice of location, it is determined what will be the main program that responds to the idea of​​ dishoarding and transfer to the city. It was decided to propose a connection with a crowded building new applications as well as the square Lisbon highest public place from which the possibility of participating Tagus river power [ luxury ]

design studio 7 -J.C.Sanchomay 2015

thermal complex in Lisbon -luxury archaeology-


I propose a dual strategy for its realization : high-profile support + light elements - Invariability: formed by the excavation operations in the concete beam for hosting water and the brackets. - The variable elements that give the feeling of light and spontaneous: ephemeral,


unstable, what is at height or suspended , the reflection of the water capacity , fabrics, tensioners, vegetation, water movements, dropdowns... They are anchored to the large support. Its growth is conditioned by the trace obtained from the study of sunlight.

design studio 6 -J. AparicioDec. 2014

shelter Antartica In one of the ship Hesperides Arctic campaigns, the disassembles refuge will be installed on the island of Livingston. It will be the first refuge of a future scientific base in Antarctica, it will be built thanks to the most abundant material in the area: the salt water. Plastic material will be used, transported as folded inside one of the containers the ship, which once filled with water and air structure rigidity and acquire sufficient insulation to allow living in such extreme weather conditions.



design studio 6 -J. AparicioDec. 2014

shelter Antartica



design studio 5 -J. AparicioMay. 2014

summer cinema in Lipari Sicily New summer cinema arises in the remaining free and thirty meters raised above the sea area. The site is surrounded by historic buildings of great improtance. There are several areas where you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sea horizon and the city. The project tender to maximize the intermediate boundary situation between sea and city.



design studio 5 -J. AparicioMay. 2014

summer cinema in Lipari, Sicily


From the analysis of summer cinema function arise two considerations: it has to be a place to ensure nighttime use film and diural balcony and shady public square. Concrete folding structure provides rigidity.


workshop May 2014

entrance for the army museum Madrid The new conexion between the two doors of the historical building is created to join bowth sides of the urban space throgh the building. The use of ceramic materials is the main characteristic of the project. The coninuous vaults generate a space based in glaced ceramic reflections and light variation.


The main exhibition room is not interrupted because of the apertures of the vaults so there is a double direction longitudinal and transverse.


competition (students team work)

mediterranean sea club. Arquideas June 2015 Made up as a combination of words “sea club” and “courtyard”, Seayard is a new way of visiting Ibiza taking the advantages of a boat and a courtyard bringing them together to turn them into architecture. Conciebed as a system of plastic floating devices, two sides of floats (private and non-private gather), creating adaptable floating structures along the coastline. Due to its private (indoor ring space), seayard allows to contain your piece of water and your piece os Ibiza inside the floating device, closing an ever-changing space, ephemeral, that changes as it moves through the coast and sorroundings of Ibiza.


competition (students team work)

internacional wildlif centre. Arquideas January 2015


competition (students team work)

kindergarten in Rembrandplein, Amsterdam CĂĄtedra Blanca

It is proposed a re-organization of original public space in Rembrandplein. A continous concrete piece solve public and private space using a folding geometry. Self resistant folds delimit spaces intended to be used by kids and citizens at the same time throughout the day. An static space is rethought to become something dynamic, kids’ and citizens’ space at the same time.



Cristina Vega GarcĂ­a

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