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CV: Name: Firdes Fiona Rakipi Mob: 25710286 Place of birth: Melbourne Australia Address: Engstrupgårdsvej 44 2650 Hvidovre Email:

Education 1995- 2000 International Schools in DK (Bjørnes international) Nørre Gymnasium. OOL Oxford Open Learning GCSE Level Separate courses include Business Economy Accounting Skills acquired while studying a distance learning course.

2000-2002 NEC National Extension College A’ level business studies including Accounting marketing sales

Work experience: 2002-2004 A.L. United International Import Export • • • • • • • • • •

Marketing Working as part of the team, prioritizing tasks Advertising Ability to work effectively with international companies Ordering of sales goods and stocking required IT skills excel word etc Financing incoming and outgoing bills Contact with Arla foods Tulip international Cash handling Purchasing and budgeting

2004-2005 BRIDEMA A/S Sales IT Components In charge of all Southern Europe and Northern Europe selling IT Components (Tale sales) To: 1. Greece 2. Albania 3. Italy 4. Slovenia Small part of Danish firms Marketing more than 600.000 euro more than 200.000DK and 100.000USD Building contacts and developing business relations all over the world

2005-2007 Bluecom Denmark A/S Sales IT Components Selling IT Components / Purchasing Countries: • • • •

All around Europe Benelux countries Australia USA

Purchasing • From Asia high end products and IT Components 2008-2009 Zmags Account Manager Zmags Software solution. • • • • •

Account Management Taking care of accounts for European companies Telemarketing generating new leads for Key Account Managers. Average of 100 calls per day generating leads, prospects and opportunities. Selling to ALL European companies and Australia, Asia.

Achievements and interests: • • • • •

Keen and knowledgeable about European market in the IT Industry Achieving so many goals at such a young age Very enthusiastic and ambitions Building knowledge of financials Very fluent in English spoken and written

Benefits: 1. Reading large amounts of text quickly and accurately 2. Fluent in English spoken and written 3. Meeting deadlines when working under pressure 4. Willingness to learn.

Comments: In regards to the information above I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time in reading this CV. In addition, I would also like to inform you that I have been raised in a business mentality all my life and am sure that business is where I want to be because of a deep passion I have for it. To be a good sales person or a good business person one has to be honest with their customers, give a good impression on who you are and what you are selling. I have the spot on attitude for sales and I strongly believe it is important to have a healthy attitude to win your customer. It is also important to have deep knowledge of the product that you’re selling because with an increase knowledge comes an increase of confidence and authority. I love a challenge and have the ability to communicate with different cultures and mentalities around the world because of my very international background.

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