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CV of Ilirie Kamberi 

Work and Educational Experience  

‘Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were’ David Rockefeller

CV: Name: Ilirie Kamberi Mob: 26833370 Place of birth: Melbourne Australia Gyngemose Parkvej 9 Address:

1tv 2860 Søborg Email:

Education: 1995- 2000 International Schools in DK (Bjørnes international) Nørre Gymnasium. OOL Oxford Open Learning GCSE Level Separate courses include Business Economy Accounting Skills acquired while studying a distance learning course. A’ level business studies including Accounting marketing sales


Work experience:

Assistant Manager, Clothes Store (Elegance in Copenhagen) * Managing the store when boss was on leave * Decision Making * Financing and budgeting * Advertising * Marketing As an assistant manager my goal was to reach out to my customers and their understanding and what their damaged were in this curtain market. 2002-2004 A.L. United International Import Export • • • • • • • • • •

Marketing Working as part of the team, prioritizing tasks Advertising Ability to work effectively with international companies Ordering of sales goods and stocking required IT skills excel word etc Financing incoming and outgoing bills Contact with Arla foods Tulip international Cash handling Purchasing and budgeting


2004- 2009 Netto (Dansk Supermarket) * Opening and closing the store * Effective and functional * Managing employees * Dealing with customers who have problems regarding item in the store * Appreciating the customers ideas and wants in the store

Working Software Knowledge: • • • •

Microsoft Power Point 2007 Microsoft Outlook 2007 Microsoft Excel 2007 Microsoft Word 2007

Achievements and interests: • • • • •

Keen and knowledgeable about European market in the IT Industry Achieving so many goals at such a young age Very enthusiastic and ambitions Building knowledge of financials Very fluent in English spoken and written


Benefits: 1. Reading large amounts of text quickly and accurately 2. Fluent in English spoken and written 3. Meeting deadlines when working under pressure 4. Willingness to learn. 5. Reading large amounts of text quickly and accurately 6. Fluent in English spoken and written 7. Speaking different languages such as Albanian, Danish and Turkish 8. Meeting deadlines when working under pressure 9. Willingness to learn and accepting and learning from negative critic

Comments: Business had been a big part of my life. Having been raised in a business world all my life with an experienced and well educated father who taught me how to succeed and reach goals in the business world. Having dealt with numerous amounts of paper work, clients and management I have learnt that the key to a successful carrier in the business world is to have a solid passion for it. I am determined, positive enthusiastic and have a willingness to learn. I can adapt to different types of business environments and am confident that I will reach companies targets and goals.



Work and Education  

Work and education

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