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Youth & Family Services

Our Values Quality Services Abraxas, a GEO Group Company, is the leading provider of innovative and quality treatment programs for youth, adults and families. For almost 40 years, Abraxas has contracted with various county and state agencies for the operation of residential, community-based, detention/shelter services and alternative education programming. We offer specialized services for hard-to-place juvenile populations including fire setters, sexual offenders and habitual offenders, in addition to gender specific programming for females in need of treatment.

We provide quality services through caring, comprehensive programs that provide dignity, hope, safety and accountability, people can change.

Leadership We lead by example by modeling the highest standards and ethics of our profession.

Employee Value We value and respect our employees and the work they do. We focus on the continuing professional development and career advancement for all employees.

Reinvestment & Company Growth We reinvest financial results to grow and improve our services, develop our staff and enhance company value.

Partnership We work in partnership with communities, families, and contracting agencies to provide innovative service solutions within our industry.


Abraxas Careers Join Our Team

Abraxas offers rewarding and exciting career opportunities. Clinical & Direct Care Life Skills and Youth Development Workers Counselors and Case Managers Therapists and Clinicians Treatment and Clinical Supervisors Medical & Education LPNs and Medical Technicians RNs and Nurse Managers Teachers and Teacher Aides Other Administration and Finance Food Service Maintenance Transportation


Abraxas Careers Clinical staff provides a full range of counseling and case management services. Clinical staff provides services to clients such as developing and implementing treatment plans, providing individual and group counseling, and completing related documentation. Clinical staff participates in and documents case consultations. They compose progress/court reports, and maintain regular contact with probation officers, case workers, and parents, who are all included in the client’s treatment process and progress.

Clinical & Direct Care

Direct Care employees provide mentorship. Direct Care staff provides safety and security services including room inspections, group facilitation, structured recreational coaching, and conduct observation. Direct care staff members are exposed to a variety of different job functions, which allows them to develop the skills necessary to make a significant impact on a client’s life. 3

Abraxas Careers Medical & Education

Medical staff offers excellent medical care to clients. Medical staff evaluates client injuries, and initiates, maintains, and files information. The Abraxas Medical department administers prescription and over the counter medications, first-aid, and triages. They complete the client medical intake process by taking vital signs and completing initial health assessments.

Educational staff assists in on-going development. Educational staff assists in development of school curriculum and processes to achieve curriculum goals. They prepare course objectives and outlines by following the requirements of the State and School Districts. The Educational staff administers tests to evaluate client progression, records results, and issues reports to inform parents/guardians of educational progress. They assign lessons and grade homework. Educational staff acts as educational team members in relationship towards the clients, staff, and school. 4

Employee Diversity and Inclusion At Abraxas, we believe that diversity in our workforce and the inclusion of a variety of views, perspectives and backgrounds is an integral part of our company’s success. This unique mixture in the workforce provides unlimited ideas, increases productivity and innovative solutions for our clients and those we serve. We believe that work is more than a place you go every day. It’s a place of professional growth, exploration, creativity and interpersonal relationships. It’s about being inspired and motivated to achieve extraordinary things. We want our employees to take pride in their work and in maintaining a safe and secure environment. After all, it's the combined talents, skills, knowledge and expertise of every one of our employees that makes us who we are. The inclusion of all employees makes our teams more effective, enhances communication among people of different backgrounds and experiences, and creates an atmosphere that benefits from the talents and capabilities of our diverse workforce. Inclusion through recruiting, hiring, developing, training and promoting employees of all genders, races, religions, ages, sexual orientations and physical abilities is essential to our success. The result of our desire to be diverse and inclusive creates a company culture that is more collaborative. Our employees are more enthusiastic about their work because they are sharing ideas across departments and divisions in inspiring new ways.


Abraxas Services What We Offer Firesetters and sexual offenders are offered structured and effective specialty treatment programs. A compelling body of research suggests that specialized Residential programs offer specialized treatment options for youth,

intervention can deter these early injurious behaviors and establish a more

adults and families. They promote educational advancement,

positive life course.

community service opportunities, and employment initiatives. Substance abuse is treated with drug and alcohol programs that have a Behavioral health facilities provide a highly structured, yet nurturing

comprehensive approach to chemical dependency treatment. Clients participate

environment to facilitate recovery and personal growth of youth who

in a variety of therapeutically structured activities including individual, group

suffer from mental and behavioral disorders. Therapeutic and

and family counseling, clinical study, prevention, life-skills education, recreation,

educational services are provided in accordance with the Child and

and volunteering in the local community.

Adolescent Service System Program Principles. Community-based/outpatient programs provide services that meet the needs of Behavioral modification teaches clients to modify their behavior and

our juvenile and adult clients in their communities. Services vary by site and

cognitive processes associated with offending. Clients are taught to

include work readiness training, supervision and monitoring, methadone

be accountable for their actions and recognize the consequences for

maintenance, family reintegration and individual and group counseling.

inappropriate behavior. Education services assist students in addressing behavioral, academic and Detention/Shelters offer high quality and short-term care including

attendance issues that prevent them from being successful in a traditional

counseling and educational services to provide stability for youth in

classroom setting. The goal of this service is to help students develop the skills

crisis. They focus on short-term development activities.

necessary to be successfully reintegrated into a mainstream educational environment.


Employee Retention Abraxas offers a safe and secure work environment, competitive compensation and benefits, employee incentives and recognition, and extensive training. We understand that employees today want competitive salaries and benefit programs, so we’ve worked hard to create a comprehensive package that our employees appreciate. We believe in hiring only the best employees and we go the extra mile to retain each and every one. Abraxas strives to foster a family environment where mentoring is key. We understand your desire for professional achievement, so we facilitate an environment where promotional opportunities are within your reach, along with the proper training and education to get you there.


Benefits Package College Partnerships:

Benefits you may be eligible for:

Abraxas employees and their family members (parent, spouse and child) are eligible to pursue their educational goals further by receiving reduced tuition rates on a variety of online degree programs at a number of well-known educational institutions.

Paid Time Off Paid Holidays Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance 401(k) Savings Plan Life Insurance Short and Long Term Disability

For more information about college partnerships, please visit:

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To learn more, visit: Equal Opportunity Employer

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