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FORD px Ranger

A breath of fresh air... The Ironman 4x4 Airforce Snorkel for the PX Ranger has been designed with ease of fitment and optimum airflow and vehicle aesthetics in mind. It will fit all PX Ranger models and engine configurations. It will offer all the benfits of the other snorkels available in the Ironman 4x4 Airforce range.

• Increased forced air to your engine for improved vehicle performance • Raised direct air intake allows for a clean air flow into your engine • Cool Air into the engine provides better performance • Increased air intake height allows for safe water crossings • Allows less dust into your engine • High quality polyethylene (LLPDE) and UV resistant • In built rain deflector design to stop water intake during heavy rain

Ford Ranger 2013 Snorkel  

Snorkel Ironman 4x4 Ford Ranger Diesel / Gasolina