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A10 January 21, 2014

The Vinton Eagle

Trends making appearances at 2014 weddings by FAITHANN BROWN Managing Editor BENTON COUNTY -- There may be snow outside and cold temperatures but there are groups of people in the area looking forward to sunny, warmer days. Across the area, state and country bridesto-be gather at bridal shows to come up with ideas that will make their special day even more magical. With the advent of Pinterest and other social medias, participants at bridal fairs are needing to find ways to be more interactive with those attending. But for everyone involved there is only one goal in mind ... to make that wedding day a special day for all to remember. Cost is always a factor for many brides and some of the trends being seen across the country are helping to take the bite out of the checkbook this year. 1) Color: Some of the traditional colors are back. In the past few years there have been some ‘bright’ col-

ors on the runways. But pink is making a return appearance. There are lighter shades of the tradtional pink - its not the Pepto Bismol pink of the childhood crayon box. 2) Pattern: This year it’s not all flowers and hearts. Patterns like trellis and stripes are making appearances, giving a softer effect compared to hard straight edges of the past. 3) Flower: One expense that every bride has is flowers. While people may have a ‘favorite must have’ for weddings, sometimes it may be smarter to take look at what’s available rather than picking the ‘perfect’ bloom. Looking at the calendar - below are some choices that may fit with your best event: January: Ranunculus, Alstroemeria, Calla Assorted and Dahlias. February: Lillium Stargazer, Lillium Casablanca, Alstroemeria, Delphinium. March: Freesia, Calla Assorted, Cornflower, Alstomeria. April: Tulips, Ger-

bera, Cornflower, Freesia. May: Peonies, Cornflower, Iris, Lisianthus. June: Gerbera, Alstroemeria, Daffodil, Delphinium. July: Zinnia, Calla Green Goddess, Daffodil, Iris; August: Sunflower, Alstroemeria, Daffodil, Gerbera; September: Hyacinthus, Iris, Kangaroo Paw, Magnolia; October: Stock, Calla Assorted, Freesia, Gerbera; November: Calla Assorted, Liatris, Lillium Stargazer, Lillium Casablanca; December: Poppies, Alstroemeria, Delphinium, Gardenias. 4) Invitations: There are two new trends when brides begin looking at their invitations to the special day. The first is the size of the invitation. The most requested look is for an invitation smaller than the standard 5x7. Brides are looking for something littler and more dainty. Along with the smaller size, there seems

to be more thought to make the invitations more personal. Invitations are becoming more customized rather than the standard shapes, borders of 10 years ago. If a bride can come up with an idea of a sketch, somewhere there is way to bring that vision to life. 5) Meal: Leaving the ceremony behind, brides are also taking a look at the reception. One trend is to spice things up and that means food more than just decor. Bridal magazines and websites along with the social media outposts are seeing a higher demand for spice. Popular tastes for the season include using a lot of Calabrian chili oil, a lot of sriracha and are seeing guests reach first for

the spicy things on the menu. 6) Cake: While cupcakes have been a popular item the past couple of years, brides are again looking at wedding cakes, and this year, industry experts predict, cakes will shine.

There is a movement toward using a fairy dusting of fine glitter on the top tiers to give cakes a little sparkle. Flavors are also another trend for cakes. Instead of white or TRENDS continued on A11



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The Vinton Eagle

January 21, 2014 A11

Making the right song choices for special dances NEWS -- Wedding tradtionalists know there will be a number of required dances at the reception to keep them on their toes. From spotlight dances to special requests, the night is sure to be filled with memorable moments on the dance floor. While it may be tempting to leave musical selections entirely up to a band or disc jockey, couples should choose the songs they dance to during specialized dances. A bride's dance with her father and a groom's dance with his mother are special moments during a wedding reception that can evoke strong emotions and a few tears from family and friends. Part of what makes these moments so memorable are the songs themselves. Choosing the right songs can be difficult, but there are ways to make the decision-making process go more smoothly. Start out by making a list of the songs that you like and believe convey feelings that you want to share with others. Ask your father or mother to make a similar list. These lists can be compared and then a common element may become apparent. Many brides and grooms will happily defer the choice to their parents, which can give parents a role in the wedding planning and make them feel like they have had an important hand in the festivities -- rather than just signing a check or showing up for the fun.

When considering songs, select among songs that have a special meaning or represent the bond between parent and child. There may be a song from your youth that you enjoy or one that you sang to a parent at a school performance that is particularly memorable. Consider songs that are a favorite of your parent. Songs that seem to transcend time often work best for these spotlight dances, rather than something that is too trendy. When choosing a song, it helps to consider a song that has some sort of back beat. This can make it easier for novice dancers to follow along and still move gracefully. Do not feel the song has to be extremely slow. If your dancing partner and you are confident on the dance floor, there are many different songs that can be fitting, from country to soft rock to jazz. Timing of the song is also important. Father-daughter and mother-son dances are not the times for lengthy songs. While these certainly may be good choices for when the DJ needs to take a bathroom break, their length could leave you on the dance floor too long and bore your guests as a result. Keep spotlight songs short and to the point. After all, the goal is to have guests up dancing and enjoying themselves. If you and your parent are not the sentimental types,

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Trends: Music that goes with the theme popular Continued from Page A10

chocolate, some brides are looking at flavors like lemon for summer weddings and mocha or praline accented chocolate cakes for the winter months. 7) Music: Brides are selecting music that goes hand-in-hand with wedding themes, ranging from movies to locale (music popular to an area). Another trend may be to ‘shake music up’ Stick with songs that guests may know but brides may choose to find an arrangement that is a little different, a string quartet playing Coldplay. 8) Rehearsal: With the bustle of a wedding less than 24 hours away, many brides are taking a more relaxed look at the rehearsal dinner. While tradition once saw the groom’s family pay for the rehearsal dinner, that seems to have fallen to the wayside. Couples need to decide before the event who is paying, so there’s no confusion once the meal is over.

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then by all means select a song that's less traditional. Rock to heavy metal or show your culture with a song that calls to mind your heritage. In some cases the spotlight dance can be even more poignant when a parent is no longer living and is attending the wedding in spirit only. You may opt to have a few special words said with a particular song that reflects a parent's personality. Otherwise, you can dance with another person in your mother or father's stead.


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A12 January 21, 2014

The Vinton Eagle

June most popular month for weddings For decades the month of June held ďŹ rm as the most popular month for weddings. But statistics now indicate that there may be shifting preferences in the time of the year for marriages. Accord-

ing to The National Center for Health Statistics, July and August are now the most popular months for tying the knot in the United States. September and October have also gained momentum as

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