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Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


In This Issue Dean’s Message .......................................... 3 Ground Breaking News ............................ 4-5 Funding for the Future ................................. 5 Faculty Ponderings ...................................... 6 Awards and Accomplishments ................. 7-9 Alumni Profile ............................................ 10 New Addition to The Falcon Family ........... 10 Catching up with SBA Alumni .................... 11 International Involvement .......................... 12 International Experiences ......................... 13 CU Launch Event ...................................... 14

Lead Now! ................................................. 14 Upcoming Events ................................. 15-16 Note from Alumni Relations ....................... 17 Announcements ........................................ 18 Meet the Team ........................................... 18

The School of Business emboldens a global network of transformative and collaborative Christian leaders, dedicated faculty, entrepreneurial students and active alumni who come together to create sustainable social impact through ethical practice, innovation, and service. Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Dean’s Message Dear CUW School of Business Alumni, I would like to introduce myself to you, our valued alumni. Thank you for taking the time to become reacquainted with the School of Business Administration. It is my honor to serve as the Dean of the School of Business Administration, which also includes the Criminal Justice and Public Policy (JPP) program. As a scientist and entrepreneur, I have been involved in starting and managing a number of companies. I spent 10 years in the biotech and startup world in California, before returning to my home state of Wisconsin. Since returning, I spent 9 years as a Professor at Marquette University and now 5 years at Concordia University Wisconsin. I am deeply committed to our Christian mission of service at CUW and to training the next generation of ethical business leaders. I view the business and justice professions – operating with integrity on sound Christian values like we teach at CUW – as being a vital remedy to much of what we struggle with in society today. We train students for rewarding careers – rewarding on many levels, from financial to personal to spiritual. I am humbled and honored to help our school continue to grow our good work in these areas. I am hoping to establish a more consistent line of communication with you, our alumni. I would love to hear your feedback about CUW; things you liked, and things you think we could do better. We will be sharing updates with you via this new School of Business Alumni Newsletter, which we are calling Business on the Bluff (highlighting our beautiful location on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan). Besides providing you with interesting updates on our activities and notifying you of events you may be interested in attending, we’d also like to highlight achievements of alumni, like you. In that regard, please let us know what you have been up to, by emailing me personally, or at I see our alumni as being an inspiration to our current and future students, so I appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you have been doing. Plus, I want to celebrate your accomplishments, and hear your thoughts and insights! We also have an alumni event at CUW on August 13th, 2016 for the School of Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -

Business (partnering with the School of Health Professions) at the Lakeshore Chinooks game. The ticket package is $20 and includes a ticket to the game, all-you-can-eat through the 6th inning, and two drink tickets. I would love to connect with you at the game. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP @ alumni/events/chinooks.html. Finally, we have a LinkedIn group for the School of Business in which you can connect with other School of Business alumni. Please join the group at groups/3694411 I hope your careers are going well, that God has given you many blessings, and that you continue to live our mission of service to Christ in the Church and in the World, in whatever jobs and careers you have chosen to pursue. I would love to hear from you, and I hope to see you on August 13th. Yours in Christ, Daniel Sem, PhD, MBA, JD Dean, Concordia School of Business Administration


Ground Breaking News

There is much to be thankful for in the School of Business Administration! Our Global MBA program was again rated the largest MBA program in Wisconsin. Despite the rapid growth, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the integration of faith and learning into the classroom and through our curriculum. We have also added new degree or specialization programs in: paralegal studies, minors in forensic accounting and family business studies, a Justice and Public Policy Scholars program (undergraduate and graduate degrees in 4 years), a 1-year leadership graduate degree, and new Global MBA specializations in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, as well as Sustainability Management and Analytics. For those of you who have not been in touch with us, you may not know that several years back we merged with Concordia University Ann Arbor. Our two business schools have been working closely ever since, and we view ourselves as one university with two campuses (and 9 centers). The campus Dean in Ann Arbor is Prof. Suzanne Siegle, and we will be having our joint strategic planning session for both campuses in Ann Arbor this year. Perhaps the biggest news is that we are planning a new building to serve as the home for the School of Business Administration. This will be a four-story, 80,000 square foot building, with ground breaking anticipated for spring of 2017 and completed in time for the Fall semester of 2018. This schedule remains contingent on our fundraising efforts, which to date, have been going well. I will share more details in the next newsletter, but suffice to say this is long overdue. Our school has doubled in size since 2007, and through the capable leadership of my predecessor and friend Dr. Borst, we are now strained for office and classroom space. A unique feature of the new building will be incubator/startup space for student-led startup companies, so students can begin to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world scenarios, either starting their own company or helping someone else start one (more on that later). Another unique feature will be a partnership with our School of Health Professions (Dean Linda Samuel), wherein there will be a functioning rehabilitation clinic that our School of Business Healthcare Administration program will help run. The business of healthcare, as well as entrepreneurship, will be an important theme for the building. The building itself will be called the Free Enterprise Center, in keeping with our philosophy that business and transparent marketplaces (e.g. better connecting cost and value) are efficient and can help solve many problems that society struggles with, including the high cost of healthcare (approaching 20% of GDP). Concordia and our students have been remarkably active in the world of entrepreneurship and startups in the last year and have been highlighted in the press for their many achievements. In my mind, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking is the application of what is taught in the classroom. In our new CU launch program, four student-led startup companies were formed last year. This year, CU Launch has been expanded to four of our centers (Appleton, Mequon, Waukesha, Madison) and opened up to the community! Concordia’s involvement in entrepreneurship has also occurred at the inter-institutional level, via our recent co-sponsoring of the Healthcare Innovation Pitch Event with the Medical College of Wisconsin. This event is where four regional healthcare startups were formed, and received $100,000 in seed funds during a high profile Shark Tank-like event. Essential Biotechnology won 1st place for their efforts at developing a drug to treat pancreatic cancer, and went on to win 2nd place in the state Governor’s Business Plan competition. Concordia also has a very active and growing international program. We are now hosting a Global Business Leaders speaker series this fall, which I hope you can attend (register here: Additionally, we have an active partnership with Upper Austria University. This past year, three Upper Austria students spent a semester in Mequon and 19 Mequon students went to Austria. We also have partnerships with various universities in China which bring Chinese students to our campus and create unique study abroad opportunities for our students. Within China, we have over 200 MBA students and we are building up a significant Chinese Alumni network! In fact, as I write this, I am in China visiting our students and alumni. These are just some of the highlights of the last year. You can read more about these and other activities in the pages within, including an interesting article on Free Enterprise concepts from a Lutheran perspective by our own Dr. Van Mobley. I hope you enjoy the reading and walk away a bit more informed as to what we have been up to. -Daniel Sem, PhD, MBA, JD Dean, Concordia School of Business Administration

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Ground Breaking News Cont.

SBA Alums! I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how excited I am about the School of Health Professions (SHP) partnership with SBA! I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Chinooks game on August 13th to talk to you about the Center for Interprofessional Health Care Innovation that will be housed in the new building. The Center will house an integrative Early Childhood Language and Literacy Classroom for preschoolers and a rehabilitation center where our students from Speech Language Pathology, Occupational, and Physical Therapy will learn and help the community. The expertise of you and the faculty of SBA will help us develop and market these services. I look forward to hearing your ideas! Dr. Linda Samuel, Dean of School of Health Professions

Funding for the Future Alumni of Concordia’s School of Business Administration should be both excited and proud of the plans Dr. Sem is developing for the future. His vision and entrepreneurial spirit are reflected in many of the elements being included in the new building that will serve as the home for the School of Business. While the tremendous growth experienced at Concordia has necessitated this new facility, it would not be possible without the outpouring of financial support from many foundations, corporations, and especially from alumni. The board approved funding goal of $14 million for the building is a stretch for us, but we are pleased to report that we are more

than halfway there! In the months to come our funding efforts will become increasingly public under the campaign theme “For a Greater Purpose.” We’ll share more about the theme in the future, but for now we will continue to reach out to our alumni and friends who can help make this vision a reality. If you would like to help in any way or would like to learn about naming opportunities in the new building, please contact me at Rev. Dr. Roy Peterson, Vice President of Advancement Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Faculty Ponderings Free Enterprise in the Lutheran Tradition There is a debate among economic historians considering the origins of and prospects for America’s free enterprise system. Some argue that it is an old system with its roots stretching back into the mists of time. Others suggest that it is of recent vintage—a fragile creation of the modern age. At Concordia we think it is both/and much more. Certainly some of the central elements of the free enterprise system – like respect for private property – are present in the earliest scriptures. The Bible clearly teaches that neither private persons nor sovereign kings should steal. But the prohibition against theft is not a denunciation of taxation or an encouragement to hoard. Wealth, or the accumulation of private property, is never the primary objective of a well ordered life – even an entrepreneurial one. Likewise the scriptures clearly encourage hard work and thrift. In fact, they command it. After the fall, we are told, men and women will live by the sweat of their brow. But we are not to work always and at all times. It is equally if not more important to rest and worship (and allow one’s employees to rest and worship) at the correct time and place. The scriptures also encourage charity – and demand that we refrain from condemning or judging persons on the basis of their wealth. After all, all material possessions are actually the Lord’s gift. Pride goeth before the fall, and those who ascribe earthly success or failure entirely to the person who enjoys or suffers it probably need to spend a bit more time in the scriptures. In sum, then, there is much in our Lutheran Christian tradition to encourage us to participate in the free enterprise system as good stewards of the time, talents and resources with which we have been blessed. There is somewhat less in our tradition to help us negotiate, preserve, or reform the free enterprise system as it exists in the current day. For example, would our system be better off if the federal government relied more on tariff revenue to fund its activities and less on income and payroll taxes? How much, if any, should the government regulate activities within the free enterprise system? Our tradition does not offer precise answers to such questions – but it does provide a framework for considering them. Likewise, our tradition fails to locate for us all the entrepreneurial opportunities in the marketplace. Should we locate a coffee-shop in an old downtown area or adjacent to the freeway offramp? The Bible doesn’t say—but it does teach us to be attentive to the wants and needs of our fellow humans – and figuring out what they want and need is an important step in devising a successful business plan. Finally, our tradition highlights the role of faith in our lives. We have faith that we have always been and will remain in the hand of a loving Creator who uses all things for good for those who trust him. If there is anything our free enterprise system needs now, it is faith that things will be ok and that tomorrow will come and courage to defend the practices and institutions that have contributed to our success. We are free to do the right thing, not because we control the free enterprise system or can exploit it to our own narrow advantage, but because our Sovereign Lord remains in command. And in the end our ultimate objectives are above and beyond those material possessions generated by the free enterprise system. The free enterprise system is old and young. At Concordia we teach students how it works and what role activities in it should play in their own lives. The knowledge we impart helps equip them for success in the marketplace and beyond.

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Awards and Accomplishments Student & Faculty Awards

Raymond Banks Graduate Business Student of the Year This award is presented to the best overall graduate student in academics, display of leadership abilities, and who has consistently earned honor grades during their term of enrollment. Presented by: Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr.

Sarajean Osterink The William Grenville Ellis Business Student of the Year

Colleen Henderson The John Wandschneider Adult Education Faculty of the Year

This award is presented to the best overall undergraduate student in academics, co-curricular activities and the display of leadership abilities, who has consistently earned honor grades during their term of enrollment. Presented by: Nancy Ellis

Presented by: Prof. Angie Belz

Katherine Pauletti Business Relations Student of the Year This award is given to the top undergraduate student seeking a Business Communications, International Business, Management, Marketing, Business, or Public Relations degree within the School of Business. Presented by: Dr. Jane Bishop

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Awards and Accomplishments Student & Faculty Awards

Sigma Beta Delta Class of 2016

Noah Smith Quantitative Business Student of the Year This award is given to the top undergraduate student seeking an Accounting, Actuarial Science, Economics or Finance degree within the School of Business. Presented by: Prof. Dana Outhouse

Samuel Rieker The Joseph G. Andritzky Justice Student of the Year Presented to the best overall undergraduate student in academics, co-curricular activities and leadership abilities, who is majoring in Justice and Public policy. Presented by: Dr. Kenneth Harris, Jr.

Dana Outhouse Undergraduate Business Faculty Member of the Year This award is selected by the members of the graduating class to recognize the faculty person who has most influenced their education. Presented by: Dr. Daniel Sem

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Awards and Accomplishments Student & Faculty Awards

Victoria Hildebrandt The Servant Leadership Award Recipient As a part of our Mission, “for service to Christ in the Church and the world,� this award is presented to a graduating senior who has shown they are dedicated to serving others and motivated to better the world around them.

Nicole Ninaus

Presented by: Prof. Dana Outhouse

Adult Education Student of the Year Presented by: Prof. Angie Belz

Brianne Durante Sport and Hospitality Business Student of the Year This award is given to the top undergraduate student pursing a degree in Sport and Entertainment Business or Hospitality and Event Management within the School of Business Presented by: Prof. David Snieg

Andrew Reicher The American Bicentennial Award Recipient Established by Mr. E. R. Brann, this award is a university commencement award given to a graduating School of Business Administration Student who has overcome adversity and or challenges as they pursued their degree. Presented by: Prof. Tim Scheppa Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Alumni Profile Christopher Biesboer– Class of 2015 A CUW alumnus is the recipient of the prestigious Elijah Watt Sells Award, given to individuals who have received the highest scores in the nation on the Certified Public Accountant Exam. Christopher Biesboer, who received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Concordia, was among only 75 individuals who qualified for the award out of the nearly 94,000 nationwide who sat for the CPA exam in 2015. He was one of four recipients who attended a Wisconsin university. The CPA exam is known for its arduousness, as historical pass rates hover just under 50 percent, according to AICPA figures. On average, less than one in every 10 people will pass all four sections on the first attempt, and less than one in 1,200 test-takers will be eligible for the Elijah Watt Sells Award. In order to receive the award, an individual must take each section of the exam in the same year, pass each section the on first

attempt, and achieve a cumulative average score above 95.5 across all four sections. Biesboer, a Chicago-area native, said he spent an estimated two to three hours each day over approximately eight months, or more than 500 hours total, studying for the CPA last year. “A lot of people will tell you they come out of the exam thinking, ‘Oh I did terrible,’ and that’s how I felt after most (sections) of it,” Biesboer said. “Once I received the actual score, I was very excited.” Biesboer now works at KPMG in Chicago focusing on Federal Tax.

New Addition To The Falcon Family There is a new—and at the same time familiar—face on Concordia University Wisconsin’s campus. A bronze statue of Martin Luther was installed on April 6, in front of the campus’ main entrance. For the creation of the statue, Concordia’s Reformation 500 Committee commissioned CUW alumnus Andrew Schumann. The 5foot-tall, statue stands on a 2.5-foot-tall pedestal, with one hand pointing a finger to the heavens and the other holding an open Bible. On the Bible is inscribed a verse from Romans 3:28, “For we hold that one is justified, without the works of the law, alone through faith.” “Our committee felt that this verse captured Luther’s work as a reformer, translator, and Bible teacher,” said Rev. Dr. Timothy Maschke, professor of theology and Reformation 500 committee chair. “This is one of the key Reformation verses in Luther’s understanding of God’s gracious, full, and free gift of forgiveness, life, and salvation.” The statue comes in advance of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, when Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany, thus drawing into question the church’s false notion that, among other things, forgiveness and grace could be bought. Even though 2017 marks the actual milestone year, many Lutherans are marking the historic occasion with events or commemorations leading up to it. At CUW, members of the specially formed Reformation 500 Committee began in 2012 to organize and host bi-annual public lectures in the fall and spring to celebrate the variety of ways in which the Reformation has impacted theology and the Church, as well as the arts and sciences. The committee has a special symposium planned for next year. “I think as a Lutheran campus, obviously we want to keep that Lutheran heritage,” said Maschke. “The Reformation is a good opportunity for us to do something like that. It becomes a public witness.” Learn more about Concordia’s upcoming Reformation 500 events at

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Catching Up with SBA Alumni We asked our alumni a few questions:

Roger Fuerstenau B.A in Business Class of 1984

What is your greatest professional achievement?

Developing a new department including hiring and training the team, writing the career path, the procedures and policies, and watching the team succeed.

Writing for the Milwaukee Community Journal as a regular, featured artist. I feel that this endeavor allows me to give back to Masters in Business the community via my writings of faith and motivation. We need Class of 2014 professionals in our community to uplift the people with positive prose, seeding and weeding out all forms of negativity from this thing we call life.

Sonya Bowman

Ryan Roman

Do you have any advice for current CUW students? Helping others succeed without looking for anything in return is amazing. If you can find a mix of what you are passionate about while helping others you will be more successful than you ever dreamed.

Stay focused on God first at all times‌Make your studies your second priority...and third but not least, keep your head to the sky treating others with the kindness and respect that you expect!

Managing a $7+ million-dollar Masters of Business project that engineered a RADAR training system for the U.S. Navy Management from concept to installation, over the Class of 2015 course of 3 contracts and 2 years.

Never stop learning. Even after completing a degree or terminal degree, keep striving to become better qualified & educated. I always look at what my boss has that I am lacking and try to emulate/ learn that key skill or aspect.

Work for the board of directors at Workforce Solutions Capital Area in Austin, Texas. I am currently an Employer Engagement Specialist. Without my HR degree and B.A in Human Resource Management education from Concordia, I wouldn't be where I am right now. Class of 2015 I have so much knowledge from my education that I can actually apply on the day-to-day basis.

Get as much experience as you can prior to graduating in whatever field you are going in. There are many opportunities for you! Learn to highlight the skills you have that pertain directly to the job you want and sell yourself.

Nya Nealy

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


International Involvement

Concordia University Wisconsin has a cohort partnership with five universities in China, in which their students participate in our MBA program. When they have completed their degree requirements, they come to the Mequon campus for the Graduate Commencement. This past May, 56 Chinese students that went to the cohort universities came with their families to attend graduation. On Friday, May 13th, the students and their families participated in several activities leading up to the commencement ceremony. Their day included a meet-and-greet with the MBA Program Director, Dr. Carrie

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -

Buri and the Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Daniel Sem. The day also included a graduation orientation, regalia preparation, lunch on campus, and group photos. The day was complete with the Graduate Commencement at 6:00pm. The students from China left the United States within the next few days. Which ended a very busy 3-4 days in the USA for the students who joined their fellow 2016 graduates at the commencement.


International Experiences Cross-Cultural Business Conference Hosted by: University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Steyr, Austria

Following the Undergraduate Commencement ceremony on May 14, 2016, 19 students, along with Professor Erik Hollander and Dr. Daniel Sem, left for Austria for the week. In addition to being tourists, the CUW MBA students attended the Cross-Cultural Business Conference. Dr. Daniel Sem presented at the conference on both the “Legal, Ethical, and Business Consideration in Developing Drugs Derived from Traditional Medicine” and “Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation”. Professor Erik Hollander also presented at the conference. His presentation discussed “Impending Advancements in Healthcare Quality and Outcomes in the United States”. The group of th students who attended From June 13-30 , 2016, a variety of loved having the Concordia faculty, including University opportunity to learn President Rev. Patrick T. Ferry, Vice about the different President of Academics, Dr. William cultural viewpoints in Cario, and Dr. Daniel Sem, traveled to international visit the Cohort universities. In addition, business. students from our MBA program were also in China on a short-term study abroad trip. More about these visits will be included in the next issue of “Business on the Bluff”.

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


CU Launch Event More than 10 CUW students played the role of inventors this fall, producing creations that ranged from a self-charging lamp to an educational computer app that allows users to participate in stock trading in a game like setting. The innovations were part of the University’s first annual CU Launch program, in which students interested in entrepreneurship had opportunity to learn about business basics and then create their own idea to market. “The goal really is to give our students a chance to be entrepreneurs, and team up to form businesses around their ideas,” said Dr. Daniel Sem, Dean of Concordia University’s School of Business Administration and an organizer of the launch event. Taking home the first place award of $5,000 in seed funds was Colin Murdy with his creation of glow lamps. The product, called Vialamp, is a lamp with primary and secondary light purposes, that is built with specialized fluorescents that glow with a short burst of light. According to Murdy, after two minutes of use, the lamp will have charged up the tube so that it glows bright enough to use for another 30 minutes. For every lamp purchased in America, Murdy says he plans to donate one in the developing world. The CU Launch program was about more than just winning; it is about learning more about how to turn innovative ideas into a functioning business. For more information on the CU Launch program, contact Dr. Sem at

Lead Now! Five of Concordia University’s top leaders, recently discussed emerging topics in education, entrepreneurship, and innovation at a free learning event titled Lead Now! Each of the dynamic speakers are members of Concordia’s leadership team, and are also recognized scholars, authors, speakers, and thought leaders in their areas of expertise.

The speakers included our School of Business Dean, Dr. Daniel Sem, who gave a presentation on his personal story and how to be “The Entrepreneurial Leader”. You can watch the entire TED-Talk on the CUW website at: leadnow.html

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Upcoming Events CU Launch 2016 Do you have a business idea that you believe can be profitable and make an impact? If so, join us for our next CU Launch! "Lean Startup" event. CU Launch! is a free event designed to help you with an early stage idea or company plan and helps you grow that into a thriving business!

The kick-off workshop includes hands-on learning of the Business Model Canvas, legal startup advice, business mentoring, networking, and much more! Dr. Daniel Sem, Dean of the CUW School of Business Administration will host each event and help attendees throughout the process. Pick the date and location that works best for you! The events listed below begin at 5:00pm at the listed location. Nov. 14th @ Madison Center Nov. 15th @ Waukesha Center Nov. 16th @ Appleton Center Nov. 17th @ Mequon Center For more information on the next CU Launch, contact Dr. Sem at

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Upcoming Events Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Chinooks Game

Join us in honoring CUW’s exceptional athletes as they are inducted into the 2016 Hall of Fame. Then enjoy food, fellowship, and beverages at the Chinooks game.

Saturday, July 30th

Milwaukee Athletic Club Rooftop Social Tuesday, August 9th 4-7 PM Enjoy this unique experience to see the Milwaukee skyline while enjoying the company of fellow CUW alumni. Sponsored by: Chez Misko BA ‘96, MBA ‘98, COO of the Wisconsin Athletic Club

Lakeshore Chinooks vs. Green Bay Bullfrogs Saturday, August 13th

Kapco Park - Mequon, WI (On CUW's Mequon campus)

First Pitch 6:35 PM (gates open at 5:35 PM)

LSSES Krankin’ for Kids Bike Ride/ Walk Saturday, September 10th Join us in putting together a CUW Team for a GREAT Bike Ride to make a difference in the lives of some special kids! Volunteers and participants needed. Be sure to sign up as a part of the CUW team for a discounted rate.

Homecoming & Freddy Fest Saturday, November 5th Come back to campus and get involved with the fun of Homecoming. Join in with fellow alumni for a full day of watching various sporting events, supporting your alma mater, and enjoying a variety of alumni events. Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -

Ticket package is $20 per person ($40 value) (Limit 6 tickets per alumnus) Package includes: Ticket to the game (access to the Left Field Patio) All-you-can-eat ballpark fare through the 6th inning Two drink tickets per person Tickets are limited, so Register early! Reservation deadline is Friday, August 5th. Questions? Call 262-243-2008 or email Chinooks details can be found at -

Note From Alumni Relations Greetings fellow CUW Alumni: I am honored and pleased to partner with Dr. Sem and the Concordia University School of Business Administration in this new connection with you, my fellow SBA alumni. As you can see from the information in this new online publication, there are so many exciting programs and events being planned for our students and alumni. This newsletter will be a great opportunity for you to learn about resources available to you and to reconnect with your alma mater. We hope you will enjoy this resource and share this publication with your family and colleagues. CUW alumni are very diverse with graduates from our traditional undergraduate, accelerated, online, graduate, and doctoral programs. Concordia opened its doors in 1881 as a preparatory high school for young men going into the pastoral ministry. In the 60's and early 70's, a lay ministry program was incorporated in the curriculum along with co-educational programs for those interested in becoming teachers, deaconesses, or social workers in the Lutheran Church. In 1974, Concordia merged with the Spenserian Business College, which is the foundation for our current SBA, and we are now the second largest private business college in Wisconsin. In 2013, Concordia University Wisconsin merged with Concordia University Ann Arbor. Currently, Concordia University has six schools and offers 70+ undergraduate programs, 25+ master degrees and 4 doctoral degrees, along with a variety of continuing education opportunities. As you read earlier, there are many exciting plans for the School of Business Administration. Dr. Sem, Dean of the School of Business Administration, and the entire faculty continue to be striving to enhance the learning of the undergrad and graduate students. That includes connecting our alumni with the current students. Stay tuned to the bi-annual “Business on the Bluff” publication and to the monthly CUW alumni e -newsletter to keep you updated and informed of resources and events. If you are not receiving the alumni e-newsletter, go to and click on the alumni e-newsletter hyperlink or update your profile with a current email address at Your alma mater is here to assist you in your careers and your continued Concordia experience. As alumni, you have many resources available to you, including other CUW alumni, Career Services, Rincker Library, and continuing education opportunities. Watch for information on a new platform preparing to launch in January 2017 where you can connect with other engaged CUW alumni, faculty, and students to offer assistance as a mentor, with an internship, informational interviews, or just to be a connection for someone in a new field or location. In the meantime, you can connect with close to 16,000 CUW alumni and students on the Concordia University Wisconsin LinkedIn page. You can also stay connected with the Concordia University alumni Facebook pages. I look forward to working with you to continue your Concordia experience through events, continued learning, professional/social networking, community service, and sharing your stories. Please feel free to share your ideas on how we can better serve you and your community through an event, program or service. We pray for God’s guidance and blessings as together we strive to fulfil the mission of Concordia University Wisconsin. You are the key to carrying forward that mission into your families, workplace, churches, and communities.

Michelle “Mickie” Wagner Director of Alumni & Parent Relations Concordia University Wisconsin

Check out the CUW Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information on upcoming 2016 events! Or check out the CUW website for more information

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


Announcements Congratulations We would like to offer our best wishes to all of the School of Business Administration graduates of May 2016.

Join the School of Business Administration group on LinkedIn!!

Watch for the next issue of Business on the Bluff in January 2017!

Meet The Team Sam Wladyka

Allison Weber

Senior Editor

Lead Designer

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Daniel Sem & Professor Marquita Taylor Published by CUW School of Business Administration Concordia University Wisconsin 12800 North Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, WI 53097 Comments or Questions? Please e-mail us at

Business On The Bluff: June 2016 Issue 1 -


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