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to yodel's interseason issue. All is quiet in resort but we couldn't starve you of something to keep yourselves entertained. Here at yodel we've been keeping our eyes and ears open for all the local myths and legends to predict a good winter season. Rain in July...check, an abundancy of wasps...check, thick skins on the onions...check. If the rumours are to be believed then we're looking forward to a pretty awesome winter - fingers crossed! In December yodel will be back and better than ever with new features, big name interviews and some fab competition prizes. We will also start publishing our Avoriaz issue of yodel magazine so you can be kept in the know for all three resorts. See you then! If you're opening a new business in Morzine, Les Gets or Avoriaz this winter, please get in touch - we'd love to hear your plans! Don’t forget – you can read yodel and our web exclusive articles online too – contact us\\

There's something about the Piste Map ...................................................... 4 \\We investigate the makings of a piste map and talk to the people who make them

The Gallery ...................................................................................................... 6 \\Alpine artist Jose van 't Hek

Witness the Fitness ........................................................................................ 8 \\Round two of our exercises to get you ski fit for winter

Best Foot Forward ........................................................................................ 10 \\Keith makes sure your ski boots fit you properly

Leaving on a Jet Plane ................................................................................. 12 \\We round up the best short break destinations from Geneva airport

The Big Job ................................................................................................ ...14 \\Piste preparation in Avoriaz

What's On? ................................................................................................... 15 \\Events in and around Les Gets and Morzine this autumn Cover image Copyright © Katerina Ferfecka






de l'Au Pointe

is ebo Corn

Les Bos so Coq ns s-1 &2

Smooth Park

Super Ch atel

Chermillon Morc lan

Conch e

Châtel 1200-2100m

rêt le C

Petit Châtel Onnaz

Ch Lo ng e

Tour de Don

sine Barbos

La Dra nse d'A bond ance


Gra nd sP lac es

PLAN DE CROIX s Tête es ud Dje

Jore tte


Torgon 1100-2300m

rd na Fig




4 Le Bouveret

Stade Su rf

Lac des Plagne LA COMBE 1700m

re was father Pier Frederique’s in Val t tis ar uenced a Cubist-infl in ur g this the 1960’s. D Isere during La A Chapelle d’ tria and us COL DE RECON of 1733m resorts d'Abondance aps m time the ski ng pi were develo MONT CHAUFFÉ hevel Switzerland rc 2093m ou C d areas an t tis ar of their ski an r fo ok MONT ted to lo arLENLEU st panorama.CORNETTES DE BISE 2093m same kind of to create the eventually2432m the job and Pierre got ederique Fr er daught d trained his rg the la est an aft. Some of orld w in the cr e th in s LE GRAMMONT ea essful ski ar most succ2172m erique Novat had the Fred w no ve ha that you're ns hich mea treatment, w eir artwork a copy of th likely to find sallopettes. ’s ar of last ye in the pocket landscape distort the “I gently e pistes th u can see so that yo er most H . ue iq Freder resort behind” says ed ch t, the re-laun recent projec 1020-2000m

ey Tronch


Contreband iers


z thia Pan

la Panthiaz

00 he 20 Conc

St Gingolph


eu erm Ch



Le Co rbe au

e Stad

Pré -la-V Châlet neuf 1 & 2 ieille

Le Corbeau


Les Prodains

d'A rd en t


Pré s

Le Corbeau Cu tet1& 2

Procl ou

Séra uss aix

Crê t Bé ni

L'Ech o Alpi n

La Le ich e


nt Géa

Les Com bes

ux Jo


Pr od Snowpark ain de la Chapelle s

signatures , angular The stylized in other ap m e st pi of a miliar. at the bottom fa ly us MONT DE GRANGE s are curio 2432m large ski area ap you're e lam Joux te that thPré – ap They indica m ry na is no ordi ry lle ga looking at the of art from – it is a work erre Novat Pi d an ue e ’v ho of Frederiq w daughter team ea ar i a father and sk CRÊT BÉNI r ei 1700m ous for th become fam Linga . hy ap gr topo é la Pr

se lleu Fo La




nque e Lo Pierr

ux joye Plan

x hau La C

t isDranse The ArtPlaine


La Foilleuse

e ch Tru

Rocha sson Plain s e-Dra nse

Derrière Pertuis

Edge Park bes Com EdgePark Edge Park rête La C

es ass ch Bo

ya pa ya Sé pa Sé

Ch au

s pey Cham

Ke yse t

e des Aiguill

s pey am Ch

Lé ch ère Ba rm ett Chaux Fle e urie

es sé -ro es x-d



Trom by




s Ecole

ux ha oc Br



Dro mo nts



La Co mb e


Mo sse ttes - Fra nce




Lind aret s

Ham eau Tk d u

Les Crosets







che Con nde che Gra Con nde Gra

Snowpark des Crosets

ré bo Cu

ets os Cr



Pau vre C onch e

use here L'Ec

Boarder Cross d'Arare


Lou is


is rad Pa nd Croix de Culet Gra ry on pé us m a he rc Ch Ma

Grand Paradis

Le sC h Ch ouc av as an ett e

&2 ille 1 Ripa

Cu bo ré

1800-2000m x au ch na Pla

es Grandes Comb

tte ne ava Ch



Le Fornet

e to imagin You’d likenow the Portes that you k iste map quite du Soleil p n’t you? Every well, would run and every turn, every on it! But who Avoriaz nd restaurant te maps a is p es k it? a o m d ey th o d h how on eartat there are two It seems th rent m ethods Les Brochaux very diffe science on one with sheer ale and a work end of the sc other. of art on the Les Lindarets

Lac Intr ets





ly oil nf Ra

La R osta

Ch Ch avan ava n nn es es

Atr ay


The Science Plene y


Ch âte au

héry Mt-C


te Poin y hér er-C e Sup Ours

nde Gra

Les P laneys

Ch am iaz




r bo Na dère


re av é-F Pr

Folli ets d u

he Turc

Grand Tê Cry te d C es roix Crê ts

Tro nc s

Lyon Chambéry Genève

res rriè Pé

ttes vere Ra



r 'O sd ain Gr

Nau che ts

tes Tê


e int Po

Freestyle District

Ch éry No rd


Les Gets 1172-2OO2m

gle Earth, age of Goo But in this Super-Morzine nd drawn? ha COL DE GRAYDON piste maps 1800m why are our LA COMBE are also DE GRAYDON in Meylan A company formation e th in ers COL DES FOLLYS market lead e a totally 1659m s, but they us of piste map Kaliblue ue bl e Th Montriond hod. different met piste maps be found on logo can now g the Portes Village des Follys POINTE DE e Alps, includin Lac de Montriond ss thNANTAUX acro2110m lleys. Va d the Three an il POINTE D'ENTRE DEUX PERTUIS le So du 2180m a process e GPS and Kaliblue PICus to createLa Moussière DE LA CORNE mmetry ogra 2084m called phot expanse an rs of St-Jean d'Aulps the contou e piste map e start of th n io at of land at th rm fo in c (geographi ed at gr process. GIS te in are is then the system) softw l model of ta gi di a e ed’ ss to produc re ‘d an is then ain. A 3D pl her ot terrL'Essert d an ns the ski ru to highlight . A piste Abondance a piste map on es ur feat st 15 days ju in Ludoffaz produced map can be nical data. all the tech if they have a project ns ea m scratch Starting from th on s. ke several m could also ta phone Lac du Jotty that mobile lities bi It’s possible pa ca PS with G applications ste map e printed pi th e ac pl re will s, which ar ye of couple other over the next ch hi al shame. W work will be a re ed ld fo a u do with sport can yo pocket? of art in your Cru sa z

Morzine 1000-2466m

Supe r Mor zine

Gr ay do n


Tê tes


Fo lly s


Terc hette



To rch on

Grande Terche




y Covagn

e rn Co


x ou rém nd F Gra

moux Petit Fré

L'E cu elle

t er ss L'E

930m -1700m -1700m



Mo uille -au -Ch at

Bla nch ôt







4 months in Spain, took of Formigal over the s First she flie to complete. an idea t ge to r LE RANFOILLY helicopte photos area in a 1825m ng scape, taki k and LA ac ROSTA of the land bl A . 1665m es sketch sent and making en th is afted draft white hand cr Colours . al ov pr ap for s, TURCHE to the resort villaLAge such as ils ta de d added. an en th e ar oods roads and w used only Cross district chnology isLes Chavannes runs te r te pu om C e ski th il ta de d to by the at the very en ed id data prov and lifts with resort itself.


Evian-les-Bains Kaliblue

Dir. Thon Gen

The Gallery Originally from Holland, Jose van t'Hek has lived in the area on and off for over a decade now. It was here she re-discovered her love of art and took inspiration for her paintings from the Alpine wildlife. "I always wanted to be a painter but was not allowed to go to the art school when I was younger. At that time in Holland it was not a respectable place for an educated girl because there were too many drugs there. It wasn't until around 13 years ago that I started to design and paint again. I have lived in Le Biot semi-permanently for 10 years now, my husband and I originally bought the farm for holidays but now we spend most of our time here. I once took a few art lessons to improve my painting technique but really I feel that learning to paint is trying and trying again until you get it right. I did so many things before I found art again. My last job was as a sales manager at an American holding. I also worked as a travel guide in Tunisia but back


then it was easy to get a job like that. I re-started my life as an artist by painting a friend's dog as a present and have just continued painting animals from there. The main inspiration for my paintings has to be Henk Helmantel, he is a realist painter but his subject is usually still life as opposed to the animals that I paint. I prefer realist art, I want to make things even better than they are in real life, that's what really attracts me to this style of painting. My paintings on wood are really popular, they follow the cows in October when they are herded down the mountain. I don't struggle to know when I have finished a piece. When I am done with it I am done and I like to start on something new. The original dog painting took me a month but I paint with oils so it always takes me a long time because you need to build up the colours throughout the painting and it takes a long time for each layer to dry. The people who buy my art are all completely different. My first

art exhibition was at the Salle de Expo in Morzine in August and hopefully at some point I will have the opportunity to do it again. The best feeling is when I see people enjoying my work and, of course, I am thrilled when a painting is sold".

Here at yodel we think everyone deserves a bit of pampering and luckily the kind people at Indulge Beauty & Massage are offering yodel readers just that. Enter our interseason competition to win a â‚Ź50 voucher for Indulge, valid for a whole year to use against their huge range of treatments including massage, manicures, pedicures and waxing. All you have to do is answer this simple question:

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The sun has shone down this summer and most of us can all feel guilty about a few too many cocktails and barbecues and not enough exercise. Don't fear though, it's not too late to get your skills into shape ready for December. This issue we focus on balance. Bad balance skills can make everything we do on the snow more challenging than it needs to be. To combat this problem there are a number of exercises designed to gradually improve your stability without the excess equipment of balance balls and dumbbells. The standard of your skiing and snowboarding can largely depend on your ability to balance on the slopes. Good balance allows us to remain upright when sometimes the laws of gravity would dictate otherwise! The best balance means we can stand on our skis or snowboard with minimal effort from our muscles.

Single Leg Toe Touch This one's a bit tricky because you need to start by balancing on one leg from the off. While standing on one leg, reach down with your opposite arm and touch the floorpreferably without toppling over! Stay balanced on the same leg as you return to standing and repeat ten times before switching sides and balancing on the other leg. 8

The Single Leg Squat This one involves a little bit of your imagination‌pretend you are holding ski poles in your hands at chest height. Now stand on one leg and squat down while keeping your core tight. While doing so, maintain an upright posture and keep your loose leg bent slightly a few inches from the ground. As before, repeat this ten times and then change legs.

One Legged Stance This is an important exercise to balance your legs individually. You may have noticed your balance is better on one side which is why it's important to ensure you strengthen both legs. Stand straight with your feet a hips width apart and distribute your weight evenly across the soles of your feet. With your hands on your hips, lengthen your spine and shift your weight onto one leg as you lift the other and hold for five seconds.

Back Twist Hold your arms out to other side with soft elbows and stand straight with your feet hips width apart. Then twist at the waist around and back to the starting position while keeping your hips facing forward. You should turn your head with the rest of your spine so that your eyes follow the hand that is reaching back.

la maison

shopping services Toe and Heel Rock Stand straight with your weight distributed evenly and your feet directly beneath your hips. Now rock yourself up onto the balls of your feet and then back down until you are pulling your toes off the floor. Keep your body straight upright and try to only move your ankles and feet. Repeat this exercise as many times as feels comfortable for you, this will often be until you feel a warming sensation in your feet and calves.

The Wall Starfish

Do your shopping online in the UK & have it delivered to Morzine or Les Gets fresh meat, dairy produce, groceries and now frozen foods Fixed delivery charge of 20% No VAT added Unlimited spend Parcels from â‚Ź2.00 each

05 55 41 46 88 Alpine Warehouse.pdf




Stand against the wall with your head, shoulders and buttocks touching it but with your feet about 6 inches away. Now extend your arms outwards away from your shoulders with soft elbows. Now shift your weight onto one leg as you hold out the other to the side. Now shift your weight onto the other leg and repeat the action 8-10 times on each side.

So far Yodel have shown you how to build your core muscles and improve your balance to get you back in shape for the start of the winter. In our December issue of Yodel we'll be looking into how to get your ski legs back into condition, we hope you've been following our guide and will all be mountain ready for the arrival of snow-good luck! Always remember to be responsible when exercising. While it is important to push yourself, never go to far and stay within the limits of what your body finds comfortable or you could end up injuring yourself.

Ski Boot Fitting Now Underway

Make the 2011/12 season a comfortable one! Keith, our qualified and experienced ski boot fitter is now taking appointments for boot fittings. You don't have to put up with uncomfortable ski boots! And you'll be a better skier when your boots fit properly. Route de la Plagne, Morzine +33 (0) 4 50 49 11 57

Best f

t forward

As the winter season draws closer we’ve started to dust off our ski kit. It’s not in great nick to be honest and I remember how much those ski boots used to pinch last winter. In fact ‘pinch’ is an understatement. Ski boots are notorious for inflicting agonising pain and can even put people off ski holidays altogether – skiing has a 76% drop-out rate!

the time they are ineffective – they claim that they have a boot that will mold itself perfectly to your foot. That’s impossible. Only a trained and experienced human being can do that to your ski boot’.

‘I have a foot fetish’ Keith jokes when I ask him how he became a ski boot fitter. When he left the Army, ski boot fitting was in its infancy and Keith became passionate about bio-mechanics and the adaptation of ski boots to skiers. "All feet are different and their morphology effects lower leg alignment and balance". Keith became very experienced in how these variances affect skiing. "Altering a boot construction can greatly improve skiing performance" - this is Keith's speciality.

A good ski boot fitter should quiz you on your actual ski ability rather than your perceived performance. If they accept ‘I’m an intermediate skiier’ as an answer then they won’t be able to fit your boots correctly for you. Your type of skiing – nervous or aggressive?, your experience – two years or twenty?, your ski boot history – do they usually hurt? All of these factors affect how your ski boots should be set up.

On the day I meet Keith at Alpine Sports in Morzine it’s pushing 35 degrees outside and winter couldn’t seem further away. But Keith has already started taking bookings for his specialist ski boot fitting services; such is his reputation across Morzine and Les Gets.

There is lots of machinery available to assist with the fitting of ski boots. Most of the big ski hardware shops have them. ‘You can’t replace knowledge and experience’ Keith tells me. ‘Ski boot brands come up with new technology every year, new inventions that claim to make ski boots more comfortable. Most of


‘84% of skiers are wearing boots that are at least 2 sizes too big for them’. This is Keith talking but the fact can be backed up with scientific research too. The consequence is that we’ll never be able to ski properly if our boots are too big for us. When you buy new boots, they will feel exceptionally tight in places. This isn’t because they are too small – it’s because they need to mold to your particular foot shape and they need to be tight at the start to do this.

So what are the advantages of having your ski boots fitted by an experienced expert? • You’ll have a more comfortable ski experience • Your ski boots will last longer • You’ll become a better skier • You're less likely to injure yourself • You’ll experience lower levels of lower body fatigue


LE PETIT COQ St Jean d'Aulps It’s a unique collection of experiences that make Keith such an expert at ski boot fitting. He’s worked with some of the pioneers of the profession and used to test skis for a large manufacturer. “Last winter a client came to me about his ski boots. He'd skied in serious pain for 16 years. He spent a couple of hours with me and now his boots fit him perfectly. That’s the best thing about my job”. Keith is available to fit ski boots at Alpine Sports from the end of October but he’s getting booked up already. If you're keen to see him then call +33 (4) 4 50 49 11 57 to make an appointment. You should allow about an hour for your 1st appointment and you should take your ski socks with you. Keith also works on what he calls ‘retro boots’ – i.e. your existing boots!


E ON E S E RV R E S 79 PLEA 79 66 04 50

Open every evening and for lunch Friday & Saturday

Open for the Interseason for Tapas and Drinks! Signature dishes Thai Curry, Satay and melt in your mouth Filet Steak Closed Sundays

CHALET OPERATORS Free pre season staff lessons. Ski host training with qualified instructor & mountain guide. Reserve your spaces now:



We can all acknowledge that the interseason might be a bit too quiet in resort sometimes. Luckily we live just over an hours drive from an international airport. It's time for holidays! There are a wealth of exciting destinations easily accessible from Geneva airport. We've handpicked just a few to give you a little taster of what they have to offer... Tel Aviv Tel Aviv is Israel's largest city. Commonly known as the city that never stops, Tel Aviv comes to life at midnight and parties on through to dawn. Tel Aviv is the perfect city for people looking for pure fun, starting early in the evening and continuing until the sun rises over the rooftops. Evening entertainment in the city extends past clubs and bars offering various different music genres to cinemas showing classic greats as well as modern films, comedy clubs, street shows and performing arts festivals. The city is lined along its Western edge by sandy beaches perfect for relaxing after a heavy night in the Middle Eastern climate.


Prices from €120 Flight time: 4 hours Available all year round

Marrakech has fast become known as the capital of Southern Morocco and serves as the perfect tourist destination to experience this exotic culture and pick up some pretty special souvenirs along the way. The African energy of Marrakech ensures an array of fascinating mosques, palaces and kasha line the streets. The city is home to the South's most renowned market or Souq which sells a magnificent range of authentic spices, rugs and Eastern inspired ornaments. A short drive outside of Morocco, the mountain resort of Oukaimeden is worth a trip if you're visiting in the winter when it becomes a ski resort…in North Africa…yes really! Prices from €60 Flight time: 3.15 hours Available all year round

Hurghada Everyone knows about the pyramids and the sphinx but one of the most spectacular sights to be seen in Egypt is under the sea. The underwater reefs are particularly appealing to people with little scuba diving experience who can still enjoy the superb marine life. The beaches of Hurghada boast fine, white sand and stretch for miles. The resort is excellently situated to reach the other sights and if you're not too sure that getting between the sealife is for you then the Red Sea Aquarium is pretty spectacular too. Prices from €60 Flight time: 4.5 hours Available all year round

Stockholm Stockholm is famous for being made up of fourteen major islands; around fifty percent of the city's area is water. The city itself is then surrounded by an archipelago of approximately 24,000 smaller islands and inlets. The city is a perfect marriage of cultural heritage and medieval history, renowned for its safety and cleanliness.

Take it easy, we manage, you enjoy your property...

It is the only capital in the world with a protected national park within its borders, one of 38 parks situated in this green and luscious city.

Rome can be taken at any pace from spending the days lazing in street cafes to taking in every sight and sound on offer. A great way to make the most of your stay is to visit which will plan your trip to Rome based on the pace and budget you expect from your stay. Prices from â‚Ź55 Flight time: 1.25 hours Available all year round



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is c for d

Rome is well documented as one of the most romantic cities in the world but don't be put off by the hearts and flowers, this is a city that can truly be appreciated in so many other ways. It is a city that can appeal to everyone, known as the 'eternal city', this beautiful destination is home to some of the most spectacular structures in the world including the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain.







Ligne des Alpes.pdf


Prices from â‚Ź60 Flight time: 2.45 hours Available all year round

q u ote - Y O


Supplier of hospitality linen for hotels, chalets and apartments. From pillows and duvets to sheets towels and bath robes.

Visit our new office showroom Blanche neige 1st floor Essert-Romand

Soft furnishings, bespoke and ready-make curtains, cushions and runners. Quality beds, all types and sizes. Ready built furniture and sofa's. (* not available with other offers or discounts. Excluded beds & furniture. Ends 30/11/11)

For ALL enquiries, catalogue and prices contact direct: Mobile: + 33 (0)6 43 22 28 27 Office: + 33 (0) 4 50 79 45 89

The big job... There’s quite a bit going on up in those mountains at the moment. Big monsters that you can’t see are at work, changing the landscape in preparation for the winter. Yodel spoke to the mountain management company Serma in Avoriaz to find out what it takes to get a mountain ready for the ski season. And we ended up speaking to the Director General himself, Monsieur Alain Blas.

When does the work begin to prepare the lifts and the pistes for the winter season?

We start our piste re-shaping and general maintenance work on the pistes in the spring, a couple of weeks after the season has ended. The work continues right up until the opening of the resort for the winter.

What kind of work is taking place?

On the slopes we are replanting grass and excavating. We also have to ‘pack down’ the pistes too. We’re re-tagging the different runs and new security nets have been installed. Of course there is also the maintenance of all the snow cannons and the lifts too!

How long does it take to prepare a ski lift for the start of the new season? Lets use the Lac Intrets (my favourite!) as an example. A ski lift the size of Lac Intrets will receive around 800 hours of maintenance between one winter season ending and another beginning.

How many people are working now during the autumn to ready the area for the start of the season? There are currently 10 Serma specialists working on the formation and maintenance of the pistes themselves before the winter begins. We also have 30 engineers working on the lift system. 14

What kind of equipment is used to prepare the pistes?

We’re using lots of equipment from mini shovels to large machinery. Some of the tasks we must complete are quite small but others involve moving a large amount of earth.

We heard that there are some new snow cannons being installed - is this correct? How many and where? We’ve installed 5 new snow cannons in total. Four of them are on Le Plateau (the beginners area) and another is in The Stash.

Are there any other new developments that you'd like people to know about? We’re excited about the new 3 S cable car which will replace the old gondola lift from Prodains to Avoriaz (as Yodel reported last month, the new cable car will be able to carry up to 2400 people per hour compared to 400 per hour in the current gondola lift).

The official opening date for Avoriaz is 10th December - if there is a good snow fall before then, could the lifts ever open early? Yes, they could. But if they did it would only be in part of the resort, and we’d only be able to open from the weekend before the official opening.

Event listings\\Oct-Nov 2011\\

Sun 2nd Oct 10.00am . . . . Vertical Kilometer race up Nantaux . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Nantaux

Wed 26th Oct 2.00pm . . . . . Halloween entertainment for children . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Montriond

Sat 29th Oct 10.00am . . . . Autumn Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gymnase, St. Jean D’Aulps

Sun 30th Oct 10.00am . . . . Autumn Fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Gymnase, St. Jean D’Aulps

Every Wednesday throughout October and November 9.00am . . . . . Cheese Dairy Tour . . . . . . . . . .La Fruitière des Perrières, Les Gets Events in Geneva – October and November

Sun 2nd Oct 11.00am . . . . The 6th Expat-Expo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Hall 7

Fri 4th – Thrs 10th Nov 10.00am . . . . Geneva International Film Festival . . . . . . . Venues across Geneva Sat 10th – Mon 21st Nov 10.00am . . . . Geneva International Music Festival . . Grand Théâtre de Genève

Dixie Bar, Morzine Open for sports events - check the notice boards outside the bar.

Bar National, St Jean D’Aulps Open 7 days a week from 5pm until 11th September then Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 6pm until 9.30pm. Also on Saturday and Sunday mornings 15 minutes before the rugby kicks off for bacon butties and pints.

Bar Tabac, Montriond Open from 7am every day until late with the exception of Tuesdays and Sundays when they’ll close at 12.30pm.

The Rhodos, Morzine Open throughout the interseason 7am – 1am

Carrefour, Morzine Open Mon - Sat 8.30am - 12.30pm then 3.00pm - 6.30pm Closed Sun

Mamma's, Morzine Open every weekend from Thursday to Sunday 5.30pm - 9.30pm

We want to get as many people in our lovely town involved in yodel magazine as possible! If you have events you would like to be added to this page, please contact us at or We regularly add new events and information to the yodel magazine website events listings, be sure you check it out!


On the very edge of Lake Geneva opposite the graceful Jet d’Eau, offers the epitome of Swiss style, elegance and refinement

Facilities include: 39 guest rooms and 6 suites - Windows Restaurant Leopard Room Bar - Gym and sauna - 24 hour butler service Visit us at to book our Best Available Rate inclusive of VIP amenities exclusively for yodel magazine readers Quai du Mont Blanc 17, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland T: +41 (0) 22 906 5555 Email:

Yodel Magazine - Interseason  

free publication ofr the ski resorts of Morzine and Les Gets

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