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New for Summer 2011 delivery 7pm - 10pm

Join us for our 1 year anniversary party on 9th July Open late during the Harley Days festival Tel :

06 11 91 9404

Sweet & savory crepes, milkshakes, salads, sandwiches and paninis available at The Schuss top of Rue du Bourg

Although this is only the first Yodel of the season, we concede that it does feel like summer started months ago! We’ve packed a lot of Morzine goodness in to this month’s issue, starting with the legendary Status Quo - oh what fun we had interviewing Francis Rossi. Then there’s the run down of our top 5 summer activities and we’ve enlisted the help of some expert mountain bikers too. And don’t forget to seek out your copy of our first Les Gets Yodel this month to see what the good folk across the valley are up to! As ever we love to hear your ideas, comments and feedback so yodel at us! yodel us\\

There’s something about Morzine................................................................ 4 \\Porl Denicolo on family life and business strife in Morzine

Morzine summer activity guide .................................................................... 6 \\Great days out on your doorstep

Francis Rossi on Life ...................................................................................... 8 When you have finished with this magazine please recycle it or pass it on.

\\The Status Quo front man gives us his unique take on the world

Festivals...................................................................................................... ...10 \\Get your dancing shoes on as we round up the best local music festivals

The Big Ride ................................................................................................. 11 \\Guy Bowdon from Torico take us on a loop around Les Gets, Morzine and St Jean

What’s on? .................................................................................................... 12 \\Events in and around Morzine during July

Hot Glaciers .................................................................................................. 14 \\All within driving distance – get your skis and snowboards back out!

On the Wildlife Trail ...................................................................................... 16 \\Animal spotting in Les Gets

Summer iPhone Apps................................................................................... 17 \\Get the most of your time in the mountains

Cleanliness is next to Godliness ................................................................ 18 \\The Morzine Mountainbike Mechanics on how you wash your precious bike properly

Yodel and Status Quo Competition ............................................................ 19 \\Denim rules! Win signed Quo CD’s

Montreux 2011 .............................................................................................. 20 \\The history of the festival and our round up of what’s hot this year

Ian Gillen on Montreux ................................................................................ 21 \\The Deep Purple singer on why the festival is so special

Day in the life of ............................................................................................ 22 \\The life of a massage therapist with Jax Heryet


There's something about Morzine Three years ago Porl Denicolo arrived in Morzine with big plans. Little did he know how many stumbling blocks lay ahead of him as he started to launch a new family business. Here Porl tells us how the family overcame them and why he loves life in Morzine. I was living with my wife Lori in St Petersburg, Florida back in 2008. I had my own restaurant serving English pub food but I also worked as a goldsmith, a band promoter and filmmaker and I had my own tiling business too. Life was hectic and although Florida sounds like a great place to live, I was worried for my two boys Loki and Lachlan. They are aged 11 and 9 now but back then they couldn’t play in the street. The neighborhood we lived in wasn’t especially safe so we didn’t like them to leave the front yard. My sister Marie-Anne has lived in Morzine for 10 years and we used to come over from The States to visit. Marie-Anne and her husband Patrice were working on plans to open a restaurant here in Morzine and it didn’t take us long to get involved. We relocated the whole family from St Petersburg to Morzine in 2008 and it’s amazing the change it’s made to our lifestyle.


Patrice and I went to the UK to be trained by the National Federation of Fish Fryers. We are both fully qualified and experienced chefs but we felt that a fish and chip restaurant would be a nice alternative to the traditional Savoyarde faire offered by many restaurants in Morzine. With a fully developed business plan in place, a niche in the market identified

and the necessary qualifications we went to the bank for backing to open a restaurant and take away in Morzine. And then we hit our first hurdle. The premises that we’d secured from a local landlord had a sitting tenant. Despite the fact that the shop was unused and the tenant was in rent arrears, we couldn’t move in and begin to build our new business until the situation was resolved. Two and a half years later, after much frustration and many sleepless nights, we finally got the keys to the shop on the Rue du Bourg. Patrice and I have worked long hours to establish our restaurant and takeaway, A&D. We stayed open every night during the spring inter-season and we’ve broadened the menu to include a plat du jour and seasonal dishes too alongside our menu of fish and chips, burgers and cooked breakfasts. We open during the day and each evening too. Business is going better than we planned and I think this is because we choose our suppliers very carefully. Our potatoes come from a local grocer and we hand cut all of our chips. Our fish is Icelandic cod from a sustainable supplier. All of our sauces are homemade and we make our burgers ourselves using steak tartare from a local butcher. We’re also launching a

loyalty card in the next couple of weeks to encourage and reward our regular customers! The best thing about Morzine is the environment it provides for my kids. Loki and Lachlan can run around town on their skateboards or on their bikes and they are really safe. They love their school and the new friends they’ve made and I know they are getting a really good education. They went on a sailing week with their school recently and absolutely love the active lifestyle. I spend my spare time skiing in the winter and on my power kites in the summer. I love going fishing with the family – even though we are all working hard to establish the new business, our down time is always lots of fun! I also really like how socially positive Morzine is too, in terms of a family and business environment. Both the French and English community have really accepted us as a family and as friendly competition too. People often ask me what I miss about The States. Music is a big passion of mine and in St Petersburg there are so many live music acts and gigs every night. I used to spend a lot of time making promotional videos for bands and I’m really excited that Status Quo are coming to Morzine this summer. Eventually I’d like to hold some live music events with some local bands outside the restaurant… something for the future I think! |

+33 (0) 609 308 077

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shopping services Do your shopping online in the UK & have it delivered to your home in Morzine or Les Gets. Fixed delivery charge of 20% No VAT added Unlimited fresh meat - dairy - veg Unlimited spend Parcels from €2.00 each

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Contact 50 74 01 88 Parc on 04 The Indiana re tu en @indianav or e-mail bam


Francis Rossi founded Status Quo along with Rick Parfitt in the sixties. They have since recorded over 60 chart hits in the UK, more than any other rock group in history. On July 16th, The Quo are coming to Morzine for a free concert so here at yodel we thought we’d catch up with Mr Rossi for a quick chat. The phone is ringing while I wait for Rossi to answer, finally it clicks through… Francis: “Hello is Betty there please?” Me: “Err I phoned you ummm…” Francis: “Betty, Betty, I’m looking for Betty.” Me: “I don’t know any Betty, I phoned you, it’s Rowena from Yodel magazine.” Francis: “You weren’t expecting that when I answered were you? Ha! I had an Aunt Betty once actually, you think I’m on speed for saying that don’t you? No, no, course I’m not, I gave up all that years ago…” And we’re off into the weird and wonderful world of Status Quo’s Francis Rossi as he lets yodel into his views on everything from his famous hair to his…ahem…Catholic childhood. Live Aid What a load of shit, everyone patted themselves on the back and said didn’t we do well, errr no. What’s 80 million going to do? Do you know how much the advertisers spent to advertise during the concert? And how much the artists made from their products afterwards? Bullsh*t. Harley Davidson I love Harley Davidson gigs, we’ve done a couple of them before, like the Bulldog Bash and they’re always great fun. I love the clannage they have about them, they just have this complete oneness, together they are as one. That famous hair It was stupid, my hair was old. Now I think people look at me and think I look like an old guy with short hair. Of course they’re don't.


I looked like a girl before where my ponytail would always flop to one side. I thought I might lose my ability to sing like Samson lost his strength when they cut my hair but no it all feels good. Montreux I loved that place, sometimes you just get to a place and think you instantly love being there. There’s something special about Montreux. It’s not a special venue though because there’s no such thing, I didn’t enjoy the pressure on that venue, people saying “you have to do something amazing because it’s Montreux”. You always get up there and give it your all, the venue makes no difference. The X factor Cowell doesn’t look for the X factor, everyone on that show that says they’re giving 110%,

well there’s no such thing as 110%, you get up there and do well because you’re going (makes fart sounds) yourself. You just do your thing. The people who win the X factor never have, Stacey Solomon or is it Tracey no, no Stacey she had it and that one with the bare feet and the funny little voice…(Me: Diana Vickers?)…Oh yeah that’s the one, she also had it. A Catholic upbringing I was bought up as a strict catholic but I gave it up in my thirties/ forties, I just think get on with your life, enjoy yourself, if you want to be a slut, be a slut and ignore all the people judging you. I think it’s why I swear so much, I’m getting my own back on all the time my mother told me it was wrong, when you’re young you think how can your mother be wrong? But she was. Age My advice would be to enjoy getting old, there’s something really good about gradually getting older. We are born to get old after all. My co-writer Bob Young was chatting about someone recently and said “I saw…..and he’s looking about 40”, do you know how good looking 40 sounds to me right now?! Home I’ve never been to Morzine before, I don’t tend to go on holiday because I spend so much time away from home on tour. I go everywhere while I’m working and the airports have just all become such a hassle nowadays. I come home for a

holiday because usually I come home, just about settle in for the night and have to be gone in the morning. Show Business Other people in my business think people need their music, they’re all “please like me, buy my tickets and then stand aloof from me at a concert.” Errr, this isn’t real anybody, none of it. I always say show business is 95% bullsh*t and the other 5% is bullsh*t. Show business is all about making artists feel they’re something special when really we’re all just insecure little show-offs. Fame If we can say that we've got two or three million fans in England, then that means there are 57 million people who don't give a sh*t. It's the same whoever you are. Even Michael Jackson: he did 30 million albums in the States alone, which means 220 million people don't give a sh*t about him either. Most people don’t actually give a sh*t about Status Quo.

Status Quo will perform a live, one off, free concert on Saturday 16th July in the square outside the Office de Tourisme in Morzine as part of the Harley Days festival. See you there!


Dust off your tents, clean up those wellies and brace yourself for some soggy pot noodles… it’s festival time and Montreux isn’t the only one that has loads to offer. Here at Yodel we can’t think of anything better than trekking across countries for a little break to experience some of the best music festivals Europe has to offer this July. This is our breakdown of the five we think will make tripping over tent lines and not washing for days on end worth it…

How long? 14-16 July Who’s playing? Santana, Morcheeba, Scissor Sisters,The Chemical Brothers, PJ Harvey, Kasabian. Expensive? 50-150 euros

How long? June 30 -July 3 Who’s playing? Black Eyed Peas, Iron Maiden, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, MCR, Chase and Status, Kasabian, Bruno Mars, Elbow. Expensive? 76-195 euros

How long? 1-3 July Who’s playing? Queens of The Stone Age, The Ting Tings, Birdy Nam Nam, Motorhead, House of Pain, Beth Ditto, Arctic Monkeys. Expensive? 42-139 euros

How long? 7-10 July Who’s playing? Jamiroquai, Editors, Portishead, Arcade Fire, Pulp, Groove Armada, Fedde Le Grand, Hadouken!, House of Pain, Bad Religion. Expensive? 100-150 euros

How long? 14-17 July Who’s playing? The Streets, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Tinie Tempah, Mumford and Sons, Primal Scream, Pendulum, Paolo Nutini. Expensive? 75-325 euros



In the winter it’s called ‘earning your turns’ - climbing up the hill to ski or board back down without using the ski lifts. We do it for two reasons: pre season there’s no choice - if you want to ski and the lifts aren’t running, you’re hiking. The second reason is to get to the powder stashes that just aren’t accessible by lift. What has this got to do with mountain biking you ask? Well to me it seems that when most people come to the Portes du Soleil in the summer they rarely venture past the lift area, and most may as well remove their granny ring at the airport. Not that I’m complaining mind. So rather than queuing up with the masses to ride endless laps of the Pleney, why not branch out and do a bit of exploring. This route includes just about the best bit of singletrack that I know of in the area. It takes you far away from the relative safety of the lift system, and you’re very unlikely to see another rider once you leave the back side of Mt Cherry. Here’s how it’s done:

Firstly you need to get yourself to Les Gets. From Morzine, take the Pleney lift and head down to join the Chavannes DH track and the 4X course. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this after the Mt Cherry cable car opens, then you’re best option is to take that. Early birds will just have to climb up the road to Mont Caly. If you have taken the Mt Cherry lift up, then you owe it to yourself to climb the last 300m

to the ridge line before ripping down towards Mont Caly. From there, follow the trail round the back of Mt Cherry to the Col d’Encrenaz. Then onwards and upwards to Col de la Basse. A quick rocky descent before another short fireroad climb to the top of a great, fast, rooty descent into the ‘black woods’ - sharp left at the bottom to traverse across the hill before the trail widens and switchbacks its way downwards. Just after a massive puddle (it’s always there) there’s a very steep 4x4 track heading back up the hill on your left. You need to take that I’m afraid. Sweating and swearing your way up to the top of this 20minute hike-a-bike section will have you asking “is this really worth it” - believe me, it is. The top of this track hosts some great looking alpages and a welcome water trough. From here it’s a fast singletrack traverse across towards Greydon. A short spin up a tarmac road into a beautiful alpine pasture - complete with a remote gite/restaurant (great ice cream) and chapel. One final climb from here takes you to the top of what I consider to be the best bit of singletrack around. This final descent drops 700 glorious meters into St Jean d’Aulps. Some ridiculously tight switchbacks with big exposure. Rock steps and roots, fast and flowy words can’t do it justice. Once you hit the bottom, you’ve got about 25 minutes of riding to get you back to Morzine along the river trail. p.s. we sell granny rings at Torico... In case you left yours at the airport.

You can download the GPS route for this ride and see Guy's amazing vedeo of the final descent on the yodel website.

Event listings\\July 2011\\ 6.00pm 7.00pm

‘Alex & Rich’ live music ‘Wine Down’ drinks and food offers

L’Avalance, Grand Terche Numero Dix

Saturday 2nd July

8.00am 9.00am 9.00am 12.00noon

4x4 monster truck trials Bikers cooked breakfast ‘Mountain Style’ MTB competition Live sport

Sunday 3rd July

8.00am 9.00am 12.00noon 12.00noon 4.00pm

4x4 monster truck trials Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport Sunday Roast Sunday Roast

Monday 4th July

4.00pm 10.00pm

Welcome to Morzine drinks Torch lit night at the Abbey

Tuesday 5th July


Tour of the slate mines and workshop

Wednesday 6th July

8.00am 9.00am 10.30am 6.00pm 6.00pm 10.00pm

Local market Tour of the cheese dairy Kids face painting Children’s play BBQ – bring your own meat ‘Alex & Rich’ live music

Thursday 7th July

9.00am 10.00am 4.00pm 7.30pm 7.45pm

Tour of the cheese dairy Local heritage tour Children’s stories by the lake ‘Les Pissalochons’ live music and BBQ Bar National Pub Quiz

Friday 8th July

10.30am 4.00pm 6.00pm 7.00pm 7.00pm

Tour of the slate mines and workshop ‘Bambins des Bois’ wood cutting for kids Friendly singles tennis tournament ‘Wine Down’ drinks and food offers Karaoke party hosted by Alex

Saturday 9th July

9.00am 12.00noon

Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport

Sunday 10th July

8.00am 8.00am 8.30am 9.00am 12.00noon 12.00noon 4.00pm

‘Flaik’ MTB vertical challenge competition Carboot sale ‘Creve Coeur’ hike up Ressachaux Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport Sunday Roast Sunday Roast

Monday 11th July

4.00pm 10.00pm

Welcome to Morzine drinks Torch lit night at the Abbey

Tuesday 12th July

5.00pm 5.00pm 9.00pm

Tour of the slate mines and workshop ‘Chaps’ live music in the streets ‘La Crise’ live music

Valley Ardoisiere Office de Tourisme Maison des Gets Square, Les Gets

Wednesday 13th July

8.00am 8.00am 9.00am 10.30am 2.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 10.00pm

Bric-a-brac and antiques sale Local market Tour of the cheese dairy Kids face painting Family fun day at the lake Children’s play BBQ – bring your own meat ‘Alex & Rich’ live music

Maison des Gets Square, Les Gets Place de la Poste Route de la Plagne Office de Tourisme Lac Montriond Office de Tourisme Sherpa, Route de la Plagne Tibetan Bar

Thursday 14th July

8.00am 9.00am 10.00am 2.00pm 7.30pm 7.45pm 10.00pm

Morzine – Avoriaz road bike race Tour of the cheese dairy Local heritage tour ‘Disco Power Band’ live music in the street ‘Mississipi Mud’ live music and BBQ Bar National Pub Quiz Bastille Day firework celebrations

Friday 15th July

10.00am 10.30am 11.00am 2.00pm 6.00pm 7.00pm 9.00am

Morzine Harley Days Festival Tour of the slate mines and workshop ‘Nano Block’ live music in the street ‘Disco Powder Band’ live music in the street Friendly singles tennis tournament ‘Wine Down’ drinks and food offers Bikers cooked breakfast

Prodains The Lodge Chatel Dixie Bar Prodains The Lodge Dixie Bar Rhodos L’Avalance, Grand Terche Office de Tourisme Abbaye d’Aulps, Saint Jean d’Aulps Valley Ardoisiere Place de la Poste Route de la Plagne Office de Tourisme Office de Tourisme Sherpa, Route de la Plagne Tibetan Bar Route de la Plagne Church Square Lac Montriond Bar Tabac, Montriond St Jean D’Aulps Valley Ardoisiere Office de Tourisme Palais de Sport Numero Dix L’Avalance, Grand Terche The Lodge Dixie Bar Les Gets Bike Park Village Square, Montriond Outside Mairie The Lodge Dixie Bar Rhodos L’Avalance, Grand Terche Office de Tourisme Abbaye d’Aulps, Saint Jean d’Aulps

Church Square Route de la Plagne Church Square Office de Tourisme Bar Tabac, Montriond St Jean D’Aulps Pleney Central Morzine Valley Ardoisiere Office de Tourisme Office de Tourisme Palais de Sport Numero Dix The Lodge

We want to get as many people in our lovely town involved in yodel magazine as possible! If you have events you would like to be added to this page, please contact us at or We regularly add new events and information to the yodel magazine website events listings, be sure you check it out!

Friday 1st July

Central Morzine Office de Tourisme Dixie Bar Office de Tourisme Central Morzine

Saturday 16th July

10.00am 11.00am 12.00noon 2.00pm 9.30pm

Morzine Harley Days Festival ‘Disco Power Band’ live music in the street Live sport ‘Le Cartel du Soleil’ live music in the street FREE Status Quo Concert

9.00am 10.00am 10.00am 11.00am 12.00noon 12.00noon 2.00pm 4.00pm

Bikers cooked breakfast The Lodge Morzine Harley Days Festival Central Morzine Mechanical Music Festival Museum of Mechanical Music, Les Gets ‘Le Cartel du Soleil’ live music in the street Office de Tourisme Live sport Dixie Bar Sunday Roast Rhodos ‘Fly Tox Superheroes’ games for children Office de Tourisme Sunday Roast L’Avalance, Grand Terche

Sunday 17th July

4.00pm 10.00pm

Welcome to Morzine drinks Torch lit night at the Abbey

Office de Tourisme Abbaye d’Aulps, Saint Jean d’Aulps

Monday 18th July

12.00noon 5.00pm 5.00pm

Zavatta Circus with acrobats and clowns ‘Nano Block’ live music on the street Tour of the slate mines and workshop

Nyon Car Park Office de Tourisme Valley Ardoisiere

Tuesday 19th July

8.00am 9.00am 10.30am 3.00pm 6.00pm 10.00pm

Local market Tour of the cheese dairy Kids face painting Lind’Art music festival BBQ – bring your own meat ‘Alex & Rich’ live music

9.00am 10.00am 3.00pm 7.30pm 7.45pm

Tour of the cheese dairy Local heritage tour Lind’Art music festival ‘La Crise’ live music and BBQ Bar National Pub Quiz

9.00am 3.00pm 6.00pm 7.00pm 7.00pm

Tour of the slate mines and workshop Lind’Art music festival Friendly singles tennis tournament ‘Wine Down’ drinks and food offers Karaoke party hosted by Alex

9.00am 12.00noon 3.00pm

Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport Lind’Art music festival

The Lodge Dixie Bar Lac Montriond

9.00am 12.00noon 12.00noon 4.00pm

Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport Sunday Roast Sunday Roast

The Lodge Dixie Bar Rhodos L’Avalance, Grand Terche

4.00pm 10.00pm

Welcome to Morzine drinks Torch lit night at the Abbey

2.00pm 5.00pm

Tour of the slate mines and workshop ‘Batucada Pulse’ big bass drums in the streets

8.00am 9.00am 10.00am 6.00pm 10.00pm

Local market Tour of the cheese dairy The World of Morzna BBQ – bring your own meat ‘Alex & Rich’ live music

9.00am 10.00am 10.00am 7.30pm 7.45pm 9.00pm

Tour of the cheese dairy The World of Morzna Local heritage tour ‘Lucid’ live music and BBQ Bar National Pub Quiz ‘Remo’ live music

Route de la Plagne Office de Tourisme Church Square Bar Tabac, Montriond St Jean D’Aulps Maison des Gets Square

Thursday 28th July

10.00am 10.30am 4.30pm 6.00pm 7.00pm

The World of Morzna Tour of the slate mines and workshop ‘The Red Pepper Sauce’ jazz band Friendly singles tennis tournament ‘Wine Down’ drinks and food offers

Office de Tourisme Valley Ardoisiere Maison des Gets Square Palais de Sport Numero Dix

Friday 29th July

9.00am 12.00noon

Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport

The Lodge Dixie Bar

9.00am 12.00noon 12.00noon 4.00pm

Bikers cooked breakfast Live sport Sunday Roast Sunday Roast

The Lodge Dixie Bar Rhodos L’Avalance, Grand Terche

Place de la Poste Route de la Plagne Office de Tourisme Lac Montriond Sherpa, Route de la Plagne Tibetan Bar Route de la Plagne Church Square Lac Montriond Bar Tabac, Montriond St Jean D’Aulps Valley Ardoisiere Lac Montriond Palais de Sport Numero Dix L’Avalance, Grand Terche

Office de Tourisme Abbaye d’Aulps, Saint Jean d’Aulps Valley Ardoisiere Office de Tourisme Place de la Poste Route de la Plagne Office de Tourisme Sherpa, Route de la Plagne Tibetan Bar

Wednesday 20th July

Thursday 21st July

Friday 22nd July

Saturday 23rd July

Sunday 24th July

Monday 25th July Tuesday 26th July Wednesday 27th July

Saturday 30th July Sunday 31st July

summer skiing When you woke up on the morning of 1st June and witnessed the snow covered peak of the Pleney did it make you long for winter again?


Saas Fee – 2 hours, 48 minutes from Morzine, 174.2km

Here’s Yodel’s run down of 5 hot glaciers, all within driving distance of Morzine.

Open between 9th July and 27th November, 8am to 3pm, Saas Fee has 20km of red pistes on the 3500m glacier as well as an excellent freestyle park too. A day pass is 67 CHF.

Les Diablerets – 1 hour, 39 minutes from Morzine, 88.5km

Tignes – 2 hours, 56 minutes from Morzine, 169.8km

Open between June and December, take your cross country skis and enjoy 3.5km of groomed piste on the Glacier 3000. The Monsterpark is often open, depending on conditions. A day pass is 60 CHF.

Open between 16th June and 4th September, 8.30am to 1.15pm, the glacier has 20km of pistes of all standards and 12 lifts. The highest point is 3455m and a day pass is just 22 euros.

Zermatt – 2 hours, 33 minutes from Morzine, 180.5km

Les Deux Alps – 3 hours, 28 minutes from Morzine, 259.2km

Open from 25th June to 25th November, 8am to 5pm, the glacier offers 20km of guaranteed snow. You can enjoy red and blue runs in the shadow of the great Matterhorn. A day pass is 80 CHF.

Open between 18th June and 28th August, 7.15am – 12.30pm, the area covers 90 hectares, has 14 lifts and plenty of green, blue and red runs as well as a half pipe and boardercross circuit. A day pass is 34.20 euros.

open every day year round eat in or take away

breakfast plat du jour salads fish and chips burgers

04 50 37 70 57 102 Rue du Bourg

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Top Models Available Downhill, Freeride, X-country, Family Bikes New for Summer 2011 Road Bikes - Carbon & Alluminium Call in for Servicing / Repairs, Parts, Accessories & Clothing Route de la Plagne, Morzine +33 (0) 4 50 49 11 57

Where are the animals? The Portes du Soleil region is famed for being rich in wildlife. It is near impossible to walk down the streets in our towns without being wolf-whistled by one of the many marmots that reside outside shops. But what are the real habitats and characteristics of these treasured animals and where can they be found? Here at Yodel, we decided to separate wolfwhistling myth from legend and find out the truth about our furry neighbours. Chamois Native to European mountains, the chamois is a goat-antelope species, adapted to living in steep, rugged and rocky terrain. Chamois have short, almost straight horns which are hooked backwards toward the tip, they grow to a height of around 75cm. During summer months, Chamois coats are a tawny colour, which changes to a chocolate brown for the winter months. The cheeks, nose and jaw of Chamois are extremely white in contrast to their coats. Chamois are proud creatures and each year males engage in fierce ruts to gain the attention of unmated females. They are nimble animals and when alarmed can reach 50kmph and make leaps up to 2m high and 6m wide to the most inaccessible places. Stone Marten Stone Martens are typically clever, cute and naughty. They measure around 50cm with a 30cm tail, resembling a ferret or weasel and are distinguishable by a forked white marking at their throat. Stone Martens settle in covered areas, sleeping through the day and hunting for food during the twilight hours, so look out for them during early evening walks. Finding them in town may not be such a delight though as Stone Martens have a 16

habit of damaging cars by climbing inside the warm engine housing and biting through ignition leads and brake hoses! They are known as "La Fouine" in French, which translates as ‘the long pitchfork’. Wild Boar Wild Boar are large and powerful mammals, however it is rare to spot them as they are mostly shy and retiring. They can become aggressive in defence if they are cornered or frightened. It's best to steer clear as they can cause much damage with their tusks. Many farmers blame wild boar for widespread destruction and damage to their crops. Wild Boar have very poor eyesight but this is made up for with their highly developed senses of smell and hearing. They live in dense forests and undergrowth, mainly in close knit family groups, although older male boars tend to be solitary creatures. Alpine Marmot Marmots are large ground squirrels that typically live in burrows within rockpiles. Summer is clearly the best time to spot one of these characterful animals because they hibernate for up to nine months throughout the winter. They are excellent diggers and are known for being able to penetrate soil that even a pickaxe would struggle with. Marmots may be spotted during cooler weather when they come out to feed. They are not suited to the heat and may not come out to eat at all on very hot days. Marmots are highly social creatures, using the high-pitched whistles they are famous for to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed. Clever in their communication, they give one whistle for airborne predators and more for ground predators.

Five summer apps for your iPhone Although you have every reason to turn off your mobile when you arrive in the mountains, some of the very clever summer iPhone apps are worth downloading to help you make the most of a big day out. Here are Yodel's favorites... Walkmeter Continuously records your time, location, distance, elevation and speed with loads of clever settings to go with it. Price – €2.99

IceCreamSpot Pro Finds your nearest ice cream or frozen yogurt shop, even in the mountains! Price – FREE

The Locavore App Tells you what fruit and vegetables are in season in your area - great to use at the local market! Price – FREE ?mt=8

The Bike Computer Demonstrates your ride times and distance travelled on one large, easy to use display on your phone screen Price - FREE

The Kindle App Replaces the need to lug heavy books in your back pack when your on your way to sunbathe at the lake! Price – FREE mt=8


Clean Bike = Happy Bike Not only is a clean bike good to look at, but a clean bike will generally run smoother and last longer than a dirty one. I'm sure there are scientific papers about it somewhere, but I'll let you do the research. The bottom line is, you keep your bike clean, and it keeps you happy.


So what are the steps to keeping a clean bike? It all starts with having the right equipment. This means you'll need some brushes (bike specific are best, although a standard soft bristle brush or sponge will suffice), cleaning products and that all-important water. In this day and age we all like to be environmentally friendly “so why not just use water” I hear you say. To start, just spraying your bike with water won't work, as it won’t remove all the dirt. There are plenty of affordable and eco friendly products available, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t use them. We use Fenwicks cleaning products as they have a comprehensive range, are made in the UK, and actually work.

After that, give the bike a good spray with bike cleaner. Make sure you get it all over everywhere.

Find yourself a well-drained area; you don't want to be standing in a big puddle. Strangely, I find it best to turn the bike upside down to clean most of it, and then stand it back up the right way to finish it off. If the dirt has been on a while it may take more elbow grease to get it clean. If the dirt is fresh, it's a bit easier.

The cleaning product should have done most of the work for you. Use a trickle of water to go over the bike, cleaning and scrubbing off the mud as you go along.

So, with the bike upside down, spray with water to loosen any of the big muddy bits. You may also want to use the brush.

Turn the bike the right side up to finish off from above. Once done,

Don't forget hard to reach areas. With Fenwicks cleaner, you can leave it to soak for a few minutes, (that’s why it works so well). Other products may only be left on for a short time due to their caustic nature, it’s best to check the manufacturers guidelines. Once soaked, give the bike another scrub to loosen up all the remaining dirt, if needed.

you may want to dry the bike with a cloth/ rag. Now comes the crucial stage of lubrication – pivots, derailleurs, chain, any moving parts really – and then wipe of the excess. Be careful when lubricating near your disc rotors, it’s a wise move to cover the disc to protect it. We use a piece of paper with a hole and slit cut into it, as you can see below. What about using a Jet Wash? If you clean your bike in the correct manner, a powerful spray of water isn’t needed to remove the dirt and grime. All you need is a standard hose or a bucket and sponge. There you have it, if you keep on top of it, it's easier in the long run. Your components should last longer, you’ll be able to spot any cracks or problems earlier and this little bit of love will be given back in full on the trail!!!

It's competition time again, this month the kind members of Status Quo have signed two copies of their latest album "Quid Pro Quo" especially for you lucky folks. The album has 14 brand new tracks as well as the 2010 version of "In The Army Now". This competition is the perfect opportunity to dig out your notso-glad rags because we're going double denim! We're paying homage to the magnificence of Status Quo's favourite fabric and all you have to do is upload pictures of yourself in full double denim glory to our facebook page and tag yourselves. Simples.

Good luck!

provide bike servicing and repairs from their mobile shop in the Lindrets bowl or they can come to you! Call Neil or Gareth on: Mobile: 06 47 48 55 63 E-mail:

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Montreux Jazz festival M

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the festival, which is now the second largest annual music festival in the world. Claude Nobs, GĂŠo Voumard and RenĂŠ Langel founded the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967.

The festival was originally three days long, held at the Montreux casino and featured almost exclusively jazz artists. During the seventies, the festival opened its doors to a number of different genres and today plays host to almost every type of music imaginable. The festival now lasts for two weeks, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors and is held in the convention centre and surrounding open-air stages. Some of the most popular repeat performers include Deep Purple, Miles Davis, Gary Moore, Tori Amos and Rory Gallagher, each performing at the festival at least five times. One of the most memorable parts of the Montreux Jazz Festival is the annual poster produced to advertise it. Previous designers of the poster have included Milton Glaser, James Rizzi, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. For information on this years line-up visit the official website:



The name Deep Purple has become synonymous with the Montreux Jazz Festival since their smash record ‘Smoke on the Water’. In 1972 there was a fire at the Montreux Casino. Later, as the inferno waned, the band looked out across Lake Geneva and saw that it was covered with a layer of smoke and so the song was born. Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan shares his memories of the festival with Yodel. What is your memory of the Jazz Festival?

favourite Montreux

Watching in amazement as Claude Nobs emerged from the hotel lift on a unicycle. What is the best about Montreux Festival?

thing Jazz

I like the way the musicians mingle with the public. I always walk to the venue (it's not far) and get a kick from seeing the fans in the street.

How do you think the festival has changed over the years? It's bigger than it was, but the ethos remains the same. What are you working on?


My retirement. Oh yes, and finishing my life's work 'The Infinite God'. When interviewing Ian Gillan back in March we asked whether he had any plans to play the festival again to which he responded, “I hope not; should have retired years ago but I'm useless at planning.” However, it seems the lure of the festival is just too good to resist because Deep Purple will be playing at this year’s Montreux Jazz Festival on July 16th in the Auditorium Stravinski!

Do you feel a special connection to the place? Ye, very special. I'll never forget the smoke on the water.


Day in the life of a

Beauty Therapist Jax Heryet, 28, is currently in the throws of starting Indulge, a brand new beauty company for Morzine and Les Gets. She tells us all the best and worst things about her day-to-day life in the mountains. The most interesting thing about my job is that every single day is different; the clients, the chalets, the treatments. It’s perfect for me because I don’t get bored. Recently I’ve been busy setting up the business, a mobile massage and beauty company, which I am so excited about. I feel I have learnt so much from every company I have worked for over the last 6 years with extensive training in the industry and now I am ready to start my own company as a confident therapist and businesswoman. After working as a salon receptionist, I realised I really wanted to train to become a therapist myself so I did my training at Chichester College. While there, I entered the national skills challenge beauty competition and came 2nd in the UK national final. I can’t take all the credit for that though, some of it should go to my poor mother who I roped in as my model!

I have worked for Champneys in Brighton, the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden and for Steiner on a 6 star cruise liner. I thought nothing could be more challenging than painting toenails in an almighty storm while 60ft waves are hitting the deck. Then I came to Morzine and was introduced to snow chains. When I say no day is the same, that’s often a very good thing! Every day I complete a whole range of different treatments but massage is by far the most popular. I offer a relaxing Swedish massage and also a deep tissue massage which is fantastic for both aching skiers and mountain bikers alike. Starting this summer, I will be offering hot stone massage, which I predict will become a really popular treatment as well. I genuinely enjoy my job; I love making people feel good about themselves and knowing that when I leave they feel completely pampered and relaxed. It’s so amazing to be able to do a job that I really love in such a beautiful place. The only trouble is, I don’t find getting a massage really relaxes me at the end of a long day of doing just that. So how do I relax when the working day is done? Un verre de vin rouge s’il vous plaît!


Chalet Suppers Enjoy wonderful home cooked food prepared & served in the comfort of your chalet by our experienced chef and chalet host. We offer you a great choice of meal options from our extensive menu. All you have to do is just pick up the phone and give us a call - it’s that easy. We’ll come to you on the evening and time of your choice and all you have to do is simply sit down and enjoy. Just think... a three course meal, chosen by you and prepared, hosted and served by us - we’ll even clean the dishes before we leave!

Go on pick up the phone and call




Chicken Liver Pâté Home made pâté served with melba toast

Pot Roast Pork In white wine with garlic, fennel & rosemary, served with puree of spinach and pommes anna

Walnut, Honey & Mascarpone Tart served with vanilla ice cream

Warm Salad Avocado served with mozzarella & roasted cherry tomatoes

Salmon Fillet Marinated in a sweet chilli & dill rub served with legume medley & crushed new potatoes

Banoffee Pie

Roasted Peppers Stuffed with baby tomatoes, fresh basil & marjoram

Moroccan Filo Pie Layers of filo pastry filled with spinach, lentils & feta served with sautéed peas & roasted sweet potatoes

Individual Onion Tart Traditional French onion tart served with a rocket salad Homemade Spaghetti Choose from fresh pesto or salami, fennel & tomato sauce Filo Parcels Stuffed with garlic puree, goats cheese & fresh herbs

Roasted Chicken Glazed with honey & orange, cooked with a selection of root vegetables and crispy rosemary roasted potatoes Grilled White Fish With green olive gliomata crust, served with caramelised carrots & sautéed new potatoes

Tarte Tatin served with pecan ice cream Chocolate Fondant served with crème anglaise Tarte au Citron served on a light raspberry coulis Profitta Roles served with rich chocolate sauce

Chicken en Croute Stuffed with mushrooms & wrapped in puff pastry with a mustard sauce, green beans & new potatoes

Choose from one type of starter, main course and dessert per order and then call us on:

24 hours notice required, minimum of 6 persons We cover Morzine, Les Gets, St Jean d’Aulps and Montriond



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