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Vol 01 issue 01 // February 2010 Premier Issue: Getting Down to Business Know what established design studios do to make it big in the industry, what it takes to run a studio and all about making connections.

Vol 01 issue 02 // May 2010 The Independent Designers Issue: Finding a Mark in the Industry Advice from independent designers on getting started in freelancing and working your way around the freelance circle.

Vol 01 issue 03 // August 2010 Designer: Illustrated Showcasing some of the best Malaysian and Singaporean illustrators who have gone on to work for the big brothers of Marvel Heroes and Hollywood.

Vol 01 issue 04 // November 2010 Typography: It’s All in the Details The interesting, the mysterious and t he magical strokes and details of t ypography is explained in this issue.

Vol 02 issue 01 // February 2011 The Character Design Issue Pages filled with character design and cosplay. Read on about the transformation of a simple sketch into a well-known brand with a wide range of products.

Vol 02 issue 02 // May 2011 The Material Issue How design finds a spot and becomes a competitive edge f or retailers wanting to make a mark in the challenging retail industry.

Vol 02 issue 03 // August 2011 The Designer is a Rockstar Issue Laden with tips and advice from famous designers on how to become a graphic designer that is well known for his or her gut feelings, vision and sense of style.

Vol 02 issue 04 // November 2011 The Fashion Illustration Issue Is there a demand for fashion illustration? Let’s hear from the fashion illustrators telling about inspiration and their aspiration

Vol 03 issue 01 // February 2012 The Interactive Design Issue Interactive agencies explain the idea and concept behind their interactive sites or advertising campaigns, and how to make better sites.

Vol 03 issue 02 // May 2012 The Editorial Design Issue Find out the experiences and challenges in running a design magazine straight from the minds of editors and creative directors.

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*Letters are welcome. Email your comments / enquiry with full contact details to For letters, pseudonyms are accepted. *For subscription enquiry, email to *Artwork Submission Send some samples of your work and a short profile of yourself with full contact details to for considering in the next few issues. Due to the high number of people who would like to contribute to our magazine, we are not able to respond to every email. Please don’t be disheartened if we don’t.

Vol 03 issue 02  

Vol 03 issue 02 // May 2012 The Editorial Design Issue Find out the experiences and challenges in running a design magazine straight from...

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