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Gigi By Jill Bell

Imelda Nikolay 42406258 Gigi’s chic, informal style features an abundance of flourishes and swirls that give it a charming and spontaneous handwritten quality. Tight curlicues on many of the letters, particularly the capitals, are reminiscent of a Parisian schoolgirl’s quill pen script. A delightful face ideal for joyous events or for use in the fashion arena. Designed by talented American west coast designer Jill Bell.

About Jill Bell Jill Bell lives and works in Los Angeles creating logotypes, icons and hand-lettering for advertising, packaging and entertainment, as well as doing web and print design. Jill has designed and digitized original faces for Fontek (Letraset) and ITC, Adobe, Agfa/Monotype and Linotype as well as for clientele such as Disney and Johnson & Johnson. Most of her commercial lettering work is designed to capture and retain a handwritten feel, and this is also true of the majority of her fonts such as Gigi and Smack. Jill is a graduate of UCLA and Otis/Parsons. She worked as a calligrapher, sign painter and as a production artist for Saul Bass before going into business for herself.

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Gigi Font By Jill Bell