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Blackboard TechKnow 2012 Volume 6 Issue 8 August 2012 Olympians did not reach their

Distance Education

current athletic ability by luck,

Fall I Schedule :

but rather through hard work and dedication. The same is also applicable to the achievement of excellent online and blended courses. It is important for Instructors to continuously work towards improving their courses

August: 

3rd—Last day for students to register

6th— Fall I Term begins

13th– Last day to drop


and to have a strong course

3rd—Labor Day Holiday

foundation upon which to teach.

29th—End of Fall I Semester

With a new academic year approaching quickly, review your

October: 

1st—Grades Due

course through the eyes of a student, check to make sure all dates are correct, instructions are clear, and all content aligns with the stated Learning Outcomes for a specific course. Let’s strive to make all online and blended courses worthy of a Gold Medal

Faster, Higher, Stronger ~ Olympic Motto

Getting Back to the Basics of Blackboard How to make your course available:

How to change your Course Name:

Select Customization on the Control Panel

Select Customization on the Control Panel

Select Properties

Select Properties

Click the “yes” radio dial under Make Course Available

In the textbox beside Course Name, type in your desired Course Name (Example: Introduction to Christianity—Fall I 2012)

Click Submit

Click Submit

How to complete a Course Copy: 

Select Packages and Utilities on the Control Panel

Distance Education Staff: Katherine Spradley Director of Distance Education

Select Course Copy

From the Select Copy Type drop-down select “Copy Course Material from an Existing Course”

Instructional Design and Training Coordinator

Beside Destination Course ID type in the Course ID for the course which you wish the information to be copied into. Example Course ID (RELG-125-N1A-12-IN3)

DE Faculty Mentor

If you wish for all parts of a course to be copied over, select the Select All button. If you wish for only particular parts of a course to be copied over, select the individual check boxes for the items you wish to copy over.

Marty Blackmon

Select Submit.

A success message will appear in green at the top of the Blackboard page.

A confirmation email will be sent

Your destination course should now show your copied information

Jessica Hatcher Amanda Batten Jane Strother DE Faculty Mentor

DE Coordinator


Click Calendar to View Fall I Courses

TechKnow August 2012 Edition  

In this edition of TechKnow, prepare your course for a successful term.