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Issue 6 VOLUME 7 June 2013 The Summer is almost officially upon us! As such, the season of beach trips, picnics, pool days, watermelon, and vacations are in full swing. Make time for yourself, spend that extra quality time with your family, and learn something new this Summer! Happy Summer!

TechKnow This Issue Blackboard Upgrade P. 1 DE2GO: Apps P. 2 DECIDE Snapshot P. 2 Getting to Know DE P. 3-4 Blackboard Upgrade, Cont. P. 5 DECIDE Certified Courses P. 6 Summer Course Schedule P. 6 DE Quick Tutorials P. 6

Blackboard Upgrade As many of you are already aware, Campbell upgraded Service Packs at the end of May. With the upgrade there are many new and exciting changes you will discover such as a Global Navigation menu, calendar enhancements, additional test and discussion forum options, as well as a retention center for at-risk students. You will also see a new change when grading assignments. The new “inline� grading allows you to edit and leave comments on assignments directly within Blackboard rather than having to download a paper or assignment, make edits or comments, and then upload the assignment back into the Grade Center. Lastly, you should now be able to copy and paste information without encountering spacing and design issues. The next several TechKnows will highlight these new changes!

DE2GO: Apps

DECIDE Snapshot:

There are many ways that you can stay connected with Distance Education and Blackboard while on-the-go. This segment will highlight different tools and apps you can use while out-and-about.

Course Menu Navigation: One of the QualityCertified requirements on the DECIDE Rubric is that “Navigating the course menu is done in a logical method. Like items in the course menu are grouped together. The menu buttons/links are descriptive to the content. Unused buttons/links are deleted.”

Google Drive Google Drive lets you store and access your information/files on the computer or a hand-held device. The great advantage to using Google Drive is that any documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, or drawings that you create (or upload) will be accessible to you anywhere you go.

Apart from the Welcome Announcement, the Course Menu is one of the first items students will view in a course. First impressions are everything, especially within an online environment! At first glance, is your course menu easy to navigate: organized, descriptive menu options, and uncluttered? These are all important in determining how a student views a course from the very beginning.

ORGANIZED: Can a student easily tell how he/she will get around the course? One of the easiest ways ABILITY TO SAVE: All changes to a document/file are to organize a course is to group like items together automatically saved to every device that has Google and in the order that students should maneuver Drive installed. So, you never have to worry about through the course. For example, an orientation, losing edits or changes to your work or even having an syllabus, and additional course information included updated version of a document on your computer but not on your phone. You will always have access to the at the beginning of the course menu; course content, test, and assignments included together in the most up-to-date version of your information. middle section; and additional information such as library links, external resources, and the Grade Center ABILITY TO SHARE: Instead of having to email out a included near the end. Another great way to help document to colleagues, students, or friends, which fills organize your course is to utilize the dividers and up their inboxes, you can simply share your document sub-header options within the course menu! or presentation and it will appear in their Google Drive. You can set several different settings when sharing a DESCRIPTIVE MENU OPTIONS: Although a course document such as view only, comment only, or edit. If you allow others to edit a document, all changes they menu may be organized, it does not necessarily mean that a student will be able to tell where they can make will automatically appear on your version of the locate information. For example, If you have a menu file as well. option that says “Weekly Assignments,” but only have handouts, lectures, and PowerPoints included (no ABILITY TO USE: So, how will this help me with my actual assignments), a better title would be “Course Blackboard course? You can easily integrate Google Content.” Drive documents, presentations, or even group sign-up sheets directly into your course! UNCLUTTERED: Students want to look at a streamlined course menu. Rather than having HOW TO START: separate course menus for class policies, course  If you are on a mobile device, simply download the schedule, help options, and textbook information, all Google Drive App and create an account if not of this could be included under a “Course already a user. Information” menu option. Also, make sure that all  If you are on a computer (or even on a mobile old or unused menu options are deleted! device), simply go to and install the drive on your computer or device.

Getting to Know Distance Education: Amanda Eckelkamp Batten What is your position with DE? What does your position encompass? I am a Faculty Mentor and Trainer for the Department of Distance Education. One of the greatest aspects of this position is the opportunity to work with all of the wonderful Campbell faculty and staff! In my position I train any new faculty (to Blackboard or the university) on how to use Blackboard in the online Basic Blackboard training course. I have also taught several smaller advanced training courses in the past. Currently, I am leading the Course Redesign Cohorts in which all Distance Education instructors become DECIDE (Distance Education Course Integrity and Development Evaluation) certified. This is one of the most exciting parts of my position in that I get to work with instructors individually on their Blackboard courses. Not only are the instructors learning new techniques on how to organize their courses, but I am also learning from each of the instructors different ways to teach, communicate, and style a course. Then, to round out my position, I am also here to help all faculty and staff with Blackboard questions and issues that arise. Apart from my position as the Faculty Mentor and Trainer, I also teach online religion courses for Distance Education. How many years have you been with DE? I started teaching online religion courses for Distance Education in the fall of 2010. Then, in August of 2011, after moving back to North Carolina, I started my position as Faculty Mentor and Trainer. So, overall, I have been with the department going on 3 ½ years. What is your favorite part about working with DE? The greatest part about working with Distance Education is the opportunity to work closely with faculty and staff at Campbell. Campbell truly has some of the brightest and innovative thinkers around! I am constantly learning from each person I work with and train. Also, our office/department is an extenuation of our own families. As such, it is a privilege to work with such talented and supportive colleagues and friends.

Getting to Know Distance Education: Amanda Eckelkamp Batten Cont. Provide a brief background to yourself: As a native of North Carolina and having lived in Clayton, NC throughout middle and high school, I knew that Campbell University would be my first home away from home. Whether my high school sweetheart followed me to Campbell or I followed him is an argument still played out in our family; regardless, we both set off as Religion majors at Campbell in the fall of 2004. The four years within Taylor Hall were integral in forming me into the person I am today. The Religion Department solidly prepared us for the road after college, for which I am forever grateful. As the story continues, following graduation in 2008, my high school sweetheart and I married in August of that year which was immediately followed by moving to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Candler School of Theology at Emory University for our Master Degrees. I earned my Master of Theological Studies with a concentration in Biblical Studies (in particular Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) in May of 2010. It was at this time that I started teaching online religion courses for Campbell. As my husband continued working towards his Master of Divinity degree as a full-time employee of the school and a part-time student, an opportunity was given for us to move back to North Carolina. It was at that same time that we found out we were expecting our first child which made moving back home all the more exciting. So, in July of 2011 we moved to Winston-Salem, NC. This move allowed me to teach religion courses on campus and to start working as a Faculty Mentor and Trainer for the Distance Education office. Then, on Christmas Day, 2011, our little angel was born. The rest is history…

What are your favorite hobbies and places to visit when you are not working? Apart from building forts, singing the ABC’s, reading children’s books, and visiting the cows and horses at the farm with my daughter, I thoroughly enjoy anything outdoors. In particular, my husband and I love to kayak (although not as much time to do so these days), visit amusement parks, and go on nature walks. However, I just as much enjoy reading (leisure and academic), traveling, crafting, and spending time with family in Clayton. Specifically in terms of places I like to visit, I love to travel anywhere overseas. Two of my favorite places so far that I have traveled to are Scotland and Zambia, Africa.

Blackboard Upgrade Snapshot: Inline Grading One of the biggest changes with the newest upgrade in Blackboard is the “inline” grading. When you open up an assignment to grade, the screen will now look quite different.

Inline Grading Options: zoom-in, zoom-out, comment, download assignment 

Comment Options: Type of Comment, draw, highlight, text, strikethrough  

Grade Assignment Grader Feedback

With the new ‘inline” grading, you will no longer have to download assignments to view submissions as they will automatically appear when you select “Grade Attempt”. And in addition, Blackboard has the ability for you to comment directly onto the assignment submission within the Grade Center. You can draw on the assignment (circling trouble areas, posting a letter grade), highlight sections of text, create textboxes on the assignment, strikethrough words or sections of text, and lastly, post comments in the side margins of the paper.

The comment drop-down options are as follows: Point Comment  Area Comment Text Comment—automatically highlights selected text. 

Summer DE Course Schedule: July: 4th - Independence Day Holiday 13th - End of Semester 15th - Grades Due

DECIDE Quality Certified Courses: Please congratulate the following instructors on having a course or courses DECIDE certified. Additional courses will be highlighted next month. ACCT-325—Joe Berry  ACCT-214—Joe Berry  BADM-125—Emily Holliday  CRIM-280—Chris Davis  CRIM-310—Dave Wulff  CRIM-430—Chris Davis  ECON-453—Shahriar Mostashari  EDUC-221—Benjamin Greene  EDUC-553—Benjamin Greene  EDUC-633—Chris Godwin  EDUC-650—Oney Graham  EDUC-651—Oney Graham  ENGL-201—Stephanie Womick  ITS-375—Herman Martin  ITS-425—Herman Martin  PSYC-222—Jutta Street  PSYC-260—Katie Van Allen  RELG-125—Adam English  RELG-236—Glenn Jonas 

DE Quick Tutorial: Course Theme A great way to customize your course to the content being taught or even to just give your course more personality is to change the theme of the course. Changing the theme of the course will provide a background as well as text color changes for some course menus. Below are instructions for changing the course theme: 

From the upper right hand corner, under the Blackboard menu options, select the color fan  Scroll through the various themes and try them out!

Themes range from nature, sports, subjects (math, chemistry, accounting), colors, seasons, holidays, and more!

Distance Education Staff: Katherine Spradley Director of Distance Education

Jessica Hatcher Instructional Design & Training Coordinator

Jason Bennett Instructional Design & Training Coordinator

Amanda Batten DE Faculty Mentor & Trainer

Jane Strother DE Faculty Mentor & Trainer

Marty Blackmon DE Coordinator


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Summer 2013 Edition of TechKnow  

This TechKnow edition explores Service Pack 12 of Blackboard, Google Drive, and more.