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Issue 1 VOLUME 7 January 2013


With the start of 2013, we look forward to New Year Resolutions, positive outlooks for the year to come, plans for more laughter, love, and hope, and a sense of renewal. With the New Year also comes new challenges and opportunities. Let’s make the most of 2013!

Happy New Year

This Issue Striving for the Best P. 1 DE2GO: Email P. 2 DECIDE Snapshot P. 2 Getting to Know DE P. 3 DE Reminders P. 4 DE4U: SlideShare P. 4 Spring I &II Course Schedule P. 4 DE Faculty and Staff P. 4

Striving for the Best!

Spring I courses are about to start for both online and traditional classes. With the start of 2013, let’s all make a resolution to strive for the best this year. Strive for the best in regards to engagement with students, online course organization and navigation, student retention, creating academically rich and rigorous courses, and the list could go on! Just as people make personal new year resolutions, let’s make this resolution to “strive for the best” for online and blended courses. DECIDE (as highlighted in the December TechKnow) is Campbell University’s way of striving for the best in online and blended course quality. DECIDE certification is completed by taking part in a mandatory Course Redesign Cohort (all courses will go through this process in the near future) or for new instructors, completing the Basic Blackboard Training where a course is now required to become DECIDE certified. Distance Education would like to highlight and congratulate the following courses on becoming DECIDE certified: 

Monica Hardin (RTP) - HIST 221  Dani Babb (DE)- ITS 420


DECIDE Snapshot:

Syllabus Class Information: One of the There are many ways that you can stay connected with Distance Education and Blackboard Quality-Certified requirements on the DECIDE while on-the-go. This segment will highlight Quality Certification Rubric is that different tools you can use while out-and-about. “Meeting times, location, and room number are provided on the first page of the syllabus.” Providing this information helps introduce the nature of the course to students. For example, when going in for a job interview, you would like to know up front when and where the interview will take place. This Email on your Smartphone? information is critical for you to make the interview Did you know you can access your Campbell on time. The same is true for both online and blended courses. email account directly on your Smartphone and

tablets? By having your email linked to your on-the-go device, being connected with your students, colleagues, and Campbell news is simply a click away.

For blended courses, knowing the meeting times, location, and room number of the on-campus and off-campus portion of the course prepares the student on how to successfully navigate the course structure. This requirement may seem pointless for online courses; however, it is just as important as it is You can set your phone/tablet to notify you when you receive a new message and you can for blended courses. One reason being is that some reply and forward Campbell emails as well. You students come into a class wondering if they have to be logged on during certain hours of the day, or if can add your Campbell email account just as they are required to take tests at a particular location you would any other account. This process so that it can be proctored, etc. Providing the exact differs by Smartphone/Tablet. format of the class is instrumental in helping students easily adjust to an online course.

If you have any questions or issues, the Campbell Helpdesk can assist you.

An example of this requirement for an online course is as follows:

· Meeting Times: This course does not have any scheduled meeting times. You can access the course and its content 24-7. · Room Number: This course is conducted online only. · Location: Virtual. This course is conducted asynchronously strictly through Blackboard.

Getting to Know Distance Education:

What is your position with DE? What does that position encompass? I am the Instructional Design and Training Coordinator. My position requires communicating with new and existing faculty members on all campuses to schedule or facilitate Blackboard Training. I conduct individual in-person trainings with Faculty, as well as group trainings on a variety of topics including Blackboard Basics, ADA compliance, Mash-up tools, Web 2.0, etc. I work with faculty from main campus, and all extended campuses including our Distance Faculty. How many years have you been with DE? I’ve been with DE since June of 2012, but I previously worked in Student Services and Residence Life at Campbell for 2.5 years What is your favorite part about working with DE? The ability to be creative with the course content, and encourage Faculty to be creative with the way they present information to students. Being not too far-removed from my graduate work, it is pretty easy for me to see the good things that Faculty do in an online environment and the less beneficial practices you sometimes see in an online environment. I’ve also enjoyed the freedom to be creative in the way I do my own work, and enjoyed a lot of the opportunities I’ve had for professional development, including Blackboard Certification, and other development opportunities Provide a brief background to yourself: I’m a local; I moved to Buies Creek when I was 2 from Mississippi when my Dad got a job teaching in the counseling program in the School of Education. I grew up here, but went to Methodist University for College where I played both soccer and lacrosse. At Methodist I studied Business with Concentrations in both Resort/Hospitality Management and Sport Management. While at Methodist I had opportunities to work in several capacities at different resorts/restaurants in addition to interning with Special Olympics North America and working in College Athletics. I began working in Residence Life at Campbell when I was still an undergraduate Student at Methodist. I finished undergrad at Methodist in December of 2008, and continued working in Residence life after graduation. I started graduate school in the MBA program in the fall of 2009, and sort of fell into a job in Student Services (now known as Student Success). You can imagine it is a bit of a different experience working with faculty as opposed to students, but both of these opportunities have provided me with a well-rounded experience at Campbell. What are your favorite hobbies and places to visit when you are not working? I’m not a crazy Traveler, but I do enjoy heading to Atlanta to see my brother and his wife, and my new nephew, Preston, and I also enjoy heading to Charlotte to visit with some good friends I have in the area. I also enjoy the Charleston area, though I have not been in a while. When I’m not working, I help coach a middleschool girl’s lacrosse team in the Holly Springs/Fuquay area, and I really enjoy doing that. Athletics and Being active has always been something I’m very passionate about, and I enjoy sharing that with younger generations. Also, I just started training for a Half-Marathon to be run in March.

DE Reminders:

Spring I DE Course Schedule: January:

7th - Classes Start 14th - Add/Drop Ends 21st - Holiday (MLK Jr.)


Courses should be made available to students the Wednesday before classes start for every semester.  To make your course available, go to Customization - Properties - and select the Yes radio dial beside Make Course Available.

18th - Holiday (President’s Day)


2nd: Spring I Courses End 4th - Grades Due

Spring II DE Course Schedule: February:

25th - Spring II Registration Begins


8th - Spring II Registration Ends 11th - Spring II Courses Start 18th - Add/Drop Ends 29th - Holiday (Good Friday)

Courses should be copied over from a previous semester and all edits and changes completed in the course prior to the Wednesday before classes start. Distance Education completes Course Reviews on all courses starting that Wednesday.  To copy your course over from another semester, go to Packages and Utilities - Course Copy - select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course from the drop-down list - Browse for your destination course - select areas of the course you would like to copy over - Select Submit.


4th - Spring II Courses End 6th—Grades Due

DE4U: So you have created an awesome PowerPoint presentation for you course, now what? How to upload the large file?

SLIDESHARE SlideShare is a great way to get your PowerPoint sent out virally. SlideShare allows you to :  upload your PowerPoint presentation (publicly or privately)  embed on blogs, websites  share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  Zipcast  sync mp3 audio to create a webinar  embed YouTube videos inside SlideShare presentations  browse thousands of presentations already shared on any given topic or subject* You can visit for more information and to start sharing and browsing!

Distance Education Staff: Katherine Spradley

Director of Distance Education

Jessica Hatcher Instructional Design & Training Coordinator

Amanda Batten DE Faculty Mentor & Trainer

Jane Strother DE Faculty Mentor & Trainer

Marty Blackmon DE Coordinator


*Information taken from SlideShare’s website

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