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Issue 8 VOLUME 7 August 2013

TechKnow This Issue New Semester Checklist

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Onlin2GO: Apps

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DECIDE Snapshot

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Getting to Know DE

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Name Change & Move

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Summer Course Schedule

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Online Quick Tutorials

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New Semester Checklist The new semester has arrived, and with that, a new start for your course. Having all information updated and organized in your course prior to the start of the term is important both for your students’ first impression but also your own work level during the semester. Below is a quick check-list to ensure that all aspects of your course have been updated for the current semester. □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □ □

Copy content from old course to new course Update your syllabus Update the Announcements for the new semester Reset any Adaptive Release information Hide or reveal selected content Change all due dates Change any calendar due dates Check the Grade Center for duplicate or unwanted columns Delete all old discussions from previous semesters Delete all duplicate course menu items Organize your course menu in a logical progression

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Online2GO: Apps

DECIDE Snapshot:

There are many ways that you can stay connected with Distance Education and Blackboard while on-the-go. This segment will highlight different tools and apps you can use while out-and-about.

Orientation : One of the Quality-Certified requirements on the DECIDE Rubric is that “An orientation to the course was provided. The orientation covered how to navigate the course, where assignments are located, where help is located, and more. Examples of orientations can include scavenger hunts, diagrams, tours, videos, screenshots, and more.�

Prezi Prezi is a 3D cloud based presentation software that allows you to zoom in and out and pan over your presentation content. Prezi is available on the desktop as well as the iPad and iPhone. You will need to create an account on the desktop version of Prezi in order to utilize the iPad/iPhone Prezi App.

Prezi allows you to create your own presentations, search through thousands of other public presentations on a wide array of subjects, and present a presentation all from one location.

Prezi allows you to take your everyday PowerPoint presentation to the next level. Not only is Prezi more engaging for students, but you are able to seamlessly move to various parts of the presentation by just a swipe of your finger rather than clicking through countless slides. Prezi presentations can be utilized in numerous ways within your Blackboard course such as course lecture notes, supplemental material on an important concept, person, or event, or even an orientation to a course.

Going into anything new in life, you are usually filled with a little bit of trepidation for the unknown ahead. The same easily applies to students taking online courses. For many of your students, your course could be their first venture into the online education realm. The goal of providing an orientation in each course is to help allay any fears for students and to quickly get them acclimated to the nature and structure of the course. Although general information about what browsers are recommended, the basic computer skills needed to complete an online course, and which operating systems are compatible with Blackboard are important to include in an orientation, it is even more essential that students are oriented to your specific course. Where can students locate important items in your course? What are your policies on late-work assignments, Discussion Board participation, emailing netiquette? Where can a student find Help options within your course? These are all questions that a student will be searching for within a course. An orientation provides students with a general overview of the course to help them quickly and easily become comfortable with the course at hand. An orientation helps make a great first impression for your students! One advantage of having a course online is the ability to include technology into your orientation. Have students complete a scavenger hunt, include a tutorial video that takes students through the structure of your course, create diagrams, presentations, and even include screenshots of the course in which you have drawn over with notes and instructions. Your students will appreciate the extra work you have put into the course to make it as student friendly as possible.

Getting to Know Distance Education: Dr. John Roberson What is your position with DE? What does your position encompass? I serve as Dean of Extended Programs. As Dean of Extended Programs, I am responsible for extended campus education (RTP, Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune) and online education. What is your favorite part about working with DE? The University entered the arena of online education in 1999. Across the years, online courses have been limited to currently enrolled students on the main and extended campuses. In May of 2013, the University received authorization from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to expand its online offerings to include complete degree programs. Therefore, working with online education staff and faculty to launch new online programs to a larger audience of students is my favorite part. We are writing a new chapter in Campbell’s long and distinguished history of education. Provide a brief background to yourself: A native of Virginia, I graduated from Campbell in 1980. I continued my education earning the Master of Divinity from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Doctor of Education from North Carolina State University. My doctoral studies were in higher education administration. My research interest was and is in the sociology of higher education and centers in two areas - adult education and college choice. My wife, Wendy, and I met as Campbell University Study Abroad students in Cardiff, Wales. This year we will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We are the proud parents of one daughter, Sarah, who will enter the University as freshman in August. I am currently in my 21st year of service to Alma Mater. What are your favorite hobbies and places to visit when you are not working? When I am not working, I enjoy several hobbies and activities. Collecting and restoring antique clocks is a passion and a challenge. I also have a small collection of pocket watches consisting primarily of railroad grade watches. Following auctions and other specialized sales looking for the next antique timekeeping purchase is most enjoyable. Needless to say, horology is a subject I enjoy studying thru reading, lectures and workshops. My lawn is small; however, I enjoy the work of keeping the grass manicured, the flowers blooming, the hedges groomed and the deer away. Leisure reading is an enjoyable part of my life away from the office. Presently, I am “hooked” on David McCollough.

Fall I Online Schedule:

Name Change & Move!!!


This has been an exciting Summer for our office, chalk-full of many new changes. As you may have heard, the Distance Education Department is now called the Online Education Department. This will help reflect the scope of our duties more thoroughly.

2nd - Labor Day 14th - Military Appreciation Football Game  28th - Last day of class  30th - Grades due 

DE Quick Tutorial: Announcements Do you have several announcements that you use from one semester to another? If so, your announcements page can get very long with old/ unavailable announcements. Blackboard offers a quick way to quickly organize your announcements without having to scroll up and down your list. On the right hand side of your Announcements bar, you will see two arrows. Selecting this will allow you to easily move your announcements around without the full announcement being shown!

Also, our office has moved from the second floor of Kivett Hall to the Extended Programs and Online Education Building located at 79 Bolton Road, Buies Creek, the old Accounting Building. We look forward to seeing you!

Online Education Staff: Katherine Spradley Director of Online Education

Marty Blackmon Online Education Coordinator

Jessica Hatcher Instructional Design & Training Coordinator

Jason Bennett Instructional Design & Training Coordinator

Amanda Batten Online Faculty Mentor & Trainer

Jane Strother Online Faculty Mentor & Trainer Once you have selected the announcement you wish to move, simply select the up or down arrow until the desired location. This can become very helpful when you have several announcements available at a time and want to quickly move one to the top for priority viewing.


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