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Happy Christmas all! We are proud to bring you a small christmas issue filled with some festive illustrations from around the globe (literally). Also, a cool announcement. Anyway, we hope you have a great christmas. Keep doodling. Christmas Love baker2D & Caroline Twidle No Numbers just stuff. baker2D Cut-Click Exhibition Announcement David Winder Peter Harris Nick Bruce Sonia Whitehead Galiana Vasileva Robert Harness High Altitude Clothing Article Luisa M. Kelle Ivan there is beauty in the city Article Cut-Click Drop Simon Philipson Cut-Click Dates The Old Sweet Shop Syd and Malorys Don't Do It! Abbey Walk Gallery Advertisement END Created by Daniel Baker(baker2D) and Caroline Twidle

Within this issue you may find images that offend or upset you. Please remember that we are purely a platform for the art/design a=work and bare no responsibility for the work created.

Altitude Clothing 1) So... a clothing company... made up of how many team members ? Whilst your at it, why don't you give us your names so we can get to know the people behind this line. Also... who is the one answering these questions? Kersh: There's three of us. Me (Kersh), Sam and Chris. However Sam and Chris want to remain in the background running operation 'Take over the world.' 2) How long have you been going for and other than taking over the world, what are your future plans? Kersh: We having be running for just over a year now. We'd like to expand and spread the word about what we are doing, but taking over babycakes clothing would speed things up a great deal. 3) Are you inside the current trends or do you work from the outside, observing the beauty unfold? Kersh: From the warzone of the clothing industry we observe how the current trends unfold and then we design our own products and designs around this; thinking outside of the box. ;) 4) Do you have a core target market, or are you purely wanting people to purchase and enjoyed your creations? Kersh: Our t-shirt's are for everyone, but we basically design what we like and experiment for the future. Our t-shirts are attractive and yet creative meaning that anyone with a big personality and good tastes in clothing would like our products. 5) Are you aiming at other products, prints, bags etc etc or are tees the place to be? Kersh: At the moment just t-shirts are the place to be, but hopefully we will develop the clothing line further and expand our product range horizion.

6) + and last question... So, you and your team (if it is a team) are on a deserted island with nothing but a running electricity supply and coconuts. What would you take? Remember, a running electricity supply (from where you ask... well from God of course). Kersh: Well I'd deffinatley need the appeal of the female species, but our team would not live without the aid of a computer to check all the sales each day and develop the business further. Much Love High Altitude Clothing Team

ANNOUNCEMENT We are very proud to announce that there will be a cut-click exhibition in summer 2009 at Abbey Walk Gallery. Contributors from previous and future issues will be if they wish entered into a selection process for the exhibition. The owners of Abbey Walk Gallery will select pieces of work for the exhibition, entrants will be contacted and required to provide the piece of work for the exhibition. You have till the May issue of cut-click to get your work submitted to us. Simply email your work with 'cut-click sub yes' in the title to be entered. The work will be exhibited from 30 June till 9th August 2009. Selected exhibitors will be required to send their pieces of work to the gallery no later than a week before the exhibition is due to start. Selected artists and designers will be contacted on 25th of May. Any questions please email

There Is Beauty In The City 'THERE IS BEAUTY IN THE CITY' is a collaborative project by artist Anna Francis, the Axis Festival and global participants. The project looks for beauty in all its forms within a city environment. To take part in the project visit the website and request a magnet pack. Once you have your magnet place it on your chosen beauty spot and take a photo and email it to

Cardboard Shelter Project invited artists to produce a piece of work on an A4-sized piece of cardboard. The work was exhibited on 27 November at The Artworks Gallery in Newcastle. 31 pieces sold and raised over ÂŁ1,200 for The Big Issue Foundation. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and funds for The Big Issue Foundation. 24 pieces of work are still available to buy see for more details

‘Don’t do it!’ Open an Art Gallery ! Abbey Walk Gallery is Grimsby ’s newest Contemporary Art Venue, incorporating two professional Gallery spaces, a workshop that will host a variety of different classes, an art supply outlet and seven licensed studio spaces that are already in full occupancy, let out to local professional artists. It is always interesting to know how such a venture transpired. Or, what act of madness gripped those involved to pursue such a course of action. Elaine and Gill are both practising artists. They met during their BA Fine and Applied Arts degree at the East Coast School of Art and Design from which they both graduated with honours in 2007. It was Elaine who approached Gill with the fledging idea of a Grimsby based arts community. Elaine a serious artist in a geographical area where there are few provisions, this was an idea that she had harboured for some years if fact she would even say as long as she can remember. Family commitments of both Elaine and Gill meant that they wished to remain in Grimsby and in doing so it was perhaps only natural that they both wanted to make a positive contribution towards the arts in their home town. Elaine’s enthusiasm for the idea was palpable. It was impossible for Gill not to be drawn in, or as a serious artist herself to recognise the need for such a venture and to be equally engaged with the idea of a locally based artistic community. Thus the fledging idea for Abbey Walk Gallery was borne; the provision of premises to provide studio spaces for local professional artists and a gallery with a distinctive artistic policy. During their Degree opportunities arose for both of them to gain experience working in Galleries. Gill at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and 20-21 Visual Arts Centre at Scunthorpe and Elaine at the Ropewalk. They also sought advice from other professional galleries and somehow managed to remain undaunted by the usual cry of ‘Don’t do it!’ or ‘You must be mad!’ left ringing in their ears.

Both Gill and Elaine would say that it has not been an easy road, like any other fledging business experience often comes at a cost, and usually a valuable lesson is learnt. However, wherever and whenever they have sought advice or help it has always been forthcoming, usually in droves. From local businesses, North East Lincolnshire Council, e-factor, The Grimsby Institute and other national similar based art communities including invaluable advice and a grant from the Arts Council. Finally of course their respective families and friends whose patience understanding and often physical help will forever be appreciated. Since they obtained the premises in July word of mouth spread and in the first month the first studio was licensed to local artist Paul Galyer. Other artists soon followed and now 10 professional artists work from the premises. The eagerness from the resident artists has also driven the venture. Help advice and often much needed physical assistance has always been forthcoming and has always been much appreciated. The Gallery opened its doors for the first time on 2nd December 2008 with its acclaimed inaugural exhibition showcasing the work of Professor Stephen James Newton BA MA PhD, with ‘Small Paintings 1986-2008’. Stephen James Newton is a highly esteemed painter and an author. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in the United Kingdom Europe and America . Stephen also launched his new art philosophy book-‘Art and Ritual-A Painters Journey at the opening’. Elaine and Gill are excited about the opening of Abbey Walk Gallery, and know that there is still a lot of hard work to come, but look forward to it and approach it with the same enthusiasm and commitment with which they began. And perhaps a small hint of madness.

They said ‘Don’t do it’ but they did.

Cut-click issue 3