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Editorial So, Issue two is finally here. After a long wait and although tiring, I believe this will carry on for a good amount of time. When we first started this, I personally (me being baker) did not think it would get the response it did. I thought it would end up being another 'start/dead' type project, another zine not able to get viewers. But thankfully, I was wrong. As in the first issue, we plan to bring you a small section of our local talent and give them a chance to have a platform. We are hoping that this will expand in the coming year, but obviously we do not want to put too many artists in one issue. We hope you enjoy this one and we hope to see you again soon. Take it easy and Enjoy, baker(2D) PS. If you can write articles or enjoy writing and can think of something to write about, we would love to hear from you. We want to push this so we have more than just a portfolio jump for artists. So get in touch, see the last pages for information. (do you not think this slightly seems like I am whispering... I do).

A List of Contributers in list of appearance (if your reading in order). Wendy Ronaldson Versi Suzie Pindar Nick Bruce Luz Valencia Lara Prior Chris Baddeley David Bailey Derren Miskelly Craig Brown BenJy! David Winder

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This zine was put together by baker2D. All works are property of the artists mentioned on each page unless otherwise stated. So do not steal, do not say its yours. If you do, well that is just not good. Marketing and advertising is done by Caroline Twidle. Read and Enjoy.

Wendy Ronaldson My Work I work mainly in Acrylics, but sometimes watercolours, my work is normally painted on Box Canvas boards without staples on the sides. Simplifying my work with bright colours. I love to work with black and white, my favourite colours. Experimenting with different paints brings up some fantastic results and gives me ideas for other work. Abstract work also interests me; working with thick paints lets me unwind from the fine art, botanical work. My Inspiration I am obsessed with gardening, we had a smallish garden but had dug up all the lawn and filled it with plants (known as an organised jungle). We then decided to move and found somewhere with a bigger garden. This is where I get my inspiration; we still have some lawn left (at the moment). I spend all my spare time outside. I also like dabbling in photography, which is very useful, as some plants don’t like being picked. My future To be a well-known artist, (pigs might fly) My Music I love most types of music except heavy rock, the louder the better but not when I am working, I need silence to concentrate. Website :


My goal in light-painting work is to put the importance on the graffic way of calligraphy. I use the body movements of several kind of calligraphy, like arabic, asian, tag and graffiti. I choose a word that I develop in many styles of writing. All the letters of this word are important for the composition. The result of this concept gives some abstract calligraphy light-painting. I practice traditional painting in the same style of light-painting (abstract calligraphy). All my drawings are inspiration for my light-painting. Sometimes I choose a theme. So my light work (colors and calligraphy) are chosen according to the subject. I also work with people as models. My objectives are to have a lightpainting that appears as a real painting. I work in black place without light. I paint all the colors of the picture with light. I try to mix the real world with light and drawing. Website : Contact :

Suzie Pindar

The essence of time evolving through various stages of my life. The changes that I intensely feel, see with my eyes, creates mark making ideas, words, letters, scriptures upon the pages combining mixed heartfelt moods. Capturing, breathing, experiencing, feeling, remembering, healing, recovering, surviving, which comes to surface, marking my own signature. Contact :

Nick Bruce

My work is inspired by cartoons, toys and anime, I watch cartoons more than I should do, I spend most of my day watching cartoons and drawing designs in my sketch book. I have not yet discovered my own style but I like to create images using bold shapes and bright colours. I like to do something completely different for each piece of work I do, I get bored of using the same the style. I love working with vectors and a lot of my work is vector based, I find vectors easy to create and manipulate. I start my projects by drawing out a rough sketch and scanning into the computer, I then trace the sketch using my favourite vector based drawing programme. In the future I hope to have my own range of ugly / cute characters and toys and be world famous like my favourite artists Tokidoki and Tado. If you would like to see more of my work please visit Website :

Luz Valencia The product of the studies I create are landscapes that shape themselves through colour , movement , organic and fluid forms that meet each other between the imaginary lines of reality and dream. This connection is the visual expression of my life experiences. Landscapes that are explosive and very colourful, lines trapped in between thick impasto strokes of oil paint. The paintings turn into abstract stories curated by the self, guided by the hand of change and moulded from memory. Characters can be found by looking closely to discover how the interrelated world from within is delicately embrioded together. I enjoy recycling objects, especially boxes, found or disregarded I modify them in particular as if they have always been used to hide or keep precious things, secrets of dust, needles, bodies , anything but the expected. By personalising the found items in this way is like reveling the stories i imagine inside my paintings, expressing we are all connected through things we find in each other. Attention to detail, looking closer and discovering not everything is a neon light selling souls. The recurrent characters found in these pieces are birds, jellyfishes, insects, bacteria, tiny explosions of colour and lines, they multiply across the surface in an obsessive way, unstoppable and wanting to cover it all but limited to a designated areas assigned for them to live in , similar to the Western social inhabitations, getrified classes forced from abodes to scratch around in the deluge of structures. Lives full of requirements, rules, regulations, permits, paperwork, authorizations, necessities, amenities. The work I create is battle to understand that everything its connected whilst being trapped and wanting to fly. Website :

Lara Prior

My work often focuses on creating imagery to illustrate written texts in the form of adult and sequential narrative. I seek and derive inspiration from the world around us, be it literature, life experiences and self-reflection or chance moments captured on camera. My favoured techniques and way of working consist of mixed mediums, which combines both traditional and digital media, namely Photoshop, photography, collage and ink drawing. Uniting components in this way allows the imagery to take on new and exciting dimensions. Symbolism and layering often play important roles in my work, allowing me to weave hidden depths and meanings into my illustrations. Contact details :

Chris Baddeley My Work My work is now exclusively done using my Digital SLR and Digital Bridge cameras. I try and take my camera everywhere with me. I aim to capture things I see around me. The pictures that work the best in my opinion are those that either capture a moment in time which conveys emotion or forces the viewer into an unfamiliar viewpoint allowing a fresh look at an otherwise common object. My Inspiration For a more abstract view of common objects, Man Ray was a great inspiration to me. His photograph L'Elevage de Poussière (Dust Breeding) (1920) portrays everything that I am trying to accomplish. An ability to force a new perspective on otherise common objects and to blur the line between documentation and abstract art. Art Wolfe and Joe Cornish inspires me in my other area of love. Landscape photography. Their composition and vibrancy of their pictures bring me happiness every time I see them. My Future My immediate goal is to sell my first photograph. I feel that by now, there are certainly several photos I've taken that are sellable. I have just, as of yet, made that leap. Secondly I would like to open my own gallery. Maybe online to begin with. My Music My music has almost stagnated. Living in the midwest of the USA has exposed me to a lot of both country and western. However I have recently been listening to Radiohead, Death in Vegas, UNKLE and Amon Tobin Contact :

David Bailey

My work This can best be described as a mixture of mathematics and art. This involves utilising mathematical symmetry in an artistic manner, with tessellations (repeating shapes) of animal-like motifs. Website: www. My Inspiration M. C. Escher (1898-1972), a Dutch graphic artist who is the founding father of such work as above ( My Future To write and illustrate the definitive book on designing animal-like tessellations. My Music Simon & Garfunkel and Oasis. A bit extra detail for you… Publications: Bridges Leeuwarden Proceedings 2008. Chief Editors Reza Sarhangi and Carlo Séquin Tarquin Publications. ‘A Guide to Creating Escher-like Bird Motif Tessellations’ pages 453-456 Origami Tessellations. Eric Gjerde. A.K. Peters (To appear December 2008) Email address :

Darren Miskelly

I currently live in Immingham, and first became interested in photography whilst studying for a career in graphic design in Lincoln. I love using photography together with digital manipulation to create work that is (hopefully) different from the norm. To date, my work has mainly been concentrated on landscapes, but I have many ideas I would Like to develop in the future, including photo-collage, human form and abstract. My Influences are varied, but if I had to single out one artist or designer it would have to be the music industry designer Storm Thorgerson. As for the future, I would love to work on a commercial level and undertake commissioned work, as well as developing my own ideas - maybe with exhibiting in mind? Contact :

Craig Brown My Work... Most of my work is mainly set around a sci-fi theme, I normally start in a program called 'wings3D'. After spending a few hours playing around and getting something that I'm happy with, It's then imported into Bryce and I add other items and scenery, lighting and change the atmosphere if needed. It's then rendered which can sometimes take a bit of time. But the end result is worth it... My Inspiration Most of my inspiration comes from TV, Films and games. As well as other online sources like, and a number of other art sites. Though I'm always on the look out for inspiration as you can find inspiration just about anywhere. My Future Who knows, I could be the next man to walk on the moon or the primeminister, Life is always changing and I don't know whats around the next corner. My Music.. Anything really. But I do love a bit of trance/dance. A Question From The Artis. (How did I get into 3D art) I got into 3D art by doing web design. I know this may sound a little crazy to start with. But after doing some simple web pages, I learned of a program called Flash that you could use to make 2D animations with. So I thought I'd give it a try and I really began to see my artistic side come out. Though now I wanted to take my new found skills to another level and it was not long before I had my hands on the programs I needed to take my art to the next level.

Contact :


Hello there, I'm Ben. My name, age and education is really relevant today. What I'm willing to share with people is my imagination and yes people still do have them, hence why we're all here. My inspiration for work comes from..well..everything? It could be a song, scene from a movie, a passerby in the street, a cloud, a word, an item, well you get the picture. I don't have one method of working, i can work on computers in Photoshop, painting and editing photos as i want to see them or i can paint, draw and create with my hands as i am educated to do so. My favourite method of working is usually water colour paint or photography, i leave oil paints and charcoal to create moody pieces. The inspiration for "Dedication Tear" came from Ian Curtis, famed singer of Joy Division. I dedicated it to him because unlike most singers i regard him as poet more then a singer, given his lyrical content and approach singing is more like poetry then singing. If you wish to contact me about my work or fancy doing a project just get in touch and I'll be happy to help in anyway possible. Peace. Contact me : Website :

David Winder

I don't really like giving statements about my work. i do it because i enjoy it. you can quote that. ‘We did’ Myspace :

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Thank you. ..for taking the time for reading and going through our zine. I am sure all of the artists involved are very thankful too. What we need : For our upcoming issues we would love some writers to get involved. People with opinions and people who just have something to say. Next Issue : Our next issue will be out around christmas time and as far as we know (so this will probably happen) it is going to be a special Christmas issue. This issue will be completely comprised of illustration work based around the theme ‘Christmas’. So, get your pencils onto paper / mouse to mat / stylus to tablet and get illustrating. We can take submissions until 1st December. Please send submissions to Please : Send all emails about advertisements to caroline. The price of an advertisement is £10 for one issue / but we can do deals. Again : Thank you for taking the time to read and look through our magazine. Take it easy.

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