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Successfully selling a home in Essex

A good real estate agent is key to successfully selling a home in Essex. Many inexperienced home sellers make the mistake of choosing the agent that offers to list their home at the highest price or the one with the lowest commission. However, these two criteria are nearly irrelevant when it comes to choosing a good real estate agent.

A real estate agent actually can’t set the selling price for a home. They can offer a price range that the home should sell for based on several things such as comparable homes in the Essex area, pending and active sales in the area, and the current state of the market. Since real estate agents can’t guarantee a sales price, the agent who wants to list the house for the highest price is probably bending the truth in order to get the listing. A competent and successful real estate agent will be able to provide numbers to back up their suggested list price. These “comps” should come from similar homes in Rochford. If the agent is unable to show numbers supporting their suggested price, it might be best to go with a different real estate agent.

An ideal real estate agent will offer a price range based on the condition of the home, location and the current market. The range can be wide, as much as $10,000 or $15,000 in some instances. A home owner will know their home is priced correctly if they get a lot of showings and an offer within the first 30 days on the market. If there has been no activity within the first month, it is likely the house was priced too high. Now the sellers are stuck with reducing the sale price which can have a negative impact because it will make prospective home buyers leery that there is something wrong with the house. There are very few valid reasons that a real estate agent would discount their commission.

Being a friend of the seller ·                 The seller is also going to purchase a house and  wants to use the same agent for both  transactions ·                 The seller is selling more than one property ·                 Accepting the listing pro bono ·                 The agent needs to match a competitor’s  commission rate in order to get the listing •

Beyond this, there are no real reasons a competent agent would lower their commission rate. However, many agents will lower their rate if they are new to the real estate market in Essex or if they have not been very successful. If an agent has a lower rate than other agents, ask to see records of the agent’s original home sale prices and the price the homes finally sold for. If the agent was forced to do several price reductions, it is possible the agent is not very successful or competent.

It is easy to spot a successful real estate agent because they will be confident and have a verifiable track record of selling homes for asking or close to asking price and in a short amount of time. The agent will also be part of a larger network of agents countrywide, which means the homes listed with the agent are seen by more prospective buyers. A good real estate agent will also be a good communicator and have aggressive negotiation skills.

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Successfully selling a home in Essex  
Successfully selling a home in Essex  

A good real estate agent is key to successfully selling a home in Essex.