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vol 1 Issue No. 45

Karachi, Tue dec 24 - mon dec 30, 2013


Regd. No, mC-1381


SROs are not being abolished at once, what we are doing is amending ambiguous SROs, says Finance Minister Ishaq Dar | See PAge 06 |

The PIFFA members have complete infrastructure, but they are not given the facility of FCL by the authorities concerned. It seems freight forwarders have not yet been recognised as individual entity that is why shipping licences are not being issued to them


The govt is encouraging industrialists and exporters to take benefit of GSP Plus status granted by EU, says Dastgir | See PAge 02 | POuRINg IN Huge ReveNue

Huge forex reserves have begun pouring in the country as EU has allowed Pakistan to export deep sea fish to its market, says Michael | See PAge 03 |

| See PAge 11 |

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ransforming Pakistan into a transshipment hub is imperative for growth and development of the country. This was stated by Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA) Chairman Abdul Majeed ParachainanexclusiveinterviewwithCustomsTodayathisoffice.Heaimedthatitis one of his top most priorities to work for making the country a transshipment hub. “Being the incumbent chairman of PIFFA,I am tryingmy best for realisingthis idea of transshipment hub in my tenure,” he intended. Abdul Majeed Paracha, while


expressingconcernsoverthenon-issuance of licences to PIFFA members, said it seems freight forwarders have not yet been recognised as individual entity that is why shipping licences are not being issued to them. Paracha demanded Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Pakistan Customs to issue licences to freight forwarders in individual capacity for filing their own manifestations. Replyingtoaquestion,thePIFFAchairman said that it is imperative to make International Road Transport (IRT) in Islamabad operational for enhancing trade in a better way.Paracha demanded of the authoritiesconcernedtoensurethe‘FullContainerLoad’(FCL)facilitytothePIFFAmembers.“The PIFFA members have complete infrastructure,buttheyarenotgiventhefacilityofFCLbytheauthoritiesconcerned,”he added.Respondingtoaquery,hesaidthat PIFFA organises seminars, short courses andtrainingprogrammesforitsmembers, sothattheycouldbeabletoupdatethemselveswiththelatestdevelopmentsbeing carried out in the industry at world level. He further informed Customs Today thatPIFFAhasimplementedFIATAmodules and the Association has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) withBahriaUniversityinthisregard,which is definitely a step forward for the future

progress of PIFFA and its members. “Through this FIATA training course, PIFFAprovidesaguaranteedopportunityto the individuals who will successfully accomplish the said course to work with PIFFA”, he asserted. Commenting on the issues with FIA, ParachasaidthatthePakistanInternational Freight Forwarders Association is organising seminars at regular intervals for its members in order to prepare them for the queries that would be asked by the intelligence services. “The PIFFA members through these seminars are given awareness about the queries, they could be asked by FIA, ANF andotherintelligenceagencies”,headded. Paracha further said that PIFFA is also conducting free of cost short courses in Ship Chartering and Bill of Lading for the members, adding that the Association is trying its best to create awareness among the members through such courses. ThePIFFAchairmanurgedtheauthorities concerned to remain Customs Houses andotherrelatedofficesopenonSaturdays for getting desirable economic growth. “The recent economic growth of the country is at 3 per cent to 4 per cent and if wewanttotakethispercentageatparwith developed countries like China and Japan, therevenuecollectiondepartmentswould have to work tirelessly,” he concluded. 

Price Rs. 50.00



FBR receives 800,000 tax returns till dec 16

ISLAMABAD: Shahid Hussain Asad, official spokesman of Federal Board of Revenue said that the Board has received about 800,000 returns of income/statements till December 16, 2013, showing a good response of the taxpayers as compared to past few years. Shahid Hussain Asad stated a sizeable improvement has been witnessed in filing of returns for Tax Year 2013 due to effective campaign launched by FBR as well as field formations. It is expected that about 125,000 more returns (including about 25,000 of companies) will be filed by 31st December, 2013.

BR is going to look into all the exemption certificates issued to importers and manufacturers as around Rs60 billion have been granted under a concessionary regime for the first six months of the fiscal year 201314, an FBR official said. The official said that goods imported from July to October attracted around Rs100 billion in income tax at the import stage while only Rs40 billion was received. A major part of the amount was drained in exemptions and concessions. About Rs35 billion exemptions were allowed on crude oil imports. Another Rs25 billion have been granted through certificates issued by the commissioners of Inland Revenue or are available under the second schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. The officials said that FBR is considering to revisit all the exemption certificates issued by the Inland Revenue offices and find out that exemptions granted through certificates were as per the law. They said that the FBR will also analyse whether or not the import by commercial importers was taxed at 5.5 percent. Previously, the certificates were issued for three months but through a circular issued in November, the validity had been extended to six months. —CT Report


Customsretains importvaluesof motorcyclespare parts,chemicals akistan Customs has decided to retain the import values of motorcycle spare parts and chemicals & dyers at the previous Valuation Rulings till December 31, 2013. Spokesman All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Import and Dealers Association (APMSIDA), Jameel Shah confirmed that the officials concerned in Customs Valuation Department have agreed upon to retain the previous import values of motorcycle spare parts till the end of this year after meeting with the members of APMSIDA. It is pertinent to mention here that the APMSIDA and Pakistan Chemicals and Dyers Merchants Association (PCDMA) had strongly expressed reservations over the issuance of 96-item customs new clearance guidelines of imported goods and demanded valuation on imported goods on price certification. They had also rejected sudden inflated revision of the assessment of imported goods valuation and demanded of the government to revert it to previous level. —CT Report


dastgir, Niaz urge industrialists to take benefit of GSP Plus scheme ISLAMABAD



ederal Minister for Commerce and Textile Industry Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan said that the government was encouraging the industrialists and exporters to take beneNit of GSP Plus status given by the European Union which could raise Pakistan’s exports by $1 billion annually. The Generalized System of Preference Plus (GSP+) provided concessions on about 6,000 tariff lines, while Pakistan had currently around 150 tariff lines currently. This was an opportunity as well as a challenge for the government and exporters to enhance their export products, he said addressing a press conference. Khurram said, “This is an opportunity as well as a challenge for the government and traders to diversify their export basket and expand their capacity to boost exports.” It was now up to the exporters that how they could exploit the opportunity arisen due to the GSP Plus status, he added. All the export consignments to European markets would be treated according to the GSP scheme from January 1, 2014, when it would come into effect, he said. The textile manufacturers could particularly exploit the scheme if they are switched to garment making, he added. He said less energy was consumed by garment industry with a lot of jobs, particularly for women. This would not only help overcome job problems but also empower women, he remarked. Khurram said there was a need for diversiNication in agro food processing, pharmaceutical and leather garments. He said timely and coordinated efforts by

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FBR to examine Rs60b exemption certificates

the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Commerce, his visits and those of Punjab Chief Minister of the European Union countries, and lobbying by Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar helped earn the GSP+ Status for the country. Khurram Dastgir said the democratically elected government under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had made efforts for the GSP Plus status. The process started in March 15 by Niling application with the European Union. Secretary Commerce, Qasim Niaz said that Pakistan has ratiNied 27 Conventions as a precondition of GSP plus status but added that the EU is well aware that no country implements the Conventions in their entirety. "Some EU countries acknowledged that some of the Conven-

tions have not been implemented by some European countries," Qasim added. Answering a question, Secretary Commerce stated that from January 1, 2014, GSP plus status applications can be Niled. Dastgir said as China would no longer be eligible for GSP status Chinese textile companies are showing a keen interest in Pakistan. He said one Chinese company has purchased 52 percent shares in a Pakistani textile mill and there is also Chinese interest in investing up to $2 billion in the textile sector. Answering a question, Secretary Commerce said that the USA has linked GSP status with signing of Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) between the two counties. According to him, the US has also advised Pakistani industry to move towards diversiNication. 

The textile manufacturers could particularly exploit the scheme if they are switched to garment making

govt aims at expanding tax amnesty scheme: Asad ISLAMABAD



he government is planning to expand the tax amnesty scheme for rich people along with provision of exemption from tax audit for a maximum of 10 years in a bid to extend the country’s tax net. The scheme targets 3.3 million NTN holders who do not Nile tax returns. This was stated by Federal Board of Revenue ofNicial spokesperson Shahid Husain Asad. He said that a summary on the subject had been sent to the Finance Ministry for approval and notiNications regarding the scheme will be issued in the coming week. The offer would be available to the wealthy people who do not have a valid national tax numbers nor

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have Niled income tax returns on their businesses by November 28, the date on which the Prime Minister announced the incentive package,

sources said. Under the proposed scheme, the government will exempt them from paying additional tax, penalty on late Niling of tax returns

and default surcharge on payment. For availing the facility, an individual doing business but not having an NTN shall have to Nile tax returns for the past Nive years, with the maximum payment of Rs 25,000 per year as Nixed rate. Under the income tax law, the past returns can only be Niled for Nive years. The FBR spokesman said that the returns would be Niled from the year of initiation of the business and the Nive-year period had been mentioned just to comply with the law. An individual can Nile a single return or two for coming on the tax roll under the scheme, he added. Immunity from audit will be available for the tax years for which returns are Niled and for an equal number of subsequent years. In case returns for the past Nive years are Niled, the audit exemption period will span a maximum of 10 years.



PTeA demands continuous power supply for industry

FAISALABAD: Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) has emphasized the need to evolve comprehensive industrial policies to fully utilise the benefits of GSP plus and demanded uninterrupted power supply to industries throughout the year. PTEA Chairman Sheikh Ilyas Mahmood and Vice Chairman Adil Tahir have expressed hope that this would lead to a significant surge of $1 billion in textile exports. Textile industry has the potential to double its existing share in global textile trade in next four years.

ollectors of Customs are directed to provide easy customs clearance of export consignments of gems and jewellery for promoting exports of precious metals. According to FBR instructions to all Model Customs Collectorates (MCCs), the decision may please be implemented in letter and spirit. Sources said that Chief Executive Officer, Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Company (PGJDC) briefed the committee on the proposed strategy for promotion of exports of gems & jewellery in a meeting at the Ministry of Industries. The CEO PGJDC and his team gave a presentation highlighting the roadmap of PGJDC whereby following interventions by the federal government were proposed: fiscal and policy rationalisation; marketing promotion plan; financing and revolving funds; strengthening mining clusters and special industrial parks. After the presentation, the authorities enquired of the CEO PGJDC to highlight specific issues which PGJDC desires to place before the committee. The CEO PGJDC stated that to achieve the targets, PGJDC needs support and intervention by FBR and Ministries of Commerce, Finance and Industries & Production. Sources said that the Ministry of Commerce shall be contacted to review/consider the issues i.e. import of jewellery manufacturing machinery, equipment, tools and consumables shall be included in SRO 575(1)/2006. The condition of attestation/notarisation of the contract signed between exporter and importer under entrustment scheme as mentioned in SRO 760 (1)/2013 shall be revisited. —CT Report


Hugeforexreservespouringinfrom deepseafishexport:KamranMichael We have successfully set up an industrial zone at the Port Qasim and decided to install a 550-megawatt electricity plant exclusively for the industrialists LAHORE



uge forex reserves has begun pouring in the country as European Union (EU) has allowed Pakistan to export deep sea fish to its market following the untiring efforts of Ministry of Port and Shipping which will strengthen the country’s economy. This was stated by Minister for Port and Shipping Kamran Michael at the Lahore Press Club while distributing Christmas gifts to the club members belonging to Christen community. LPC Secretary General Shahbaz Mian, minorities MPAs and other were also present on the Christmas cake-cutting ceremony. The minister said that Pakistani fish had been denied access to the markets of European countries in 2007, however, strong steps taken by the ministry have enabled the country to export fish to the European markets and earn huge forex reserves. “Our deep sea fish including tuna fish, tiger bone, prone, crabs, lobsters were not being exported to Europe,” the minister said. Answering a question about GSP Plus status, he said that it is good development as the country will be able to export duty-free products to the European markets and earn forex reserves.

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FBRforswiftcustoms clearanceofgems, jewelleryexport consignments

“Our government has vision to promote trade and industry locally and internationally in order to become economically strong country. We know if trade and industry make progress, Pakistan will be strong. There will be employment and poverty will recede,” he said. To a query about whether Pakistan is fully prepared to utilise the GSP Plus status in the current circumstance, Michel said, “We have successfully set up an industrial zone at the Port Qasim and decided to install a 550-megawatt electricity plant exclusively for the industrialists which will halt the process of shifting of the industries to the neighbouring countries,” he added. “Industries were being shifted to

Our govt has vision to promote trade and industry locally and internationally

the other countries as we were facing the worst-ever energy crisis but now the industrialists will be provided required energy supply enabling them to produce more export-oriented products and generate employment, ” the minister for port and shipping explained. Michael vowed to continue his struggle through thick and thin to protect the rights of the minorities, adding, “We are all Pakistani from whatever caste or creed we belong to.” Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari, thanking the minister for encouraging the minority members of the club, said that the minorities are also contributing to the growth and development of the country.



mCCI lauds govt over efforts for gSP Plus status

MULTAN: Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) thanked the Pakistani government for making efforts towards acquiring GSP Plus status. MCCI President Khawaja Muhammad Usman and Vice President Syed Iftikhar Ali Shah have welcomed the approval of GSP Plus status to Pakistan saying it will certainly pave the way for enhanced exports to Europe. They expressed hope that it will enhance the country’s exports by at least $2 billion. They also urged Pakistani manufacturers and exporters to focus on producing high-quality products.

ReAP slams unprecedented increase in shipping prices

Pm elevates 23 officers

Bajwa,Asad,MarwatpromotedtoGrade22 enue Service); Farah Ayub Tareen (Audit and Account Service); Murad Ali, Seema Naqvi, Aizaaz Chaudhry, Muhammad Sadiq (Foreign Service of Pakistan); and Amir Muhammad Khan Marwat (Pakistan Customs Service). A Prime Minister House source said that there was no supersession in any service and cadre and the Board considered the ofNicers for promotion examining their entire service record. The source said the whole exercise was carried out by the Board in a complete transparent manner and every aspect of service was given due consideration and weightage. "The training reports at different tiers of service/career, performance evaluation reports, leadership qualities and varied experience/exposure were the basis things for elevating to BS-22," it added. 





ice exporters are expressing serious concerns over the rapid increase in charges by shipping companies. Sources said that shipping lines have started taking twice the freight charges from rice exporters during the peak exports season. Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) acting Chairman Chela Ram has said that shipping companies have doubled the charges for Mombasa from $3 to $6 and for China from $2 to $4 per container. He added that 50,000 tonnes of rice is to be exported to China while 25,000 tonnes rice to Mombasa during next three months. If the freight charges remain high, subsequently exporters will be the ones to bear extra costs and financial losses which is injustice to them. He said that shipping companies have abruptly increased their charges after the exporters have made contracts with foreign buyers, which will hamper exports activities in the next three months in particular. December, January and February are the peak months for rice exports from Pakistan. Rice exporters in the country are hesitant in making any new contract with foreign buyers due to no fixed shipping charge system in Pakistan, Chela Ram said. He demanded from the government to introduce a fixed shipping charges system for at least the period of 3 months. 


Gwadar Customs seizes smuggled Iranian diesel, oil GWADAR


rime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif promoted 23 ofNicials of federal services including FBR Chairman Tariq Bajwa and FBR OfNicial Spokesperson Shahid Hussain Asad to BS-22. The Board approved promotions of S.M. Tahir, Najeeb Khawar Awan, Abdul Khaliq (Secretariat Group); Farkhanda Waseem, Azmat Orkazai, Shahid Khan, Tariq Bajwa, Raja Hassan Abbas, Nadeem Hassan Asif, Syed Arshad Ali (Pakistan Administrative Service); RaNiq Hassan Butt, Saud Mirza, Qalb-e-Abbas Khan Baig, Akbar Khan Hoti (Police Service of Pakistan); Shahid Hussain Asad, Yasmeen Saud (Inland Rev-

— Exclusive Customs Today photo

dgCustomsvaluationmarwatissues4valuationrulings KARACHI


he Director General of CustomsValuation Amir M. Khan Marwat has issued four more Valuation Rulings (VRs) and determined the Customs values of Coffee in retail packing inVR No. 615/2013; I.V Cannula/Catheter inVR No.616/2013; Viscose filament yarn fine count (below 75 denier) inVR No. 617/2013 and Alkalized Cocoa powder (HS Code1805.000) inVR No. 619/2013 under Section 25-A of the Customs Act, 1969. The Customs values of Nescafe Matinal up to 200grams for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1000, has been fixed at US$10 per kg and above 200g for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1100, has been fixed at $8 per kg. The Customs values of Nescafe Classic up to 200g for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1200, has been fixed at $11 per kg and above 200g for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed


PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1300, has been determined at $9 per kg. The Customs values of Nescafe Gold, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1400, has been fixed at $15 per kg and above 200g for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1500, has been determined at $13 per kg. The Customs values of Nescafe 3 in 1 (Net content 480grams), having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1600, has been fixed at $4per kg and Maxwell House up to 200g for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1700, has been determined at $11 per k while above 200g, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.1800, has been fixed at $9 per kg. The Customs values of other brands up to 200g, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT for WeBOC is 2101.1120.2100, has been fixed at $7 per kg and above 200g for all origins, having PCT Code 2101.1120 and proposed PCT forWeBOC is 2101.1120.2100, has been determined at $5 per kg. The Customs values of I.V. Cannula/Catheter for Chinese origin, having PCT Code 9018.3940 and

9018.3990 and proposed PCT forWeBOC 9018.3940.1000 and 9018.3990.1000, has been fixed at $0.10 per piece. The Customs values of I.V. Cannula/Catheter for Egyptian origin, having PCT Code 9018.3940 and 9018.3990, proposed PCT forWeBOC 9018.3940.1100 and 9018.3990.1100, has been fixed at $0.12 per piece. The Customs values of I.V. Cannula/Catheter for UAE/Saudi Arabian origin, having PCT Code 9018.3940 and 9018.3990, proposed PCT for WeBOC 9018.3940.1200 and 9018.3990.1200, has been determined at $0.16 per piece. The Customs value ofViscose filament yarn 30denier from Chinese/Indian origins, having PCT Heading 5403.3100 and 5403.3200 and proposed PCT forWeBOC 5403.3100.1000 and 5403.3200.1000, has been fixed at $7.50 per Kg. The Customs value ofViscose filament yarn 40denier from Chinese/Indian origins, having PCT Heading 5403.3100 and 5403.3200 and proposed PCT forWeBOC 5403.3100.1100 and 5403.3200.1100, has been fixed at $6.80 per Kg. The Customs value ofViscose filament yarn 50denier from Chinese/Indian origins, having PCT

Heading 5403.3100 and 5403.3200 and proposed PCT forWeBOC 5403.3100.1200 and 5403.3200.1200, has been fixed at $6 per Kg. The Customs value ofViscose filament yarn 60denier from Chinese/Indian origins, having PCT Heading 5403.3100 and 5403.3200 and proposed PCT forWeBOC 5403.3100.1300 and 5403.3200.1300, has been fixed at $5.50 per Kg. The Customs values of Cocoa powder natural, having PCT Code 1805.0000 from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore andThailand with proposed PCT forWeBOC is 1805.0000.1000, has been determined at $2.40 per kg and the Customs values of Cocoa powder alkalized, having PCT Code 1805.0000 from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand with proposed PCT forWeBOC is 1805.0000.1100, has been fixed at $2.50 per kg. The Customs values of Cocoa powder natural, having PCT Code 1805.0000 from China with proposed PCT for WeBOC is 1805.0000.1200, has been fixed at $1.30 per kg and the Customs values of Cocoa powder alkalized, having PCT Code 1805.0000 from China with proposed PCT for WeBOC is 1805.0000.1300, has determined at $1.40 per kg. 


odel Customs Collectorate Gwadar has seized 41,000 litres of smuggled Iranian diesel during the ongoing month. Sources said that the MCC Gwadar officials have also seized an oil tanker loaded with Iranian diesel bearing registration NoTUA-077 recently in its ongoing anti-smuggling operation.The market value of the seized diesel and the tanker is estimated at approximately Rs6.5 million. MCC Gwadar has instigated a full scale operation against the smuggling of Iranian diesel into Pakistan. It is conducting raids and special operations around border areas. Customs department intercepts all vehicles sorting out those carrying Iranian diesel in particular and other products in general. 


FBR for induction of ATT modules inweBOC


BR has directed the ofNicials concerned in the Directorate of Reforms and Automation to induct Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) modules in WeBOC, computerised system. Reliable sources told Customs Today that a meeting headed by Project Director, WeBOC was held in the Directorate of Reforms and Automation in Customs House on Monday in this regard. “In the meeting, it was discussed that ATT routes, check-posts and details of Customs agents, who deal with ATT cargo would be inducted in the WeBOC”, sources informed. It is pertinent to mention here that ISAF/NATO containers modules have already been updated in WeBOC. It was also decided in the meeting that a speciNic ID and registration number would be allotted to the Customs agents, who deal in

Customsimpounds Rs15,735mnon-duty paidgoodsin3years akistan Customs has seized noncustoms paid goods worth Rs 15,735m during the last three years. Sources said the smuggled goods worth Rs 5,328.83m were recovered in 2012-13; Rs 4,904.75m in 2011-12 and Rs5,501.89 million in 2010-11, adding that the major source of smuggling of goods into Pakistan is through long porous border with Afghanistan. However, there is no mechanism to measure the real quantum of smuggling. In order to curb smuggling, Pakistan Customs has reinvigorated its enforcement measures. —CT Report


Afghan Transit Trade. It may be mentioned here that the Directorate of Reforms & Automation has held several meetings with the Collectors of MCC-Appraisement (East),

MCC-Appraisement (West) and MCC-Muhammad Bin Qasim Port in order to update WeBOC system and transfer modules from “One Customs” into it. —CT Report




Transfer of ship-breaking cases back to Karachi demanded

ISLAMABAD: Inland Revenue officials of Karachi and Quetta are facing hurdles in collection of sales tax and in related matters of the ship-breaking industry. Sources said that Regional Tax Office-III Karachi has approached FBR against transfer of ship-breakers’ cases from Karachi to Quetta for sales tax collection. The head offices of most of the ship-breaking companies are located in Karachi. Transfer of jurisdiction will result in legal complications. The Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue RTO-III Karachi has informed FBR about revenue potential of ship-breaking sector.

FBR issues revised tax rate for freight, passenger vehicles BR has issued revised income tax rates for freight and passenger vehicles under section 234 & 231B of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. According to the notification issued here, FBR has reduced tax rates on goods transport vehicles from Rs3 per kg to Rs2 per kg of the laden weight.Tax rates on transports vehicles with laden weight of 8,120 kg or more after a period of ten years from the date of registration would be Rs 1,200 per annum. Meanwhile, in case of passenger transport vehicles plying for hire, as Rs25 per seat per annum on 4 or more persons but less than 10 persons, Rs60 per seat for 10 or more persons but less than 20 persons, and Rs250 per seat per annum for 20 persons or more. According to the section 234 of the IncomeTax Ordinance, the tax rate should be collected as Rs750 on vehicles up to 1000cc, Rs 1,250 on vehicles on 1001cc to 1199cc, Rs1,750 on 1200cc to 1299cc, Rs3,000 on 1300cc to 1599cc, Rs4,000 on 1600cc to 1999cc, Rs8,000 on 2000cc and above. In case of lump sum payment, tax rate should be Rs7,500 on up to 1000cc, Rs12,500 up to 1001cc to 1199cc, Rs17,500 on 1200cc to 1299cc, Rs30,000 on 1300cc to 1599cc, Rs40,000 on 1600cc to 1999cc and Rs80,000 on 2000cc and above vehicles. As per the notification, 231 purchase of motor car, the tax rate should be collected as Rs10,000 on vehicles up to 850cc, Rs20,000 on 851cc to 1000cc, Rs30,000 on 1001cc to 1300cc, Rs50,000 on 1301cc to 1600cc, Rs75,000 on 1601cc to 1800cc, Rs100,000 on 1801cc to 2000cc and Rs150,000 on above 2000cc. —CT Report


mCC Port Qasim detects 16 cases of tax evasion in 3 months

Collectorate of Intelligence unit recovers revenue of Rs21,151,108 KARACHI



he Collectorate of Intelligence Unit (CIU) of the Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Port Muhammad Bin Qasim under the supervision of Collector Agha Jawad has detected 16 cases of tax evasion during three months i.e. September, October and November and recovered total revenue of Rs21,151,108. As per details, the importer, M/s A.I. Enterprises, through a GD No KPPI-HC-9548 on 29-082013 declared the value of two containers of Nleece fabric Rs3,790,335 by wrong application of FTA S.No, while the assessed value of the containers were Rs5,029,736 and the CIU recovered the additional revenue of Rs671,252 in account of detection in the month of September. The CIU of MCC detected another case of under-invoicing of the above-mentioned importer on 15-08-2013, when the M/s A.I. Enterprises through a GD No. KPPI-HC-7140 declared the value of one container containing Nleece fabric Rs1,802,194 by wrong application of FTA S.No, although the assessed value of the container was Rs2,500,209 and recovered an additional rev-

enue of Rs340,362. The CIU, through a GD No.KPPI-HC-7139 Niled by the same importer i.e. M/s A.I. Enterprises on 15-08-2013, detected another attempt of tax evasion of Rs340,428 by wrong application of FTA S.No, as the importer declared the value of Rs1,855,250 but the assessed value was Rs2,522,775. Another case of tax evasion of A.I. Enterprises was detected by the customs intelligence unit in which the importer Niled a GD No. KPPI-HC-8385 on 21-082013 against one container of Nleece fabric showing its value Rs1,892,703 by wrong application of FTA S.No while the assessed value was Rs2,500,797 and the CIU collected an additional revenue of Rs346,598. On 24-09-2013, the CIU detected another case of tax evasion by non-payment of 3 per cent additional sales tax done by M/s Momin & Sons through a GD No. KPPI-HC-13795, containing three containers of motor engine oil. The declared value was Rs1,821,733 and the assessed value was Rs59,000,972 and the CIU recovered an additional amount of Rs2,146,688. The CIU found another case of tax evasion on 23-08-2013 in which the importer M/s Elahi Brothers through a GD No. KPPIHC-8683 declared the value of one container of Cobra Insecticide Spray was Rs1,960,064 by

The Collectorate is following the 96-item guideline of Valuation Rulings issued by FBR

applying incorrect PCT. The additional revenue was collected on the account of detection was Rs620,360. The M/s Uneek Corporation on 20-08-2013 through a GD No. KPPI-HC-8085 declared the value of one container of Cobra insecticide was Rs2,017,081 by applying incorrect PCT while the CIU recovered additional revenue of Rs638,407. M/s Elahi Brothers on 23-072013 through a GD No. KPPI-HC3833 declared the value of one container of Cobra insecticide was Rs1,935,685 by applying incorrect PCT while the CIU recovered additional revenue of Rs612,644. The same importer was once again involved in duty evasion on 15-07-2013, through a GD No. KPPI-HC-2218 in which it declared the duty of one container of insecticide was Rs1,924,608 by applying incorrect PCT. The CIU recovered additional revenue of Rs609,139. M/s Ansari Brothers through a mis-declaration of weight and description of garments accessories, glass chattan, plastic beads in a container having GD No.KPPI-HC-11634 was tried to evade the duty tax of Rs746,743 on 12-09-2013. The Collectorate of Intelligence Unit also detected a case of tax evasion against M/s C.A Sports through a GD No.KPPIHC-17700 on 23-10-2013, con-

taining one container of Lawn tennis balls. The amount of additional revenue collected by the CIU was Rs254,460. M/s Yaseen Enterprises on 23-10-2013 through a GD No.KPPI-HC-17819, containing one container of digital satellite receiver was found guilty of tax evasion of Rs1,181,943 by applying wrong SRO575(1)/2006. M/s Momin & Sons has been found guilty of tax evasion through a GD No.KPPI-HC18429 on 26-10-2013, containing one container of grease by non-payment of 3pc additional Sales Tax. The CIU recovered Rs1,128,310. M/s Max Fair through a GD No KPPI-HC-16045 on 08-102013 has been found involved in tax evasion of Rs291,230 by non-applying of Valuation Ruling No.590/2013. M/s Haidery Agencies was also involved in duty evasion through a GD No.KPPI-HC21346 on 19-11-2013 by nonapplying of VR No.594/2013. One of the senior ofNicials in MCC Port Qasim said that the Collectorate is working to stop such activities, adding that the action would be taken against those ofNicials who are found involved in supporting the importers in such kinds of illegal activities. He further said that the Collectorate is following the 96-item guideline of Valuation Rulings issued by FBR. 

FBR starts crackdown against tax defaulters LAHORE



BR, in a rare move, has started crackdown against 30 big tax defaulters of steel sector in Lahore and has registered six FIRs so far. The steel sector in the country is ruled under the Sales Tax Special Procedure Rules, 2007 which provides two regimes for payment of sales tax by the steel melters and re-rollers. As per calculation, incidence of tax under the Special Procedure is Rs3,200 Per Metric Ton (PMT) (800 Units are consumed per MT) whereas incidence under the Normal Regime comes to Rs10,200 PMT. As many as thirty steel units Niled writ petitions in the Lahore High Court seeking court’s orders to pay tax under the normal regime. However, after exclusion of tax from electricity bills, the petitioners (tax defaulters) did not pay tax with their

sales tax monthly returns. The RTO Lahore Chief Commissioner pursued the cases and told the high court that the defaulters did not pay any tax after getting interim relief from the court to get the tax excluded from the electricity bills. Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah advised the chief commissioner that there was no bar to proceed against the tax defaulters by following procedure laid down under the Sales Tax Act 1990 for recovery under the Normal Tax Regime. The Lahore RTO, in this regard, has initiated a campaign against steel melting furnaces and re-rolling mills who had evaded sales tax amounting to approx rupees one billion. Big defaulters were recognised and after determining evaded amounts on case, show cause notices were issued to them. In consequence of recovery proceedings Rs100 million has so far been recovered from the defaulters, whereas the remaining amount is expected to be recovered in due course. 

— Exclusive Customs Today photos





inance Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar said that SROs issued in the recent past are being examined thoroughly to make necessary amendments. SROs are not being abolished at once, what we are doing is amending unnecessary and ambiguous SROs after proper examining and 31st December will be the date for its final consideration. In an exclusive interview with Customs Today, the Finance Minister seemed very optimistic and termed granting of GSP Plus status to Pakistan by European Parliament a big vic-

politics to bring stability in the area. We have suffered huge financial losses. Our strategy is to root out terrorism from Pakistan and for this purpose, all parties have reposed full confidence in the government in All Parties Conference”. He said that it is a fact that our government inherited a number of crises & challenges from the previous regime as they did not bother to address them. Fiscal deficit was 8.8 percent in the previous government and we brought it down to 6% in the current fiscal year. “It is also evident that GDP raised up to 5% this year as compared to 2.5% last year and it is a bitter reality that 14 years ago it was at 13.5%. We also inherited high inflation, diminishing investment and energy crises from the previous govt,” he added. Finance Minister vowed to fulfill the com-

tory of the current government. Pakistani exports will get excess to 27 countries on low rates and we are trying to enhance this status to 9 more countries, he said. Moreover, he said that a number of measures have been taken by the government to fix the economy and regain trust of international community. And these policies have started producing results as duty-free access to European markets would increase country’s exports by $2 billion. On promotion of exports and economic activities, he said this GSP Plus will lead to prosperity in Pakistan, increasing business activities and creating employment opportunities. He said that people have given us an opportunity through free and fair elections to work for betterment and development of the country. “We believe in corruption-free society and we are working to free Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) of corruption and ‘dirty’

mitments made by his party during the election campaign. He reiterated to resolve the energy crisis and said that government has cleared the mounting circular debt of Rs 480 billion in just 45 days. Senator Dar said that Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) government has generated 14000 megawatt electricity within short time, which would be enhanced to 22000 megawatt in next three and half years, he added. “We are working on 3 medium term macroeconomic frameworks and we are trying to implement those polices announced in our election manifesto and we are not following orders of international donors. Long term assessment of economy is not an easy task. We have made it possible that financial figures should be shared quarterly basis so that close monitoring of these figures can be done.” Talking about the recent initiative of his government ‘Youth Business Loan Scheme’,




Finance Minister said the government wanted to empower youth of the country by making them self-reliance. “Yes, we are working on plan to do away with tax exemptions,” the minister said. The minister said that tax incentive package announced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not be termed as amnesty scheme. He said that he had opposed amnesty scheme during the PPP regime as it envisaged to give clean chit to evaders by giving just Rs 40,000. Now under the existing scheme, those who would avail the investment scheme would have to invest for promoting industrialization in the country.w Sharing details of investment scheme, the minister said that those units could avail this scheme which would start commercial production during the period starting from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016. “It is sufficient time for starting commercial operation as this scheme cannot allow this facility for indefinite period,” he added. The minister said that the Prime Minister also announced incentive for dormant National Tax Number (NTN) holders as they would be exempted from paying any default surcharge. Now the date for availing this scheme has been extended from December 15, 2013 to February 28, 2014, added the minister. In case of non-filers, the minister said that the date for availing this scheme was again extended up to Feb 28, 2014. He said that FBR collected Rs 792 billion in first five months (July-Nov) period of the current fiscal against a collection of Rs 679 billion in the same period of the last financial year, registering a growth by 17 percent. The government, he said, was taking measures to set the right direction for the economy. He said that the FBR’s performance was dismal in last fiscal year as its collection went far below than the envisaged target. The FBR collected just Rs 1936 billion in last fiscal year against the set target of Rs 2381 billion. He said that the tax target was revised downward from Rs 2381 billion to Rs 2050 billion and at this point the caretaker government had made commitments with international donors to take additional measures of Rs 200 billion. “I can show you summaries to this effect which was blocked by the then President,” he added. He said that the PML (N) led government exactly fulfilled their commitments by taking additional tax measures to collect Rs 2475 billion in the current budget. Instead of given a clean slate the caretaker left mess for the upcoming government, he added. He said that the establishing of consensus caretaker government which came into being as result of 18th Constitutional Amendment, had failed to fulfill their constitutional obligation. “Now our government will propose amendments binding the future caretaker government to give clean balance sheet to the upcoming government,” he added. The minister also spoke about several other topics concerning the economy. To a question, he said no proposal was under consideration to increase gas tariff for domestic consumers. “The government has no plan to increase the tariff for domestic and private consumers. Such reports are totally wrong and a misunderstanding.” 

A number of measures have been taken by the government to fix the economy and regain trust of international community. And these policies have started producing results as dutyfree access to European markets would increase country’s exports by $2 billion



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Tax justice and SROs


he Network for Consumer Protection has called upon the government to take steps to promote tax justice by abolishing tax havens, bringing more people under the tax net and ending dependence on indirect taxation.The Network, a group of public spirited civil rights activists, has been running an advocacy campaign for the enactment ofTaxpayers Bill of Rights to guarantee the common tax payers’right to information and assistance, privacy and courteous service and a fair and just tax system.The draft bill has been evolved in consultations with the FederalTax Ombudsman, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, civil society and the public at large. The concept of tax Justice is widely practised in all advanced societies.The concept provides for a level playing field for all tax payers and treats them on an equal basis. A tax system built on this concept leaves no loopholes for tax evaders nor does it extend undue favours to one group against another through exemptions, concessions and relaxations which are misused, giving rise to distortions in the system. It promotes tax compliance and opposes tax evasion and all the mechanisms that enable owners and controllers of wealth to escape from their duty to society. By contrast, our tax system is not only unjust but riddled with holes allowing large and influential groups to evade their tax obligation.The two glaring examples of distortions in our tax system are agricultural income, which is not taxed, and the SRO regime which allows import of goods free of tax or at highly concessional rates. SROs are a big hurdle negating the efforts of FBR to improve the dismal tax to GDP ratio of about 9 percent. Successive governments have promised to do away with SROs but these promises have never been translated into practice. All international financial institutions, including theWorld Bank and IMF, have impressed upon Pakistan the need to do away with this anachronism which causes a huge loss to the national exchequer but little progress has been made in this direction. The government has this year set the ambitious revenue collection target of Rs. 2475 billion, but the FBR is hampered in its diligence by the SROs issued from time to time According to a report, during the first four months of the current fiscal year a huge sum of Rs60 billion has been evaded in taxes under a concessionary regime allowed by the government. Following reports that in many cases the exemption certificates were fake or importers in the guise of manufacturers unlawfully obtained the certificates, FBR has now decided to scrutinise all the certificates issued to the manufacturers or industrial units for their concessionary imports and their actual requirement during this period. An example of how badly the concessionary regime in Pakistan has been denting revenue collection i is the fact that through a series of SROs, exemptions worth Rs240 billion were granted during 2012-13, and Rs206 billion in the preceding year. Needless to say, without eliminating the exemptions and concessions allowed in income tax, sales tax and customs duty, revenue collection cannot be streamlined and raised to the desired level. 

Promptaction:Rupeestrengthensagainstdollar ISLAMABAD



he downward trend of rupee against dollar has been stopped for the time being in the wake of better economic management adopted by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and Governor State Bank of Pakistan Yaseen Anwar during last few days. The government managed improved foreign inNlows of $500 million in last few days by purchasing dollars, clearing backlog by exports proceeds and receiving of $131 million from Islamic Development Bank. With expected approval of second tranche of $545 million from IMF under 36 months Extended Fund Facility (EFF), Pakistan’s external sector woes would be further minimized thus pressure on exchange rate would be evaporated in weeks ahead. Owing to depreciation of rupee against dollar which had resulted into sliding of rupee up to Rs 110 against a US dollar, it had caused

immense pressure on increasing burden of debt repayments. Pakistan’s external loans were standing in the range of $67 billion so one rupee depreciation resulted into increase of Rs 67 billion in terms of increasing debt burden in rupee term. By witnessing 10 percent depreciation simply means that the public debt surged by Rs 600 to Rs

depreciation effects. On the positive side, the country’s tax collection machinery got a massive push in terms of improved revenue collection. In Nirst Nive months, the exchange rate depreciated almost 10 percent so it was windfall impact for FBR that its collection went up by at least same percentage points in the

for FBR to achieve its desired target of Rs 2,475 billion when rupee against dollar started recovering as it went down to Rs 107 against a dollar from earlier rate of over Rs 110 against one dollar. In the last budget, the government increased tax rates especially the rate of GST went up by one percent which simply means quite

Owing to depreciation of rupee against dollar which had resulted into sliding of rupee up to Rs 110 against a uS dollar, it had caused immense pressure on increasing burden of debt repayments. Pakistan’s external loans were standing in the range of $67b so one rupee depreciation resulted into increase of Rs 67b in terms of increasing debt burden in rupee term 700 billion. All imports especially consumer-related items such as POL and furnace oil (which is consumed to generate electricity) also became dearer and there would be other options but to increase prices of petroleum products as well as power sector because of

same months. FBR had so far achieved 17 percent growth in Nirst Nive months of the current Niscal year of which almost 10 percent increase was achieved because of depreciation of exchange rate. Now it will be a challenging task

handsome amount for the tax machinery. Now the time has come when FBR needs to review its policy of increasing burden on existing taxpayers. It should make efforts to broaden the narrowed base so that the burden can be shared by the new entrants.



FBR urged to curtail customs duty on professional cameras

LAHORE: The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry urged the Federal Board of Revenue to bring considerably down the rate of taxes and duties on professional cameras to save the imaging industry. The LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari was talking to a two-member Japanese business delegation comprising Mitsuhiro Tanaka and Shinobu Ikuta called on him at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

KARACHI: Patron-in-Chief KATI S.M. Muneer presenting his book to President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain. Seen in picture are Governor State Bank Yaseen Anwer, All Karachi Industrial Alliance Mian Zahid Hussain, S.M. Naseer and Sardar Yaseen Malik

— Exclusive Customs Today photos

KARACHI: Wajid Ali Khan Director General NAB (Sindh) addressing a seminar on anticorruption measures in Sindh organized by Commissioner Karachi in collaboration with National Accountability Bureau.

KARACHI: Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Chairman Baig Group receiving 100 Business Leaders of Pakistan Award from Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal at CEO Summit Asia 2013 at a local hotel.

KARACHI: Muhammad Shiraz member executive committee FPCCI with Dr Ishrat ul Ebad Khan Governor Sindh and Khurram Dastgir Khan Federal Minister for Commerce at a dinner held at Governor House.

LAHORe: A group photo of GM Engineering Farogh Iqbal, S M Irfan Aqueel, Chairman Millat Group of Companies Sikandar Mustafa Khan, Chairman PIAF Taher Javed Malik, Latif Khalid Hashmi and Javaid Munir at Vendors Conference.

KARACHI: IGP Sindh Shahid Nadeem Baloch visited office of SITE Association accompanied by Add. IGP Karachi, DIG Traffic & other senior police officers.




dubai customs organises Intellectual Property Rights workshops

DUBAI: Dubai Customs has enhanced its outreach activities by organising Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection awareness workshops in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Customs Administration in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain under the title: “Dubai Customs Intellectual Property Achievements”. A total of 80 trainees from customs centres in both cities participated in the workshops, which came as part of the joint efforts exerted to counter piracy and counterfeiting in accordance with a joint MoU and Cooperation signed in 2011.

he Collector of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement (West) Muhammad Saleem on Wednesday held a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Karachi International ContainersTerminal (KICT) and the authorities of Karachi PortTrust (KPT) at KICT. In the meeting, the Collector expressed his concerns over the utilization of examination area by the terminal operator.“The terminal operator is using the examination area which was allotted to Pakistan Customs for laying its empty containers” Collector informed. Muhammad Saleem further said that monitoring of the containers is also being affected in the examination area due to accumulation of empty containers by the terminal operator. Collector MCC-Appraisement (West) said that it was a matter between terminal operator and KPT to resolve, however; services of Pakistan Customs are being affected due to incompetency of the terminal operator. He urged that the terminal operator should put its problems relating to the limited space before the authorities concerned of KPT. However, the sources informed Customs Today that the Collector MCCAppraisement (West) paid a surprise visit on the reports of corruption and mismanagement by the Customs authorities at KICT. —CT Report


wRITe TO uS YOuR gRIevANCeS: Through CuSTOmS TOdAY platform HeLP deSK, now you have chance to dIReCTLY write your problems to top govt. functionaries. If you have any grievances, queries, questions or suggestions, you can write in this section as it provides easiest access to you to approach Customs and Revenue authorities. wHO can write in this section? Importers & Exporters, Customs Agents, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and Customs Officers TO wHOm you can write? Honourable PM, Minister/Secretary for Finance & Revenue, Minister/Secretary for Ports and Shipping, FBR Chairman, Member Customs and Chairperson Senate/National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue. Send your letters at:

Only double digit tax-to-gdP ratio to lower burden of loans: ICCI President ISLAMABAD



slamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) President Shaban Khalid said that every company and individual should be registered with Federal Board of Revenue as non-registration is burdening the existing taxpayers. The ICCI president, during an exclusive interview with Customs Today, said that culture of tax evasion is increasing in the country and small & medium entrepreneurs are suffering badly. “This is a fact that small and medium entrepreneurs play a significant role in uplifting of trade as almost 90% of the businessmen belong to small and medium industries”, he added. Shaban Khalid pointed out that most of the businessmen do not pay taxes, which is the main cause of low tax-to-GDP ratio, adding that mostly salaried class pay taxes regularly. He revealed that amongst the population of 180 million, only 1.9 million people pay taxes and almost one million more people should be added into the tax net. There is another fact that tax-toGDP ratio should be in double digits and the present government is focusing to enhance it from 8% to 13%, he added. Talking about the amnesty scheme of cars, he said that the scheme was misused and those cars

— Exclusive Customs Today photo

KICTusing examinationarea allottedtoCustoms: CollectorSaleem

that were not even brought into the country were beneNited through this scheme, adding that most of the stolen cars were also included in the amnesty scheme. The ICCI president said that loadshedding and poor law & order situation are the main hurdles in the way of bringing investment in Pakistan. “Law and order situation should be improved to attract foreign investors,” he said, adding that the procedure of bringing investment in the country should be simpliNied and foreign potential investors should not be lost by red tapes.

٘Most of the businessmen do not pay taxes, which is the main cause of low tax-to-GDP ratio, says ICCI President Shaban Khalid

To enhance foreign investment, ICCI President Shaban Khalid said, “We should invite foreign investors in Pakistan and introduce them with better opportunities available here. There is an urgent need to present our country’s image in a better way in the world so that the investors feel secure in investing here.” He said the ICCI is struggling to encourage and facilitate local investors. For promoting business activities in Pakistan, the project of Gwadar Port should immediately be completed. “We have a lot of natural resources like coal and have proper irrigation system but unfortunately we are not using it in an effective way. We have good quality mangoes, citrus products and water melon but these products are being ignored. We are not meeting quality and hygiene standards and no work is being done in this regard. We can produce Halal meat and dairy products but we are doing nothing in this Nield. No research work is being carried out in livestock and the government is only focusing on textile industry,” he regretted. The ICCI president stated that the nuclear agreement between Iran and other world powers will be very fruitful for the promotion of trade in this region and this pact deNinitely help enhance Pakistan’s trade. He said it is a reality that throughout the world, trade sector is always facilitated and resources are always provided by governments for the business sector but this is the most difNicult time for business community in Pakistan. 

Appealtoadopttransparencyinissuingvaluationrulings To, The Chairman Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad Respected Sir,

I have raised the issue from the platform of Pakistan Economic Forum (PEF) on the issuance of Valuation Rulings (VRs) by the Directorate General of Customs Valuation Department, Customs House, Karachi. Transparency is not being adopted in the issuance of Valuation Rulings of different items, adding that the PEF has registered several complaints before the Director General (DG) and Director Customs Valuation Department in this regard. Despite several complaints launched by the PEF before the DG Customs Valuation and Director Customs Valuation, the authorities concerned did not call on the PEF delegation for redressal of their issues. This attitude of the competent authorities in Customs Valuation Department compelled us to put our grievances before you. Most of the Valuation Rulings (VRs) issued by the Directorate General of Customs Valuation are unjustiNied, as legal formalities according to the Sec-

tion 25-A of the Customs Act, 1969 are not being followed by the competent authorities. I request you to take appropriate action in this regard. Yours Sincerely, Sharjeel Jamal, Karachi

Appeal to reduce 10pc gST on tractors To, The Chairman Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad Respected Sir,

We, the Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM), want to draw your kind attention towards the plight of tractor industry and seek your help for its early revival. We request you to immediately reduce the

existing 10 per cent GST on tractors with a view to sustain manufacturing growth, which is under serious threat of closure due to gas supply suspension on one hand and longhours unannounced power loadshedding on the other in Punjab. After this decision, thousands of employees and their families attached to this sector could also get beneNit. Availability of tractors at cheaper prices would also help increase the production of agriculture in the country. After cut in tractor production, about 28,000 workers had been rendered jobless while 600 parts vendors stopped their work. Around 95 percent tractor parts are made locally, but tractor production was reduced to 25 per cent after levy of general sales tax. Without the sales tax, the local industry would produce 80,000 to 100,000 tractors that would ensure jobs for thousands of workers, besides increasing mechanisation of agricultural farms. We request you to immediately reduce the existing 10 per cent GST on tractors. With profound regards, Mumshad Ali, Lahore DECEMBER 24 - DECEMBER 30, 2013

Sri Lanka to buy two Chinese vessels for $70m

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka plans to purchase two cargo vessels at a cost of $70 million from a Chinese company to rejuvenate the oldest state-run shipping company, an official said. The Sri Lankan cabinet has approved a proposal put forward by President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his capacity as the minister of highways, ports and shipping, to purchase two bulk carriers for the Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd. (CSCL). The purchase of the two ships was recommended by the Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committee (CANC).





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