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karachi, Tue Dec 17 - Mon Dec 23, 2013


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The govt is working on a plan for doing away with tax exemptions by December 31, says Finance Minister Ishaq Dar | SEE pAgE 02 |

For getting MFN status it is imperative that India must reduce non-tariff barriers for Pakistani products, says Khurram Dastgir | SEE pAgE 03 |

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2-DAy workSHop

FBR FATEWing in collaboration with GIZ arranged a 2-day workshop on internal communication strategy at Board’s Headquarters | SEE pAgE 09 | CArTooNS SpECIAl

| SEE pAgE 11 |




unjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that he used his inMluence and experience in the European Parliament to campaign for GSP Plus status for Pakistan. Getting GSP Plus status is a great success of the current government. In an exclusive interview with Customs Today, the Governor revealed that since the beginning of September 2013, he has been battling to get new trade concessions for Pakistan from the European Union. In November, he visited European Parliament in Strasbourg with a view to further boosting support in Pakistan’s favour. “I met with several MEPs, including those who voted in favour of Pakistan’s membership to thank them

for their support,” he added. He said that the campaign went on until November 5, 2013, the day of crucial voting in International Trade Committee on GSP Plus proposals. Now European Parliament has granted GSP Plus status to Pakistan till 2017 which is a great achievement for the country and it will help boost economic activities as exports will get a quick uplift, he added. To improve the exports, necessary steps have been taken by the government, the Punjab Governor said, adding that required measures are also being taken for the effective implementation of these policies. Ch Sarwar said that with the approval of GSP Plus status for Pakistan, economics of the country’s textile industry has been completely changed. “Conservative estimates suggest it would increase our textile exports by more than $1 billion in the Mirst year, creating one million new jobs in the industry,” he said,

With the approval of GSP Plus status for Pakistan, economics of the country’s textile industry has been completely changed

adding that if gas and electricity is available, textile exports to Europe could reach $26 billion in Mive years. He said that it is a step in right direction to achieve Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s goal for revival of country’s economy and uplifting of textile industry. Replying to a question on current economic crisis in the country, the Governor said that it is aftermath of Minancial crunch in the world at large and this crisis also resulted in devaluation of rupee against dollar. He said that the government has implemented solid policies to ward off all the crises including deteriorated law and order situation, loadshedding of gas and electricity, decreasing foreign reserves, falling value of rupee and rising inMlation. He said that he would continue to visit different countries to present better image of Pakistan and to woo foreign investors especially overseas Pakistanis.



Federal secretary assures prgMEA of new Sros

Textile Industry Division Federal Secretary Rukhsana Shah has given surety to the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PRGMEA) of issuing separate SROs for readymade garments industry soon. She said this while addressing PRGMEA Managing Committee. She said that she will take up the issue with FBR chairman as time has come to acknowledge the high potential of this sector. Earlier, the PRGMEA members had urged the visiting secretary to introduce liberal import policy for raw materials.

FBR withdraws concession on customs duty on motorcycle parts ederal Board of Revenue has withdrawn concessionary rate of customs duty on the import of motorcycle components and kits from December 1, 2013 under new SROs. Sources said that FBR has issued a letter to the Engineering Development Board on the validity status of the SROs 1401, 1402, 1403 & 1404. FBR had previously announced time-bound concessions for the motorcycle industry for one year period which expired on November 30, 2013. Now, the customs duty rates have been restored on the import of components and kits by the motorcycle industry under new SROs. —CT Report


FBr announces immunity from tax audit ederal Board of Revenue has announced immunity from tax audit for the individual, Association of Persons and companies upon upward revision in payable tax through revised income tax returns.The immunity from audit is available under Clause 84 through SRO 1040 (I) /2013 to all persons like an individual, Association of Persons and company.The persons who have already filed their returns, for tax year 2013, may revise their returns to claim immunity from audit under SRO 1040/2013 and no approval of commissioner under Section 114(6)(ba) of the IncomeTax Ordinance, 2001, shall be required.The immunity is also available to persons whose income for tax year 2012 was exempted, but their income for tax year 2013 is taxable.They would pay 25 percent more tax as compared to tax that would have been payable if the income of tax year 2012 was not exempted. —CT Report


5%dutyreductionon CKDunitsproposed bout 5 per cent decrease in duty on import of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) units has been proposed in the forthcoming Auto Industry Development Policy, sources have revealed. It is hoped that locally assembled car prices will decrease by up to Rs192,000, an analyst said. He added that the local auto assemblers who had been unwilling to pass on any cost advantage to the buyers will now decrease the car prices to pass on the effect. According to the his opinion, if the companies pass on the entire benefit of the duty reduction, price reductions would be in the range of Rs 7,000 to Rs 92,000. —CT Report


plan afoot to do away with tax exemptions by Dec 31: Ishaq Dar ISLAMABAD

CuSToMS ToDAy rEporT


ederal Minister for Finance and Revenue Ishaq Dar said that the government was working on a plan for doing away with tax exemptions and it would be Minalized by December 31, 2013. “Yes, we are working on the plan to do away with tax exemptions,” the minister said while brieMing reporters. He said that tax exemptions would be identiMied by putting in place a comprehensive plan and exact timeframe for abolishing these exemptions would be envisaged in this upcoming plan. Under the IMF conditions to secure $6.67 billion loan, Pakistan has agreed to present a plan till December 31 and identiMied exemptions would be abolished in phases. The minister said that tax incentive package announced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not be termed as amnesty scheme. He said that he had opposed amnesty scheme during the PPP regime that was envisaged to give clean chit to evaders by giving just Rs 40,000. Now under the existing scheme, those who would avail the investment scheme would have to invest for promoting industrialization in the country. Sharing details of investment scheme, the minister said that those units could avail this scheme which would start commercial production during the period starting from January 1, 2014 to June 30, 2016. “It is sufMicient time for starting commercial operation as this scheme cannot allow this facility for indeMinite period,” he added. The minister said that the Prime Minister also announced incentive for dormant National Tax Number (NTN) holders as they would be exempted from paying any default surcharge.

— Exclusive Customs Today photos


Now the date for availing this scheme has been extended from December 15, 2013 to February 28, 2014, added the minister. In case of non-Milers, the minister said that the date for availing this scheme was again extended up to Feb 28, 2014. He said that FBR collected Rs 792 billion in Mirst Mive

months (July-Nov) period of the current Miscal against a collection of Rs 679 billion in the same period of the last Minancial year, registering a growth by 17 percent. The government, he said, was taking measures to set the right direction for the economy. He said that FBR performance was dismal in last Miscal year as its

collection went far below than the envisaged target. FBR collected just Rs 1936 billion in last Miscal year against the set target of Rs 2381 billion. He said that the tax target was revised downward from Rs 2381 billion to Rs 2050 billion and at this point the caretaker government had made commitments with international donors to take additional measures of Rs 200 billion. “I can show you summaries to this effect which were blocked by the then President,” he added. He said that the PML (N) government would exactly fulMill their commitments by taking additional tax measures to collect Rs 2475 billion in the current budget. He said that establishing of consensus, the caretaker government which came into being as result of 18th Constitutional Amendment, had failed to fulMill their constitutional obligation. “Now our government will propose amendments binding the future caretaker government to give clean balance sheet to the upcoming government,” he added. 

Importers reject valuation rulings, demand reversal B usiness community has rejected the revision of assessment of valuation of imported goods and demanded the government to relapse it to previous levels. Earlier, the customs authorities had changed import values of 96 items including motorcycle spare parts, cloth, coconut, coconut oil, industrial raw material, powder milk and fax paper. All Pakistan Motorcycle Spare Parts Imports and Dealers Association (APMSPIDA) Senior Vice Chairman Khurram Riaz, in a letter to Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, has expressed fear if the present assessment criteria is enhanced, most of the items will shift to illegal channels. He said that the motorcycle parts fall under the heading 8714.1020. The tax regime on HS code 8714.1020 has been worked out as 100 per cent of the Customs

value (ie, CD including add, duty plus 50 per cent, sales tax 17 per cent, additional sales tax three per cent, income tax 5.5 per cent, plus 8 to 9 per cent overhead expenses). Khurram Riaz stated that at present, around 80 per cent of motorcycle spare parts are routed on legal way through Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), through which the government is earning about Rs2 billion revenue per annum. The rest of 20 per cent trade, which contains carburetors, CDI unit, crank case and break hubs, etc, which are being assessed at $4.50, $3, $3.73 and $2.33 per kg (as per the valuation ruling) and are not on the legal import channels due to their higher valuation rates, which are almost double of the automobile (4wheel parts). He said some items which are very heavy in weigh such as

Duetosudden increasein assessment, importersare facingheavyloss indemurrage, detentionandsale

spokes, chains and chain sprokets and are being assessed below the criteria should be maintained as per prevailing date available, as they are most attractive items for illegal channel because of their heavy weight and low CBM. Meanwhile Pakistan Chemical and Dyers Merchant Association Chairman Shokat Riaz has also rejected the new customs clearance guidelines of imported goods and demanded valuation on imported goods on price certiMication. Shokat Riaz called on the Chief Collector Customs and apprised him about the concern of the Association’s members and said Customs authorities clearing goods at Mixed value under the guide which is extremely higher. The chief collector assured him of all possible support. —CT Report



remittances rise to $6.4b during Fy 2013-14

KARACHI: Overseas Pakistani workers have remitted $6.407 billion from July to November this year. It is accounted as a growth of 7.1 percent as compared to $5.982 billion received during the corresponding period last year. Most of the inflow of remittances in the current fiscal year came from Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, UK, and EU countries.

MFN status

FBr yet to implement FTo’s proposals BR has failed to execute the Federal Tax Ombudsman’s proposals regarding submission of details of sales tax refund cases which have been pending for more than twelve months. The FTO, on a complaint filed by a citizen Muhammad Rizawan, ordered FBR to submit report on sales tax refund cases across the country and also ordered to keep the conduct of the ACIR and LDC under watch. It is observed by FTO Dr Suddle that in any case the statute requires no proof of physical transfer of goods from supplier to buyer as a pre-condition for making an input tax refund claim and blacklisting cannot be made effective retrospectively especially when blacklisting is due to irregularities detected in the suppliers dealings with buyers other than the complainant. It is a well settled principle of law that a past and closed transaction cannot be reopened especially when a beneficiary has no role in the irregularity committed by the other party. According to a Lahore-based tax lawyer, the FTO’s suggestions, if implemented, could help address the grievances of taxpayers. He said the FTO's recommendations should have been implemented within 30 days period; otherwise, the act would be punishable with contempt under section 16 of the FTO Ordinance, 2000 read with Federal Ombudsmen Institutional Reforms Act, 2013. As per the FTO’s findings, there was a long delay in the disposal of the refund claims of the abovementioned complainant, who challenged that all the required documents were filed well in time.The complainant filed aWrit Petition No 9532/2012 in the Lahore High Court challenging the departmental rejection of the refund claims. The High Court vide order dated 16.04.2012 directed the Secretary (Exemption) FBR to pass a speaking order. The complainant contends that departmental functionaries started approaching him for payment of illegal gratification to dispose of the refund claims. —CT Report


Indiamustprovidelevelplayingfieldfor Pakistaniproducts:khurramDastgir ISLAMABAD

CuSToMS ToDAy rEporT


hurram Dastagir Khan, Minister of State for Commerce and Textile Industry has said that for getting Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status it is imperative that India must reduce non-tariff barriers for Pakistani products to provide level playing Mield. Pakistan and India trade and business ventures will create win-win situation for both the countries, however any incident on borders can have direct negative impact on trade between the two countries, said Dastagir while addressing the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) 16th Annual Sustainable Development Conference. Khurram Dastagir further said that both the governments realise the importance of regional connectivity and in this regard, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has taken steps to promote a healthy bilateral relationship, expecting the same from India. Bilateral trade between the two countries is more complex as a single untoward incident can derail the whole sustainability process, said the Minister, adding that sustainable growth is important to overcome the menace of poverty. The Minister further said that India had given MFN status to Pakistan in 1996, however instead of increasing, share in trade further declined, which needs to be reversed. Both the countries should have equal access to each other’s markets, the Minister maintained. Shaban Khalid President Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) reiterating measures needed for

enhancing trade between India and Pakistan, said negative and positive lists of items between the two countries needs to be reconsidered. He further said that though some progress has been made regarding visa issue, however more efforts are required in this regard as people-topeople interaction needs to be normalised. Business community recommends trade normalisation under the MFN with India but carefully by providing level playing Mield, as Pakistani industry has not performed well dur- — Exclusive Customs Today photo ing last few years. India and Pakistan face similar challenges and it is needed to jointly address them, said TCA Raghavan Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan. He also emphasised that the trade for peace agenda in South Asia requires immediate attention and should be taken forward by establishing a connected infrastructure among member states. Shams Ul Mulk, Former Chairman, Wapda said that as a region South Asia faces the triangular nexus of food, water and energy insecurity. He stressed that it was imperative to focus on both, availability as well as affordability of energy. Musadik Malik, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the national power policy was the only policy approved by all four provinces. Experts in the panel stressed the need for member states to jointly address energy and water disputes and chal-

PMNawaz Sharifhastaken stepsto promotea healthybilateral relationship, expectingthe samefrom India,says khurram Dastgir

lenges in South Asia. In a panel discussion on the Government's Vision 2025 Plan, experts stressed that civil services reforms were needed to ensure due implementation of policies. There is an urgent need for census in Pakistan for informed policy making. There should also be consensus amongst political parties to ensure persistency in policies. On the future of food security in Pakistan, experts expressed that to ensure food security in Pakistan urgent steps are required to improve agricultural productivity and efMiciency. The socioeconomic status of small farmers needs to be enhanced along with structural reforms in the agricultural sector. Pakistan, Mosharraf Zaidi, renowned analyst and Team Leader of the Alif Ailaan education campaign, observed that education in Pakistan has been painfully affected due to political issues. Experts also emphasised the need for policy-relevant research in the education sector, as well as increase in budgetary allocations to the sector. Speakers also called for improvement in environmental conditions through reduction in wood cutting and emission of green-house gases. Experts observed that Pakistan is still adopting the traditional farm-based production approach. Experts in the panel on Promoting Freedom of Belief in Pakistan reiterated the equality of all religions as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan.



Dubai non-oil foreign trade crosses Dhs1 trillion: Customs

DUBAI: Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade exceeded Dhs1 trillion during the first nine months of this year, a rise from Dhs918 billion for the same period in 2012. According to Dubai Customs, Dubai’s third quarter imports touched Dhs610 billion compared to Dhs546 billion in 2012, and have been instrumental in boosting the emirate’s non-oil foreign trade growth in 2013. Sheikh Hamdan, crown prince of Dubai said that such strong growth in trade during the first three quarters would boost UAE’s status as a global hub for trade.

Committee constituted to review SROs ederal Board of Revenue (FBR) has told National Assembly that a committee, headed by FBR Chairman, has been formed to review SRO regime to identify tax concessions. In a written reply to the question of Rai Hasan Nawaz Khan, the Ministry of Finance told the House that a report is being prepared on tax expenditures for which expression of interest has already been advertised. A number of professional bodies have offered to conduct the study.The House was informed that cost of Customs duty exemption in 2012-13 was Rs 129 billion while Details of IncomeTax and SalesTax exemptions in financial year 20123-13 was Rs 119.829 billion.The House was informed that the above mentioned committee will submit a comprehensive plan by December 31, 2013. It is a fact that exemptions from Customs duties are allowed through Statutory Regulatory Orders (SROs) and their cost to the exchequer runs into billions. —CT Report


Customs detains two foreign currency smugglers

Customs seizes gold worth rs15m akistan Customs has seized noncustoms paid gold jewellery worth Rs15 million and arrested a passenger from Benazir Bhutto International Airport. Sources told CustomsToday that after receiving a tipoff, a special team headed by Additional Collector Dr Moinuddin AhmedWani maintained a secret vigilance to track the alleged smuggler. On arrival of flight No PA-213 from Sharjah, the Customs officials intercepted a passenger,Tahir Mehmood son of Muhammad Akram and resident of Sarafa Bazaar Chakwal, when he crossed the Green Channel, where through just Diplomat's GDs are processed.The Customs officials, after scanning luggage of the said passenger, recovered 3099.53 grams of gold jewellery. A case has been registered againstTahir Mehmood under section 171 of Customs act 1969. —CT Report


3,000-year-old statues recovered wo men have been arrested while smuggling more than 50 ancient statues on Fateh Jang Road. According to police, the arrested smugglers have been identified as Munir Khan and Rasheed Gull. SHO PS Naseerabad Chaudhry Jamil said that police officials were on routine duty at checkpoint on the said road when they signalled a suspected car (RNL1086) to stop. An archaeologist examined the sculptures and told that they might be 3,000 years old worth of which also be in million of rupees. A case has been registered against the accused. —CT Report



CuSToMS ToDAy rEporT


akistan Customs Directorate Intelligence and Investigation (DI&I) has nabbed two men at Karachi airport

for allegedly smuggling foreign currency. As per details, Director DI&I Manzoor Memon, on a tipoff that some unscrupulous elements were trying to smuggle foreign currency to Bangkok and UAE from Pakistan, formed a team headed by Superintendent Najeebullah Jafferi and directed him to keep an eye to avert flight of foreign currency.

The team had intercepted two passengers namely Abdul Malik and Muhammad Hameed, who were going to Bangkok through a flight CX-2700. After their physical examination, the team had recovered $10, 000, 9600 Thai Baht and some Rs 11,500 from Abdul Malik while around $20, 000 had been recovered from Muhammad Hameed.

Stealing of NATo containers

FIRregisteredagainstMDM/sWaterLink,KPTofficial KARACHI

CuSToMS ToDAy rEporT

n a fresh development, the Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive has registered an FIR No. ASO-147/2013-Hqrs against six accused including the Managing Director (MD) of M/sWater Link Pakistan (Pvt), Ltd and an official of Karachi PortTrust (KPT) in NATO containers stealing case. According to the details, the (MCC) Preventive has nominated Captain Ghulam Mustafa, MD M/s Water Link Pakistan (Pvt), Ltd, RizwanYousaf, ManagerWater Links Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, resident of House No.142, Sector 1-D, OrangiTown; Muhammad Rizwan Ishaq, Assistant Manager Operations, KPT, resident of House No.Y-25/2, 19 East Street, Phase-I, DHA; Muhammad Rafiq Shahzad, office boy of M/sWater Links, resident of Mirza Adam Khan Road, Allama Iqbal Colony, Lyari; Idrees Khan, broker of New Ittehad Shinwari, resident of Garhi Faizullah Urmar MianaTehsil, District Peshawar; Qaiser Ali, Supervisor of M/s Water Link, resident of Hazrat Bilal Colony, Sector 8-A, Nusrat Bhutto Colony, Gali No.8, H No. ABCA-


469 and Satrah Khan, owner of theVehicle No.TLQ857, resident of Dakha Khel, Landi Kotal,Tehsil Landi Kotal in District Khyber Agency in the NATO containers stealing case. The Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) of MCC Preventive has also seized three containers bearing registration numbers LMSU 1400780, USAU 2059417 and MBIU 8260838 and two trailers bearing registration numbers TLQ-857 and TLC-514. The goods recovered from the containers include parts of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protecting Vehicles in 2 wooden pallets, 3 empty wooden pallets, mud filled bags, 2 empty cardboard pallets, 7 card board pallets filled with mud, sentry cabin, generator set along with battery, one drill machine, one hammer, 2 grip pliers and other tolls and 19 rivets bold nuts. Customs sources told CustomsToday that a team of ASO, headed by Assistant Collector (Preventive)Wasif Malik on a credible information raided at a yard of M/sWater Link Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, which was an authorized bonded carrier engaged in breaking open the ISAF/NATO/US Army

containers, which are being exported from Afghanistan to US through Port Qasim. “During the raid it was found that one door of a container No. LMSU-1400780, seal no. PCCSS 3456188 loaded on a trailer No.TLQ-857 was half open and few people were inside the container. Those persons were apprehended immediately while three others were also arrested from the yard, however; the MD M/sWater Link is not yet arrested”, they added. Assistant Collector (Preventive)Wasif Malik told this scribe that investigation is underway and the Pakistan Customs is carrying out investigation of the matter in different dimensions.“It is a highly sensitive case and will take time for thorough investigation”, Assistant Collector added. The case is in Customs Investigation & Prosecution (I&P) Branch headed by Javed Mughal. According to the Incharge I&P Branch, the accused involved in stealing of the NATO containers were violating the Section 2(s) 32, 121, 128 & 178 of Customs Act, 1969 and punishable under clause 8,14, 63,64,89 and 90 of Section 156(1) ibid and sub para (iv) of para 11 of CGO 10-2012 dated 317-2012. 

Sources said that both passengers had been taken into custody and the case had been registered against them under section 2S of the Act. Both the arrested men during preliminary investigation have confessed that they were involved in illegal currency trade and used to bring foreign currency from Pakistan to Bangkok and UAE. 

New sales tax registration system by Dec 31 BR has been striving to avoid anomalies caused by existing ‘defective’sales tax registration system, so the board is launching a new registration system by December 31 this year. Sources said that under the sales tax law, all the stakeholders including manufacturers, retailers, importers, wholesalers, distributors and commercial exporters are liable to registration.The present registration system has faulty verification mechanism, they added.The FBR administration has developed strategy for registration in sales tax, which consists of cleansing of existing database and a risk-based system for new registrations. All the legal formalities and technical as well as administrative procedures are being made in this regard. In the new system centralised single source of information would be managed through unified database. —CT Report





Australian fined $10,000 for smuggling scorpions

An Australian man caught smuggling live scorpions into New Zealand from Australia has been fined $10,000 after being caught at Christchurch Airport, New Zealand. Isaac Walters, aged 23 was pleaded guilty in October to smuggling six Black Rock scorpions through the airport. He was ordered to pay the Ministry of Primary Industries $1000. Walters sold the scorpions to be kept as pets.

Clearing Agents plea for early clearance of stuck up containers LAHORE

CuSToMS ToDAy rEporT

CustomsreviewsValuationrulingofgas stoveafterstakeholdersprotest

KARACHI n a letter written to Ministry of Ports and Shipping, importers from Lahore stressed to make it certain that port handlers immediately clear containers stuck up at Karachi port due to the transporters’strike previous month, sources said. One of the Customs Clearing Agents working at the Lahore Dry Port claimed that goods worth billions of rupees were stuck up at Karachi port. He said that his shipment had arrived on Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) port more than a month ago but the port handlers could not confirm the date of grounding the container. He said that in a letter to the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, they have asked the authorities to take notice of the heavy congestion on ports. He said that they appealed to the Ministry to make sure that port handlers have enough equipment to complete the job. He said that importers have also demanded that a circular should be issued by the port handlers confirming the waiver of demurrage and start the charges at port from the date of container grounding instead of IGM date. He added that they also urged the Ministry to ask shipping lines to waive off the detention of containers delayed due to PICT and KICT congestion. In the letter, importers said that an immediate action will provide the relief to all importers upcountry.They also said that 50 percent imports are based on subsequent export after value addition. Delay at import stage by port handlers is directly or indirectly affecting the export too. 




he Directorate General of Customs Valuation has reviewed the Customs values of gas stoves and its parts after grave concerns were raised by the stakeholders over the issuance of high Customs values of such items through Valuation Ruling No. 607/2013 on November 7. The Directorate General of Customs Valuation has re-determined the Customs values of gas stoves and its parts under Section 25-A of the Customs Act, 1969 and issued a Valuation Ruling No. 618 in this regard. The sources in Customs Valuation Department told Customs Today that after the issuance of VR No.607, the stakeholders were agitated and they were of the views that the values determined therein in fact pertained to gas stoves of Italy/EU origins and values of stoves of Chinese origin were on lower side. They further said that the officials concerned in the valuation department, after passing a month, realised that the stakeholders were right in raising the issue and initiated an exercise to determine the Customs values of Chinese origin gas stoves. According to the VR No. 618, the Customs values of gas stove (1 burner), all brands from Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain origins has been fixed at $20 per

Unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.1000, 7321.1190.1000, 7321.1200.1000, 7321.1900.1000, 7321.8100.1000, 7321.8200.1000 and 7321.8900.1000. The Customs values of gas stove (2 burner), all brands from Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain origins has been determined at $25 per unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.2000, 7321.1190.2000, 7321.1200.2000, 7321.1900.2000, 7321.8100.2000, 7321.8200.2000 and 7321.8900.2000. Similarly, the Customs values of gas stove (3 burners), all brands from Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain origins has been Mixed at $30per unit with PCT 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.3000, 7321.1190.3000, 7321.1200.3000, 7321.1900.3000, 7 3 2 1 . 8 1 0 0 . 3 0 0 0 , 7321.8200.3000and 7321.8900.3000. Likewise, the Customs values of gas stove (4 burners), all brands from Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain origins has been fixed at $40 per Unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.4000, 7321.1190.4000, 7321.1200.4000,

7321.1900.4000, 7321.8100.4000, 7321.8200.4000 and 7321.8900.4000. The Customs values of the gas stove (5 burners), all brands from Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain origins has been fixed at $45 per Unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.5000, 7321.1190.5000, 7321.1200.5000, 7321.1900.5000, 7321.8100.5000, 7321.8200.5000 and 7321.8900.5000. The Customs values of gas stove (6 burners), all brands from the origins of Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain has been Mixed at $60 per Unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.6000, 7321.1190.6000, 7321.1200.6000, 7321.1900.6000, 7321.8100.6000, 7321.8200.6000 and 7321.8900.6000. The Customs values of stove (1 burner), all brands of Chinese origin has been fixed at $4per unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.2100, 7321.1190.2100, 7321.1200.2100, 7321.1900.2100, 7321.8100.2100, 7321.8200.2100 and 7321.8900.2100. The Customs values of gas stove (2 burners), all brands from China has been Mixed at $7.5 per unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190,

7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.2200, 7321.1190.2200, 7321.1200.2200, 7321.1900.2200, 7321.8100.2200, 7321.8200.2200 and 7321.8900.2200. Similarly, the Customs values of gas stove (3 burners) from China has been Mixed at $9per unit with PCT Code 7321.1110, 7321.1190, 7321.1200, 7321.1900, 7321.8100, 7321.8200 and 7321.8900 having proposed PCT for WeBOC is 7321.1110.2300, 7321.1190.2300, 7321.1200.2300, 7321.1900.2300, 7321.8100.2300, 7321.8200.2300 and 7321.8900.2300. While, the Customs values of gas stove parts from Italy, UK, France, Germany, USA and Spain origins have been fixed at $2.5 per Kg with PCT Code 7321.9000 having PCT proposed for WeBOC is 7321.9000.1000. The Customs values of gas stove parts originated by China have been fixed at $2.25 per kg with PCT Code 7321.9000 having PCT proposed for WeBOC is 7321.9000.2000 while the Customs values for gas stoves parts of Chinese origin have been fixed $1.30 per Kg with PCT Code 7321.9000 having PCT proposed for WeBOC is 7321.9000.3000. The importers, Customs agents and trade bodies were of the views that the Customs Valuation Department has revised the Customs values of the gas stoves and their parts with delay which caused billions of rupees loss to import of the country and benefited for a particular ‘mafia’. 

we made it happen!

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Rs.61,074,918 IN2MONTHS

The r&D Department of MCC-Appraisement (East) is determined to detect tax evasion and under-invoicing in order to enhance the revenue recovery




nder the wonderful leadership of Member Customs Nisar Muhammad, Customs Department has geared up its operations against all kinds of illicit activities including under-invoicing. The Research and Development (R&D) Department of Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement-East detected 10 cases of under-invoicing in October and November and recovered a huge amount of Rs61,074,918. The R&D Department detected an under-invoicing case on Oct 7 in the File No.MCC/Misc/362/2013-R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC-28884 belonging to the importer M/s Sami &Co. The importer paid an initial duty of Rs296,445 on one container containing plastics and wooden

items. The nature of detection i.e. incorrect/ in-appropriate implementation of Valuation Ruling was found and the department further demand Rs417,440 and recovered total amount of Rs713,885. The second case was also found on Oct 7 in the File No. MCC/Misc/357/2013R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC 28789 belonging to M/s Pakistan Mobile Communication. The importer paid duty of Rs347,052 on just one container having feeder cable. The incorrect/ in-appropriate implementation of Valuation Ruling was also found in that case and the department asked for further Rs3,630,294 and recovered a total amount of Rs3,977,346. The third case of tax evasion was detected by the R&D Department on Oct 20 in File No. MCC/Misc/377/2013-R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC-35122 belonging to the importer M/s Sunlight Autos. The importer paid duty of Rs1,488,149 on one of the containers loaded with auto parts. Non-

application of Valuation Ruling No.2793 was found in that particular case. The department raised an additional demand of Rs1,930,298 and recovered a total amount of Rs3,418,447. In another case, the R&D Department detected an under-invoicing case in File No. MCC/Misc/372/2013-R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC-36871, belonging to M/s Hyidry Agencies on Oct 31. In this case, just Rs4,461,174 were paid as customs duty on 56 containers containing Met Coke. Non-application of Valuation Ruling was also found in that case. The department demand the remaining amount of Rs5,942, 195 and totally recovered Rs10,403,369. The R&D Department also found a case of under-invoicing in File No.MCC/Misc/261/2013-R&D, belonging to M/s Coconuts & Spice Int. The importer paid just Rs3,913,475 as customs duty on three cartons of cardamom &

skimmed milk. Non-application of Valuation Rulings No.598 &599/2013 was detected in the case. The MCC’s department raised an additional demand of Rs1,127,559 and recovered a total amount of Rs5,041,034. The Research and Development Department of MCC, in the sixth case, detected misappropriation of under-invoicing in File No. MCC/Misc/261/2013-R&D, belonging to the importer, containing 10 cartons of different chemicals. The importer paid an initial duty of Rs11,155,277 and the department demanded additional Rs8,715,202, as nonapplication of Valuation Ruling No.609/2013 was found and recovered a total amount of Rs19,870,479. In the seventh case, the R&D Department found a case of under-invoicing in File No. MCC/Misc/261/2013-R&D, containing 9 cartons of Synthetic rubber. The importer just paid customs duty of


— Exclusive Customs Today photo


Rs13,791,599 with non-application of Valuation Ruling No.279/2013. The department recovered an amount of Rs13,791,599 from the importer. The department also detected the eighth case of under-invoicing in File No. MCC/Misc/278/2013-R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC-39985 on Nov 11, belonging to the importer M/s Ahsan Int. The importer initially paid a tax amount of Rs903,127 on one container, loaded with non-woven artiMicial leather. The department raised an additional demand of Rs808,987, due to under valuation and recovered a total amount of Rs1,712,114. In the ninth case, the R&D Department found a case of under-invoicing in File No. MCC/Misc/293/2013-R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC-404091 on Nov 12, belonging to the importer M/s ShaMiq & Co, who initially paid a duty tax of Rs389,935 on one container containing PVC coated woven fabric. The department asked for further

Chief Collector Appraisement Nasir Masroor Ahmed and Chief Collector Enforcement Muhammad Yahya

demand of Rs102,752 due to the under valuation and recovered a total amount of Rs492,687. In another case reported on Nov 21, the R&D department detected an underinvoicing case in File No. MCC/Misc/386/2013-R&D, GD No. KAPE-HC-42896, belonging to the M/s Nobil General Trading that paid just Rs1,438,259 on its eight containers, consists of mixture of acids. The department raised an additional demand of Rs215,699 due to the incorrect Valuation Ruling and recovered an amount of Rs1,653,958. The R&D Department of MCC-Appraisement (East) is determined to detect tax evasion and under-invoicing in order to enhance the revenue recovery. Collector MCC-Appraisement (East) Abdul Rashid Shaikh stated that the Collectorate is striving hard to recover the evaded duty tax.



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BR has been assigned the onerous task of implementing and monitoring the new tax incentives scheme recently announced by PM Nawaz Sharif.The incentives scheme comprises a slew of measures designed to broaden the tax base and stimulate investment in the country. These include exemption from penalties, default surcharge and detailed audit for those bringing themselves in the tax net voluntarily as well as the first-time tax payers. Additionally, anyone paying 25 percent more tax as compared to the previous year would be given exemption from detailed audit.The government has also barred FBR from accessing the bank accounts of tax payers. On the other hand, to encourage investment, those making investing in the selected fields would not be asked any questions about their source of income. Experience shows that such schemes in the past failed due to lack of necessary and targeted follow-up action.To ensure that the scheme this time yields the desired results, a detailed plan has been prepared by the Finance Ministry and FBR has been made responsible for its execution.The basic purpose of the scheme is to facilitate the public in availing the various facilities offered by the government. The detailed plan with which FBR has been saddled is an elaborate one. It envisages the establishment of PM’s tax Incentives Scheme Counters in every tax office, specially at the level of Deputy Commissioners and above, and notification of "focal persons" at the Commissioner’s office with due publicity in the press and on FBR website. Also on the cards is the creation of a web-based portal facilitating new taxpayers in registering themselves and making online payments, together with the establishment of a Complaint-Registrationand-Redress system on FBR website. FBR has also been tasked with publicizing the scheme in the media and holding seminars and workshops with the participation of representatives of chambers of commerce and industry to explain the features of the package and respond to queries from the public. Last but not the least, a Central Monitoring Office is to be established in the FBR Headquarters to ensure that the scheme is administered in an effective manner. FBR is not only required to monitor the implementation of the scheme but also to keep the Finance Ministry informed through weekly reports. It is a tall order, and FBR will have to move fast to show results expected of it. Following the directive from the government, FBR has reportedly established a committee to ensure the implementation of the scheme at the level of the Board and field formations. But this is not enough. Given the gravity of the situation, the FBR chairman should personally supervise the work of the special committee on a daily basis to see that the steps detailed in the plan are given concrete shape at the earliest.Time is of the essence in the matter. Already we are half way through the financial year. A public awareness raising campaign should be launched immediately to publicize the benefits of the incentive scheme and motivate the people to fulfill their tax obligations towards the State. 

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Tax reforms: what needs to be done? ISLAMABAD



ax reforms in Pakistan have largely remained a problematic area as after recent attempt during the Musharraf regime, it resulted into decline in tax-to-GDP ratio. Under Tax Administration Reform Project (TARP) funded by World Bank in shape of loan and UK based DFID through grants helped FBR for constructing brick and mortars by constructing beautiful buildings, purchasing vehicles but failed in expanding its narrowed tax base. Now again FBR is going to seek WB’s assistance to undertake second phase of reforms with proposed assistance of $300 million. On Inland Revenue Service (IRS), there is a need to initiate new set of reforms to achieve the desired results. In order to put things in proper prospective, it should be kept in mind that before reforms, the basic

Unit of income tax management was a circle whose ofMicer in-charge was entrusted with all the responsibilities of maintenance of record, receipt and assessment, recovery of taxes, Miling of appeals at various appellate for issuance of refunds and assisting the commissioner in issuance of exemption certiMicates etc. Although all the work having been entrusted with one person, there was a unity of command, with better understanding of issues and sense of ownership among the tax ofMicials, yet there was a general perception amongst all the stakeholders of the system that a circle ofMicer was over-burdened with work and dissatisMied with working conditions. As a result of the report issued by renowned Shahid Hussain Committee on reforms in the existing taxation systems in Pakistan, the working of income tax was distributed on functional basis at the Commissionerate level, with the objective of promoting specialization and resulting into emergence of an efMi-

cient system giving quick disposal to issues and serving the taxpayers in a better and organized way. However, several years experience indicates that working on functional lines has not yielded the desired results. Rather it has created lots of problems of coordination amongst various functional divisions. The experience has also shown that an ofMicer posted in one particular division/function fails to acquire the skills/learning knowledge of function that relates to other divisions. For instance, if an ofMicer is posted in IP or Legal Division he does not learn the assessment work and vice versa. Similarly, the performance indicators of audit and enforcement function are conMlicting. For instance, performance of audit is gauged with the amount of created demand whether recoverable or otherwise, whereas that of Enforcement division is indicated by actual collection. This compartmentalized approach and uncoordinated effort is resulting in raising

of irremovable demand thus undermining the actual performance vis-a-vis collection and achievement of assigned targets. This situation has created a disinterested, de-motivated and demoralized workforce which lacks sense of ownership. In the absence of unity of command, the taxpayers have to go from one commissioner to another commissioner for redressal of their problems. The purpose of tax reforms must only be improvement of system which unfortunately is not the case. It is proposed that small composite divisions should be formed which would work under one commissioner and the functional distribution of work is delegated to grade 17/18 ofMicers. Each Commissionerate should have 3 to 5 additional commissioners of BS-19 and 25 to 30 Assistant Commissioners/ Deputy Commissioners of IR (BS-17 and BS-18) who should have incharge of their units and responsible for all functions of record keeping, audit, enforcement and legal etc.



Export of grapes, citrus, olive likely to increase

LAHORE: A new variety of seedless citrus fruits, grapes and olives can contribute to meet the export needs to fetch much-needed foreign exchange reserves. Sources in Punjab Agriculture Meat Company (PAMCO) told Customs Today that they had successfully experienced the cultivation of a new variety of seedless citrus fruits in Thal region, seedless grapes in Cholistan region and olive in Pothohar region.


CuSToMS ToDAy rEporT

BR Facilitation andTaxpayers Education (FATE)Wing, in collaboration with GIZ, arranged a 2-day workshop on ‘Internal Communication Strategy’at FBR Headquarters, Islamabad. The workshop was inaugurated by FBR ChairmanTariq Bajwa and attended by senior officers of FBR Headquarters and field formations. In his opening remarks, FBR chairman said that internal communication plays a crucial role in success or failure of any organisation. Stressing the need for improved internal communication mechanism and protocols between among Wings of FBR as well as within the field formations, he was of the view that such workshops would assist FBR in enhanced coordination for timely decision-making. He said SOPs can be developed in the light of recommendations of the workshop.The chairman himself participated in the exercises and discussion in the opening session of the workshop. Addressing the workshop, Member FATE Riffat Shaheen Qazi said that FATE wing has prioritised the need for better internal communication for prompt documentation and implementation of policies of the government. She appreciated the efforts and participation of senior and


— Exclusive Customs Today photos

middle managers of FBR in the formulation of SOPs for internal communication. The participants of the workshop also included Member (IR-Policy) Shahid Hussain Asad; Member (TPA)/HRM Haroon M KhanTareen; Member (Accounting) KhwajaTanveer Ahmed; Member (Legal) Ch Safdar Hussain; Member (Admin) Shahid Hussain Jatoi; Member (Enforcement) Aftab Anwar Baloch; Chief Commissioner RTO Rawalpindi Aftab Ahmed Khan, Chief Commissioner RTO Islamabad Mian Saeed Iqbal; Chief Commissioner LTU Islamabad Raana Seerat; Collector (Customs) Islamabad Imtiaz Ahmed Khan and other senior officers of FBR. 

ISlAMABAD: Federal Mininter for Industries and Production Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi talking at SAARC Charter Day Celebration.

ISlAMABAD: Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal giving shield to Iftikhar Ali Malik, Vice President SAARC CCI (Pakistan) at SAARC Charter Day Celebration.

ISlAMABAD: Senator Jahangir Badr posing for photo along with Members of SAARC (Pakistan) at SAARC Charter Day Celebration.




100 clearing agents granted bails in missing containers case

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) has granted pre-arrest bails to at least 100 Customs forwarding and clearing agents in different references filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) regarding 19,000 missing containers’ scam. The anti-NAB appellate bench, headed by Justice Ghulam Sarwar Korai, granted pre-arrest bail to the agents as NAB prosecutors did not oppose the decision. Earlier, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had ordered the NAB to probe into in the case of missing containers.

akistan has obtained the status of Generalized System of Preference (GSP) plus from its largest trading partner of 27-member block of European Union which will become effective from January 1, 2014.This move will increase exports by $2 billion on per annum basis. The European Parliament voted on a resolution objecting to the delegated act presented by the European Commission, granting GSP+ to ten countries including Pakistan. The resolution was defeated with 409 votes against 182 votes. In other words, an overwhelming majority of Members of the European Parliament supported the granting of GSP+ status to Pakistan. GSP+ will become effective from January 1, 2014.The European Commission's preliminary estimate is that exports from Pakistan will increase by Euro 574 million annually as a result of the reduction of tariffs on over 90 percent of all product categories exported by Pakistan to EU. On this occasion the EU Ambassador to Pakistan, Lars-GunnarWigemark, said: "This is a very good day for EU-Pakistan relations.The granting of GSP+ shows the importance the European Union attaches to its relations with Pakistan. We have listened to Pakistan's plea for more trade and not just aid.” In addition to expanding and facilitating Pakistan's trade with the European Union, GSP+ will also promote economic growth and create much-needed jobs across Pakistan. EU consumers will benefit as well from cheaper imports made from Pakistan. —CT Report


wrITE To uS your grIEVANCES: Through CuSToMS ToDAy platform HElp DESk, now you have chance to DIrECTly write your problems to top govt. functionaries. If you have any grievances, queries, questions or suggestions, you can write in this section as it provides easiest access to you to approach Customs and Revenue authorities. wHo can write in this section? Importers & Exporters, Customs Agents, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and Customs Officers To wHoM you can write? Honourable PM, Minister/Secretary for Finance & Revenue, Minister/Secretary for Ports and Shipping, FBR Chairman, Member Customs and Chairperson Senate/National Assembly Standing Committee on Finance & Revenue. Send your letters at:

Taxpayers,taxofficialscanridPakistanof economiccrunch:AsifJah LAHORE



akistan’s economic problems can be resolved if taxpayers and tax officers prefer larger national interests over their personal and limited interests. This was the upshot of an exclusive interview of Customs Health Care Society (CHCS) President and Additional Collector Asif Mehmood Jah with Customs Today. Asif Mehmood Jah, a qualified MBBS doctor and CSP officer, hails from Sargodaha. He established foundation of Customs Health Care Society in 1998. Since then, the society has been fulfilling the needs of deserving people. About 16 full-fledged projects and institutions are working throughout the country under this society for the public welfare projects including health, education, rehabilitation of earthquake-hit people, free residence for homeless, blood transfusion and liver transplantation. “I had a dream to help the poor and needy people who cannot afford even fee of hospital slip through an excellent institution equipped with all facilities under one roof,” Dr Jah said. He said that he never faced any problem while simultaneously running the society successfully and doing full justice to his job as Additional Collector of Customs. “I feel no problem in discharging my duties as a physician and an Additional Collector of Customs as I spend all my energies from 9am to 5pm on my official assignments. However after 5pm, I become a physician and never allowed anyone to talk about Customs and official matters during my times at Customs Health Care Society,” the additional Customs Collector said. Dr Jah got degree in MBBS from King Edward Medical University and preferred to join Customs Department after qualifying CSS examination in 1992. He was posted in Multan as

— Exclusive Customs Today photo

pakistangetsgSp plusstatus;exports likelytoincreaseby $2bperannum

Asif Jah never faced any problem while simultaneously running the society successfully and doing full justice to his job as Additional Collector of Customs

Assistant Customs Collector in 1994 following completion of his training. Replying to a query about the financial needs of the society, Dr Jah said that most of his friends in abroad have been fulfilling the financial needs of the society while several philanthropists in the country also provide financial support. He, however, said: “I take special care while accepting donation from anyone. If I feel doubt about any donor’s hidden motives, I refuse to accept such donations”. Dr Jah has also been working for the rehabilitation of earthquake and flood victims in all the provinces. He said that on October 8, 2005 when the massive earthquake wiped out millions of the houses of the poor and the rich alike, his society was there to help the unfortunate people. He said that the society members along with a team of doctors supplied life-saving drugs, treated the wounded people without any interval from morning to night and even built homes for the homeless in order to rehabilitate them. The CHCS president stated that the society played its active role in restoration of flood and quake victims. Recently, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Shraif has posted an appreciation letter to Dr Jah, commending social welfare service of his society under his leadership. “The commendation expressed by the CM has further encouraged me to do due diligence to make the society more result-oriented,” Dr Jah asserted. Answering to a question, Dr Jah said that several problems can be avoided if taxpayers, tax evaders and tax collectors prefer larger national interests over personal and limited interests. Dr Jah has also written a number of books on various subjects including Family Health, Health Care, Teenage Guide, Zalzla Zakham and Zindgi, Swat Hijrat and Khidmat. “Recently I have the honour to write the wonderful book ‘Allah Kaba Aur Banda’ about my journey to sacred places of Makkah and Madina,” Dr Jah concluded. 

AbolitionofSaturdayaspublicholidayforCustomsHouses,Banks To,

The Finance Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar Islamabad This is with reference to the meeting which the undersigned had with you at State Guest House at a dinner in honour of President Mamnoon Hussain. Being in the field of clearing and forwarding for well over 45 years and former Vice President of KCCI, I humbly request to take liberty to solicit your kind consideration on the above subject. Previous government had declared Saturday as a holiday on the pretext of saving electricity, totally disregarding the reality that closure of Customs Houses, Ports and Banks to collect revenue would inflict heavy damage to our

economy. It is imperative to mention that Customs Houses and Banks use generators for their power requirements as the KESC does not supply, according to their demands, and computers of these institutions can’t face the surge due to abrupt disconnection or reconnection of electricity. In view of the above it is requested that orders for restoration of six working days for Customs Collectorates, Ports, Terminals and more branches of National Bank of Pakistan to collect revenue, as well as Clearing Houses under State Bank may please be given. Very Sincerely Yours, Nasir M. Chandna, Karachi



China commodities imports rebound

BEIJING: China's iron ore imports rebounded in November from the previous month to a fresh record, customs data has showed, as steel mills purchased more on improving steel demand driven by a more promising economic outlook. Crude oil imports also rebounded from a 13-month low in October to 5.73 million barrels per day (bpd) in November, the fourth highest daily imports this year, as refineries restarted following maintenance.

“The government passed a new flat tax today on crakers, computer screens, floor tiles, plywood, pancakes and everything else that is flat.”




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