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Signs You Need House Painting in Danville Crumbling paint and exposed wood are just some of the signs that might make you realize you need house painting in Danville. The curb appeal of your house helps it stand out from the crowded neighborhood. The staff at Custom Painting, Inc. can help you recognize the clues that your exterior paint job may be in need of some attention.

Recognizing the Need for House Painting in Danville 1. Paint on the ground. Small chips of paint that end up in your flower bed or on your steps are a sure sign that it is time to consider an exterior paint job. 2. Mildew on the walls. Some areas naturally hold more moisture than others. Pools, ponds, steam and even shade can all work to produce mildew on the walls of your home. This mildew can break down the paint and be a sign that you need to invest in house painting before any damage can occur. 3. Fading paint. The sun and the elements will do damage to the color in your paint. Some areas may fade faster than others. You will want to consider an exterior painting project when those differences become noticeable. 4. Staining on the walls of your home. Water running down the walls can produce discoloring stains that you are unable to completely clean. 5. Protruding nails. Moisture can seep behind the walls. As that moisture expands and contracts it can push the nails out and disrupt the paint. You need to talk to paint professionals when you notice signs that could mean potential damage beyond just the paint.

6. Peeling or bubbling paint. Paint that has been applied incorrectly in the past or that has experienced some trauma (like storm damage) can end up cracking, peeling or even bubbling.

The signs of damage to an existing exterior paint job should never be ignored. A troubled paint job can expose the rest of the structure to problems as well. Moisture can come in through the cracked paint and cause issues with rotting or warping that will take even more time and money to repair. Watch for the warning signs and then take action. The sooner you respond to issues the easier it should be to make the home whole again. Knowing what issues to be on the watch for will help make it easier to understand when you need house painting in Danville.

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