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Managing a tight renovation budget? Want high impact and impressive style? Custom Made Stones veneer stone cladding can add maximum impact and added value to any home or renovation project, saving you up to 30% on labour and transportation costs.

How? Quick install – Faster install than original heavy cladding, saving you additional time and money on labour and transportation costs Realistic stone veneers are available in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles High quality, won’t rust, buckle or fade Eco friendly, reduces environmental impact and consumption of the worlds raw materials Lightweight Can be used for both interior and exterior projects Custom made cladding made to order providing consistent colours and pigments per order

Why choose Custom Made Stones stone veneer cladding? Since the global financial crisis finances have become a little tighter for most Australians. The North Shore based, close knit father and son team at Custom Made Stones saw a real need to provide homeowners, architects and designers a high quality stone cladding solution that wouldn’t break the bank. This solution provides high impact with impressive style to both interior and exterior projects. Custom Made Stones stone cladding veneers give homeowners the chance to add value to their properties and allows designers and architects to still achieve their creative vision on smaller budgets.

The Technical Stuff We custom make all cladding to order ensuring consistency, colour and style with every order Weight range is 20-25kg per sqm for veneer made for interior installation and 30-35kg for outdoor cladding. Thickness of stone tile – about 30mm for marble tiles and about 25mm for stacked stones depends on texture. Below are just a few examples of Custom Made Stones comprehensive stone cladding veneer range more can be viewed at No special footings or foundations required Can be easily fitted by a DIY or Trade Professional

Realistic, lightweight, high quality with a 25 year guarantee

Wide range of contemporary and traditional looks

Create inspirational homes with veneer stone cladding for both interior and exterior projects

Want to Find Out More? The benefits of stone cladding veneers make it an obvious choice when working on any home renovation project. Using Custom Made Stones stone cladding veneers is cost effective without ravaging our natural resources. Visit our website to view the many cladding options to fit any style or theme and email us to for a free, no obligation quote and samples.

At Custom Made Stones we create great homes without impacting the environment or your pocket!