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CRM – Customer Relationship Management Empowers Your Team Implementing CRM software in your company is often met with grumbles and complaints. Your staff and sales team will see this new program as an added burden to their already busy lives. They are busy picturing all of the added time necessary to type in notes, create schedules, and update contact information. What they are overlooking is the tremendous time savings and empowerment which comes through the use of CRM software. Implementing Software to Free Your Time One of the common complaints in companies considering implements a new CRM program is the time and work it will require. You can overcome this objection very easily. Point out the fact they are already capturing this same data but storing it in different ways. They probably have a list of clients, vendors, and contacts in their copy of Outlook or other program. A properly designed CRM program can often import these contacts eliminating part of the complaint. The second factor is better software choices integrate with popular email programs to make using and adding contact information easy. As one example the OpenERP program integrates easily with Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird to make using and adding contacts seamless. This means your staff may not be required to spend any extra time transferring many portions of their data into the new CRM system. The third factor your staff must consider is the fact a CRM program extends their capabilities. They can now collaborate easily with other selected users of the program. They can create schedules, tasks, goals, notes, and added details about the client and your time. The Real Bottom Line Benefit to CRM Programs to Your Team If you are still hearing grumbling after you explain how easy implementation will be then hit your sales staff with this question, “how many people want a raise?” The entire staff will probably throw their hands in the air. Money talks in the world of business to both your clients and your staff. Show them how using a CRM system will allow them to better serve their clients by keeping more accurate information. They will be the sales person who knows their birthday, their product deadlines, and their buying habits. They will have the detailed notes about order history and product returns at their fingertips. By having better information they become their customers trusted source for information and advice. They will close more sales with less effort, which translates to higher income. Show your sales team how this program will allow them to fully leverage people in

Marketing, Customers Service, Accounting, and Production departments to provide clients information at lightning speed. Your sales team knows there is nothing more satisfying to a client than getting the right answer fast. In today’s fast paced business world using a CRM program to manage your customer relationships has become mandatory. You must be fast, accurate, and knowledgeable to satisfy your clients. They want information instantly, not sometime next week. Having a CRM system integrated into your other business applications makes it easy.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management Empowers Your Team  

The CRM module of Open ERP allows the tracing of contacts and new opportunities that present themselves to your company. You can personalize...

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