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Making alterations to your home

Aids and adaptations As part of our on-going commitment to enabling people to live independently we can carry out alterations to meet your specific needs.

Yorkshire Coast Homes (YCH) is committed to excellent customer care. We aim to be flexible and shape our services to the different needs of our customers. We will also provide a responsive service to customers who are or become vulnerable, or who have special needs. If you, or someone else in your home, are having difficulty getting about because of a disability, we may be able to arrange and fund the necessary adaptations.

We will contact Adult and Community Services who will contact you to arrange a suitable time to carry out this assessment. Aids and adaptations are split into three categories: Minor works Minor works relate to smaller jobs where the cost of the work does not exceed £100. We aim to complete these works with 14 calendar days. Examples of minor works include: ❚❚ Grab rails ❚❚ Key safes ❚❚ Additional banister rails

The application process

❚❚ Shower chairs

Stage 1 – Contact Contact our Customer Services Team to discuss your options:

❚❚ Minor bathroom adaptations

Tel. 0845 065 56 56 Or call North Yorkshire County Council (Health and Adult Services): Tel. 0845 034 9410 Our staff are happy to contact North Yorkshire County Council on your behalf if you would like them to. Stage 2 – Assessment If applicable, it may be necessary for an Occupational Therapist to carry out an assessment to determine the best adaptation to suit your needs.


Standard works Standard works relate to larger, more complex adaptations. These works are subject to a means test carried out by YCH to determine whether a contribution is required. We aim to complete these works within 28 days. Standard works include: ❚❚ Over bath showers ❚❚ Low level access shower trays ❚❚ Ramped access ❚❚ Stairlifts ❚❚ Hand rails ❚❚ Lever taps


Major works Major works relate to the largest of adaptations that exceed our financial limit. YCH cannot fund these works, and must pass them to the Scarborough Borough Home Improvement Agency (HIA) for processing as part of a grant application (Disabled Facilities Grant). These works commonly take longer to process and complete.

Stage 6 – Maintenance and renewal YCH will maintain any adaptations installed and renew items at the end of their useful life if still required (subject to an Occupational Therapist recommendation, if applicable). Please be aware that this process can take some time depending on the level and quantity of work required.

Major works consist of: ❚❚ Wet floor showers ❚❚ Curved stair lifts ❚❚ Door widening ❚❚ Through floor lifts ❚❚ Extensions ❚❚ Major structural works and landscaping Stage 4 – Making the adaptations Upon confirmation and receipt of a valid Occupational Therapist recommendation (if applicable) works are arranged and carried out (if funded by us). If in excess of our financial limit, the details will be passed to the HIA. Stage 5 – Feedback After the works are completed YCH will send out a satisfaction survey to help us better understand the level of customer service we are providing, and the suitability of the adaptation(s) installed.



Age UK Partnership


YCH has entered into a partnership with Age Concern to provide a handyman service.

Moving Sometimes it is not practical to carry out adaptations to some homes due to their size, construction, location, or the amount of work that needs doing.

This service is available to all YCH residents and odd jobs such as fitting light bulbs, re-hanging doors or fitting shelves can be done by the Handyman.

In such circumstances it may be preferable if more suitable accommodation can be found which is already adapted or can be adapted more easily.

Appointments are given in 30 minute or one hour slots Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 3.30pm. The charge for using the service is ÂŁ10.00 an hour. In addition to this work Age UK also carries out assessments to assess a property for trip and fall hazards along with doing crime prevention work.

If you feel moving would be a suitable option contact YCH to discuss your circumstances.

Contact Age UK: Tel. 01723 379058


INFORMATION Confirmation of your condition from your doctor or specialist will be required. Finding suitable alternative accommodation will be subject to the availability of the right type of property – this can happen sooner if you are flexible about location.

Sheltered housing Sheltered housing is a service where individuals live in self-contained flats or bungalows. They often also have a communal area for socialising with other residents, the Warden Team for everyday support, and a 24-hour community help alarm-link in case of emergencies. For further details about our sheltered housing schemes please contact our Warden Team on 0845 065 56 56 or pick up a leaflet Your warden service from your local office.



Coastcall Coastcall provides the same emergency cover of the warden service using the same alarm system.


INFORMATION With Coastcall there is no routine contact with the warden, apart from to test equipment, and no support plan.

It may be a more economical option if you have to fund the service yourself. There is much more advice and information in our leaflet Coastcall included in your welcome pack and available from all our offices. To discuss the service or arrange for it to be fitted call the Coastcall team: Tel. 01723 343075 Community Centres Some of our sheltered housing sites have a Community Centre. These are mainly used by disabled, elderly and other vulnerable residents who live on the site. Some areas have elected Centre Committees who work with Resident Wardens to arrange activities and functions, including: ❚❚ Coffee mornings & luncheon clubs ❚❚ Bingo ❚❚ Quizzes ❚❚ Charity events ❚❚ Coach outings


Our service standards

As part of our commitment to disability equality we work to comply with The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2005. We have published a Disability Equality Scheme, setting out in detail how we intend to eliminate and guard against disability discrimination and promote Disability Equality instead. The scheme demonstrates how, by promoting equality and diversity, we deliver fairer services – both to those we work with and those we provide services for. It also helps us measure how well we are doing in this area. The Disability Equality Scheme will be reviewed every three years. To comply we will: ❚❚ Ensure the main office is accessible to all customers including wheelchair users ❚❚ Provide an induction loop facility in all our offices ❚❚ We have an annual budget to fund adaptations to properties designed to meet the needs of tenants with disabilities or illnesses ❚❚ Work closely with our partners, for example Social Services, to: ❚❚ Ensure the availability of sufficient funding to meet the demand for aids and adaptations, for example – through the Disabled Facilities Grant ❚❚ Make sure such funding is accessible to our customers 11

❚❚ Develop methods to determine priorities for adaptations

Actively involving our disabled customers

❚❚ Visit tenants of properties included in planned maintenance and improvements to assess whether the planned work should involve additional adaptations, for example – a level access shower (we will take into account any personal difficulties)

We listen to what our disabled customers have to say about service provision and we actively engage with disabled people in shaping our services.

❚❚ Restrict lettings to some properties in order to ensure the availability of housing for certain groups ❚❚ Ensure all housing management services are tailored to meet the needs of individual tenants with special needs ❚❚ Ensure partnerships and working arrangements are developed with appropriate agencies to supplement our housing management services, for example – Social Services, to ensure the appropriate care, support and services are provided to all customers with special needs Please contact us for more information on the Disability Equality Scheme. Aids and adaptations – service standards Specific service standards have been developed for this service – decided by YCH residents:

Our organisation welcomes your comments and suggestions, and encourages you to participate in our consultation exercises and group activities. If you would like to share your views with us (on any aspect of our service) or get more involved with the running of YCH please contact our us: Customer Services Team Brook House, 4 Gladstone Road, Scarborough YO12 7BH Tel. 0845 065 56 56 Email. If you have a compliment for a particular member of staff we make sure they are told about it and log it on their personnel record.

❚❚ We will measure residents’ opinions of the usefulness of disabled adaptations in meeting their needs with the aim of reaching 95% satisfaction by 2014. ❚❚ We will aim for a 95% overall satisfaction of residents with the adaptation service by 2014



Your feedback

How to contact us

Listening to your suggestions and complaints is a valuable way for us to improve our service delivery. We are keen to know what you think we did well, and what you think we could improve.

Yorkshire Coast Homes Brook House, 4 Gladstone Road, Scarborough, YO12 7BH Tel. 0845 065 56 56 Fax. 01723 343055 Email. Web.

If you would like to share your views with us (on any aspect of our service) please contact us: Customer Services Team Brook House, 4 Gladstone Road, Scarborough YO12 7BH Tel. 0845 065 56 56 Email. If you have a compliment for a particular member of staff we make sure they are told about it and log it on their personnel record.

Copies of this leaflet can be made available in large print, Braille or on audio cassette as well as in other languages on request.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-5:00 Northern Area Office The Coliseum, Victoria Place, Whitby, YO21 1EZ Tel. 0845 065 57 57 Fax. 01947 825424 Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-5:00 Eastfield Area Office Eastfield Community Resource Centre, High Street, Eastfield, Scarborough, YO11 3LL Opening hours: Monday 09:30-7:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 09:30-5:00 Thursday 09:30-1:00 Saturday 09:30-12:00 YCH staff are only available at the Eastfield Office between 09:00-5:00 – at other times a shared service operates in partnership with North Yorkshire Library staff who will do their best to answer any queries you may have.


Emergency Repairs Tel. 01723 351558 15


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