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POPAI Turkey 2013 Outstanding Merchandising Achievement

POPAI France 2016 Outstanding Merchandising Achievement

Floor Displays

Floor Display with 3 BOWL

Circle Display with Double Hook


Clipper Floor Display   

Spining Floor Display

Square Floor Display with Wooden Shelves 

Metal Display with 4 Hooks / Shelf  


Floor Displays 50cm Double Bowl Floor Display

35cm Single Bowl

50cm Single Bowl Floor Display


Pine Floor Display

Rocket Display



Plastic Injection 50mm Floor Display Single Bowl Plastic Injection Floor Display Single Bowl/ Color   


50mm Double Bowl Plastic Injection Floor Display   



Floor Displays 4 Shelf Display 80cm

5 Shelf Display 60,50,40 cm

Demountable Metal Display



Wooden Display with 4 Shelfs

Wooden Display with 3 Shelfs

Wooden Display with Hook

Clip Strips Clip Strips with 5 Clips

Clipstrips with Pegs

Double Row Clip Strips

Double Row, Plastic ClipStrip

Back to back Clip Strips

Plastic Latch, Clip Strips







Hanger Displays Hanger Display with Cylinder Pocket

Transparent Hanger Display with 4 pocket   


Semi-Circle Hanger Display Big 25 cm - 9.84 inch Small 20 cm - 7.87 inch

Tabletop Display   

Coin Plate

Back to back Plastic Clip Strip for Shelves   

Counter Bowl Display Diameter 25 cm - 9.84 inch Diameter 20 cm - 7.87 inch    



Slotted tabletop Sphere Display

Hanger Display with Rectangle Pocket

Semi Circle Bowl Display


Quarter Sphere Hanger Display




Vacuum Bowl Display  

Other Solutions and Accessories L Shape Sign Gripper

Rack Tray A   

A Board Display

Magnetic Banner Hanger




Telescopic A4 Board Display   

Rack Tray B   

Ice Cream Flavor Sign S Hook Price Label Holder  


A4 Display Frame    


A4 Brochure Holder

Cafe Stands Coffee Unit 1

Coffee Unit 2



Cafe Stands

3 Storeyed Brochure Display

Cup Display with 4 Divides



Tip Box

Metal Label Holder



Syrup / Sauce Display 

Plexi Tea Display    

Napkin Holder

Barista Set: Coffee Pulp Holder, Coffee Tamper, Rubber Base


4 slot Cup Cover Display   


Cafe Stands Tray   

Cup Display (3 Divides)  

Hot Beverage Sleeve pusher

Cup Display (4 Stairs)



Coffee Unit 3

Custom Display Solutions is your turnkey visual display provider specializing in creative branding and custom crafted retail displays. We are committed towards meeting and exceeding your requirements through continuous improvement of our processes. We deliver world class quality displays on time at competitive cost, while safeguarding the environment. Our manufacturing is world class, covering over 100,000 square feet and approximately 500 employees. We print on a wide range of the most up to date screen printing presses, UV offset presses and digital presses. To maintain quality and turnaround, we also extrude our own plastics and produce our own corrugated paper stock. As an ISO 9001-2015 company, our dedicated manufacturing facility has processes and teams in place to help monitor and quality control our production from raw materials through to final assembly of finished displays. Our Quality Control department has defined SOP’s in place to monitor color during printing and ensure overall quality of the finished displays. Our professional staff will work with your creative team and provide design assistance and pre production prototypes. Set up a complimentary consultation to transform your brand and implement fresh ideas with ease.


347 Fifth Avenue, Penthouse, New York, NY 10016

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CustomDisplaySolutions POS Catalog 2019