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Advice on Choosing Car Seat Covers for Infants from

Lots of parents are aware that it is important to choose the right car seat for their baby. A good car seat can make a huge difference in the event of a crash. Car seats have saved many lives, and with the right car seat, it is possible for a child to escape a crash with little or no injuries to its body. However, choosing the right infant car seat can be a bit confusing, thanks to all the choices on the market. tries to make the selection process easier by giving advice on choosing the best car seats for infants . First of all, the best car seats for infants are those that are designed specifically for children of their size. Newborns generally weight from five to eight pounds, and most convertible seats that can be used rear-facing and forward facing are too big for such small babies. These seats are actually more ideal for children who are over the 20-pound mark. For babies, it is better to get an infant car seat made to keep little babies snug and secure than a convertible seat, although the latter is still permissible if parents want to be practical and buy a seat that "grows" with their child. The next thing parents should look for when buying car seats for infants is safety. A safe car seat should have provisions for side impact protection, and features that prevent or minimize forward rotation in the event of a crash. These could come in the form of a high-density foam lining, a staged-release tether, or an anti-rebound bar. Of course, the comfort of both babies and parents should also matter. An infant car seat with a higher weight rating that can carry a baby up to 30 or 35 lbs. is a more practical purchase, and also more likely to be roomy and comfortable enough for baby. Other considerations are ease of installation, set cover design, and easy clean up. Many parents also prefer infant car seats with an easily adjustable harness that does not require rethreading.

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Advice on choosing car seat covers for infants from caraccessories