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For Fabulous Backyard Setups and More! You have been meeting with your architect and interior designer regularly to discuss floor plans and layouts. You keep dilly-dallying about whether to use tile or marble, pattern or inlay, gloss finish or matte, light or dark shades, cream or grey and so on and on. After careful deliberation and numerous changes, at last, some beautifully appealing designs and finishes are finalized for the drawing room, dining room, lounge area, bedrooms, den, etc.

But you are still drawing a blank when it comes to the backyard, driveway and even front patio area. Plain grey concrete floors outside seem quite pallid and dull compared to the impressive grandeur indoors. You fancy lovely travertine tiles in the backyard and flagstone effect on the walkways and are anxiously scouring for more interesting yet durable options. Will there be hope or will you have to make do with the boring grey powder like most other homes?

Well, there definitely is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a revolutionary concept – Decorative Concrete Designs!

Decorative Concrete Phoenix is based on the concept of reworking existing concrete floors with various options like acid staining, stamp concrete, concrete overlay and concrete resurfacing to name a few.

Arizona based, Custom Backyard Creations offers a multitude of attractive and decorative concrete flooring services including concrete overlays and micro toppings, solid stain, acid stain and dyes, and stamped and coatings designs.

Decorative Concrete Phoenix can completely transform concrete floors in both exterior areas as well as indoor areas like the Garage, Office, Kitchen, etc.. Depending on your choice, the new effect will impart an elegant and becoming look to the regular concrete slabs with a beautiful polish as well.

In fact, there is a limitless array of possibilities for redesigning existing concrete surfaces with decorative concrete Phoenix. Stamp concrete is especially in vogue as it can be made to replicate even a real brick, slate, flagstone or travertine look as desired. Acid stains also provide the ability to carve any stone pattern of choice. Concrete overlay technique is also gaining popularity for restoring worn concrete surfaces.

The biggest advantage is that existing concrete slabs in backyards, driveways, sidewalks or patios do not have to be removed and replaced entirely. Decorative concrete effects are achieved on the existing slab itself which brings down the cost factor to a bare minimum comparatively. The ‘new floor’ is easy to clean and maintain and lasts really long as well.

What’s more, when you come to Custom Backyard Creations, you do not have to leave your own ideas ruefully behind. Here, the accent is on what YOU want and custom designs as per your tastes and ideas are more than possible. Call them for a free consultation and explain your fantasy about the colour, texture, design, coating and finish that you have always wanted. Mike at Custom Backyard Creations will strive to bring your ideas to life with a unique and impressive floor layout every time!

Decorative concrete flooring : For Fabulous Backyard Setups and More!

Decorative concrete flooring : For Fabulous Backyard Setups and More!