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MR. & MRS. ALEXANDER wedding collection


YOUR ART - for YOUR DAY For weddings that take place in the city, on a beach, or anywhere in between, the Mr. & Mrs. Alexander wedding collection is the final touch and perfect way to commemorate your special day. Your choice of text, along with multiple design and color options give you the ability to create an original work of art.


HOW - it WORKS Step 01 Plan an amazing wedding that deserves a truly unique way to commemorate it. If you’re not the one getting married then you just found the perfect gift. Step 02 Choose the piece of art from our collection that best captures your special day. With a range of available options, there is something for everybody. Step 03 Personalize the art with your names, date, wedding venue, colors and more on any of our great products. Because no word is the same length, your info is typeset by hand, with care taken to fit the space perfectly. No shortcuts allowed. Step 04 Approve the free, emailed proof of your custom artwork and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive your proof within 48 hours of placing your order. Once approved, your order will be delivered within 2 weeks




1. Location


List the specific venue of your memorable day

2. Hair Color


Select designs even allow personalization of the small details unique to you

3. Type Color Each design offers unique color palettes to coordinate with your dĂŠcor


4. Names 5

Include you and your significant other’s names

5. Date Capture the exact date of the most special day of your lives





This unique alternative to the traditional guest book will be the talk of your reception when displayed on an easel (not included). Your generously sized artwork, surrounded by a 4" wide mat is designed to fit the thoughtful wishes for guest lists of 150 and above.

Inspired by the traditional guest book, the versatile, table top size is perfectly suited for weddings with guest lists of 150 or fewer. The heartfelt words of your closest friends and family, inscribed onto the 4" wide mat will add the finishing touch to this original keepsake.

$500 Shipped fully assembled with the mat on top of the Plexiglass, ready for signing.

$300 Shipped fully assembled with the mat on top of the Plexiglass, ready for signing.


14"W x 26"H


10"W x 16"H


29 3/4"W x 41 3/4"H


20 3/4"W x 26 3/4"H


3"W - Matte Black Finish


11/2"W - Matte Black Finish


Top - Crescent速 White Bottom - Crescent速 Black


Top - Crescent速 White Bottom - Crescent速 Black


Standard 3/32" Clear Plexiglass


Standard 3/32" Clear Plexiglass


Mounted to standard, 1/8" foam board


Mounted to standard, 1/8" foam board



24" x 36" FRAMED PRINT

18" x 24" FRAMED PRINT

A sophisticated way to capture your nuptuals, this framed piece is big, bold and ready to be showcased in your home. It’s also a great personal touch to a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

The medium size of this piece makes it a perfect fit for any wall in your home. With this stylish work of art, you’ll remember the thrill of the day with each passing glance.

$500 Shipped fully assembled and ready for hanging.

$300 Shipped fully assembled and ready for hanging.


24"W x 36"H


18"W x 24"H


29 /4"W x 41 /4"H


20 3/4"W x 26 3/4"H


3"W - Matte Black Finish


11/2"W - Matte Black Finish


Standard 3/32" Clear Plexiglass


Standard 3/32" Clear Plexiglass


Mounted to standard, 1/8" foam board


Mounted to standard, 1/8" foam board





24" x 36" PRINT

18" x 24" PRINT

A large print ideal for those who already have a great frame. Printed on heavy weight paper using archival ink

The perfect sized print for the perfect frame, this museum quality artwork is produced with archival pigment ink.

$300 This product is shipped rolled in a mailing tube.

$200 This product is shipped rolled in a mailing tube.


24"W x 36"H


18"W x 24"H


Double weight matte


Double weight matte



This sophisticated reminder will stay on refrigerator doors long after your special day. Envelopes are additional.

A unique twist on traditional save-the-date announcements, these timeless magnets will feature prominently on any refridgerator.

$350 - QTY 100 $600 - QTY 200

$200 - QTY 100 $300 - QTY 200


4 1/4"W x 51/2"H


2"W x 31/2"H


Premium, 80 lb. glossy card stock over magnetic back


Premium, 80 lb. glossy card stock over magnetic back


SAVE-THE-DATE POSTCARDS Announce your wedding date to family and friends with these frame-worthy postcards. In addition to your custom front, the back of the postcard features a unique save-the-date announcement with room to include information like your wedding website. Envelopes not included. $250 - QTY 100 $400 - QTY 200

ARTWORK SIZE: 4 1/4"W x 51/2"H

PAPER STOCK: Premium 130 lb. Gloss (front), Matte (back)


SAVE-THE-DATE NOTECARDS The same great custom front as our pstcards with a full back that feature your specific save-the-date information. Envelopes included. $260 - QTY 100 $420 - QTY 200

ARTWORK SIZE: 4 1/4"W x 51/2"H

PAPER STOCK: Premium 100 lb. Matte Recycled


THANK YOU CARDS Blank on the inside, ready for you to write a heartfelt thank you to friends and family for their generosity and support. Envelopes included. $350 - QTY 100 $600 - QTY 200

ARTWORK SIZE: 4"W x 51/2"H

PAPER STOCK: Premium 80 lb. Matte


your CELEBRATION – Capture the enchanting atmosphere of your wedding celebration.

WD001 FIRST KISS Capture the magic of your first kiss as husband and wife. This classic piece is appropriate for any location, from hotels to country clubs.

WD001-1 Green

WD001-2 Blue

WD001-3 White

WD001-4 Red

Your Celebration 17

Hair Color Options

WD002 FIRST DANCE A timeless piece that celebrates the romance and elegance of your day. Additional customization of hair color makes it truly yours.

18 Your Celebration

WD010-1 Green

WD010-2 Blue

WD010-3 Cream

WD010-4 Red

WD003 FIRST TOAST Capture the moment of heartfelt words from you and loved ones. A versatile piece that is perfect for any venue, from intimate to grand.

WD003-1 Green

WD003-2 Blue

WD003-3 Cream

WD003-4 Red

Your Celebration 19

WD004 GETAWAY Escape into the night with style as this vintage limo carries you awayas newlyweds.

20 Your Celebration

WD004-1 Green

WD004-2 Blue

WD004-3 Yellow

WD004-4 Red

WD005 CATHEDRAL Commemorate the sacred place where you exchange vows and join hands in marriage.

WD005-1 Green

WD005-2 Blue

WD005-3 Red

Your Celebration 21

WD006 I DO Capture the precious moment in time when you say “I do.” Also works as a great piece to commemorate a unique proposal.

22 Your Celebration

WD006-1 Green

WD006-2 Blue

WD006-3 Yellow

WD006-4 Red

Hair Color Options

WD007 HORAH Celebrate the festivity of your wedding along with your heritage. Appropriate for any location, additional customization of hair color makes it truly yours.

WD007-1 Green

WD007-2 Blue

WD007-3 Cream

WD007-4 Red

Your Celebration 23

Hair Color Options

WD008 WEDDING WALTZ Dance the night away in each other’s arms. Additional customization of hair color makes it truly yours.

24 Your Celebration

WD008-1 Green

WD008-2 Blue

WD008-3 Yellow

WD008-4 Red

Hair Color Options

WD009 DOWN THE AISLE Take a walk back in time by commemorating your first steps as a newly married couple.

WD009-1 Green

WD009-2 Blue

WD009-3 Yellow

WD009-4 Red

Your Celebration 25

Hair Color Options

WD010 WEDDING WALTZ 2 A timeless piece that celebrates the romance and elegance of your day. Additional customization of hair color makes it truly yours.

26 Your Celebration

WD010-1 Green

WD010-2 Blue

WD010-3 Yellow

WD010-4 Red

your LOCATION – Showcase the iconic landmarks of your wedding location.

SL001 GATEWAY ARCH This majestic monument is the unquestioned symbol of St. Louis and perfectly captures any local venue.

SL001-1 Grey

SL001-2 Blue

SL001-3 Green

SL001-4 Orange

Your Location 29

NY001 NEW YORK SKYLINE Underneath the famed Brooklyn Bridge lies the Manhattan skyline, made up of landmark buildings and luxurious hotels.

30 Your Location

NY001-1 Green

NY001-2 Orange

NY001-3 Yellow

NY001-4 Red

NY002 DOWNTOWN NEW YORK The Chrystler Building stands watch over the bustling City below. A great way to capture any New York location.

NY002-1 Dark Blue

NY002-2 Light Blue

NY002-3 Orange

Your Location 31

CH001 WATER TOWER A historic landmark overlooking the “Magnificent Mile” and the only existing structure to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

32 Your Location

CH001-1 Blue

CH001-2 Orange

CH001-3 Grey

CH002 FERRIS WHEEL A snapshot of the Windy City and its distinct skyline from the lively scene at Navy Pier.

CH002-1 Blue

CH002-2 Yellow

CH002-3 Green

Your Location 33

CH003 BUCKINGHAM FOUNTAIN The centerpiece of Grant Park, the City’s grand “front yard,” Buckingham Fountain is one of the nation’s finest fountains and a public icon of Chicago.

34 Your Location

CH003-1 Grey

CH003-2 Blue

CH003-3 Yellow

CH004 DOWNTOWN CHICAGO One of the tallest buildings and most recognizable landmarks in the world, the Sear’s Tower stands for the great character of Chicago.

CH004-1 Dark Blue

CH004-2 Light Blue

CH004-3 Orange

Your Location 35

CH005 CHICAGO ’L’ The iconic elevated train tracks weave throughout the city and keep Chicagoans connected to industry, culture and eachother.

36 Your Location

CH005-1 Grey

CH005-2 Blue

CH005-3 Green

CH006 GOLD COAST Driving down Lakeshore Drive, the towering skyline showcases everything the north end of The Magnificent Mile has to offer.

CH006-1 Yellow

CH006-2 Blue

CH006-3 Purple

Your Location 37

KC001 KANSAS CITY SKYLINE Fireworks illuminate Kansas City’s magnificent skyline made up of landmark buildings and luxurious hotels.

38 Your Location

KC001-1 Green

KC001-2 Orange

KC001-3 Yellow

KC001-4 Red

KC002 PLAZA FOUNTAIN The most iconic fountain in the “City of Fountains” is a great representation of Kansas City and the Country Club Plaza.

KC002-1 Blue

KC002-2 Red

KC002-3 Green

Your Location 39

DC001 MONUMENT The Washington Monument is the centerpiece of the National Mall and the perfect symbol for your D.C. wedding.

40 Your Location

DC001-1 Blue

DC001-2 Yellow

DC001-3 Orange

LV001 ALL IN` Commemorate your Vegas wedding and the biggest winning hand of your life with the king and queen of hearts.

LV001-1 Black

LV001-2 Purple

LV001-3 Green

Your Location 41

GA001 GEORGIA PEACH The peach is the symbol of your state and your name is now the featured brand of choice with this fruit crate label inspired artwork.

42 Your Location

GA001-1 Orange

GA001-2 Green

GA001-3 Yellow

SF001 GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE This international landmark bridge spans the San Francisco Bay and is the City’s most recognized symbol.

SF001-1 Yellow

SF001-2 Blue

SF001-3 Grey

Your Location 43

your DESTINATION – Take home the beauty of your destination wedding or honeymoon.

DS001 ON THE WATER From coast to coast and every lake in between, this tranquil scene is perfect for any venue on the water.

DS001-1 Blue

DS001-2 Green

DS001-3 Yellow

Your Destination 45

DS002 MOUNTAIN Capturing the serene beauty of the great outdoors is a great way to remember your mountain wedding.

46 Your Destination

DS002-1 Blue

DS002-2 Orange

DS002-3 Yellow

DS003 CELLAR A bold, graphic wine collection that’s perfect for commemorating any vineyard or winery wedding.

DS003-1 Orange

DS003-2 Blue

DS003-3 Green

DS003-4 Red

Your Destination 47

DS004 BEACH Remember the long walks on the beach and dazzling sunsets of your tropical wedding or honeymoon.

48 Your Destination

DS004-1 Blue

DS004-2 Orange

DS004-3 Yellow

DS005 UNION STATION The heritage and character of your Union Station wedding is captured with this train from a bygone era.

DS005-1 Res

DS005-2 Yellow

DS005-3 Blue

Your Destination 49

DS006 VINEYARD Capture the sights and smells of your romantic vineyard or winery wedding with this classic piece.

50 Your Destination

DS006-1 Red

DS006-2 Green

DS006-3 Yellow

DS007 GARDEN With its blossoming lilies this art is perfect for any botanical garden or nature conservetory wedding.

DS007-1 Yellow

DS007-2 Blue

DS007-3 Red

Your Destination 51

DS008 SAND FENCE With thousands of miles of coastline this piece works for any beach location along the eastern seaboard.

52 Your Destination

DS008-1 Blue

DS008-2 yellow

DS008-3 Orange

DS009 REGATTA Vintage oars in regatta inspired colors are a perfect match for any boat or yacht club wedding.

DS009-1 Blue

DS009-2 Green

DS009-3 Yellow

Your Destination 53

DS010 COASTLINE Distant sand dunes and flocking seagulls make this the perfect piece for many coastal wedding locations throughout the Country.

54 Your Destination

DS010-1 Blue

DS010-2 Yellow

DS010-3 Peach

FAQ’s Q: How does this work? A:

Use a Mr. & Mrs. Alexander order form or Alexander Jr. order form to gather all

the necessary information. There are three easy ways to place your order: email an order form to, fax an order form to 1-800-930-9970

CONDITIONS OF SALE Full payment is required before work will begin on the proof and your credit card will be run at time of order receipt. Customer reserves the right to cancel the order

or call 1-800-930-6442 to place your order over the telephone. You will receive

any time before final approval for a refund but will be

an email confirmation of your order once placed and a proof to approve within 1-2

already been created for the order. One customer revi-

business days.

assessed a $25 cancellation fee if a customer proof has sion is included in the original purchase price and any subsequent revisions will be assessed an additional

Q: Can I change the colors of my Custom Alexander? A: Alexander & Co. has created several options for each print to capture a broad range of color schemes. Unfortunately, not every color will be available for every print.

$25 fee that will be collected at time of shipment. The listed purchase prices include existing pieces of art from the printed collection in the stated color options and personalization of the written information. Any changes to the actual artwork and/or colors will be

Q: Can you create a specific piece that I don’t see in the Collection? A: Alexander & Co. has tried to create artwork to work at any venue and every situation Remember, these are customized through your personal information.

subject to additional customization fees.

ORIGINAL ARTWORK REQUEST Completely custom artwork is available for $1,000 + the standard price of the product(s). Please call 1-800-930-

Completely custom artwork is available for $1000 plus the price of the product(s).

6442 to initiate a completely custom order. Completely

Call 1-800-930-6442 to set up a consultation with Alexander.

artist for creative direction. You will receive a first proof

custom artwork includes an initial consultation with the within 4 weeks and final delivery of the product(s) within

Q: How long will it take to get my Custom Alexander?

90 days. A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required


of delivery. The custom artwork agreement gives the

You will receive an emailed proof to approve within 1-2 business days of your

order’s acknowledgement. Once approved, you will receive your Custom Alexander within 2 weeks.

at time of consultation and final balance due at time client Unlimited Rights to the re-use or reproduction of the final artwork. However, artwork may be reproduced by the artist or Alexander & Co. for self-promotion or display, and artist still retains the copy right of the art

Q: What if I receive my Custom Alexander with a mistake on it? A: If your order has a spelling error caused by Alexander & Co., return the order for a FREE replacement. We will reimburse the shipping costs, reprint the order, and return ship to you FREE of charge. If a change is required because of on an error on your part, we will create a new order for 50% of the original purchase price plus shipping for returning it to you. Just utilize the original shipment packaging and repackage securely before shipping back.

piece. (Cost of Exclusive Buyout Rights to client for artwork is avialable upon request)

COPYRIGHT & TRADEMARK NOTICE All images and logos used on, promotional materials and products are the property of Alexander & Co. and are protected by the copyright and trademark laws of the United States. Any reproduction or use of such images without the express written consent of Alexander & Co. is a violation of the laws of the United States and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Q: Can I return my Custom Alexander or make changes after it has been received? A: Due to the custom nature of the product, Alexander & Co. does not accept returns for any reason other than spelling errors as described above. Once the order is approved, we cannot change or cancel your order outside of the e-mail notification system. Note: The image’s color(s) represented on your computer screen or in our catalog may vary in hue from the actual color(s) of your print.


PHONE: 800.930.6442

F AX: 800.930.9970

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