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ALEXANDER JUNIOR Children’s collection


UNIQUE ART - for UNIQUE KIDS Commemorate the arrival of that little bundle of joy, or creatively capture a child’s unique interests with artwork from Alexander & Co. Choose a piece that is relevant to your child and their room’s décor, while customizing the information and colors to make it their own.


HOW - it WORKS Step 01 Have a child that deserves a truly unique way to personalize their room. If the child happens to not be yours then you just found the perfect gift. Step 02 Choose the piece of art from our collection that best captures their personality or room’s decor. With a wide range of available options, there is something for everybody. Step 03 Customize the artwork with their name, birthdate and more on any of our great products. Because no word is the same length your info is typeset by hand, with care taken to fit the space perfectly. No shortcuts allowed. Step 04 Approve the free, emailed proof of your custom artwork and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll receive your proof within 48 hours of placing your order. Once approved, your order will be delivered within 2 weeks




1. Art Color All designs offer unique color palettes to coordinate with your room’s décor


2. Name Showcase your child’s name with thoughtful integration into the art

3. Birthdate All designs offer a way to commemorate your child’s year of birth and some offer full birthdates

3 4

4. Frame Color Five available frame finishes allow you to match the room’s décor



18" X 24" FRAMED PRINT The medium size of this piece is perfectly suited for any wall. Match your existing furniture with one of the five available frame finishes below. $250 This product is shipped fully assembled and ready for hanging. ARTWORK SIZE: 18"W x 24"H FINISHED SIZE: 19"W x 25"H FRAME: 3/4"W - Solid wood ACRYLIC SHEET: Standard 3/32" Clear Plexiglass







24" X 36" FRAMED PRINT This piece is big, bold and ready to make your child’s name the hero of the room. Match your existing furniture with one of the five available frame finishes below. $400 This product is shipped fully assembled and ready for hanging. ARTWORK SIZE: 24"W x 36"H FINISHED SIZE: 25"W x 37"H FRAME: 3/4"W - Solid wood ACRYLIC SHEET: Standard 3/32" Clear Plexiglass








18" X 24" PRINT A perfectly sized medium print ideal for any standard 18" x 24" frame. $200 This product is shipped rolled in a mailing tube. ARTWORK SIZE: 18"W x 24"H PAPER STOCK: Double weight matte


24" X 36" PRINT A large print ideal for those that already have a standard 24" x 36" frame. $300 This product is shipped rolled in a mailing tube. ARTWORK SIZE: 24"W x 36"H PAPER STOCK: Double weight matte



DELIVERY Celebrate the safe arrival of that little bundle of joy with the classic whimsey of a stork delivery.


JR001-1 Blue

JR001-2 Pink

JR001-3 Green

JR001-4 Yellow


BUILDING BLOCK Build a child’s room décor around this classic building block containing their unique initials.

JR002-1 Dark Blue

JR002-2 Green

JR002-3 Light Blue

JR004-4 Pink



VISION CHART A fun twist on the classic eye chart, your child will enjoy SEEING their name for years to come.


JR003-1 Black

JR003-2 Orange

JR003-3 Blue

JR003-4 Pink


CHOCOLATE BAR Unwrap and take a bite out of your childs very own chocolate bar. The weight of this oversized bar is even customizd to match your child’s birth weight.

JR004-1 Yellow

JR004-2 Blue

JR004-3 Yellow

JR004-4 Yellow



CUPCAKES This trio of tasy treats will inspire your sweet little girl to bake a batch of her own.


JR005-1 Purple

JR005-2 Yellow

JR005-3 Pink

JR005-4 Green


This mischievous cat is the mascot for your child’s own fine quality thread company.

JR006-1 Purple

JR006-2 Pink

JR006-3 Yellow

JR006-4 Green



PEANUT BUTTER This lovable elephant is the perfect mascot for your childs all-natural peanut butter.


JR007-1 Yellow

JR007-2 Blue

JR007-3 Green

JR007-4 Pink


Your little dancer deserves top billing in her solo ballet performance. In addition, customize the ballet company and production title or leave it as is.

JR008-1 Pink

JR008-2 Yellow

JR008-3 Blue

JR008-4 Green



SNOW CONE Your child will be serving up colofully flavored refreshment on a hot day.


JR009-1 Orange

JR009-2 Pink

JR009-3 Green

JR009-4 Purple


BOTTLE CAP Pick the perfect flavor for your child’s very own soda brand.

JR010-1 Red

JR010-2 Purple

JR010-3 Green

JR010-4 Orange



This vintage candy company is as sweet as the child it’s named after.


JR011-1 Pink

JR011-2 Blue

JR011-3 Green

JR011-4 Yellow


GRAND PRIX Race through the streets of Monaco or any hometown. Complete with team name and race day/birthdate.

JR012-1 Red

JR012-2 Yellow

JR012-3 Green

JR012-4 Orange



BALANCING ACT Balance your child’s initials with a bold, graphic statement that they’ll keep forever.


JR013-1 Dark Blue

JR013-2 Pink

JR013-3 Green

JR013-4 Light Blue


GUITAR PICK Your little rock star will dream of plucking the strings of their very own custom made guitar.

JR014-1 Blue

JR014-2 Green

JR014-3 Red

JR014-4 Pink



SKATEBOARD This bold art will help bring your child’s vision of riding their very own skateboard brand to life.


JR015-1 Orange

JR015-2 Green

JR015-3 Blue

JR015-4 Pink


BAND GIG Commemorate the birth of your little rock star with their very own concert poster. Complete with the time of the “Big Show� and the hospital where it happened.

JR016-1 Blue

JR016-2 Pink

JR016-3 Orange

JR016-4 Yellow


FAQ’s Q: How does this work? A:

Use a Mr. & Mrs. Alexander order form or Alexander Jr. order form to gather all

the necessary information. There are three easy ways to place your order: email an order form to, fax an order form to 1-800-930-9970

CONDITIONS OF SALE Full payment is required before work will begin on the proof and your credit card will be run at time of order receipt. Customer reserves the right to cancel the order

or call 1-800-930-6442 to place your order over the telephone. You will receive

any time before final approval for a refund but will be

an email confirmation of your order once placed and a proof to approve within 1-2

already been created for the order. One customer revi-

business days.

assessed a $25 cancellation fee if a customer proof has sion is included in the original purchase price and any subsequent revisions will be assessed an additional

Q: Can I change the colors of my Custom Alexander? A: Alexander & Co. has created several options for each print to capture a broad range of color schemes. Unfortunately, not every color will be available for every print.

$25 fee that will be collected at time of shipment. The listed purchase prices include existing pieces of art from the printed collection in the stated color options and personalization of the written information. Any changes to the actual artwork and/or colors will be

Q: Can you create a specific piece that I don’t see in the Collection? A: Alexander & Co. has tried to create artwork to work at any venue and every situation Remember, these are customized through your personal information.

subject to additional customization fees.

ORIGINAL ARTWORK REQUEST Completely custom artwork is available for $1,000 + the standard price of the product(s). Please call 1-800-930-

Completely custom artwork is available for $1000 plus the price of the product(s).

6442 to initiate a completely custom order. Completely

Call 1-800-930-6442 to set up a consultation with Alexander.

artist for creative direction. You will receive a first proof

custom artwork includes an initial consultation with the within 4 weeks and final delivery of the product(s) within

Q: How long will it take to get my Custom Alexander?

90 days. A $500 non-refundable deposit will be required


of delivery. The custom artwork agreement gives the

You will receive an emailed proof to approve within 1-2 business days of your

order’s acknowledgement. Once approved, you will receive your Custom Alexander within 2 weeks.

at time of consultation and final balance due at time client Unlimited Rights to the re-use or reproduction of the final artwork. However, artwork may be reproduced by the artist or Alexander & Co. for self-promotion or display, and artist still retains the copy right of the art

Q: What if I receive my Custom Alexander with a mistake on it? A: If your order has a spelling error caused by Alexander & Co., return the order for a FREE replacement. We will reimburse the shipping costs, reprint the order, and return ship to you FREE of charge. If a change is required because of on an error on your part, we will create a new order for 50% of the original purchase price plus shipping for returning it to you. Just utilize the original shipment packaging and repackage securely before shipping back.

piece. (Cost of Exclusive Buyout Rights to client for artwork is avialable upon request)

COPYRIGHT & TRADEMARK NOTICE All images and logos used on, promotional materials and products are the property of Alexander & Co. and are protected by the copyright and trademark laws of the United States. Any reproduction or use of such images without the express written consent of Alexander & Co. is a violation of the laws of the United States and will be prosecuted accordingly.

Q: Can I return my Custom Alexander or make changes after it has been received? A: Due to the custom nature of the product, Alexander & Co. does not accept returns for any reason other than spelling errors as described above. Once the order is approved, we cannot change or cancel your order outside of the e-mail notification system. Note: The image’s color(s) represented on your computer screen or in our catalog may vary in hue from the actual color(s) of your print.

HONE: 800.930.6442

F AX: 800.930.9970

PHONE: 800.930.6442

F AX: 800.930.9970

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Commemorate the arrival of that little bundle ofjoy, or creatively capture a child’s unique interests with artwork from Alexander & Co. Choo...

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