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Custom Auto Registry October 2013

This Issue: 2014 Jaguar F-Type 1952 Singer Leyate Nashville British Car Club Show Redneck Rumble Corvette Museum Oktoberfest A Special Cause Help Wanted A Look Ahead

2014 Jaguar F-Type Written By Lewis Austin

True to its tradition of distinctive, high performance and luxurious Jaguar offers its newest sports car line the F-Type. Whether it’s in the day-to-day driving of city traffic, long country drives or exhilarating jaunts through treacherous mountain passes the Jaguar F-Type is ready to handle it all in style and comfort.

For over a decade Jaguar has been a leader in aluminum construction technologies using advanced techniques derived from the aerospace industry. Using AC600 alloy and warm forming this allows greater tightness in radiuses, improved aerodynamics and greater structural integrity.

In the auto industry center of gravity is a key factor in maintaining balance. Keeping the center of gravity as low as possible improves stability. Center of gravity is one of the most critical factors in developing a well performing sports car. Jaguar has taken this seriously and precisely managed all its components all the way down to placement of the windshield washer fluid reservoir. After 10 Million computer testing hours using computer aided engineering testing various prototypes for optimal design the Jaguar F-Type was finally ready for post-production. Now came time to add the double wishbone suspension, performance braking, an advanced transmission control system and integration of aerodynamic effects such as deployable rear spoiler and retracting door handles to insure excellent stability at high speed in the most demanding of situations. From computer to the road the F-Type was finally ready for real world testing on the world’s most thrilling roads containing extreme elevation, exhilarating twists and hairpin turns.

Now that the performance aspects of the F-Type had been settled on it was important to focus on comfort, safety and unique individual design. Safety features such as blind spot monitoring, reverse traffic detection, emergency brake assist and intelligent high beams help insure drivers are engaged with the highest degree of safety in mind. According to the new owners wishes they have a varied set of options and comfort and entertainment packages to compliment the look and ergonomic feel of their new car.

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Photo Credit – Jaguar, Lewis Austin Video Credit – Jaguar

1952 Singer Written By Mark Thompson

I was skeptical when my brother-in-law said, “I’ve got just the car for you!” I knew that he was in the process of settling his father’s estate and had several old cars that he was trying to sell. When he described a roadster with a wooden body, it intrigued me. The car had been stored in a barn in Missouri for 20 years. He was having trouble finding a mechanic that was interested in the car because of all the woodwork that had to be replaced. I thought, “Well, I’ll take a look at it”.

It was love at first sight! Even with the rusted chrome and fenders, the ivy vines attached, the squirrels’ nest in the engine compartment, and the rats’ nest in the boot, it had a certain appeal. I could see it had potential. I couldn’t wait to show it to my wife. Her first reaction was, “you’ve got to be kidding”. After a few minutes of reconsidering she said “I believe you could make something out of this, go ahead if you want to”. After some research on the internet at, I started negotiating. He asked $500 and I talked him into taking $750. After all, it was family and I didn’t want him to regret it later. The deal was done and I took it home.

After removing the squirrel and rats nests, it took surprisingly little to get the engine running. I had to rebuild the carburetor, mount a temporary gas tank and fuel pump, clean the points & plugs, replace a few wires, change the oil and it was ready to try out. I hooked up a battery and pulled the starter switch. It fired right up. Those first few laps around the backyard were the most exciting I had experienced in a long time. When I returned to the garage, I swept up the leaves that came from the muffler and exhaust pipe. There were enough leaves to fill a five gallon bucket! The engine starting up was enough to encourage me to pursue this project with enthusiasm. Over the next two years, the excitement grew. I disassembled the car, sandblasted and painted the chassis & engine and proceeded to restore it.

The biggest challenge was the woodwork. I started with replacing all the wood in the boot lid. That was straight forward and reasonably easy. Next, I tried a door. When I started trying to remove the aluminum door skin, I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?� Approximately 80% of the wood in the car had to be replaced before I could start on the body-work. Once I completed the body work, it was ready to go to the paint shop. I took the car to the paint shop in 35 pieces. I brought the painted pieces home and reassembled the car including the newly re-chromed grille and trim pieces. Next step was the upholstery shop. They replaced all the upholstery with leather and installed new carpet. They also installed the top and tonneau I was able to purchase from a supplier in England. It was ready! When I drove it away from the upholstery shop, I felt like I was sixteen years old again and this was my first car! I had never owned a British car or a convertible, much less a roadster. I was grinning from ear to ear!

Since that day, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Singer. I have driven it over 17,000 miles and attended over 40 car shows. Everywhere I go it receives a lot of attention. People are always asking: “Is that an MG?”, “Is that made by the sewing machine company?”, “Is that a turn signal?”, “Is the car really made out of wood?”. I never tire of answering questions. So if you see me driving down the road, or stopped at a shopping center, or at a car show, don’t hesitate to stop me. I am rarely too busy to tell you all about my Singer. Singer Synopsis: Singer was an automobile company founded in 1905 in Coventry England. It was acquired by the Rootes Group of the United Kingdom in 1956. By 1928 Singer was Britain’s third largest car maker after Austin and Morris. The Singer 4AD with a 1497 cc, 46 HP overhead cam engine, was produced from 1952 to 1956 and targeted the export market. 1952 was the most prolific model year with 1546 automobiles manufactured. The 1952 model 4AD was originally priced at $1995. Only 46 of the 4ADs are known to still exist in North America with the majority of those registered in Canada. This car was recovered in 2002 after spending 20 years in a barn. The vine covered aluminum body was complete with a squirrel’s nest in the engine, rat’s nest in the boot and most of the wood either dry rotted or termite infested. The restoration was largely completed by its current owner requiring most of the ninety pieces of ash body framing to be replaced. The restoration required two years to complete. Working trafficators and flashing turn signals are a unique feature of this vehicle. This car is equipped with 4 speed synchromesh transmission and hydro-mechanical brakes. As of 2013 this vehicle has been driven over 17,000 miles since it was restored.

Leyate Helica Written By Lewis Austin

At first glance one would think they are viewing an aircraft without wings. The Leyate Helica is however a French car that is propeller driven. Helica is actually derived from the French word propeller.

Marcel Leyat the designer of this vehicle was inspired by the airplane and actually also built them as well. Below you will see a picture of one of his aircraft as compared to a reproduction Helica above built by Lane Motor Museum located in Nashville TN. In a close review of Marcel Leyate’s aircraft and his later developed Helica one can see how many of the design elements have transferred over in his development of this unique automobile.

The Helica was almost completely lost to history with very little known about it. Yet in 2005 a discovery was made in Leyat’s attic that included thousands of pages and hundreds of plans and many spare parts. After careful documentation of this new find in 2005 Jeff Lane took on the task of rebuilding one according to its specifications. In 2007 the rebuild was presented and driven in Meursault in France. Propeller cars are very rare. While several manufacturers had plans to build such vehicles no others at that time ever went beyond the prototype phase. Marcel Leyat only produced 23 such vehicles and only two from 1921 are still known to exist. One is located in a Paris museum, while a private collector owns the other. While the vehicles themselves could be quite fast they face several barriers in feasibility. First one cannot help but to think about the safety of such vehicles. Next while France is quite flat, other regions of the world face greater terrain variation and hills prove to be especially problematic with such vehicles.

The following pictures are of a one of a kind 1932 Helicron from France. This vehicle was found in a barn in 2000 and was later restored by Lane as well. This vehicle has passed the French safety inspection and can be legally driven of French roads.

Photos by permission and courtesy of Lane Motor Museum 702 Murfreesboro Pike Nashville, TN 37210

Annual Show

Written By Lewis Austin

Greeted by coffee, donuts, sunshine and the beautiful backdrop of the Nashville Parthenon the Nashville British Car Club has pulled off their annual show once again in sensational fashion. One could not ask for a more beautiful scene to compliment the elegant design of so many British makes and models. The annual all British car show pulled in well over 100 vehicles of all types that spread across the past 90 years in automotive history. From a 1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost to the new 2014 Jaguar F-Type.

From the regal to the rare to the fun to the fancy this show was a true eclectic mix. Here is a listing of just some of the makes that were present: Jaguar, Fiat, Singer, Rolls Royce, Austin, Morgan, Lotus, Triumph, Range Rover and DeLorean. Here we have provided a small sample of just some in attendance.

To see many more wonderful pics click here to visit our photo album.

Redneck Rumble Written By Lewis Austin

The diametric opposite of a finely detailed automobile that focuses on elegance and design is the Rat Rod. This is where Redneck Rumble held each year in Lebanon TN finds their niche. For the Rat Rodder the focus lies in salvage, utility, and ingenuity in design. From old kegs as gas tanks to barn door hinges to hold the doors on to corrugated sheet metal, to whiskey barrels salvaged for use as wooden truck beds nothing is off limits. While the week before this event was plagued by daily rains this is not something that would deter the rat rodder. If one did not know they were at a car show by looking at the audience alone they may think they were in the parking lot of Lollapalooza gone Twilight Zone. Loud engines, rust, mud and an odd mix of hippies, bikers and greaser is what makes this event a truly unique and such a fun spectacle. With over 600 unique rods of all styles, shapes, and year models and spectators overflowing the Lebanon TN Fairgrounds. This type event is something that is so unique any car enthusiast should go to at least once even if they do not like such vehicles for the experience alone. No need to dress up. If you see a necktie it is probably being used to hold up someone’s pants in lieu of a belt.

To see many more wonderful pics click here to visit our photo album.

National Corvette Museum

Written By Lewis Austin

Located in Bowling Green KY the Corvette Museum is the pinnacle of experience for the Corvette Lover. With over 115,000sq ft of museum space the Corvette Museum has spread its exhibits in such a way that will allow someone to learn everything about the car from its historical inception in 1953 all the way to the present. As one walks through the museum they learn about the key people in the Corvette’s history, their inspiration and the lasting mark they left on the automotive industry. One of the first interesting facts I learned was that the car was actually named after a Naval Ship. While the museum is packed full of history it also takes a hands on approach to learning not just about the car itself but also takes direct focus on relevant safety situations in today’s real world driving. From theater, to interactive exhibits to user simulations and hands on activities both kids and adults can learn about such things as the dangers of texting and driving, the influence of alcohol, car control and situational awareness, emergency maintenance, street survival and even international driving.

After a fun filled day you will end your tour with a walk through of the Corvette Store. Now is the time to buy that gift you know the enthusiast in your family will want for Christmas or their birthday. We all know how hard it can be to shop for a man. That will not be the case here. The best thing is when you do buy a gift you will know that your purchase will go to the ongoing support of such a wonderful facility for generations to come.

Now your shopping bag is full. The day has gone well and everyone is hungry. No problem the Corvette Museum has your family covered. Just before you exit you will have the opportunity to walk by and gaze at all the newest Corvettes in the lobby waiting to be picked up by their new owners on your way to the Corvette CafĂŠ.

To see many more wonderful pics click here to visit our photo album.


Written By Lewis Austin

It was a beautiful October weekend in Lebanon TN to have this event and Wilson Bank & Trust pulled it off for the 25th year. This year was yet another record breaker with an expected 600 entries ranging the full spectrum in age from early 1900’s to 2014 year models. From Hot Rods to Rat Rods to Trucks to Choppers to limos to lead sleds to antiques they had a little of everything. This is a truly family friendly event with activities for all and plenty of food from an assortment of different vendors. With a crowd of show goers estimated to be around 3,000+ Wilson Bank & Trust made parking convenient and provided regular tractor pulled trailer rides to shuttle people to and from their cars for convenience. We met many fantastic auto owners and look forward to including more in-depth articles in future issues on their vehicle projects. This is an event we would encourage anyone in the Middle Tennessee area to mark on the calendar for future attendance. If you happen to have family or friends in town for the weekend of the show this is an excellent way to entertain them and create positive memories that will last a lifetime. To see many more wonderful pics click here to visit our photo album.

If you are a custom auto enthusiasts feel free to set up a free account on our social network ( and share your enthusiasm about custom autos, make friends, place free auto related classified ads, and share your own photos and videos. All accounts set up before 12-31-13 will receive a free upgrade for life valued at $29yr for individuals and $99yr for business. For those who are interested in hot rods specifically we are making available a custom deck of playing cards (all pre ’49) and a Hot Rod video. For each deck of cards or video you purchase a deck/video will be donated to kids at a local children’s hospital to help share the joy of the custom auto experience and to help them mentally escape their current situation during treatment. To pre-order your deck of cards and/or video click here.

Custom Auto Registry is looking for: Writers – to write articles on events happening in their area. Clubs – to let us know about your events and to be placed in magazine feature articles Sponsors/Advertisers – to help us fund ongoing publication Members - to share the love and enthusiasm that goes with the custom car culture. Photographers – to share the custom auto experience with our readers. Currently all working positions are volunteer in nature. As we continue to grow we will be seeking to compensate those who best prove their passion in custom autos and are able to provide high quality content. This is your chance to put your foot in the door. Don’t miss out as positions are limited.

For more information create an account then message us at:

A Special Cause Written By Lewis Austin

Custom Auto Registry is looking to put on a special benefit. Our goal is to develop 100 gift boxes to be distributed to children at local hospitals as a Christmas gift. Each gift box will include the following:      

custom auto puzzle custom auto deck of cards with 54 unique automobiles (1 for each card and 2 jokers) Hot Wheels car custom auto magnet Hot Rods DVD 2 tickets to ride

The goal of this program will be to organize a ride that will coincide with the gift box give away. We will be recruiting a parade of custom cars and their owners to show up at the participating hospitals. At the time of the give away each child that is physically able and with consent will be able to redeem their tickets to ride at that time to take a ride in a custom automobile of their choice. Everyone who has ever ridden in a custom automobile remembers their first experience. This is an opportunity to bring a smile to the face of a child at a time when they are in the greatest need of a little joy. In the event a child is not able to ride they will be able to keep their tickets to ride and when they are able to they can attend local cruise-ins where they can then redeem their tickets with participating custom auto owners. In the event that a child is unable to take advantage of this they will be able to gift their tickets to a friend or family member in their honor.

We need you help to make this happen. You can purchase a gift box for a child or any of its pieces individually. If you wish you can also purchase a card deck, Hot Rods DVD or puzzle yourself. We have a special buy one give one program.

To help make this happen for a child in need of a smile please visit our online store at:

A Look Ahead Big Events we are looking forward to: Halloween Run – Nashville TN Oct 25-27th I wish I had bought the casket car at the Redneck Rumble to take to this event. While the event is only open to pre’49 for registration it would have still been fun as a non-entry. 2013 SEMA Show – Las Vegas NV Nov. 5-8 The SEMA Show is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the automotive industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition, the SEMA Show provides attendees with educational seminars, product demonstrations, special events, networking opportunities and more. This is a trade only event not open to the general public. 2013 Motor Trend Nashville International Auto Show – Nov. 15-17 Motor Trend Auto Shows, LLC (MTAS), is the nation’s largest auto show production company. Founded in 1984, MTAS produces auto shows in more than 20 markets across the country. Arizona Auctions – Scottsdale AZ Jan. 17-18 2014 Has the largest concentration of auto auction sales each year. In 2013 sales were $224 million. 23 Annual Nashville Auto Fest – Nashville TN Jan. 18-19 2014 Tennessee State Fairgrounds All makes and models welcome

If you would be interested in placing a Classified ad to sell your vehicle or auto related items or place a wanted ad to find your dream auto/item please let us know by emailing us at: Classified Ad Fees: 2 inch X 4 inch $5 (business card size) 4 inch X 4 inch $9 4 inch X 8 inch or 8 inch X 4 inch $16 8 inch X 8 inch $30 Full Page $35 Unlimited words and photos as long as they will fit in your ad space. All ads will be run until the vehicle/item is sold or wanted item is found. A reminder to us will be required each month however if additional add time is needed to insure continued placement.



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Vendor Advertising Rates: Advertising includes placement in 12 monthly issues If interested in vendor level advertising please contact us at: To be included on DVD ad placement order MUST be placed before 12-14-13. All vendors who place advertising before 12-14-13 will additionally receive a FREE business level account on Custom Auto Registry UPGRADED FOR LIFE ($99 yr value). All vendor level accounts include the ability to set up a free store account, create an online catalog with shopping cart and the ability to take payments by email for catalog items online.

Ad link can be set to your website, Custom Auto Account Profile/store or email.

2 inch X 4 inch with link - $18 (business card size) - $1.5 per issue 4 inch X 4 inch with link - $34 - $2.84 per issue additionally includes 10 second ad placement on Hot Rods DVD AND FREE 1yr city level advertising banner on 4 inch X 8 inch or 8 inch x 4 inch with link - $68 - $5.67 per issue additionally includes 15 second ad placement on Hot Rods DVD AND FREE 1yr state level advertising banner on 8 inch X 8 inch with link - $130 - $10.84 per issue additionally includes 30 second ad placement on Hot Rods DVD AND FREE 1yr country level advertising banner on Full Page with link - $150 - $12.50 per issue additionally includes 60 second placement on Hot Rods DVD AND FREE 1yr international level advertising banner on

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