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PROSPECTUS Omokoroa Point School 37 Hamurana Road Omokoroa 3114 Phone Email Website

07 548 0748

Welcome to Omokoroa Point School. “Confident, connected learners who make a difference” The staff and BOT of OPS welcome you and your children to Omokoroa Point School. We are very proud of our school, and invite you to share in the positive and friendly atmosphere that exists in the heart of Omokoroa. We are committed to providing quality education in a safe and caring environment for all students. Omokoroa Point School is a Decile 9 full primary school (Year 0 to Year 8) with ten classrooms. The school is situated at Omokoroa Beach which is on a peninsula jutting into Tauranga Harbour 20 kilometres north west of Tauranga. Magnificent views of Matakana Island, Tauranga Harbour and the Kaimai Ranges are had from many points on the school grounds. Our vision is to nurture confident, connected learners who make a difference. The experienced and dedicated staff is committed to working collaboratively to provide the very best education we can. Our guiding principles are a belief that all learners at OPS have unlimited potential and that our policies and practices will reflect cultural diversity. We value; Excellence in all we do Innovation, inquiry and curiosity Equity – fairness in the way we treat each other Diversity – we learn about and celebrate our differences Integrity in all our actions Kotahitanga – respect in all our relationships Manaakitanga – Sustainability in the way we live Whanaungatanga – Positive citizenship We trust that the time you and your family is associated with us will be enjoyable and rewarding. Principal, Staff and BOT Omokoroa Point School

ALL ABOUT US A brief history In 1928 local farmers petitioned the Auckland Education Board to start a school up on the Omokoroa peninsula. They wanted a school closer to their homes than Omokoroa School. Omokoroa No 2 School was established for a short time in a railway hut. This hut is still attached to the back of the original hall beside the present Settlers Hall. In 1929 the local farmers built the hall/school on land given by Mr. John Prole. As the population of Omokoroa grew a larger school was needed and land was purchased from Mr. Alan Unsworth on Hamurana Road. The school was renamed Omokoroa Point School and was officially opened on 18 March 1958. Introducing our mascot OP OP is our learning model. His hat represents how we learn. His heart is who we are and what we stand for. His feet represent where we belong – our school and our community. His school bag is our learning tool kit. The apple and right hand are all the resources that ‘feed’ our learning and his left hand represents what we can do with our learning – how we can make a difference.

Term Dates

Term 1

2018 - Wed 7 Feb – Fri 13 Apr

Term 2

– Mon 30 Apr – Fri 7 July

Term 3 - Mon 23 July – Fri 28 Sept Term 4 – Mon 15 Oct – Thurs 20 Dec

School Hours

8.30 am - 2.30 pm Morning Break Lunch Break

10.10 - 10.30am 12.00 - 12.50pm

Parents are asked to ensure that children are at school before 8.30am. Last day of each term

Normal finish time

Office Hours

8.00 am - 3.00 pm

The Team at OPS Principal

Board of Trustees Chairperson

Principal Staff Rep.

Mrs Vicki Knell Mrs Deb Warren Mr Stephen Hall Mrs Chantal Williams Mrs Kristyn Cresswell Miss Bianca Hawkes Mr Elliot Needs Mrs Dallas Townsend Mrs Deb Woodfield Mrs Renee Roest Ms Debbie Spalding Mrs Frances Towers Mrs Caroline Kenny Mrs Vanessa Hodgson Mrs Kirsten Symes

Rm 9 Yr 7/8 Rm 8 Yr 6/7 Rm 7 Yr 5/6 Rm 6 Yr 4/5 Rm 5 Yr 3/4 Rm 5L Yr 3/4 Rm 4 Yr 2/3 Rm 3 Yr 1/2 Rm 2 Yr 0/1 Rm 1 Yr 0/1 Reading Recovery / CRT Release Rm 8 AP Release Rm 4 AP Release CRT – All classes

Mrs Heather Allport


Miss Cushla Stephens Mrs Kim Breen Mrs Louise Turner Mrs Adele Brett Mrs Michelle Heyder Mr Shaun Murphy Mrs Shayne Greenlees Ms Carla Woodhead

Teacher Aide Teacher Aide Teacher Aide / Sport Coordinator Teacher Aide Teacher Aide Caretaker Reading Assistance Programme Maths Assistance Programme

Greig Neilson Melanie Weir Richard Apanui Veronica Peers James Heyder Vicki Knell Kristyn Cresswell

Ph 0226472856 Ph 021 540414 Ph 02102644403 Ph 021578840 Ph 027 2928192 Ph 027 2866416 Ph 0276634969

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) The school has an active PTA which is involved in fundraising activities, organising social events and supporting school activities and events. Getting involved in PTA activities is rewarding and provides a great way of getting to know other parents.


Enrolment The enrolment process can be completed prior to a child commencing school and this is strongly encouraged whenever possible. Enrolment forms may be obtained from the school office (Heather Allport) or can be downloaded from the school website. The Principal will meet with prospective parents and students. Students enrolled prior to starting have an opportunity to visit their prospective classroom and meet their teacher. New entrant children are invited to have half days in the new entrant room, prior to commencing school, to assist with the transitioning process. Our new entrant teachers, Ms Deb Spalding or Mrs Renee Roest contact parents to organise these visits. When enrolling a new entrant, we require the child’s birth certificate or passport along with immunisation documentation. Attendance = Achievement It is essential that all children attend regularly. They should be at school each school day unless there is a very good reason. In the case of any absence, it is appreciated if parents/caregivers contact the school before 8.30 a.m. to advise the nature of the absence. When the school has not been notified by the start of school, our school administrator will endeavour to contact families to ascertain the reason for the absence. This check is important to ensure the safety of students. OPS operates an electronic attendance register. Please ensure the school is kept up to date with any changes in contact phone numbers. Uniform OPS, has no compulsory uniform. During the summer months, students are required to have a school sunhat (wide brim or bucket). All students are required to have a school T shirt for school trips, sports and cultural events. An optional school jacket is also available for purchase. School hats and T Shirts can be purchased from the school office. Jackets must be ordered. Parents are urged to name all their children’s clothing and footwear. Lost property is collected up and is available for parents to check through. From time to time it is put out on display for students to check. School Donations School Donation

$ 75.00 1 child $115.00 2 children $145.00 3 or more children Parents are also asked to contribute towards the cost of trips, sports and cultural events, and performances by visiting performers. Fundraising activities are held by some classes and groups to subsidise activities. The PTA also subsidises some activities. School Stationery – Student’s stationery can be ordered on line at Some items may be purchased directly from the school office if required.

HEALTH AND WELLBEING Emergencies In the unlikely event of an emergency (eg. fire, earthquake, etc.) the school’s emergency procedures will be followed. These are practiced with students to ensure everyone is familiar with them so that evacuations can be achieved quickly, safely and with a minimum of panic. The assembly point, in the case of an emergency, is in the middle of the soccer field (adjacent to Coppelia Ave). It is essential that parents ensure the school is updated with any changes in contact details. The teaching staff hold current first aid certificates. In the case of a civil emergency, students will normally be kept at school until collected by a parent or other arrangements are put into place. In the case of a major event, Civil Defence/Police staff may well be in charge and be directing what happens. Sick or Injured Children In the case of minor injuries the child will be treated by a staff member and returned to class. In serious cases parents/caregivers will be contacted immediately and/or professional medical assistance requested. Every endeavour will be made to contact parents/caregivers, but if not successful, the emergency contacts listed on the enrolment form will be contacted. In cases where children are clearly unwell parents will be requested to collect the child and take them home. Please ensure the school is notified of any changes in family composition, phone number, address, emergency contacts, General Practitioner and changes in a child’s health or medication. If children are clearly unwell in the morning, please do not send them to school. Dental Clinic The mobile dental clinic visits OPS once each year and dental checks and any required treatment are undertaken for all students. No treatment is undertaken without parental consent. Treatment during the rest of the year will be undertaken at the mobile unit, if in the vicinity, or at one of the permanent clinics. The contact phone number is: 021 02426668 School Lunches Students are expected to bring a suitably nutritious packed lunch to school each day. From time to time sausage sizzles, pizza and soup days are run to raise money for class trips and other activities, or by the PTA. You will be notified of these in the school newsletter. Children are not normally permitted to leave the school grounds during lunch time. If for any reason you wish to have your child home, please phone or advise the school in writing. Sunsmart OPS is a ‘Sunsmart’ school and has a Sunsmart policy. During the summer months (Terms 1 and 4) children are expected to wear the school wide brimmed or bucket sunhats when outside, to make as much use of shaded areas as possible, to wear sunsmart clothing and to use sunscreen when extended periods in the sun can not be avoided. Please ensure your child is sent to school with the correct sunhat. Both the wide brimmed, and the bucket hats, can be purchased from the school office.


Keep Us Informed From time to time family circumstances change including: address; phone number; caregivers; family composition etc. Please ensure we are notified immediately of any change. If there are events or circumstances that may impact on your child’s behaviour or performance at school, please let us know. In the case of personal issues please contact the Principal in confidence.

Newsletters A school newsletter is sent home fortnightly with the eldest child in the family. It provides an important method of communicating with families so please ensure you ask your child for the newsletter and take time out to read it. Please support the businesses that sponsor our newsletter. The newsletter is also posted on the school’s website. We’d prefer to email you the newsletter. Please provide us with your email address so we can do so. The school website:, is regularly updated and includes newsletters, photo gallery and links to many school documents. When Monday is not a school day, the newsletter will be sent home on the first day of school that week. Additional newsletters may be sent home by teachers regarding class activities or sports and cultural events.

Home School Partnership From time to time we hold meetings to promote new initiatives and for parents to contribute ideas and voice concerns. These sessions are well promoted in the school newsletter.

School Policies The school has a range of policies which are available to view in the office. These are reviewed over a three year cycle. Parents are asked to provide feedback on policies.

Reporting to Parents The following methods of reporting student achievement to parents are used: 1.

Meet the Teacher Evenings - An opportunity to meet classroom teachers and other parents. Teachers outline the proposed programme for the class, go over routines, expectations and answer questions.


Student Self-Assessment – students have a Ko Au book, learning blog or google site which will contain samples of work and self-assessment tasks. Ko Au books are sent home twice a year for parents to look through and to make comment on. Learning blogs and google sites are available to view at any time.


Two written reports - the first at the end of Term 2 which is given at the three way conference and the second at the end of Term 4. Written reports contain information on progress being made in relation to National Standards.


Term 1 Parent Teacher conferences can be booked with class teachers at any time. Parent/teacher/student (3 Way Conferences) are held at the end of Term 2.


Omokoroa Point School has an open door policy. Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss progress or concerns with the classroom teacher or Principal.

Feedback As a school, we work to provide the best learning opportunities for students. We acknowledge that, as educators, we are also learners and are constantly refining our teaching strategies. We operate in a rapidly changing educational environment which poses many challenges. We value feedback from our parents, both formally (through parent surveys) and also informal comments. Please don’t hesitate to contact teachers and/or Principal to provide feedback or to discuss issues. Your children also benefit from feedback from you. Ensure your feedback is constructive and remember that making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.

PROGRAMMES AND OPPORTUNITIES Assemblies Two assemblies are held each week - a short assembly at the start of school on Monday in the library courtyard and a half hour assembly held on Fridays (a whole school assembly alternates with Junior/Senior assemblies). Parents are always welcome to attend full school assemblies - dates and times will be in the school newsletter. Cool Bananas – Weekly Christian Values Lessons This programme is delivered to our junior classes by Cool Bananas who provide a dynamic and interactive programme which appeals to students. If you wish to have any further information about the programme, or would wish to have your child(ren) excluded, please contact the Principal.

Education Outside the Classroom Many opportunities are provided for students to participate in programmes outside the classroom. These may include: field trips; visits to the local environment; visits to local businesses and facilities; class camps; sports trips; cultural activities; sailing and water activities. These activities provide opportunities for parental involvement. You are encouraged to get involved whenever you can. A feature of OPS is the extensive range of EOTC that is provided. Enviroschool Omokoroa Point School is an Enviroschool and is actively involved with environmental projects both on the school grounds and within the wider community. Getting to School Children living outside the village area may be able to use the school bus to travel to and from school. This service is currently free but ineligible students (living less than 3.2 kms for under 10 yrs and 4.8 kms for over 10 yrs) may be required to pay in the future as the Ministry of Education funds only eligible students. For further information please contact the Principal. The afternoon bus departs from school at 2.35 pm each day and the morning pick ups are dependent on where you live. Information on the school bus service can be found at: Route 15. Many children walk to school. Parents of these children are requested to monitor their children’s safety. Children are expected to return straight home after school and the school should be notified of any reason why this would not be happening. If a child is to go home with another child, please ensure this is a parent organised arrangement.

Parents who drop off and collect children using a vehicle are requested to take extreme care when driving and parking in the vicinity of the school. Please accompany your children to and from the vehicle to ensure their safety. If you live within walking distance, you are encouraged to have your child walk to school when the conditions are suitable. Students who ride bicycles must wear an approved cycle helmet and observe the rules for using the road. All cyclists must dismount at the main school entrance and push their bike to the bike rack. In the afternoon they must push their bikes down to the first driveway before mounting and riding home. Students are expected to ride in a safe manner. Any cycling behaviour deemed to be unsafe, or failing to follow cycling rules, may result in students being banned from riding to school for a stated length of time. If you normally collect your child from school but for unforeseen reasons you are unable to, please contact the school and your child will be supervised at school until you arrive or can make other arrangements. Gifted and Talented Education Teachers plan to meet the learning needs of all the students in their classes including gifted and talented students. There are many other ways these students will have programmes to extend and engage them. These include: Tall Poppies GATE Programme; Yr 7/8 Technology; International Competitions; sports teams and coaching; writing groups; ICT extension; cross grouping for maths; Otago Maths Problem Solving; speech competitions; Young Einstein competition; web quests; leadership opportunities etc. Google Email Accounts Senior classes using google chrome books require student email accounts. Each student is issued with their own account and password. Teachers are able to monitor safe use of accounts via Hapara – a teacher dashboard system. Lessons on digital citizenship and cyber safety are taught throughout the school. Home Learning Home learning tasks are set by all teachers but the nature of the tasks and the amount will vary from class to class. Home learning will help reinforce learning that is happening at school as well as develop time management and organisational skills for children. Home learning includes completing work that has commenced at school, learning tables and spelling, research, revising and practicing work already covered, current events, problem solving and technology, art and music tasks. Reading should be a regular activity for all children whether set as a home learning task or not. Children should be encouraged and supported with their home learning but it is important that the child is doing the tasks, not parents. In all situations, teachers expect a fair effort with home learning and realise that not all children will achieve the same quality or quantity of work. Teachers will endeavour to set tasks that are both meaningful and motivating, but this is always challenging with a class of uniquely different students. Home learning should not create undue stress on parents or the child and any concerns should be discussed with the teacher involved.

House Teams

All students are allocated to one of four school house teams these are Motuhoa Island in Tauranga Harbour Matakana Island in Tauranga Harbour Rangiwaea Island in Tauranga Harbour Kaimai Our local Mountain Range There is an ongoing inter-house competition throughout the year and a number of activities are based around the house system. Our House leaders also give weekly assembly awards to members of their team. The Mariner Shield is presented to the winning house at our end of year prize giving.

Library and Book Fair Students visit the school library at least once every week with their class but have the opportunity to visit the library before school and during break times. OPS prides itself in the range and quality of books held in our library collection. We encourage children to have books issued from the library every week. It is important that books are returned by the due date or when finished. Books are issued electronically so that they can be tracked. Please ensure that all books are looked after at home. Lost or damaged books may incur a penalty charge Each year a book fair is held at school as a way of promoting books and reading. A family night is held in conjunction with this. Mathletics Students from Year 2 up are subscribed to the Mathletics programme. The cost of this is subsidised by the school and families are asked to contribute $3.50 per term.

. Music Tuition We are able to offer the following music tutors; Michael Homersham, visits the school each week and provides keyboard and guitar instruction for paying students. Hayley Homersham also tutors keyboard and flute. For further information please contact Michael directly Ph 0277566166; Christine Rosoman Ph 548 1028 also provides piano and keyboard lessons.

OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) Oscar@Omokoroa operates at school from 2.30 to 5.30pm each school day providing child care for primary school aged children. For further information, please contact the school office or Families Achieving Balance (ph: 543 3194).

Opportunities for Parents to be Involved There are many ways in which parents can assist the school. The most important one is to support the learning, physical, cultural and social development of your own child(ren). At school support can be offered in the following ways  Reading or Maths Assistance Programme   providing transport   library and book processing   Parent Teacher Association (PTA)   sports coaching   clubs and leisure activities   fundraising activities   music tuition 

classroom helpers camp helpers working bees gardening lunchtime activities field trips cultural activities library supervision

Radio Station POPS FM 107.3 is the Omokoroa Point School student radio station. Operated by students, POPS FM broadcasts every school day. The children’s show times are 8 -9 am. 10 – 10.30 am and 12 – 1.30 pm. Music plays at other times. Reading Recovery Children are assessed at six years and those children with the greatest need in reading are put on a priority list and included on the reading recovery programme when there is a vacancy. Normally there are three children from the school on the reading recovery programme at any one time. Mrs Hilary Molesworth is the Reading Recovery Teacher. Special Needs Catering for the needs of all students is important to us. Teachers will plan to meet the needs of students within the classroom programme. The school also provides programmes for students with learning needs which includes the use of two full time teacher aides and a number of volunteers. Students are supported on both a 1 to 1 and small group basis, and can be within the classroom or in withdrawal situations.

Sports OPS offers many opportunities for students to participate in physical activity. We have a part time sports coordinator who organises teams and events for our students. Programmes include schoolwide fitness programmes (Jump Jam), regular class PE lessons, inter-school sporting events, multisport events and sports teams entered in local competitions. Sports equipment is available for students to use before school and during their break times. The fitness trail and adventure playground provide many opportunities to build fitness, stamina and confidence. Sports teams competing in interschool competitions have included: basketball; volleyball; netball; Hockey and Rippa Rugby. Many students are involved in other club based sport including: swimming; rugby; football; equestrian; dance; water sports; sailing and gymnastics. We welcome parent support in promoting sport within the school and to take on roles as coaches and team managers. We believe one of the greatest things we can do for your children is to actively support them in playing sport and being physically active. Swimming Swimming is an essential skill and class swimming programmes are a compulsory part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum. During the swimming season, please ensure that your child(ren) has togs and towel and a waterproof bag to carry them in. Children will be expected to swim unless there is a justifiable medical reason, in which case a note must be sent to school for the classroom teacher. Sometimes classes may have swimming lessons/activities in the sea. Families can have access to the school swimming pool outside of school hours by paying a fee and obtaining a key – please check with our office administrator.

Student Leaders There are many opportunities for OPS students to take on responsibilities at school particularly the senior students. These include  classroom duties  student council  house captains  hosting assembly  bus wardens  librarians  buddy classes  sports and cultural leadership  Enviroschools Team

Technology (Year 7 and 8) Year 7 and 8 students travel by bus to the Tauranga Primary School Technology Centre to attend technology classes. Transport is provided by the Ministry of Education. Students are required to wear covered footwear and hair tied back to these classes. There is an annual charge which covers the cost of materials and ingredients. Tuition by Outside Agencies As a general rule, it is expected that students will attend school for the full school day and extra tuition should occur outside school hours. However, if you believe that the tuition being sought (e.g. SPELD, music tuition etc) is important for your child, please discuss this with the Principal and exceptions may be made.

Use of School Grounds Students and their families are welcome to use the school grounds outside of school hours as long as the facilities are treated with respect. The swimming pool may be used with the payment for a pool key. These can be purchased from our office. Cycling on the school grounds is allowed except around the school buildings and on our astro- turf courts. Any inappropriate use of the school facilities should be reported to the Principal or a member of the B.O.T. Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and bicycles are not to be used on the decks, ramps and steps around the school.

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